Life Without Women is Hell

Hi guys I am Cartic from Tamil nadu. I am a fair guy, 5’11” with a good athletic physique. The story I am going to narrate is about one of our maids. This is a true fantasy which goes back about 15 years when I was newly married. Just after a few months of our marriage, my wife had to go to my native place to be with my parents.

There was some function and I could not go as I did not get leave from my work. Everybody had to go to the function so I was alone at home. This maid of ours was asked to cook food for me and do all the house hold work. To describe this lady, she was around 40 years of age, short, wheatish complexion and on the heavier side. She had massive boobs, about 42 size.

No I am not exaggerating. They were really big. She had a big ass too. She really looked very sexy and hot. With the pallu of her saree always on one side, her cleavage was always visible and it really turned me on so many times. I have masturbated thinking about her so many times, and still do.

Any way, as she was supposed to cook and do all the house work, she used to come to our place by 6.30 in the morning, as I had to leave for work by 8.00 AM. A few days had passed by and I was thinking how to get this lady to bed. As usual, my masturbation continued in the bathroom, while she did the house work.

Slowly I started to keep my bathroom door slightly open while having my bath, hoping that she would see me nude in the bathroom, masturbating. Well the opportunity came one day. I was having my bath and my landline phone rang. As I was bathing, I asked her to attend the call and continued bathing. We had a cordless phone.

She answered the call and as it was my colleague from office, she came to the bathroom door to knock and the door just opened. And I was there standing in front of her completely nude and wet. I took the phone and she went away to the kitchen to do her work. I finished my bath and wrapped my towel around my waist and came out.

I straight away went to the kitchen and told her I am sorry. She did not say anything. I told her I am sorry and asked her whether she is angry. Without looking at me she said that why she should be angry. I told that because I was nude and I had not bolted the bathroom door. She said not it is ok and smiled. This gave my a little courage and I went very close to her.

She just looked at me and said, let me bolt all the doors first. On hearing this I was thrilled and went in the bedroom. She bolted all the doors and came inside. I told her first lets have bath together. I wanted to clean her nicely before fucking her. She removed her saree and blouse and petticoat. These people do not wear any bra or panties.

My cock was making a tent in the towel and I could not control myself. We went to the bathroom and I gave her a good bath. Washing and squeezing her boobs nicely. My God they were so huge, I had to use both my hands to hold one boob. I soaped her pussy and whole body nicely and then we dried ourselves and came to the bedroom.

I straight away attacked her huge melons and was sucking them, squeezing them. I was literally mauling her boobs and she was also enjoying it. She started playing with my cock. I was already very excited. She started sucking my cock, which was a new experience for me, as my wife did not like to blow me.

Well guys, she was a real expert in giving a blow job. My attack on her boobs continued, as I love big boobs. I was sucking them, biting her nipples, licking around the areola and she was moaning aaaahhhhhhh ……….. uuuuuhhhhhhh, suck them, please bite my nipples, ooooohhhhhhhh you are doing it so well, please do not stop…

Her moaning continued while she also kept sucking my cock. As I was too excited, I could not hold any longer and just came in her mouth. To my surprise she just drank all my sperm. She was really on the heat now. She again took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. To my surprise it was up and rising again to the occasion.

She asked my for a condom and opened it and herself rolled it down on my dick, giving my dick light squeezes on the way down. I asked her to come on top, as I like this position very much. I sat up with my back to the wall. She took my dick in her hand and started inserting it in her pussy. Wow what a feeling it was.

I cupped her huge ass with both my hands and lowered her on my cock slowly. Slowly she started riding me like a cowboy. She was an expert in this. In the meanwhile, I was feasting on those gorgeous tits of hers. Guys I was literally in heaven. She was moaning uuuuhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh, Fuck me, suck my tits, suck them, bite them, squeeze them.

And I was doing exactly as she was saying. She was really riding me fast and saying chodo mujhe jor se, aur jor se…. aaaahhhhhhh mere jaan mazaa aa raha hai. I was like in seventh heaven and matching stroke for stroke with her and saying haan meri jaan aaj nahi chhodunga tujhe. Wow what a fucking session that was.

We were so tired and exhausted and sweating that we had to take a bath again, where again I sucked those huge tits. The next day, before she came, I kept the door open for her and I became nude and slept under the bed sheet. As she came, I pretended to be sleeping. She directly came to me after locking the doors,

Her son is only in primary, still he should not feel what mom is doing up. As soon as we entered the room she bolted from inside.I asked about boy. No problem he will not move from there till I call him. She sat on the coat with both hands on the bed at her back. the boobs were projecting and she was closing and opening her legs with speed.

I went inside bathroom and pissed. It got released a bit. I kept it in position and returned. come and sit here she invited. I sat near her and she hugged me and asked whether I love her. For my husband I am ugly, good for nothing, what about you. I want you my darling. Wanting is something and loving is different. First is lust and second is affection.

If your feeling is second use me. I dont want any proof. We are equally disturbed. So we can share it half half. What do you say. I agree fully. Then come on as you please. I kissed her on the lips and it went on for minutes. Her lips were like rose petals.I licked all around the mouth. Bit on the nose. All over the face I nicely bit and ended on ears.

Then came to neck, cleavage and by this time she removed the top. I opened the bra and it was a show. I hveent seen such beautiful boobs in life.Reddish white in colour, brown circles of 5cm diameter and dark black nipples of a round plum size. I lloked at those for a while and asked her which bastard said you are ugly, shit in his mouth.

I started to suck the nipples in a very slow pace, licking all around, mildly squeezing the nipples, gently pressing the mass and biting on the nipples. by keeping the nipple between teeth I liked on the tip with my tongue at very high speed and it gave real arousal for her. She said this is some thing new and fantastic. Carry on for some more time.

While carrying this I moved my hands to her thighs, gently massaged the thighs and brought the hand up to pelvis. She lifted her but and removed the panty. My hand cold now touch her pubic and slit. I entered the fore finger inside and searched for the clit. It was unproortional to her body and was a small one. I understood the need and decided some thing in mind.

I slowly started to play on it and finger started to go deeper. because of excess fat my finger had to go full to rech some where the G. I continued patiently the kissing, sucking and figering. It took nerly twenty minutes to bring her to a level of orgasm. luckly she never touche on my dick till then. It was throbbing inside and I wanted to take it out for insrting.

if she touched it thecum will me out. Her palm was so soft like cotton. I was thinking in which position I must enter. She said she is hot and take her to helm. She was wet and T decided not to waste time. Stood in front of her and opened the zip. My dick really jumped from the panty.She caught the shaft and gave a shake.

I asked her to lie back and lift the legs and spread. I inserted the tip and checked the lubrication. It was almost oozing. I pressed in one stroke and went inside with a ‘pluck sound. I now pressed hard on her breasts and kissed on lips. I pumped vey fast and selled with in a minute. My foreplay was so good and she could reach the helm in the first stroke it self.

She squeezed her cunt muscles and I could get the biting sensation. In that tightness I pumped.I lied on her body for a while and pulled it out. It came out with a sound. She laughed and asked is there any blast inside. Then only I told her about my cumming inside. Sorry dear it went inside. Hell with it I am on the 24 th day and expecting it any time.

I went to toilet and cleaned. She too followed. She made her dress alright and said a great day in life. Please continue as and when possible. I really enjoyed. I said I too. I dont know in what way I have to thank you. She caled her son and put a cartoon cd and said stop it after half an hour. He obeyed. I gave a on his cheek and said good night.

I understood her problem. Her arusal is slow. Her structure is not permitting for acrobatic poses. She is soft and a bit slow to react. So made use of all these poits to have good sex with her. I have alredy said I am not a great fucker. I can make some one happy by their cooperation. She will not keep a step against my wishes.

So we had a good time. Next time After fore play I kept on a table in the sitting position and fucked in standing pose. Here also I was able to insert full and she got full pleasure. Since she lifed legs the dick could go deep. Her pussy is shallow.The clit is small and inside. Rubbing on clit is not provoking her. So if I start pocking by the time I cum she will not come to half even.

That is why her stupid husband said she is unworthy. Husband should know his wife and her structure. Every time I used to finger her to maximum and make her to say enter. She never insisted to play on my dick to such time. She was reluctent to blow job. So never insisted that. She was not getting arousal by cunt sucking. so I avided it.

On breast I played so many techniques and she liked it very much. I used to keep her full breast in mouth for minutes together. It is quite big and with difficultyI did it. My aim was to satisfy each other. I played in between her boobs many time. It was a heavenly experience. It is so soft and plumby and at times it required a bit of lubricant.

She liked cuming on tits and used to play with cum. One day I played in her armpits for a fun. I told her one day that her full body is fit for sex. She did fantastic blow job. The soft touch of her palm was sufficint to make it out with in minutes. I have tried mastrubating. it took lot of time and some time get bored. But when she touched the dick it happened all on a sudden.

She had enough pussy juice and some time the friction was insufficient. On such times I asked her to tighten the buttocks and cunt and she helped very well. I used to bite on her pussy and she liked it very much. She was totally unsuitable for doggey as far as I am concerned. My dick is hardly five inches and it is not enough to reach at least quarter in the slit from behind.

We started regular affair from then. I have fucked Daisey more than my wife. She was so cooperative and dire need of sex.She was searching for a pair and she found it in me. For me also the case was same. So we united well and till left to Gulf we had affair. Only thing we had no affair in night. I availed every opportunity available for fucking her.

I will explain the different poses we had. I took enough care for the foreplay. Once she say enter I will put inside.Till then I will go on playing on her boobs, booty, thighs, pussy, clit and so on.I will assure she is wet. I am not a great fucker. I can make some one happy if she also cooperates. She was good in cooperation and so every time we met both were happy.

Before starting the pumping I use to ask her which pose she prefers. She knew many poses and I also gathered a lot from net and magazines. We used to have only one course a day. Fore play will continue and One will suggest tye pose for the day. On the second trip I suggested to have a pose like this. She will lie on the bed with both legs to the floor.

I will stand in between the legs and after I pock my dick she will twist her legs over my back and pump. She agreed she lied on the bed with her buttocks on the edge on the bed.I pressed my dick inside and she lifted both legs and twisted over my back. I was pressed and very little movement was there for pushing. So the strokes became shorter.

But the dick went inside full and she said it was very exciting to have the full cock inside. She liked it very well and she named the process rock drill. We drilled several times. In the same position I took her legs on my shoulder and pumped. it was exercise in her language. When the legs are up the pussy will shrink and will be painful if the pussy is alrady shallow.

She had enough depth and no problem was there. I will not be able leanfully on her and kissing will miss in this pose. Still at times we prefered. Doggey was known to us and I prefered it more.She lost the pleasure of kissing. Here the advantage is I can play on the clit while fucking and it was liked very much by her. I had doggey in different style.

on the bed she will stand on knee and I will pump from behind. I will hold her waste with force and while cumming the hold will be tight on the belly. I will ask her to stand bending over to a chair or stool by supporting the body with both hands. I will stand behind and plough in the chute. very interesting.In third pose I will ask her to lie on bed on belly and drop the legs down.

I will slightly spread the legs and pock from behind. I wil be able to bite on neck and kiss on cheeks in this position. Very interesting. I will sit on a stool and ask her to sit on my lap facing me. Total binding of two bodies and the speed of the strokes is with her. She liked it very much and did so many times. After orgasm we used to sit like that for minutes.

In the same way she will sit on lap with face away from me. Again control is with her and she can have her on timing. I will lie down flat with dick erected and she will pock fro top with face on me. thsi she named crowbar and liked very much. Here also the controlis with her. In the same way she will sit with face towards my foot and showing her booty to me.

I used to slap on her booty and pock in the ass with finger. She used to give me good hand job and I used to finger her pussy to her full satisfaction. She will do good blow job and I am an expert in cunt sucking. We used to have 69 poses. in sex this is the most impartial sex and both are having their options and expertise. we had fantastic 69 many time.

Sitting on my chest she used to press her cunt to my mouth and splashed juice on my face many times. She took my dick in her mouth in the same way and took me to the top of orgasm. She will work on the knot of the dick head and swivel the head with tongue. I too took her clit in my mouth and kept in suck position for minutes and once she said it is broken.

I cant think about those days. Every time we met it was a honey moon. She got what she wants from me fully. some how our wave length synchronised. I am loosing her I dont know what to do .

actually I am tall decent looking TAMIL male married and aged 43 from Coimbatore. very discreet about a lot of personal things and looking forward to some real discreet passionate extramarital sex with someone bold voluptuous and hot.”Sex is not a crime sweety. It is just an expression of our love and our mutual satisfaction will make both of us extremely happy.” i love to make relationship with voloptious women. i am very liberal. i like slim,full boobs /ass and strong body . if you wish to sleep with me then call me .Actually having sex is not a sin as long as it does not hurt any one, so com on just come out and express all the feeling in your heart and enjoy life………I belive that this life is too short so people intrested in a hot friendship………U. can contact me [email protected]