Shagging With Him Truly

Hello readers this Mrs. Maline from Goa India I have read many stories recently when my guy had showed this website I fond of this porn web. Let me tell you are not addict to porn web before so I will narrate the incident when I started to have sex with this guy. I came from decent family I got married at age of 24 yrs in 2007 at college my studies was first priority and boyfriend my parents & brother would blare me. In church boys used to

Stare at me why not I had good figure fair soft skin 5.2 ft soft firm breasts and butt was round good shape jeans used to give clear cut shape all boys gave glance in market or college. I used get mixed with all kind of people rich, poor, Hindu and my community. I never had friendship with Muslim boys as I heard they cheat lot of girls it’s not difference to create just above me. I pass out the college then soon when I turn 24 yrs

I started to come the proposals for marriage I was the elder in family when my parents found very good man who works in curies ship his age was 28 yrs the match was okay I liked him handsome 5.7ft he had little tummy it was okay he drinks beers. Every thing fixed he took me out few time he was smarter with talks I build emotional bondage to him he aroused about love making and he kissed and cupped my boobs.When I bath I finger inside want him now I was virgin girl.

Soon date fixed we tie vows gone honeymoon he deflowered me it was terrible pain when he broke my hymen. I always been told man feels proud when he loose girl virginity makes them woman. I was happy because it is part & parcel of married life after few intercourse I enjoyed his love making it was first pain then lot of pleasure in sex. I experienced the orgasms which was truly unbeliever. He had sex experiences early with two girls that was his girlfriend he said.

We did enjoyed few poses of sex, I liked to be top as I reach my orgasms always been polite sex never gone for rough / wild sex .he showed me blowjob before intercourse. He go to his friends party and take me many time his some friends used gave glance on me I used wear modern dress where my boobs and buttocks was been outer cut from dress my boobs has increase in measures big firm now seeing me they get themselves seduce I know they works on their wives or handshaking.

Some his friend’s wife’s got good figure I never care their desire I want to be with my hubby. Then he has fly back to his work he was to return after six month from ship. He gift me good bungalow house I used pass my time watching television, shopping, cooking I was alone staying at house there where neighbors for some time chi chat or I go to my laws house or my parents house.

Now I will narrate the incident which my sexual life has been change with other guy. malin[email protected] After 6 months my hubby came back I stayed back to my house we started to make our custom sex daily I was very hot now waiting after 6 months to him. Same routine was going on we decide that we will have child next trip or at end his vacation so he can have more pleasure with me.

There some house n other works to get finished most of day time he used to accomplish his works I also gives him hand by doing paper works. It was that day he introduces to his friend of college mate. He was younger then my hubby but look like school boy so sweet cute. In chit chat he told us he can give us help because he is here some time he worked in Middle East my hubby told him he can help if he wants in ship line he assurances his will.

My hubby told him drop his resume at home in 3 days later he came to our house but called my hubby what time he can it was evening time he came to our house. My hubby & he chatting about their days I usually wear casual outfit like pants-top, skirt-blouse my parents were educate so since childhood I take good care of my diet no more fatty food for me & him also.

They gone out I watched television after some time I joined them he was very nice guy he speaks good English with us he was Hindu guy from same city my hubby know very well. Lot of pending work was left he gave us ideas how to work and manage at right place like grills , carpenter ,front floor etc.My hubby not that in bargaining person you know days labor charges their commission higher then 3 times to us.

He told us that these people are smart they think what we earn in dollars it is very easy how much we slog they don’t know that was all we chat in our conservation. This guy was very helpful to us he brought us very cheap workers I also served him tea most of time he likes to stay out then our sex routine came slow it was only at night day time was worker. Many time I found him glance on me when I wear jeans he used like stayed back stares my bowl globe shape buttocks.

I ignore his glances enjoyed the sex pleasure with my handsome hubby. Days passing so I said we should more sex pleasure stop the house work my hubby horny then me he took me again for honeymoon. Before leaving we handover the work to him accomplish them he was kind to us. He told my hubby safe journey when he went inside house to get pouch guy told me enjoy my holidays there with smile on his face.

There were some intention in his eyes knowing why we going for holidays. Our Holidays where screwed day & night in rooms I became more happy lot of fucking, kissing, blowjob, kissing my pussy but I never tastes his sperms he cum on my belly or inner thighs we watched xxx movies which young girl sucked sperms even they loved to get cum on face it look wired but it is passion in sex anal I watched

Very eyes wide open when these girls scream like hell hope my hubby never try these things on me at same time I get aroused seeing. After long session there we end up at Goa & his vacation ends up he back to work in ship. He tries hard to make me pregnant I was not fertile so decide next trip. Outside my veranda still work was pending of fixing floor tiles.

So he used to come often to see work he has lot ideas in general I was impressed about him. We chat n have food together he never asked the money but my hubby said to me give him at least travellling expanses. We talk very friendly as I said he speak fluent English with gestures I liked him as good guy n friend his glances where continued we do chat some topics of friend kind like girlfriend , movies etc. my house consist of

BHK; kitchen was at far end at back side which was isolated place one bedroom view to neighbor other one was not sold bungalow kitchen & dining was common drawing room front side all neighbor top floor was bathroom & one bedroom and long balcony surrounding compound well heighten I love gardening he too gave some his ideas. Incident occurs when the workers said they will come after 2 days.

He came at morning 9am pass i said workers will not come for few days he said okay I offered him to have breakfast he denied then I shall for tea he said he didn’t mind. I prepared tea for him we sat on couch chat for while then took his cup to wash. He to followed kitchen that day I was wore night pant and t-shirt black bra pinky lacy panty which was not able to cover my bums fully I liked to be remain hot after honeymoon knowing myself what treasures

I have coming back that incident I was washing dishes of last night while chatting he roaming inside kitchen telling me how I maintain good and well planned kitchen. I didn’t realized when he was at my back I paused for while his breath what I was sense at below neck I said you can wait out I will come.

Yes I will go now but let me tell you yours hot sexy body too good .i was shocked to hear he pass comment about my beauty but never felt such word only my hubby do. To avoid I said yes stay out. Why you putting me out did I am that bad guy and he kept his both hands on my hips. i was stunned by this he press hard said really yours hot buds are making mad he is lucky to get wife who drive man crazy.

I excuse left from there he came fast foot steps I don’t want to see his face. I caught my hand please what happen’ no its not good you should leave now’ okay I will going let me talk to you’ please I am married lady’ so what don’t you have desires’ oh what he is talking now I am decent family girl please excuse me I was going to bedroom in rush he came hugged me from behind hold me tight I got angry but he caress my tummy brought his palm on one

Breast before he go further I told him please stop this nonsense he kissed my neck get me near dining table. the more I was harsh he was politely arousing me his groin was touch my soft bums he was pressure so I can feel. I beg not to spoil my life but he requesting me only once he wants me. I hesitated said it is not that you can’t understand so please feel you now. He started to touch my sensitive part area.

I fought he was stronger that what woman can’t run of this sex in this world I felt weak in him. He was not having that height then hubby might be 5.5 ft he was athletic build his arms were stronger he started to rub his hands on pubic tri angle and boobs I asked to stop please just for few while let him cum inside his jeans he was pushing his crotch with pressure his member was growing inside it touch my bums he was wriggling so

I can feel I hesitated his behaviors he grabbed me by more force press my boobs i try to run he said please wait I near cum I stop so he can finish I will never allowed me next time. I stay to get rid of his how I was stupid he had stop his stroking play my body over cloths when his hand came to my pussy I hold his hand he press my one boob by hand turn my face toward his mouth try to kiss my lips

I move he gave few kiss on my cheek I showed my pity face but no use his voice were sensual parsing my things I saw his eyes he won’t leave me until his business not done with me , i could see he staring my cleavage from side. My t shirt was crumbled once his finger find the pussy lips rubbed inside I arch back feel trill I do wear sexy lingers that day I wore silky purple panty n red bra I asked him you didn’t finish yet.

Oh my baby let me see you now I won’t do anything. My body was responding his hands & sensual words. After all I am also female my sex got feelings I didn’t move I caress my either side body by 2 hands. He was trying to arouse me am already wet. I don’t know what to do shall I stop him or let have more enjoying his play.

I shocked when he pull down pant to ankle. Below waist half nude expose my thighs & silky panty he caressing my thighs says your hot legs are sexy so smooth Maline his sensual words drive me to hot pot where there is no return he kiss my thighs my hands where pushing him back but the mind was other mood. I saw down again he was looking my panty where pubic hairs out of either side

I have not cleaned up there lot of hairy in triangle but I keep my lower lips shaved. I was numbed he came up to my mouth kiss my neck I said please stop now i will loose my dignity” don’t worry I will not tell anyone I promise you” no please go away” oh maline so sexy you re” his word were making me hot suddenly i feel that he came to my panty before any action he slide his fingers inside my panty brushing my pubic hairs he gone to pussy press

Once I moaned when he touch my sensitive buds I know he must felt my wetness again he kissed my neck said darling today I will give you lot of pleasure” I body betrayed me. I waited for him he was going very slowly only by caressing his hands on boob’s n thighs.

After arousing me and his hot words parsing by buds I had closed my eyes he kiss first that really arched back again by hold support of dining table. I didn’t open my lips it was hesitations he was too good in techniques by caressingly he brought his bare palm on my tummy under my t shirt touch

My boobs when I moaned by this he got chance he took lips in his mouth insert tongue tickling inside my lips n gums. Oh that was so hot even I never had experiences with my hubby. My boobs were hard & nipples showed their erections.He fully aware now I am his after all I am also female who’s body has been tampered so much with love & hots words. I was lost standing still take support of dining table. I asked him again I will masturbate urs” so end him up.

Oh sure why not” he in zap his jeans down and t shirt too only with his black underwear he took my hand placed on his meat. he thought that am arousing him my plan to keep my respect and little fun with his meat. I slid my palm inside his black underwear took out his meat he moan

Softly his meat was dark semi erect he removed his last material also he was naked what I was looking now other than my hubby he switch on the tube light which back of board I glance his nude body he got well tone body I can say good physic and he was staring mine in light my fair muscle thighs.

Sooner he came to me I took his meat started to give strokes up /downs he play with my boobs & thighs caressing I was losing balance still manage to masturbate his meat now the meat grown shafter became more stiff I know he will cum so I can stop him entering inside me.

Oh my goodness he pinch my nipples rolling in fingers no way to stop him what I was stupid lady he hiked my bra n t shirt up to neck playing my boobs bare I moaning stop stroking his meat I lost control surrender to him need him badly gone to crotch his finger touch mine clit I gave loud moan still I remember that now.

Okay Maline I am not hurting you feeling nice” my yes gave courage to him he hugged me I was so hot I took him in arms my bare skin touch his. he lift my red bra strip up caress my back n kiss on neck asked did I do here only” in low voice tone I reply what” oh my baby sex” his words were simply best I looked him said you know what re we going do & what will I do if he came to know” trust me

I won’t tell anyone unless you” saying this he press my bums. when I gave smile he kiss my lips try to get me on floor beside dining table re U nuts here let go bedroom” okay I will locked the door” now readers thinking that why I didn’t stop there run to bedroom that thoughts came later that time I was hot want him.

While going to bedroom he caressing my bums I said only once” yes only today let me feel you”. When we enter he was behind me naked and I only panty & t shirt bra hiked up. From behind he took of my t shirt and bra put me on the bed came over me his naked body brushing against mine he kissing my lips , neck, boobs nipples and hands were all over roaming my body I still had panty on it.

After long session foreplay he took the strap of silky panty pulled down I raised my bottom up then he expose my pubic triangle it was knee then he took off now I was naked in front other man. This guy look good cute his lips were hot this time when he kissed I open mine took his lips in me it was thrilling his pubic hairs touch mines that was something different. We engaged for smooching for long time till we took breath I saw his eyes glistering with happiness.

Man was in charged first from lips kissing to boobs sucking my nipples they were erect I had light brown areoles it is small nip nipples. He took time there followed to inner thighs open my thighs apart brush with while by his fingers I saw him what he was doing when he came close to my pussy I wide my eyes he stuck his lips in it gave bite not painful it was care open the lips got

His tongue inside my pussy thump brushed my clit I fell by head on bad this was the first time happen at same time by pussy licked and vagina was tickled inside by his tongue my sensitive clit stiff to his thump I don’t how to stop him why I was moaning with lot of hissing sounds I bedroom my wetness dripping to bed sheets.

It took long time I want to get orgasm now suddenly he stop came up he wipe his mouth by hands our breathing was quite faster. He asked to give him blowjob which I regret him he insisting me while kissing me then he asked me please only for few 5 min only”. Then I agree him as he gave his best work at my pussy

I could say if my hubby is smart then this guy is wiser then any else man. I was not that good meat sucker still I gave him hard blowjob less then 3 mins he was disappointed his meat was harder then hubby 6 inch what man say’s I never felt my hubby meat so hard n long one even Indian xxx movies too.

We were making love like true lover i was over him & sometimes he was over me pressing my soft bums hard. He apart my legs came hold his meat in hand only I have gives way. I spread my both legs he came kiss my lips I took his head he was trying to insert in .will mind use condom” no you re hot sexy I want to go bare” but I am in my days chance can occurs”

Okay I took out in peak time now please I want inside you” I raised my burst line up guide his meat in pussy as my pussy lips are soft & big .his meat crack my pussy line came inside dark stiff meat was coming my hubby his fair side who cares that dark or fair it matter how it will perform intercourse. Once his knob was inside I closed my eyes lied back to bed he gave me pillow oh how wonderful he was.

I applied more force his meat was in pushing my lips and vagina feeling the sensational my body wriggling when he came fully in my cunt walls were fully stretched to receive his meat now. I wait & he pulled now was tremble yes guys pain was running to my body

I groaned asked him to stop there. He waited to cool myself he thrust his hip meat hit inside my womb I asked him stop now don’t fuck me it is paining” baby it won’t wait few strokes you will be used of it” his strokes were digging inside me and thump was rubbing my clit after few min I adjust his meat now enjoying his meat in me.

I give him response to pushed my hips up to accommodate his meat more deep in my hole. I was shuddering when I sense I came close I scream in exacts got first orgasm in 5 min only which never happen. When I regain my conscious he started again hi motion it so passionate in him. I fond him I hugged kiss his lips and neck he change the position he kept my both legs up in air wide gave long thrusting his meat was rupturing my soft pussy lips.

After that he one leg up changed again he sat on bed edge asked me to fuck .i did that for while still his meat in mood to cum. I giggled asked did you consumed anything to live so long steady” no it is normal did you like mine” I gave smile told him finish fast” he put me on the doggy style started his fast motions fucking at same his fingers were brushing my clit I was hot again

Wanted him to do best fucking caressing my boobs, back, bums kneading my clit his violent thrusting hit the g spot I moaning in pleasure he asked me which is ur best pose fucking’ I didn’t reply I wanted him to do fucking my cunt so I can reach 2nd orgasm which would be first time in my life still is words running I told me missionary pose”

No other than those re custom sex” he wants to hear my naughty languages his strokes where in n Out from behind I answer I prefer to be top and missionary in hugging intercourse. I moaned where intense yes I was in 2nd to reach this time shout with noise voice it was gushing orgasm fell from my thighs to sheets .his meat was wet he gone I looked him after while I was breathing heavier and feel weak.

He gave me glass of water but his one hand on boobs other was at pussy rubbing. after water drank I showed my pussy told him you want to go more finish now” am going to get done soon” he wants same doggy pose I told him that I am tied now can’t . Please for my sake I will going to cum soon only mins stay. I took his meat put my pussy entrance he smile me bocz of my cooperation.

He came in started his thrusting in few he put me down came completely over my soft body my bums crushed he fucking very intense I tighten my legs n bums that gave more pleasure to me he was mad his breath telling he can’t handle anymore. After few fucking of his he showed his tiger how much energy has coming deep in me he lost his breath before I move he discharging inside me.

I was taken first time this kind of pose I felt pleasure knowing that he Cumming inside me he give his load inside I sense his sperms is more spreading there. After few sec relax he removed his meat he turn put my fingers behind his sticky milk like cured sperms were in my palm. He took those from my hand apply over my bums. I asked him what is this naughty and you have cum inside me remember if I am get pregnant you will face the crises” am sorry

I can’t help myself you re hot ur vagina was tempting me” so you came inside me” he didn’t said told me wait he got the jag water and cloth he dip in water clean by wet cloth my pussy I said I have to use bathroom. When I came he got fruit from refrigerator and juice I asked him why he didn’t answer me said have this I wore the other cloths had apple n juices his hands were rubbing again on body I showed my angry face to him but he requested me only today I said you are not going to end this” please

Maline I be frank now I want quick fuck then after lunch one more promise” no was my answer his hands were playing magic games on my body I aroused due his lovely fucking N orgasms. We smooched before that I took promise only this. He was up to his demand I can say he needs one more after lunch.

Few min foreplay I put me in top that was my favorite. I took his meat insert inside my pussy started my pumping I did for long time by laid over me and moved up and down hugging me kissing him till I got one more orgasm which was more gushing then 2nd one without no more time me put me down fucked me cum inside. We part washed then I said there is no more time to cooked I will get meal from outside you stay here.

After that we had lunch with naughty talks by him this I never gave cooperation with him. After long chit chat he took me again in bedroom had foreplay it was outplay from him he fucked me in 5 different style pose now my pussy was much exploited. I got hornier with his fucking so he cum on my neck and cheek I felt very hot it was time fucking with me after lunch.Late evening time was close till 7pm pass as per his toady he gone said I will come with me meet doctor.

That night I thought I have done wrong but the pleasure was too good his meat and lips hands were really hot so what as done that finish. Later I checked with doctor I was lucky am not pregnant nor STD disease. he was free from STD disease he doesn’t go to hookers even good call girls he told me he had sex affairs with married woman which he had great pleasure.

After that I locked the door he used sit out do my works when everything is done he depart never I saw him once in market he said thanks and sorry”. I told him not spell anyone I will in hell” what you have given to me it was very pleasurable buds I do enjoyed am that kind of guy who will spoil life’s. After so in 2 months I feeling lonely missing him I used to call on his cell after couple of meets in house he told said he had lust on me.

So when did you had plan to take me” at first I saw then later when he visit in here my curved figure indulge” I too had desire with him I didn’t showed up. While talking like this he started rubbing my pussy with his fingers then I need only lead at least try his meat till my hubby come.

This time sex was in drawing room changed me to bathroom/dining common kitchen I liked to get sprayed cum on neck and boobs cheeks later he cum inside my mouth wow that was dirty but salty sperms urge me. He was using condom as per mine only safe days he can be bare meat in me & cum inside me.

That was not end of his lust after couple of weeks sex he told me that want anal sex. he aroused me many time caressing my bums & xxx movies for anal sex.very smartly he make stand we smooched caress my bums very smooth & hard till I started to feel his hands palm on my both bums they are very soft and sensitive buds.

Am not prepare for your anal love” just try once you will love like” no” then he press them hard and his kiss I used wriggling when he do the it tempted lot un till When I was fully prepared he put me on the bed kiss my ass hole biting my soft bums he enter his tiger meat inside my anus it was tremble pain I groaned when he pushes his meat inside my ass hole. he came over my body like same pose of first sex but he was care lot asking me and going slowly

I feeling very stranger it was my first anal sex pain & pleasure was on going I liked him when he comes inside my anus by making way to bums line he was going his speed in pace was until he cum inside my anus he was feeling like hell because I saw his face when he used cum inside my bums those bums were rammed many time I started to like his fucking and had wild sex .

I had freedom with his passionate sex my observation in sex : I used bent down he fuck me from behind both pussy and anal , fucked in bathroom in standing as well lying on the floor it is coolest fucking I think so , make love in kitchen & dining table like doggy style, in drawing room I fucked him very fast by moving back n forth movements ,

We also has been gone experiences of Kamsuthra position which I am very fond of now to practices with him when ever , there were time I reach my orgasms only eating my vagina it was truly mad , and last I loved his dark tiger meat to tastes his sperms it was wired since it is now part of sex… how was my incident which give me pleasure this web also recommend by him told me to write about if I wish so just written my incident what had happen to me if anything you’ll like or comments write email me [email protected]