Sex at home

Sex at home

By: goldie4485

Hi I am from Mumbai, girls can mail me mail me at [email protected] First of all a great. I have been reading and also wrote many stories to which I got good and positive replies with some negative also but its fie , here I am with one more interestingchapter of my life. I am a fair colored guy of 24 yrs working MNC in mumbai. So to shorten this, the experience which I had was about when I was 20 years old. Then I was in college doing my graduation. We had a neighbor who had 3 daughters & one son in which ruchita was the best. She had one elder sister & a younger sister & brother. In all of them she looked gorgeous. At that time she was about 18 years in age. Her mother had a hotel where she worked from morning till night. As she was growing in her 18s she had been developing nice curved but small boobs & a very sexy shape? Also her skin color was whitish & any one would die for her to have sex. My mother had good relationship with her mother and so naturally I always went to there house for enjoying. But whenever I went to there house I would only watch Ruchita. I would always stare at her boobs & ass. Ruchita would also stare at me, might be she knew what I was thinking in my mind about her. As my mother also took tuitions she would always come for learning at our house.

One day my family had to go to some of my relatives for some function, & I had my exams going on of 12th class. So they had to leave me for my studies. They also had requested Ruchita to make food for me (As we had good relations she always came to our house for staying). I started thinking about how I can call Ruchita so that we can enjoy together. The next day my parents left out early in the morning at 6 am. After they left I waited for 9 am to call for Ruchita. At 9 am I went to Ruchita house and called for her. When I went to their house I saw that only Ruchita was present in the house. I inquired to her where all other people had gone. On this she said that all have gone to some marriage in the morning and will return at late night. Hearing this I was very happy and went inside the house and told her that why dont you come with me to my house so that we can make food together? On this she agreed and after closing the entire house she came with me on my cycle to my house. When I entered the house my heart was pounding so fast that I cannot tell you, but I decided not to be in a hurry. I gave her all the required materials for making the food. I started the TV and was watching Star TV, in the movie “The Ghost” was being played, where the hero catches the heroine from behind while she is making some clay work in the house and stats their sex game. Seeing this I was also evoked. My dick started to rise and I started thinking about Ruchita.

Soon I got up and went in to the kitchen where Ruchita was making rotis. I suddenly caught her from behind through the arms and pressed her boobs, with this sudden catching she was initially feared then without any reaction she stood still. On this my fear became less and I started massaging her boobs from above her dress. At that time she was wearing a t-shirt and some type of half skirt below. I continued this massaging for about 5 minutes then I off the gas and then again started to massage her neck with one hand inside her t-shirt massaging her boobs. Her boobs were small enough to come entirely in my hands. After some time she turned around me and said that I knew you were watching me from so many days, also I had been always thinking of you. On her saying like this I was more aroused and I said to her whether she was afraid. On this she said no and again she clinged to me very tightly. At this moment I carried her to my bedroom & then closed the door behind. She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. I went near to her & then again started kissing her on her forehead & lips & at the same time started massaging her boobs.

The I removed her t-shirt & the skirt which she was wearing below. On removing the clothes I was amazed to see such a beauty. Ohh, I still remember her small boobs, her silky thighs, her long hairs, her white body, small hairs growing on her pussy. I could not wait any longer but I wanted to play with her for a long time. So I made her sleep on the bed straight and started licking her from the forehead down to her pussy. I continued this for about 15 ~ 20 minutes. On reaching her pussy I started licking her pussy as they show in pictures and also how I read in many of the stories and also with my personal experience I kmnew she was mine. She was also responding to me by moving her hips up-down simultaneously. Also she was moving her head from left to right. I then got a bottle of Oil which was lying near to me and applied oil on my pennies while she had her eyes closed. I got near her pussy and suddenly with applying little force entered inside her pussy. Before she came to know what was happening my entire dick had entered in to her. On this she gave a large scream which I tried to stop by kissing her on the mouth and massaging her boobs. Slowing I started my in-out and after some time I felt my balls tightening up. At the same time she also was tightening up and we both climaxed at the same time .I felt as great as it was my first sexual experience with her. After that we had many more experiences. But now I am far away from her and now looking for some girls and aunties from Mumbai who want to have sex with me. They can contact me at my email address at [email protected]