Screwing The Driver

My husband had gone on one of his trips. He had gone to visit his sister. To screw her. I was cool with that. After all I had got them screwing in the 1st place. Infact it was I who had told him to take the trip, with a new HD camera so I could enjoy the video when he got back. I love to masturbate watching him with other women.

We had hired a new driver. A young lad, 20 yrs old. He was cute and my pussy wanted a virgin cock. He was my maids cousin and she asked me to give him the job. In return she has to lick my pussy and screw Anil. She enjoys both so it was no hardship.

Anyway Suraj had been with us just a week. I used to wear the most revealing tight clothes around the house, or often walk around in y lingerie. His job was to drive me where ever I wanted, and when I was home, he stayed in the garden.

I called him into the lounge to get out of the heat. I was watching a bollywood flick, one with lots of hot girls and steamy action. Suraj sat on the floor, I made sure he could get a good look at my legs and kept talking to him to make sure he was looking at me often.

I could tell his cock was getting hard as he had to keep adjusting himself discretely. I made my move. I went over to the TV and bent down to pick up the DVD case. My short skirt hardly covered my arse when I was standing. Bending over in front of him, my unclad pussy lips must have been visible. I am proud of my arse, not too big, but full enough to provide a nice view and even better grope. I moisturize it daily and it is as smooth as silk.

I undid another button on my tight blouse, revealing more of my 34 C cleavage. I turned round and handed him a couple of DVDs. Do you see anything youd like to watch I asked leaning close to him. He could not answer, his eyes were locked to my mounds. His mouth frozen.

I could see a damp patch on his crotch, he was already oozing precum. I asked you a question Suraj.

What ever you want maam, you can watch what you want.

OK, in that case I want to watch something special I said. Aneela, come here I called for my maid.

She came immediately. Aneela was slim and delicate. I made her sexy western clothes. Today she was in a light green mini skirt and a white blouse. She was forbidden from wearing panties. I made her stand behind Suraj as I sat back down. I motioned for her to strip. She was shocked, but what could she do? She lifted her skirt first to show me her clean pussy. Suraj couldnt see her, but he could see my pussy. I had my legs discretely open, not enough to display all, but enough to keep his eyes flicking back to my thighs.

She dropped her blouse behind her, then the skirt slid to the floor, landing behind Suraj. Bring some ice Aneela I told her, as she left I told Suraj to get me a drink from the bar. He noticed the discarded clothes and turned back to me.

Take off your clothes and bring me a drink I told him.

Maam he said.

I am going to watch what I want, now do as I say or get out. He knew he had no choice. Slowly he took off his clothes. He hesitated at his boxers, but my stern look was enough. He stood there covering his erection. Vodka, now I said. He went to fetch it as Aneela came back in.

He handed me a glass and Aneela added some ice, both avoiding each others eyes and bodies.

Now you need a bath, and your dick needs a shave I told him. Aneela, take him to my bathroom and clean him up. Suraj followed Aneela out of the lounge, his tight butt and athletic body was tempting, but I cant stand a jungle covering the love pole.

I went and got a razor and a battery shaver.

Suraj was standing in the shower, both he and Aneela were trying to hide their private parts.

I told you to wash him I said to Aneela. Get in there and do it properly. I get Aneela to trim his groin, the made her shave it. She used to do Anils cock for him every week, so was experienced. Soon Suraj was ready. By the state of his cock he was ready to burst his cum at any moment.

Have you been with a woman before I asked him. No Maam.

Do you masturbate?

Yes Maam. He seemed hesitant. Aneela, help him I said.

She was aroused now and needed no prompting. Pressing into his back, she put her arms around him. Taking his 8 inch cock in both hands she started to stroke. Before long he climaxed in Aneelas experienced hands. Cum shot forth and landed on my clothes. I put my drink down and undressed. Suraj was staring at my body, lust in his eyes. His cock still hard.

Now you have 2 women to be with Suraj. I am going to teach you how to please a woman. I sat on the stool and made him kneel in front of me. Take a good look in there I told him. This is your new place of work. You have to eat it, drink from it, worship it and make it happy. I pulled his head forward and pushed it into my pussy. He hesitated, then went in with his tongue, licking the flesh, then the lips. Put your tongue in I told him. Soon he was licking hard, enjoying the nectar of my flower. I put his hand on my breast, massaging my nipple with his fingers. I let his hands explore my body, pressing my flat stomach, caressing my thighs. He stood up, his cock pointing at my face. I took it in both hands. It was firm and straight, the veins bulging with hot blood. The circumcised tip was bulging ready to explode again. I kissed the tip, pressing my tongue into the eye, running it under the head, then wrapped my lips around it. Slowly I sucked, tempting the seed held inside. His balls were huge. Nice and round. I held them in my hands, caressing them, I took his shaft deeper, rocking in a rhythm I lubricated his cock with my saliva.

Maam he cried, about to explode. I sucked him harder, resisting his effort to withdraw. I pressed his balls harder and put my thumb into the base of the shaft. I could feel it thicken and then pulse and a jet of hot sperm entered my mouth. I pulled out slightly, so I could catch it. He kept pumping now, emptying his sac into my mouth. I was full, I swallowed some, showing him the milky seed as it oozed down my throat. Aneela looked at me hungrily so I called her over and locked lips with her, kissing her deep I shared her cousins cum with her.

Pick me up and take me to my bed I told him. He did so eagerly, laying me on my back. Now fuck me I told him. help him Aneela I said. His cock was still hard, thicker than I expected as it slid into my dripping cunt. He figured out what to do pretty quickly. Aneela knelt between his legs, licking my pussy and his balls as he pounded me. My orgasm hit in waves of pleasure. Sending my body into spasms of joy. Unbelievable he cam again, deep in my cunt. He pulled out with a look of joy on his face. Aneela Dived straight in, sucking and licking my pussy. Her face was covered in cum and my juices as she came to kiss me. We kissed for a long while. I knew her pussy was hot, so I made her bend over the bed and guided Suraj into her doggy style. Pound your cousins pussy Suraj I told him, pound it hard.

We played together, fucking till he could make it hard no more, then went back to the bathroom together to wash.

I made him kneel on the floor and put my pussy to his mouth. I made him lick it till I came flooding into his mouth, but didnt let him go. I needed to pee and so I opened my bladder, drenching him in hot piss from my love hole. Suraj drank it up.

Hope you enjoyed the story.