College Friend



> Hi every one. This is

> Raja here with my first story on ISS. I have

> been following this site regularly for quite some time and

> finally decided to post my first encounter with my sweet

> girlfriend. It all happened in 2005 when I was in my second

> year of engineering.


> I had a crush on this girl

> called Sweety right from the first day of my

> college. Slowly we became of group of some 8 friends with 3

> boys and 5 girls. I shared very good understanding with all

> of them as I was the guy always sharing jokes and making

> everyone laugh and that sort.


> Now let me describe about

> Sweety. She was short girl of 5 feet 4 inches, slim body but

> attractive boobs and a nice little ass which i liked the

> most. I was always looking to be close to her and spend as

> much time as possible. Earlier there was no bad intention of

> sex as such. Slowly as time passed, we became very close and

> one fine day i proposed her. She did not accept at first but

> within a few days she also said “I LOVE

> YOU”.


> Then it was a whole new world

> for me. We were always together then and going to malls and

> movies and all such stuff. Then one day when my parents were

> out of station I was getting bored so at night I called her

> up and just started talking. Slowly slowly i told her that i

> was really getting bored here and wanted her to be with me

> tonight. First she took it as if I was joking but then

> conversation turned serious. She also said that she too

> wanted to be with me.


> Then I asked her what would

> she do if she was with me at night. She replied by saying

> that Im yours now and its your wish to anything you

> want. I said her “I want to love you noe.” She

> asked how? I said at this time we can do it on phone. That

> whole night we did phone sex. We chatted a lot dirty things

> also and finally we both had our first orgasms at about 1

> A.M.


> Next day when I met her in

> college she was very shy and was looking damn sexy. She was

> wearing a white TOP and a blue JEANS. I asked her the

> reason. She said that she had done something like that for

> the first time. But she also said that she really liked it.

> That was my chance. I asked her can we do it. She did not

> understand at first. I said her that i wanted to make love

> to her in real. She was like afraid and said no no. I

> convinced her a lot but did not agree. Then I became sad and

> turned to go. She saw my face and as I was going she said

> “Can we kiss?”. I was more than happy. I turned to

> her and she said that she also wanted to make love to me but

> was afraid to proceed. So she suggested that we can start

> with a kiss.


> I took her to the top floor

> of the college. As construction was still going on so no one

> used to come generally. I took her to one isolated corner

> and started to kiss her. She closed her eyes and responded

> by opening her mouth. We french kissed for about 15 mins and

> she was moaning. We both were loving the saliva of each

> other. Then I could not control myself and put my hand on

> her right boob. She immediately pulled away and said not

> here. I asked her why then she said me to come to the

> basement. When we went to the basement it was very dark

> there and hot too. I hold her hand and pulled her towards me

> and started kissing her again. While doing this I slowly

> started opening the buttons of her shirt. She was asking me

> to press her boobs from over the TOP but i did not care.

> When I opened her TOP wooooow….. there were the

> loveliest pair of boobs Ive ever seen cupped in a red bra.

> Her white body color was looking really awesome in that red

> bra. I stood aside watching her beauty. She was trying to

> hide her boobs with her hands but i just removed her hands

> and was admiring her beauty. Then i went near her and took

> her earlobes in my mouth and started chewing them. She was

> moaning like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. …….By 8 inch ditch

> started to grow.


> I slowly moved down to her

> chest kissing her and her breathing was getting heavier. She

> was moaning like anything. I put my 1 finger in her mouth so

> that the voice does not go outside. I slowly opened the

> hooks of her bra and let her beautiful boobs free from jail.

> Her nipples were hard and she had a pink aerola. I started

> sucking her boobs alternately. She said “Bacche ho

> kya”. I said “Aaj se mai tumhara bachcha hi hoon

> aur ab tum roz mujhe doodh pilaogi.” She smiled a

> little and I started suckning her boobs. She was making

> sounds like ohhhhhhhh… …ummmmmmmm. ……..ohhhhhh

> gooood…… .ahhhhhhhhhmmmmm mmm…… Then slowly I came

> to her navel and put my tongue circling her belly button.

> She twitched her body in pleasure. Then I asked her

> “Jeans k andar kya chupaya hai.” She said

> “Tumahara hi hai dekh lo.” I became mad

> on hearing this statement. I opened her zip and entered my

> fingers inside her jeans on her panty. She was all wet

> there. I said her “Ye to poora geela hai.” She

> said “Tumne hi geela kiya hai ab tum hi sukhao.”



> I was like crazy on hearing

> this. I opened her jeans and ohhh god she was there in a red

> panty with perfect thighs. She was just looking like any sex

> goddess. I started kissing her on the pussy area over her

> panty and she was becoming hotter by my act. She started

> moaning heavily and was getting wet more and more. Then

> suddenly she pressed my head against her crotch and her body

> stiffened. She had her first orgasm. After few minutes she

> was becoming normal. I asked her how was it. She was panting

> and just said 1 word “terrific”. I was already hard by

> this time and my dick was struggling to come out of my

> pants. She just saw it and said that “This is not fair.

> Mai nangi khadi hun aur tum kapde pehne ho.” I said

> pointing towards my dick “Ye bahut pareshaan kar raha hai.

> Please iska kuch karo na.” She smiled and

> started opening my trousers. I helped her remove my

> trousers and undies at one go. Then sprang up my tool, all

> ready and raring to go. She was simply surprised by the size

> of my dick and her mouth remained open for some time. I said

> her “Kya hua isko kiss nahi karogi?” She said “Ye to

> bahut bada hai.” I took her had and guided it to my cock.

> She grabbed it and started stroking it. We both were kissing

> each other. I put my 2 fingers in her pussy. They went in

> easily as it was lubricated. She was going mad and started

> stroking my cock faster. I was feeling as if I was in

> heaven. Suddenly she stopped stroking my dick and said

> “Raja ab aur nahi ho raha hai. Please FUCK

> ME….Please.”


> I lifted her in my arms and

> put her on the bench kept nearby. She said “Ab zyaada kuch

> mat karna please. Bas andar aa jao ab.” I spread her legs

> wide enough and put my hard dick just at her love hole and

> started playing around the hole. This made her crazy as well

> as irritated. She shouted back at me “Saale haraami itni

> der se keh rahi hun ki andar daal de samajh nhi aa raha hai

> kya ? Chodna hai ya nhi?”

> This made me really mad. I shouted back “Saali randi aaj

> tujhe bataunga ki chodna kise kehte hain. Bahut garmi hai

> na.” Saying this I pushed my dick with all possible force

> and it went completely inside in one stroke. She was

> screaming then and sayin “Ohhhhhhh godddd nahi bas mat

> karo….dard ho raha hai.” I said “Kyu saari garmi nikal

> gayi?” After some time she became normal but tears were

> rolling

> down her eyes as she was in pain. I also kissed her and

> started sucking her boobs. Then I started to stroke her

> slowly at first. She started moaning heavily and asked me to

> fuck her hard. I then increased the speed. Slowly her

> moaning became harder and

> harder.ohhhhhh…….ummmmmmm…….ohhhhh

> mummmyyyy…….pleaseeeee……….aaaahhhhhh…… The

> pressure was building inside both of us. She was so hot

> inside that I was going mad.


> Suddenly she held me tightly

> and tightened her legs around my hips and her body

> stiffened. She screamed “I ammmmmm

> cummingggggggggg………….eeeeeeeeee.” She had a huge

> orgasm and I felt streams of cum coming out of her pussy.

> After a while she became loose but I was still hard inside

> her. I kept on pumping her harder and harder. After about 15

> minutes I felt I could not hold any more and I said

> “yaaaaaaaa babyyyyyy I ammmmm

> thereeeeeeeeee………..”. I shot loads of cum inside her

> pussy. It was a never ending feeling for me.



> We were totally wet with both

> cum and sweat. We remained there for another 10 mins with me

> fondling her boobs and nipples and she stroking my cock.

> Then we slowly got up. She just hugged me and said “This

> was the best time of my life. You made me complete today. I

> LOVE YOU.” I also said I LOVE YOU. Then we cleaned

> ourselves put on our clothes and came out of the basement.

> Luckily no one was nearby and so no one heard us. I dropped

> her home and she promised me that we would enjoy many more

> such am in Nigeria Lagos city if any Indian girls or womans enjoy with me mail me at [email protected]