He had me in tuitions

Hi all, Ashlee again. I hope you all loved my other story “Gang bang in Goa”. I have many more experiences to share with all of you lovely people, but this experience that I am about to share is something which even I did not imagine, would happen to me. I was only 18 at that time and still studying in college (SYJC). As I was weak in Maths, I needed some immediate guidance to secure good marks. I am sure all Indians know the importance of getting good marks in HSC.

My Mom arranged a Maths Sir for me from a reference that she had got from one of her friends. It was decided that he would teach me thrice a week and call me at his own sweet time as and when needed. Now something about my Sir, he was a cute looking Guy, just out of college and hunting for jobs. In the meanwhile, he used to take a lot of tuitions. I was shocked to know that he had already been taking 15 other tuitions, when I had joined. But he still managed to give me individual attention.

Now something about him, he was 5 feet 8 inches and medium built. But had a very Jolly nature. He is used to talk a lot. But teach even better. As I said, I was only 18 at that time and my body was not as matured as of now. Though my bosoms were something my college guys admired and used to see at the side of their eyes assuming that I am not looking. But that gave me immense pleasure. I was pretty slim at that time though.

Whenever I used to go to tuitions, I used to wear t-shirts or shirts and shorts or miniskirts. I rarely covered my legs. And that was my habit from my childhood days. I still remember, once sir telling me that there are other guys who come to classes and so I should not wear such short clothes. I followed his advice for some days, but then the October heat in Mumbai, I am sure all of us known, is simply unbearable. When at home, I used to be in bear minimum like just a spaghetti top and a short skirt. But at tuitions, I had to wear everything possible.

But on such day, I was to reach his place at 4.00. I knew that he had a break between 3 and 4 and then he had other students coming in at 5.30. That is about time when I am to leave. I decided to boycott his rules and wear what I am comfortable with. I reached his door step and rang the bell. He opened the door and let me in, but did not react.

I was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a short denim skirt, which barely reached my thighs. I sat in front of him. Still no reaction from my sir. But, I did notice that he was trying to steal some stares about my fresh body. Also known as Netra Balatkar. He tried to concentrate, but I came to know at once that he was not able to concentrate. I asked him, “Sir, are you feeling alright?” He said yes and immediately got up and had some water. He was probably feeling very uneasy.

Maybe because, I was dressed to kill. I soon realized that today could be the day, if I start giving him green signals. Besides, I had never seen a guy naked and it was a golden opportunity for me to satisfy my desire here. The lust was getting in my head and I was becoming more and more horny. I could even notice a bump in my sirs Pajamas. He was wearing track pajamas and a t-shirt. I started the conversation, “Sir, it is very hot nah. Now a days?” He said yes. I asked him, Sir, do you have a girlfriend. I knew that he had one since more than 2 years. Yet pretended that I did not know.

But he was certainly taken back by my question. He was trying to control himself. He scolded me for asking such personal questions and asked me to concentrate on my studies. But, I definitely wanted to take full advantage of the situation. I knew that I had only 90 minutes to do so. I did not want to waste much time. I started insisting him. “Sir, please tell me, do you have a girlfriend?” He said yes and then asked me to start with the notes. I again asked, “Sir, how long your affair has been?” He again tried to avoid this question, but then finally gave in; he told me that it was 2 years. I got up from my desk and walked towards the other part of the room, pretending that I was thirsty and opened the bottle of water and started drinking it. I knew that he was staring at me and trying to absorb me completely into his sight, perhaps just me and not my clothes.

And suddenly I got a sneeze and the water from the bottle spilled over me. As I was wearing a white t-shirt, it got somewhat transparent. It was a sight for him, I am sure about it. He kept on staring at me. But recovered and got up and gave me a napkin. I told him, “Sir Thanks, but my t-shirt is too wet. Would you mind if I remove it?” He was shocked to hear this from a young and fresh kid of 18. And why would he reject, but maybe he wanted to pretend to be innocent. He gave me a bed sheet and asked me to cover myself with that sheet and keep my t-shirt for drying under the fan. I was enjoying this. I just turned around deliberately, in order to tease him even more and raised my arms along with the t-shirt. My back was facing him and I am sure that he was looking at me.

I pulled out my T-shirt and now my small white bra was the only obstacle for my naked backs view to him. My Bra was also wet, so I just put my hand on my back and removed the bra. Down, it slid from my arms and I kept it on the shelf along with my t-shirt. I was only covered with my denim skirt at that time. Then I took the bed sheet and put it over my shoulder, just like how one puts a shawl. And turned towards him. He tried to be concentrating in the books and not looking at me. But I knew that he was staring at me. I spread my T-shirt and Bra on the floor to keep it for drying and went right in front of him and sat on the chair.

I am sure; he was not too comfortable down there. He did not speak a word. But, I was constantly chattering and making him speak up. Then I deliberately dropped my pen on the side, and pretended to pick it up. When I bent down, the sheet came off and my frontal was exposed in front of him. I noticed that he was only staring at my uncovered small breasts. I just got up from there shamelessly and went near him. I caught his face, sat on his lap and planted a kiss on his lips. My seduction was too good for him to control any longer. He responded well with good deep French kiss. And at the same time, he started caressing my back and moved his palms on too my back and then stomach and then put his finger in my navel and then slowly his palms came up and found its destination.

He started playing with my young and soft breasts, pressing them, pinching my nipples and ooohhhh, what a sensation it was. He simply started kissing me all over my top portion of my body and my face. He did not leave a single part unkissed. I was waiting for this moment. I put my hands on the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it up. He just raised his arms and let me remove it. Off came his t-shirt and the top half of our skins were simply caressing each other. My soft breasts were being crushed by his masculine chest. He just put me on the floor and came on top of me. He continued kissing me and exploring every inch of my body with his palms. I was simply moaning and piercing my nails in his back. I still remember, out of horniness, I bit him so hard on his shoulders that the mark remained for almost a month.

After almost 15 minutes of kissing, he became even bolder and started unbuttoning my skirt. I immediately got up and helped him by removing my skirt and panties immediately. And there I was right in front of my sir in my Birthday Suit. I went to him, pulled down his Pajamas as well and his Undies. He was also stark naked in front of me. Finally, I got to see a real manhood, which I was craving for since so many years, maybe since I knew what sex was.

I caught his 8 incher and started stroking it. He was not circumcised and that gave me even more excitement. As I had seen only circumcised Penis in Porn Movies and pictures over the net. I went on my knees and immediately took his penis in my mouth as I had seen in movies. I believe that it would give him great pleasure. And rightly so, he was enjoying like hell. He was moaning while I kept on licking and sucking his manhood. Then it was his turn, he pushed me down on the floor and started playing with my virginity. He was licking my chooth. He kept on playing with his tongue on my Vagina.

Moving his tongue in and out. We were in 69. And soon, I orgasm and so did he. He did tell me that he was coming and I was desperate to find the taste. I sucked him to his last drop. Then we both lay exhausted on the floor, panting and heaving for breath. We suddenly looked at each other and started laughing. He saw my heaving breasts and immediately started sucking them again. I again started moaning and was allowing him to take complete control of me. He just got on top of me and I could feel his manhood grow once again. He rubbed it on my clit and I also started opening my legs for him.

I am sure he never had an intercourse, just like me. But I was desperate to have him inside me. I just caught his penis and brought it near the opening. He gave a slight push, but it did not go in at first. Just the tip of it was inside and I had great amount of pain. But he kept on pushing it in and in another couple of strokes; his penis was inside me completely. I am sure; my hymen broke up as the pain was simply unbearable. But now, he was not stoppable. He started pumping my hole with his manhood and I also started getting pleasure.

He kept on fucking me and it seemed like eternity. I came almost 3 times and when suddenly he shouted that he was coming. I kept my legs right above his thighs and pulled him close to me in a tight embrace. He stopped stroking me any further, but I could feel the hot sticky semen filling my womb and then suddenly there was a door bell, he got up and saw through the pinhole that his Girlfriend was standing at the door. Please send your comments to me on [email protected]