The Second Marriage

My wife, Alice, has never seen the need to talk about our relationship especially our sexual relationship. When I first proposed to her on a Caribbean island, after we had dated for a few years, I expressed to her my fantasies, sexual desires, and the need for intimate conversation. I thought she understood and was supportive because she nodded her head and said everything would be fine. She didnt reciprocate or express any fantasies back to me, but I chalked it up as inexperience and thought we would grow together mentally, sexually, and emotionally as our marriage progressed and we knew each other better.

That was not reality. Seven years had passed before I truly realized the trap I had placed myself in. Our marriage was fraught with arguments, misunderstandings, and simple lack of communication. It made me turn a wandering eye to see what I was missing, what went wrong, and why did I still feel the need to explore all the fantasies I had opened up and told her about all those years ago.

Alice, on the other hand had yet to open up and express any desires to sexually explore our relationship. She was content with her own idea of a civil marriage plan that included a husband with a monetary career, a nice suburban house, and a few kids. Beyond that she had no plans to expose herself to any of the sexual urges that I had told her about.

Soon after this self realization clouded my mind, I found the internet a safe place to begin to explore my internal sexual dialogue.

Amazingly, I found others, married men and women, in an online forum that expressed similar sexual interests and though we all felt trapped at times in our own marriages the emails, chat, and forum entries let us know we were not alone.

It was on this online site that I met Sarah. Both of us were married, had sexually disinterested spouses, and were looking for something special without having to get divorced. We would IM (instant message) all day at work and keep our emails within the safe confines of the online site for security purposes. It was easy to express my feelings to Sarah and I was pleasantly surprised at how far she would take our discussions into the realm of mutual sexual fantasy.

Sarahs profile described her as a tall leggy brunette with average breasts and a great ass. She wrote about her love of sex, and how she always had sex on her mind. She confided in me that she had yet been able to fully explore her deepest sexual desires with her husband or any other lover.

“Its like he doesnt want to listen, or is simply interested in keeping things the way they have always been,” she confided in me over IM one fateful day.

“I know exactly how you feel,” I wrote back. “As Ive told you before, my wife and I go round and round about what I fantasize about, but in the end she doesnt make the connection that we should pursue and explore my ideas. She doesnt even offer up any ideas of her own.”

“In one ear and out the other, with a ‘Maybe, Babe thrown in to look as if they are listening,” Sarah typed.

“Exactly,” I responded. “I wish we had met each other years ago.”

“Do you mean that?” Sarah asked.

“Mean what?” I typed.

“Do you really want to meet me?” She clarified.

“Well, that would be difficult. Dont you think? I mean, I really love chatting and fantasizing with you on this site, but going through with anything could really complicate things, for both of us.”

“So you dont want to meet me,” she typed. ‘”I thought you were different, Anil. I thought we were developing something more than what we had in our own sterile marriages.” Her text looked angry now.

“We are,” I quickly wrote. “I just didnt realize that you would want to meet me… for real.”

“Well of course I do, dumbass! Why do you think I was bearing my soul to you? I really like what we have here in this place, but to keep everything locked up forever is not what we have. We both have kids and dont want to get divorced, but we have something special here too. Dont we?”

I was a little spooked about meeting her. We both had pictures without showing our faces on our online profiles. Mine showed my chest and my jean covered crotch. Sarahs showed her with an open white blouse, an exposed red laced bra, and a pierced navel. I couldnt think straight for a moment imagining actually meeting the beautiful body I had lusted for in my fantasies. A new thrill took over my mind. I felt my dick harden in my pants.

“What if we dont like each other in person?” I asked.

“Whenever we chat or IM my pussy gets really wet,” she replied. “In fact, my pussy is really wet right now thinking about the bulge I can see in your shorts from your profile pic. We have to meet Anil! Please! There is just way to much chemistry between us for us not to move forward. Dont I make you hard?”

I looked down at my crotch, and then adjusted my hard dick to a better spot. “Yes! Im hard and horny and really would love to fuck your brains out while we talked about our fantasies. But, and online affair is different from an actual flesh on flesh affair. How would this work?”

I had to wait a while for her reply. Finally she added her reply, “Sorry my colleague stopped by to see if I wanted to grab some lunch. I had to minimize our IM. She can be nosy like that.”

“Thats ok,” I typed.

“Anyway, wear were we? Oh yeah… Well, I live in Maryland just NW of DC wear are you?”

My mind skipped a mental notch. “Im just south of DC in Virginia, but I work in DC.”

“Wow, I commute too. I work in NW DC at a law firm, and you?”

“SW near 18th street, Im in IT communications,” I quickly typed really starting to see were this new line of talk could lead. We had never tried to find out where the other was in real life.

“We are just a few minutes or more from each other right now. I need to show you something. BRB,” she wrote.

I waited for several minutes and then got a pop up.

She broke the kiss and staggered against me. I felt her breasts push up on my chest, and pulled her close into a hug. I pressed my crotch with its hard dick against her stomach just above her hips. I wanted her to feel how her body was affecting me. My body was responding to her in a way I had never known before with any woman.

“Thank you for the rose. Its lovely. Lets sit down,” she said after a moment. “I just knew it was you, Anil. God, I love the fact youre taller then me.”

We sat next to each other in the booth. She kissed me again, and put her hand on my crotch massaging my dick through my pants. “Are you wearing boxers?” she asked. “I have to see it. I cant wait to taste your dick.” She giggled a little embarrassed smile as she unzipped my fly.

I kissed her in reply not trusting my lips to do anything else. One hand went to touch her face as the other cupped a heavy breast. She wasnt wearing a bra, and I opened a few buttons and freed one breast from her blouse.

She finally had my dick out and pushed me back to have her way with me. Her mouth was warm and very wet, as passionate as her kiss. She took me halfway into her mouth and sucked hard, needy and desperate for my cock. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. It was a wonder the bar girl had not come over to check on us for drinks yet.

I couldnt hold out long. The months of dreaming about her, lusting after her in my mind and finally finding that reality matched my dreams was too much for my senses to contain. I came hard and fast. Sarah took my cum in her mouth, swallowing and gulping, moaning with need and emotion as she grabbed hard on the base of my dick and milked me in her hard sucking wet mouth. She came up with a huge smile on her face.

“Kiss me,” I begged her. She smiled, remembering one of the fantasies I had confided in her a few weeks ago. I savored the sweet salty thick taste of cum as we kissed. Sarah pushed her tongue as deep as she could in my mouth and I sucked and swallowed the left over sperm she so eagerly had sucked from my dick.

We came to our senses a little, but didnt put our clothes back together again. It turned shy between us after our initial heat. I put one arm around her and the other on her thigh. She snuggled close to me. We kissed again, soft and delicate this time.

“Thank you, for meeting me,” she said after awhile. Sarah sat up and breathed in deep, her eyes charged with sparkling sexual tension in the faded light of the booth. “Ive never been able to do something like that to Dave. He would have freaked out if I even suggested it, and ruined everything.”

“Alice, would never have even come up with the idea let alone had the passion to do anything,” I replied.

“So what now?” she asked. The question rang out in the empty café, the bar girl was staying away from our booth. I looked at Sarah with lust and happiness. I didnt know where to start, but I knew I wanted more, much more. She put her hand back on my crotch and started massaging my dick through my slacks. I pushed her shirt up further and found she wasnt wearing any panties.

“Do you like?” She asked. I kissed her as an answer and slipped a finger between her wet pussy lips.

“I think we have to be careful,” I finally said. “I feel like I defiantly want to be with you as much as possible. We need a few ground rules to move forward. Rules about our fantasies and how we will handle our own marriages,”

“Ive been thinking about that this afternoon,” she said opening another button on her blouse.

I slipped a hand in to cup and caress her breasts.

“Your hands feel so fucking great. I dont want this to ever stop…,” Sarah sighed. “We need to make sure our fantasies have a way to be satisfied in a safe environment. I say we do one for you then one for me. Since you know giving Dave a blowjob in a public place is one of mine Ill let you go next. What do you want to do?”

“Well Alice never swallowed my cum so that I could kiss her and we taste it together.” I could still taste the last bit of cum flavor Sarah had shared with me. “That fantasy was always up there as one of my top little fantasies. I think we are about even. In fact, I think we should find someway for both of us to have a mutual fantasy, something that we both can have happen in the same sexual experience. Not that we have the exact same fantasy, but rather that the sexual experience fullfill a fantasy from both of us as we let it happen.”

“That sounds like a fair plan,” she said. “So what do you want to have happen next?”

“I dont know. Meeting you is still fresh and new, wonderful and exciting. I dont want to spoil this moment.” I said tweaking and pulling the nipple on the breast I was caressing.

She kissed me then. The passion exploded in my mind rolling through my body like a super roller coaster. Her pussy began to gush over my fingers. She gripped my dick hard through my pants, and crushed her breasts into my chest trapping my hand between us.

“Um, I love your fingers and hands on me in me wherever. They make me feel!” She sighed and sat back in the both a little. I brought my fingers from under her skirt and put them in my mouth sucking off her secretions.

“Im just so happy you showed up,” she continued after a moment. “I dont want to ruin this time either. I just want to make sure we dont stop, that we move on and make all our sexual needs become a reality instead of just sitting on the selves of our minds. We need to set up the next date before we leave each other. Make me a promise this wont end here.”

“I promise,” I said and kissed her again.

“You better not break that promise, Mister,” she joked. “Or else Ill have to sue you.”

I threw my head back and we laughed together. It felt so wonderful and naughty to hear her say that. She was a stronger woman than Alice, and I really loved the fact that she knew what she wanted sexually from her partner. I felt like it was safe to be open with Sarah no matter what life would bring us.

“Okay, so what fantasy do you want to have happen now?” I asked once I caught my breath again. It felt so good having her in my arms, and it was such a relief to find a woman willing to discuss what kind of kinky sex we wanted to do next.

“I always wanted to go shopping for an evening out at a swingers club, and have people watching while I had sex with Dave, but Dave wouldnt even consider having the shopping experience. He hates malls.”

“Who would you have sex with, me or with other men at the club?”

“Both!” she explained warming up to her idea. “This way you could have sex with the other wives as well. We both have wanted our spouses to explore couple to couple swinging fun. What do you think?”

“I love the idea, but how will it work. I know Dave goes out of town, but Alice never does.”

“We will think of something. Does Alice have relatives far away?”

“Well her sisters family lives in our town, but her parents moved to Florida a few years ago.”

“Thats perfect,” Sarah exclaimed. “Spring break is coming up. Send her and the kids to see her parents. Make it a surprise. Shell love it.”

“But how do I get out if it? She knows I have three weeks of vacation I can take anytime I need to.”

“Do you ever have IT problems at work? You know, calls in the middle of the night you just have to go into work and fix?”

“They are rare, but it has happened a few times over the past year or two.”

“Well then, there you go. Set up the trip for everyone including you then bow out at the last moment for work responsibilities. Come on, Anil, dont you want this to happen? You can think of ways to make it realistic. Dont be a chicken shit now,” she laughed and kissed me again to show me she was teasing.

“All right,” I gave in. “Weve been talking about our fantasies for months, I guess Im just a little shocked now that its really happening.”

“That makes two of us. We both want this. I know I do and I know you feel this way also,” she emphasized squeezing my crotch.

My dick sure loved her eager hands, and her nipple was burrowing into my palm with its need. I realized that this was exactly what I had been missing all these years with Alice. A willing partner desiring sexual intimacy, with an avid awake mind needing to expose itself to the different realms of sexuality prevalent in todays culture.

We kissed and fondled a few more minutes, walked out hand and hand from the café, and left each other on the Metro platform with promises to IM and chat our way into our next adventure.

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