Something For The Lady

I couldnt wait to meet her. It felt like I had waited for this for so long and at last my fantasies were about to come true.We had met over the net and immediately both knew we had found exactly what we had both been looking for such a long time. To me she sounded like the hottest older lady imaginable who I had long dreamed of to teach me all she knew. To her I sounded like the young hot stud she had been desperate for to fulfill her in ways she almost darent imagine.

We had sent the hottest e-mails possible to each other, constantly turning each other on, and had spoken over the phone. Yet again this had proved how horny we were for each other. Both had become so excited at the thought of the other their dirty talk over the phone always ended in indulging in mutual masturbation, both coming over the phone to each other as we whispered about the horny things we would love to do. Finally it became too much to take and they just had to meet.

We arranged to meet for coffee around lunchtime in her home town and now as I got ready for our date I was filled with nervous anticipation and excitement as to what I could expect. I dressed smartly but casually in dark blue jeans, smart black boots and a crisp white shirt which emphasized my muscular legs and shoulders and with a dash of Armani aftershave I was ready to go. I caught the train into town and thought about her all the way – how hot she sounded, what she might be like, what they might get up to. I was so turned on by sexy older married women but had never yet been afforded the luxury of having my fantasy indulged.

I sincerely hoped that today this would change. I felt so eager to meet her, but nervous too, as I approached the café bar but I knew deep down that this was my ultimate fantasy. I couldnt see her as I entered the bar so ordered myself a coffee and sat on one of the table at the counter to wait for her. I was sipping coffee when a sultry voice, which I recognized immediately, said to me “You must be Shailu?”. I turned to face her and was instantly astounded. “Yes I am. Madhuvanthi?”.Yes” she replied, “Pleased to meet you.”

I was completely captivated by the lady that stood before me. “My god!” I exclaimed, “Youre gorgeous.” Madhuvanthi was around 5′ 4″ and had a superb figure, just the kind that really turned me on, the kind that looked as if it had been really built for sex. She smiled back and knew already what she wanted to happen. “Thank you” she replied “and you look as good as you sound too. Shall we sit down?” I ordered two more coffees for us and they made our way to an empty table.

She was a wearing a black color saree and a black silk blouse which accentuated her lovely waist and full looking breasts. Her legs were further enhanced by her black high heels and nylon calves and I thanked heaven for my luck as she sat down across the table from him, her wedding ring glinting in the sunshine. The attraction was instant and we both knew it. we were both longing for our fantasies to be fulfilled and with each cup of coffee it became clear we wanted each other more and more.

She told me how during her long days at home she ached to be taken by a younger man to fulfill secret desires she had held for a long time, desires she could never disclose to her uninterested husband. She held my hand over the table and I felt her rub her leg against me as we looked into each other’s eyes with a longing that could mean only one thing.

“Madhuvanthi, I want you now.” I said to her. “Then come home with me now Shailu” she replied. We quickly finished coffee and settled the bill and made our way to her car in the multi storey car park. The atmosphere between us was electric . we climbed into the car and as we looked at each other in the car we moved towards each other and our lips met. She felt my hand in her hair gently pulling her head to me as our lips and tongues snaked together for an age.

She wanted me so much, and I of her. “Lets go home” she said when we finally broke off. She occasionally caressed my thigh as she drove us home and could tell how excited I was becoming at her touch. My arm was behind her and I played with her hair all the way sending tingling sensations all the way down her spine. “You look so sexy” I told her, “I cant wait for you to get me home.” Madhuvanthi could feel herself becoming wetter all the time.

She pulled into the garage and strode purposefully into the house. Once inside I looked around the plush surroundings and sat on the sofa while Madhuvanthi bought a cool drink. I watched her lovely figure as she approached me with drinks; she sat down next to me. “Im so horny for you” she whispered into my ear, “Im going to show you everything you ever needed to know.”I could immediately feel myself beginning to grow hard in my jeans as once again our lips and tongues met in a hungry embrace.

I could feel her hand creeping higher and higher up my thigh as we kissed passionately and I sighed as she began to feel my hardness through the denim of my jeans. My hand caressed her breast through the silky material of her blouse and then slip inside and begin to gently caress her nipple through the lace of her bra. I felt her nipple harden to my touch and she moaned lightly as she felt my hand slip into her bra and touch the softness of her breast. Loosening a couple of buttons on her blouse I did the same to her other breast as she continued to rub me through my jeans.

My hand moved from inside her blouse and began to caress her knees before climbing higher beneath her skirt. With shortened breaths she could feel me softly stroking the inside of her thighs and then moan in delight as I found her smoothness of her inner white thighs. She could not believe how wet and intensely sexual . She slid off the sofa and knelt between my legs and began to undo the belt and zip of my jeans.

I lifted my hips and helped her pull them down and lay back, my hardness very apparent through the tight white jersey material of my boxer shorts. Undoing the zip at the front she slipped her hand inside and grasped my full hardness and let out an appreciative “Mmm” at what she found inside. I sighed loudly as she began to play with my hard prick. “I want to feel you in my mouth and then fuck you like never before” she whispered as she played with me. “Oh please Madhuvanthi yes” I gasped in response.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft as she lowered her head to me. I groaned in sheer delight as I felt her hot lips close around the tip of my cock and slowly begin to slide her way down my shaft. Her mouth felt utterly sensational around my dick and I couldnt even begin to describe the pleasure I was feeling as she sucked and licked at my straining member. “God yes

Madhuvanthi”, I sighed, “suck me!” and Madhuvanthi certainly knew how to do just that. Her experienced lips and tongue brought me to the very edge and as she tasted the pre-cum which seeped from me she knew I was about to come. She slowed down just to stretch the pleasure out that little bit longer and then, expertly, she gripped my dick and began to wink me off hard, flicking the tip of my cock with the point of her tongue and fondling my balls with her other hand.

I groaned in sheer delight and as my hips began to spasm she felt my hot spunk shoot down her throat in waves. She swallowed almost all of it but there was so much, some of it ran out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down her chin. Cleaning up every last drop and licking her fingers clean she sucked me dry and then, as her young man lay spent and smiling before her, she readied herself for her turn.

She stripped me of my boots, jeans and shorts and then gasped as she removed my shirt to find the muscular, defined, young torso that lay beneath for her. Smiling to herself, she ran her hands across my muscular chest and taut stomach knowing that I was about to be hers. She stood unbuttoning her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders her full breasts straining at the thin lace of her black bra. And then slowly she unzipped her skirt and slid it slowly down her legs before kicking it aside to stand and let her lover admire her body.

“You look sensational” I said to her as I looked at the vision before me. I took in every inch of her body with my eyes. Her silky hair, lovely face, full breasts, slim waist and those gorgeous legs of hers. Her matching lace panties enticed me . She wanted me to touch her all over too. I sat up as she stepped towards me and reached up to play with her breasts. She sighed and tossed her hair to one side as she felt my hands cup her breasts and begin to rub them gently. Then she felt my hot breath through the lace of her bra as I began to lick her nipples and I could feel them stiffen again.

I gripped her softly by the waist and pulled her towards me, my head level with her stomach. She threw her head back as she felt my lips on her stomach and my soft tongue slowly began to trace its way downwards.  My hands stroked the full length of her legs, starting at her ankles and slowly moving upwards, her anticipation growing with every slow inch of our ascent. “You have the most wonderful body” I told her “and you look and feel fantastic in this underwear.” I was right, she did. “Oh Shailu, touch me all over” she asked of me.

I gently pulled her down next to me on the settee and began to caress her body. my hands were all over her, gently stroking, touching, tickling and teasing and it heightened her senses so much she could feel her pussy becoming extremely wet. She gasped as she felt my hands slide along the inside of her smooth thighs and begin to stroke her pussy over the thin lace material of her panties. “Oh yes Shailu, touch me there, put your fingers inside me.” She felt my hand slide the Lace of her panties to one side and my fingers began to brush her lips. ”

Madhuvanthi you feel so Hot and wet.””I know, I just want you so much Shailu, Baby” She moaned out as she felt my finger enter her and gently probe its way inside her stroking her g-spot and touching her enlarged clit. She uncupped her breasts from her bra and let him kiss and suck then while his fingers teased her soaking wet pussy. Then she felt my tongue trace its way down her stomach and between her legs and she could feel my tongue tickling her inner thighs.

My hands grasped her hips and slowly slid off her panties, pulling them down her legs and off over her high heels. She opened her legs wide and lay back before me as my head again went down between her legs. She gasped as she felt the tip of my hot tongue work its way between her lips and begin to lick her juices and my eager young tongue working its desired magic on her, just as she needed. He loved the taste of her hot juices in his mouth and couldnt get enough of her.

She gasped in pleasure as he licked the whole length of her lips and teased her clit with the tip of his tongue. My fingers entered her again as I felt her begin to writhe, her climax building and faster I fingered her and rolled her clit between my lips and tongue. “Oh yes Shailu” she said as her climax neared, her hips beginning too flinch more and more and then, unable to hold back any longer she pulled my head tight to her hot pussy, wedging my tongue inside her as she wrapped her thighs around my head and pulled me to her tighter still. “Im coming, Im coming,

Im….” but her voice stopped as her orgasm ripped through her, her hips bucking against my face and her juices flooding my mouth. My whole face glistened with her sweet juices as she relaxed her grip on my head and she tasted them as we kissed again, our tongues writhing passionately against each others.”I want to take you Madhuvanthi, you are so beautiful.” I said

“Please, fuck me now Shailu” she breathed. She was aching to feel me inside her. She lay back into the bed as I climbed between her legs and gripping my thick cock she guided me towards her. She paused as she rubbed the head of my cock along the length of her pussy and over her clit until eventually she could stand it no longer and pleaded “Fuck me now baby.” she groaned loudly and she stifled a moan as she felt my thick cock slowly slide its way inside her. Inch by inch she felt it enter her until I was completely buried deep inside her hot wet pussy.

“Oh it feels so good” said Madhuvanthi. “Yes Madhuvanthi, you feel so soft and wet inside.””Fuck me Shailu, fuck me!” she pleaded again. And with that I began to give what she had wanted all along. She could feel me sliding my long thick cock slowly all the way in and out of her, rhythmically building up speed as we screwed together on the sofa. She pushed her hips to meet me with each stroke, moaning softly as she spread her legs wide over the sides of the sofa as I stroked her thighs while I screwed her.

She could feel me rubbing against her clit as my cock pushed into her and her second orgasm began to build. “Yes, yes, Shailu, yes” she gasped as she came again, her hips pushing frantically to me. As her orgasm subsided she withdrew me from her and made me sit back into the bed. She stood face towards me and taking my hard cock in one hand guided it into her as she slowly lowered herself down onto me.

“Mmmm” she murmured as she felt herself being stretched by my girth again until she was completely impaled upon me. This time it was my turn to ask, “Fuck me Madhuvanthi.” She began to ride me with the experience of a jockey, squeezing my cock with her inner muscles and making me gasp with pleasure as she bobbed up and down on my dick. “I love feeling your cock inside me” she said truthfully as she rode me, toying with her own breasts which still protruded over the top of her lacy bra.

It felt so big inside her when she rode me like this, she felt completely filled and taken to another world.Standing from me once again she knelt on the floor before me, her dripping and already well fucked pussy. She felt me get off the bed and kneel down behind her and she felt my hands grip her hips tightly as my hard cock nudged at her entrance once again. “Im going to fuck you as hard as I can until I cum” I told her. “Oh god yes Shailu, yes.”

She screamed out as she felt my thick cock slide all the way inside her in one long had thrust and push hard against her womb and then screamed out with each thrust as I slammed my cock deep into her. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she moaned at me as my cocked plunged in and out of her sticky cunt. “Im going to come again Shailu” she gasped as she pushed back onto my thick cock, “Make me come again”

“Im going to come too Madhuvanthi you horny bitch” I gasped and as her orgasm ripped through her, making her whole body shudder in sheer ecstasy, I came too. Deep inside she felt me unload my seed, spurt after spurt after spurt as my hips slapped against her backside and I cried out with pleasure. When I had finished she slid from me and went down on me sucking me dry, loving the taste of our mingled juices.

“Madhuvanthi baby you are fantastic” I said to her. “Oh Shailu,” she said, “nobodys ever made me come like that before.””Well dont worry because Im going to give you as much as you could ever need.””And I too will not disappoint you baby. I am going to blow your mind from here on, just you wait and see.”As we kissed passionately, she felt my cock twitch against her thigh and could see traces of my silvery cum on her legs and thighs. She knew I would be hard again soon and had a promise to fulfill mail your comments to [email protected]