Suhagraat With Hubbys Friend

HI ISS readers My name is Diya i live in new Delhi.The story i m about to tell u is mine which is real incident of my life.

I m a working software techie. My marriage was fixed by my parents with a guy named Hanish it was an arrange marriage. on 24 DEC i was married with Hanish at a wonderful place decorated with flowers , Hanishs friends constantly stared at me during marriage which i came 2 know later but lets get back to the main thing . I was virgin till that date.

My Hubby has a booked a room in five star hotel for our wedding night. One of his friend named Raj was his closest he knew everything about Hanish . he was constantly with us during marriage . After marriage we went to hanish place were we had all rituals after that my sis in law Mona took me to hotel.

Meanwhile i was waiting for hanish in room but My hubby and Raj were celebrating having drinks in car . Raj mixed something in my hubby s drink and after that my hubby was unconscious raj then took him to his place and made him sleep there . he wore his clothes and came 2 me with sehra covering his face which i came 2 know later . On reaching the room i was on bed facing my face down . suddenly the sound of door opening came i became nervous my face was covered with pallu immediately Raj switch of the lights . let me tell u about raj he is a great mi-micker He can dubb many bollywood stars voices he is a master of it being with hanish for years he spoke the way hanish does . He came near me i was shivering me being a virgin I was scared he came near me said diya i love you . he hold my hands i coudnt see anything as lights were switched off then raj hugged me and opened my pallu he told me you are the most beautiful women i m so glad to have u as my wife i wanna love you saying this he started hugging me more tighly i was feeling a little better after that he kissed my forehead and removed my blouse and my petticoat i was in front of him in my red bra and panty he started rubbing me over panty and i had my first lip 2 lip kiss with a guy. while smooching he unhooked my bra and started playing with my boobs he played with it for a while and then he went near my panty and removed it My 34 26 34 assets were naked in front of him

He immediately removed his clothes and started licking my pussy and i was out of control i was screaming aaahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh i didnt knew what to do i was scratching the bed sheet and suddenly my whole body shivered and i had my first orgasm then he finger fucked me for a moment

After that Raj with his 8 inch long dick inserted with full force i screamed with so so so much pain he immediately kissed my lips and was breaking my hymen i was feeling so much pain blood was coming out of my vagina . After few minutes it was feeling normal raj gave small strokes 2 me and slowly slowly increased his pace he fucked me vigorously he fucked me so hard i was telling him faster faster ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhh hanish fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me hard He fucked me for more than 40 minutes and i scratched his back and had second orgasm then raj also unloaded his full cum in side me and laid on top of me for few minutes i was so happy that time.

After few minutes raj kissed my lips and asked me to lay on my back i didnt knew what he was about to do he put saliva on his finger and put it inside my ass .I screamed hanish please dont do this but Raj didnt listen he put his dick n my ass and with lot of pain his half dick went inside me . My whole body was in his control i coudnt move he fucked me for 15 mins in my ass and unloaded his cum there too.

I was laying on my back he went to bathroom and came dressed up in jeans and t shirt and opened the lights i was shocked ..i almost fainted to see Raj i said what the hell is that what u doing here where is my hubby .

Raj told me he drugged my hubby because he wanted to fuck me first. He made up this plan after seeing me at wedding he was so graced away by my beauty that he wanted 2 fuck me at any cost i was astonished i didnt no what to say i starting crying i told him why u did this to me . You screwed my marriage etc etc . then he came near me and told me the drug he used is a drug in which person loses what happen last night he consoled me for half an hour and make me understood that nobody will come to know about this after a lot of conversation i somehow had 2 agree to him

He then at 4 am brought my hubby 2 my room with the help of his servant and laid him on my bed then asked his servant to go home i changed my hubby clothes and after that raj took me in bath tub and kissed me and tell me how u felt about your first fuck i said you had given me the most wonderful pleasure which i cant forget in my life then we smooched and raj fucked me again for 30 minutes in bath tub . After that we had shower together and raj left.Then I slept near my hubby in morning i woke up my hubby and said why you drink so much on your wedding night that your friend had to carry u here .

Thats how Raj took my virginity before my hubby. I l publish my next part explaining what happened the next day

Dear readers this is my true experience i would love to have your comments on that . My mail id is [email protected]