Nice Time With A Neighbor Woman

This is my true experience which happened some 18 years back.

I was about 20 then. Our family was living in a small ancestral house, and after partition of property between my father and his brothers we left that house and took residence as a co-tenant in what is known as a storehouse. It is popular in our place and usually found in older part of every city. Let me explain it.

It will be one big house with many rooms, enclosed verandahs, walking passage and a court yard in the back. Several families will live in that house, one or two rooms only will be in the exclusive control of one tenant. The verandah,

walking passage and courtyard will be collectively used by all tenants.

In the back court yard a water well, a hand pump for corporation water, and several bathrooms and toilets were there which again will be collectively shared by all tenants. We moved into one such house. We had two rooms to us, one was used as bed room and another as kitchen. Rest of the common areas were also used by us.

In this house other then our family, four other tenants were living. One of the tenant was audit clerk in a Government office and his wife was called “Soundarya aunty”. ( Hereafter I will refer her as S ). She was about 30 years or so and did not have any child. She was fair complexioned, good looking and always with a smile. Her husband would go on audit tours regularly. In such times I would do small errands for her like getting ration, medicines or drawing cash from bank. In such occasional talks with her I found that she was very nice and witty. I was working in a warehouse (godown) then for very low pay and I was also searching for some good job and I was naturally worried about it. So she would pep me in her talks.

One day in the afternoon I came to home to take food. I went to the back yard to wash myself. In the back court yard a small area had been partitioned and in this the ladies who were having their monthly period will stay. (It was called “Dhooramana Room” and the word “dhooramana” refers to ladies in their period. It is a custom among Brahmins that a lady having her period is considered as unclean and she has to live separately for the duration of her period and when it is over only after taking bath they can again come inside the house). At that time S was staying in that room because she was having her mensus period.

When I was drawing water from well S peeped from inside the room and said to me “Dear — the tub is empty — will you pour some water please?” ( As unclean ladies are not allowed to draw water from well, a tub filled with water was provided for them which they would use).

On hearing her I said ” Sure aunty”. Then I drew four or five buckets of water and poured it in the tub. I told her ” It is now full”. She said “Thanks”

Then she asked me ” Are you still working in the godown or have you got any other job?”. I said ” I am still there only — I am trying for some good job but I am unlucky”. She said ” Dont lose heart — you will definitely get a good job very soon”. I said ” Thank you for your blessings”.

Then she asked me ” When are you going to give me your wedding feast?”. I said to her ” What aunty — are you joking? I am not going to marry”. She said “Why? — Dont you desire to have a wife?”.

I said ” No — No — I desire to have a wife — but I dont have decent job or good income- then how can I support a wife so I dont want to marry now”.

She said to me ” You should marry now — perhaps if you marry a good girl with a matching horoscope she will bring you goodluck”. I said nothing and remained quiet. Then she further said ” One of my relatives daughter is a very good girl and she will be excellent match for you — shall I ask him to come and speak with you father about your marriage?”. I said ” No aunty — dont do that I will not marry unless I get a good job”.

I further said ” When I dont have a good job what I will tear by getting married?”. She smiled and said to me in a low voice “Why not? When you marry you will tear the cunt hole of your wife in the first night”.

(There is no exact translation available for the Tamil words used here. I had said in Tamil ” Kalyanam Pannikkittu naan enna kizhikkapporane” And she had said ” Yane — kalyanam panninda muthal rathrila unnoda pondatti koodhiya kizhippaey illaya?). ( I am giving Tamil equivalent for whomever will understand it).

When she said like that I became somewhat uneasy and I also blushed. I had not at all expected such words from her and so I did not know how to take it or what to reply so I remained quiet. She asked me “Why are you silent?”. I said ” Aunty- I do not know what to say”.

She asked me again in a low voice “Why — dont you like cunt hole of women”. (She said in Tamil “Yaen – onakku pommanatti koodhi pidikkatha?”). I did not know what to reply and kept quiet. Then she winked at me and she said ” Have you seen it?”. In Tamil she said “koodhiya parthu irukkaya?”

At that time I was regularly having sex with some women employed in the warehouse (where I was a clerk) and sex was not new to me. Further the way aunty was talking with me at a very low voice gave the indication to me that she was desirous of talking with me about sex matters. I felt that if I reply to her in same sexual way she may not object but rather she may like it.

So I said in prideful voice ” Aunty- cunt is not new to me — I regularly fuck women daily Today morning also I did it”.

After speaking like that I became a little bit fearful because I did not know how she will take it. So I immediately said “Sorry aunty — forgive my silly words”. I also said ” Please forget what I said and please do not say about this to my mother”.

She softly laughed and said ” Why should you feel sorry for your speech? If you fuck daily then it shows you are a real man You need not worry for saying this to me I will not tell anything to your mother”. It gave me good comfort.

Then she asked me “You said you regularly fuck — how do you go to prostitutes?”.

I said “No”.

Then she asked me “Then who is that lucky girl?”. I replied ” There are some women employed in the godown — I enjoy them daily”. She said ” Are they young? — Are they good looking?”.

I replied ” No aunty — they are not young like you or beautiful like you — they are simple ladies but they oblige me so I enjoy them”.

Then she softly laughed and said “Am I beautiful to you?”. I replied “sure aunty – you are wonderful looking”. She tittered and said “So you would fuck me if I oblige you?”.

I was not expecting such words from her and so I stood perplexed. During the conversation with her, her nearness, her loving looks and her soft words had enticed me and I was already getting an erection. Now her words gave me more elation and my cock became more erect and pulsating. I was wearing a dhoti and my cock bulged and started to beat under the dhoti.

She laughed and said “You do not reply — but I can see that your little brother is giving the telegraphic signal of your desire to fuck me”. So saying she pointed a finger at my middle where my cock bulge was noticeable. I felt embarrassed and did not know what to say. Then she said ” Now you go away — we will see about it some other time”.

I asked her ” Aunty — are you really serious or you are only teasing me?”. Then she said ” You are a grown up man — as a lady will I tease you in these sexy matters?”. Then I asked her ” Do you really say I can fuck you?”. She said ” Dont you want it?”. I said “Yes- I want it very much — but what about uncle (her husband)?”. She softly laughed and said ” That is what I told you- we will talk about it later and work a plan — even if you want it now I cannot allow you to touch me two days later after I take bath I will tell you what to do — now go away like a sweet boy”.

Then she laughed and said ” In the meantime dont apply your hand and waste your Precious water — keep it reserved for me”. I also laughed and said ” Dont worry — I have plenty of it inside me”. So I want away then and from then onwards I became very restless and wanted to fuck her badly.

For the next two days whenever I happened to go to the back yard I would look at her pointedly and she would look at me with a smile. But I could not manage to have any conversation with her because we could not be alone even for sometime.

So also after she took bath and entered the house I tried to get at her but could not do so. Every time I would try to talk with her on one pretext or other she will curtly reply and did not give me any indication about her desire.

After about two weeks or so, one day some vendor of vessels came to sell his ware and all the people of the house were with him in the threshold of the house. S also went to the front portion and later she returned inside to her

portion. Finding her alone for some time I approached her and said ” What aunty? — you are not keeping up with your words”. She smiled and said ” What — dont you think of anything else?”. I said ” I am very eager to touch you and I find it very difficult to think of anything else”. She only smiled and did not say anything.

I further said ” I was keeping quiet and you only opened up the topic now you are avoiding it — if you do not want it why in the first place you talked with me and raised my desire?”. She replied ” Why do you think I do not want it?. If I dont want it, will I talk with you like I did?”. I said ” Then why you are silent now?”. She said ” You should have patience — in a weeks time my husband will be going on audit tour and will be away for about 4 or 5 days — at that time I will give you the green signal”. I felt calm by her words and I was eagerly looking for the right time.

(Here I will explain the layout of our portions in the house. Like us S was also having two rooms and our portions were separated by an enclosed verandah. From the front of the house a staircase went up to the open terrace (roof of the house) From this particular verandah (seperating our portions) also another staircase connected to the open terrace but normally this was not used and would be kept bolted from inside.

So a person can come from the open terrace to the verandah only if that staircase door is kept open. Only the front staircase was being used by all. Usually unless it rained, the male members would normally sleep in the open

terrace. I also would sleep there.

As said by S, her husband left on office tour a few days later. That night when I went to the back yard aunty was drawing water from well. When she saw me she said ” In the night you came to my room through the verandah staircase. I will keep the staircase door unbolted. But take care so that none sees you”. I said “Ok”.

That night when I went to the open terrace for sleeping, I did not go to sleep but kept myself awake and I was watching the other persons lying on the terrace including my father. After some time, I think it was about 11.00 PM, all were fast asleep. I slowly got up and sat in my bed and watched others. No one was awake. So I slowly went to the other staircase without making any noise and pushed the door. It opened inward. I quickly entered it and bolted it from inside. Usually there were no lights in the verandahs. I descended the staircase and came to auntys bedroom. The door was shut but when I pushed it, it opened. Inside also it was dark but I could make out that aunty was sitting on the mat laid on the floor. I went and sat near her.

She said ” I have been waiting all along and I thought you will not come”. I said “I had to wait till everyone there went to sleep”. Then I said ” Shall I put on the light?”. She said “No — if light is put on it may wake other ladies” I was disappointed and said ” I want to see you naked”. She said “There is a small torchlight — you switch it on and see my body”. Then she gave me a torch.

She stood up and undressed. I played the torch on her body and the view took away my breath.

I had previously seen only the nude bodies of the three working women in the godown. They were middle aged, dark complexioned with rough body features. They had large sagging and totally deshaped breasts. They had sagging dark belly. Their bodies were in no way comparable to the body of aunty I was looking at now.

She was having a wonderful body. She had nice round milky white breasts. Her nipples were large and upturned. They were heaving up and down with her breathing. I had not seen such curved breasts previously and my eyes got glued to them and it was difficult for me to take away my eyes from them. She had flat stomach and well rounded hips. The sight of her body thrilled me andI immediately got a massive erection. But before I could notice anything further about her body she undressed completely and then sat near me.

She took and switched off the torch. She said “Take away your dress — let us not waste time”. I was disappointed and said to her ” I have not seen you fully and I want to see you further more”. She said ” You should have patience — we are not alone — others are also there — so we have to do this very stealthily- we should not even talk much so now remove your dress and let us begin the play”.

I was disappointed very much but what she said made sense and so kept quiet. I was wearing only a lungi (dhoti) and underwear. I stood up and removed them. She felt around me and got hold of my cock. By now it was massively erect and dancing. She massaged it and softly asked me to lie down. I did so and she rubbed my cock gently and stroked it gently. It was wonderful and I felt I was in heaven. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. Then I pulled her and she

lied on me. I started to suck one breast and squeezed the other and tweaked the nipple. She was gently rubbing my cock and my cock became so erect I thought it will burst.

She said ” Shall I fuck or suck you?”. As I wanted some more fun with her I said ” You first suck me but you also turn over me so that I can suck your cunt”. She did so and she mouthed my cock and stated rubbing the shaft with her tongue. It was wonderful and I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her and pressed her cunt onto my face. I embedded my face on her cunt and deeply inhaled its sweet smell. It was neatly shaved and her cunt felt like silk. I licked it and inserted my tongue into the slit of her cunt. It was hot and wet.

I vigorously licked the lips of her cunt and also her clitoris. She rubbed her thighs on my face in pleasure and pressed more of her cunt into my mouth for me to suck. Her cunt became very wet with her juice. Her juice was sticky and salty and I sucked it deeply and swallowed the juice. She passed a little bit of urine and her hot urine ran on my face and also into my mouth. I sucked and gulped it and it was heavenly. I repeatedly squeezed and kneaded her buttocks and felt them very plump and round. I wanted to see it so I removed my face from her lap, took the torch and put it on and shined the light on her buttocks and cunt. She stopped sucking me and said “Dont put on light”. I immediately switched off the torch but within that few seconds I had a eager look at her buttocks and cunt.

I said ” Aunty — you are divine — I will eat your cunt and buttocks”. She did not say anything but resumed sucking me. I also resumed sucking and licking her cunt. Then I parted her thighs widely and placed my tongue on her anal opening and started to lick it. Her shitty smell made me heady and I placed my mouth on her asshole and sucked it. I got a small amount of grime on my tongue from her anus and I tasted it and it gave me a queer feeling. I cannot describe the taste of her asshole but I did not feel any shame in it and rather I liked it and felt like I was actually in heaven.

In the meantime aunty was vigorously sucking my cock and it was now throbbing and dancing in her mouth. I just could not control myself any longer. I took away my mouth and said to her “I am going to spurt”. Aunty sucked more deeply and I just squeezed her buttocks like mad and let myself go. My cock exploded in her mouth with repeated bursts of semen and she sucked deeply and swallowed all the water I shot into her mouth. Then my ejaculation was over and she continued to suck the last trickle drops of semen I gave out. My penis became limp inside her mouth and I lied there fully exhausted and fully satisfied but she continued to suck me for some more time till my penis became fully limp.

Then she took her mouth away, turned and lied on me so that we were face to face. I deeply kissed her and stroked her back and also softly squeezed her buttocks. With her one hand she slowly squeezed my balls and with her other hand she softly ruffled my hair. We lied like that for some time and we did not talk at all. The silence was also more soothing and the tight press of out naked bodies was very divine to me.

I do not know how long we were like that. Then she said ” You should leave now do it without making any noise”. I said ” But I have not fucked you at all”. She replied ” I told you — you should have patience — the longer time we stay together greater is the chance for someone to notice us — we should be careful to avoid detection- now it is near 12.00 midnight when women get up and go to the back yard for passing urine — they should not get any doubt- so you should leave now”.

I was thoroughly disappointed and also by this time her rubbing of my testicles had given me good erection and I was also ready for second trip. But as she stood up and dressed I had no other go but to do likewise. My cock was fully erect and pushing the dhoti to the front it throbbed all the time. Then cautiously we both came out of her room. I climbed the staircase followed by her so that she can bolt the staircase door after me.

When I reached the top of the staircase before opening the door and stepping into the open terrace I turned and said to her ” Feel my cock — it is dancing and demanding for taking a second trip”. So saying I pushed myself and rubbed my erect cock on her belly. She softly laughed and grabbed me penis and gave it a very hard squeeze. I was not expecting it and I gasped with pain. I lost some of my erection. She said “Save it for tomorrow” and pushed me into the terrace and bolted the door. I immediately stood silent near the door and watched the people sleeping on the terrace. Luckily all were asleep and so I went to my bed and lied down there.

My erection was now fully back and I lied down on my bed thinking, feeling happy about the glorious time I had with aunty and also feeling sad that I could not get total enjoyment out of her by fucking her. I had very much wanted to fuck her and I cursed myself for not doing so the very first time I touched her. I resolved that the next night I will go to her early and would fuck her the minute I entered her room. With these thoughts and happily feasting my mental eyes on her delicious body, I surreptitiously masturbated and atttained great ejaculation and then I got release of my craving and I slept thereafter.

The next day morning when I was to leave for my job, aunty came and told me whether I can help her to go to bank and draw cash. I happily agreed and we both went to bank. Public will be allowed to enter the bank at 9.00 AM only and as we had gone there little early bit early, we waited nearby under a tree till the bank opened.

At that time I said “Aunty yesterday night I did not have enough”. She said ” Have patience — today you will get it”. Then I said “Look — now that we are intimate lovers I feel it awkward to call you as Aunty — Shall I call you by name?”. She said ” Do it — but don’t do it before others”. I said ” I will do so only when we are alone”.

Then I said ” S — your name is very sweet and you are very dear to me”. Then I asked her ” S — how long are you married?”. She said ” Why — I am married for past 7 years”. Then I said ” Do not mistake me — but then why you have no

children?”. She said ” As per our horoscopes children will be born only in tenth year of our marriage — so were are content”.

I then asked ” Other than me do you have affairs with any persons?”. She laughed and said ” Every lady will have her secrets — dont ask for it”. At that time the bank doors opened and so we went to attend the task. After she took money I left her and went to my workplace.

That night when I went to the terrace I kept myself awake and as soon as I felt all others were asleep immediately I went to S. She was waiting for me and we quickly undressed. I grabbed both her breast and tightly squeezed them and drew her to me and kissed her lips. She got hold of my buttocks and squeezed them very hard. We remained like that for some time and later I laid her down and lied near her. Still kissing her, I touched her cunt and rubbed the cunt lips. She got hold of my penis and started to massage it gently.

I had a massive erection and soon water started to drip out of my cock. I clinched her clitoris and tweaked it. She hissed with pleasure and I inserted my middle finger inside her cunt and slowly rubbed and tickled the inside of her vagina. It was hot, wet and soft and I moved my finger quickly in and out of it.

She liked it very much and started rubbing her thighs locking my finger inside her cunt. Then she slowly rubbed my asshole and inserted her finger into it. By now my cock was near its bursting point and I could not control it any

longer. I rose up and spreading her thighs I placed my cock in the wet cunt and pushed it inside. It slid into her hole easily and her vaginal muscles tightly gripped my cock. I caught hold of her balls and I rubbed the nipples very hard.

Her nipples were very erect and felt like steel pins. The more I rubbed them the more harder they became and she liked it a lot. I started to vigorously fuck her and her cunt tightly gripped my cock and gave enormous friction and I found it both pleasant and painful at the same time. She was tickling the inside of my anus with her finger and while I was vigorously pumping inside her cunt she was moving her finger in and out of my asshole in equally fast and matching manner.

I do not know how long it went this way but I think at least for 10 minutes this matching action should have gone with us. I was thoroughly raised and my heart was beating so fast that I had difficulty in breathing. I could not control myself any longer and with a deep sigh I exploded inside her. I think I should have shot at least a litre of semen inside her because for more than a dozen time my cock squirted semen inside her. Thoroughly spent and fully satisfied I lied on her with a great groan. She immediately placed a finger on my mouth to silence me and I sighed deeply. We tightly held each other and lied like that for some time.

She then asked me “Did you have enough?” and I said “Yes — thanks”. She said “Then get up so that we can dress”. I said “S dont ask me to go away now — I must have one more time”. She said ” It is not wise for you to remain for a longer time here”. I said ” I will not go away unless I have one more time and if you insist then I will refuse and you have to literally push me away from here and the noise will cause others to wake up. So keep quiet and after one more time I will go myself”. She said ” Fine — then let me call your mother”. I immediately said ” No — I will go now” and left her.

The third night after I reached her we quickly undressed and embraced each other. Then I caught hold of her breasts and pressed them hard. I kissed her mouth and started rubbing my cock on her cunt. She started rubbing my buttocks

and my testicles. Soon I got a massive erection and my penis started dancing.

She said ” I think you are now ready — so make it fast”.

I softly told her ” S can I have you from backside”. She said okay and she lied on her stomach. I raised her hips and making her kneel on her belly I placed my pulsating cock in her asshole and tried to push it inside. She immediately wriggled away and said “What are you doing?”. I got confused and said ” Why?— I am going to fuck you in your buttocks”. She said ” It will be painful so do it in the normal way”.

I had done assfucking many times with the women in the warehouse. In fact I liked it a lot. The women in the godown were older and had given birth to many children. Their cunt had become old and loose and I did not get good feel when

doing them in their cunt but their assholes were taut and firm. Doing it in the asshole gave good friction to my cock and I had found that the pleasure was more by that way and so often I will have anal intercourse with them.

(In fact I am used to get more stimulation from the sight of womens buttocks and anal intercourse with women is very much liked by me. I am regularly doing it with my wife also). So I was desirous to fuck S in her ass.

So I said ” But this will also be nice — I want to do it that way and I promise I will be gentle so that you will not have any pain”. She kept quiet and I further said ” Have you not had sex that way till now?”. She said “we have done that many times — but only after putting Vaseline in anus”.

I said ” Shall I do it or not?”. She said ” Wait”. She got up and searched in the shelf of that room and brought a small bottle. She said “Here is Vaseline — let me apply it on your penis and you put it inside my anus”. She opened the bottle and took a little quantity of the jelly in her hands and gave me the bottle.

Then she rubbed my penis with Vaseline and got it very well smeared with Vaseline. In the meantime I dipped my middle finger in the bottle and later inserted the finger into her anus putting Vaseline into her asshole.

Then I positioned her and inserted my cock into her anus. It slipped smoothly inside and I started to briskly fuck her there with very strong and deep strokes. She farted softly and the fart smell was liked by me and I told her ”

Your fart gas is smelling like perfume”. I then teasingly told her ” Are you going to pass shit also?”. She laughed and said ” Yes and I will make you to eat it”. I said ” I will gladly do it because your buttocks are like a sugar mountains to me and so your shit must be very sweet”.

She laughed and said ” Keep quiet and concentrate on the business”. Her well lubricated anus was feeling like silk and satin and the sensation was very thrilling and I was very much excited. I madly thrusted inside her. My testicles kept banging on her cunt lips and it was quite divine. After some time I massively exploded in her asshole and quite spent and drained I fell on her fully exhausted. After a few minutes my penis became limp inside her and she prompted me to leave which I did with much reluctance.

Like this for nearly one year or so I had sexual bliss with her on the occasions when her husband was away. We kept it very secretive and she would allow me to come to her only when we both were absolutely sure that none was

watching us. We always moved very correctly with decorum before others and she will allow me to touch her only when she was quite sure that it was safe for us to have intimate acts. May be we had sex about twenty or so times like this. After about one year or so her husband was transferred to another town ( his native place) and so they vacated the house and left the city.

After that on a few occasions letters were exchanged between her and my mother. In her letters she will enquire about my welfare. After some time the exchange of letters also stopped and after about two and half years we also vacated the house and with that any chance for contact with her ended. I do not know where she is, whether she got any children or how is her life now.

Before leaving the place she presented me a sun goggle ( cooling glass) which I still possess dearly. I had presented her a Goddess Photo which she said she will keep for her Worship. I only hope she is still keeping it.

During the times we were together, we had concentrated on sex only and our exchange of words were limited to very essentials. Because we were doing it stealthily we would not talk much and so I did not get to know her intimately.

Also I was very young and my interest was to use to enjoy her body to my maximum enjoyment and did not attach importance to other niceties which I later regretted.

I still have the following questions in my mind and I have no way or hope of finding answers for them.

They are: (1) I do not think her husband was impotent. She had told me that life with him was okay. Then why she did have affairs with me is not understood by me

(2)Did she have affairs with anybody else? — I did not find answer to this.

(3)Why she chose me for her lover — I have no idea. At that time I was 20 but I cannot be called very handsome or stylish. I did not have even very good clothes and would shave only once every week. I cannot think of one factor which should have made me appealing to her. May be for a teenage girl I would have been be found attractive. But S was more than 30 years aged and was also having a happy family life with her husband.

So I cannot think of anything which enticed her towards me. May be the only factor could be that she was needing regular sexual happiness and on occasions when her husband was away she was needing a safe lover for this purpose and I fitted her needs. Also at that time in our house except me all other male members were either older than 50 years or young boys of less than 10 years studying in primary schools. I was the only young man of 20 years and so she should have chosen me to fulfill her desires.

Whatever way it is, the one year period of our intimacy is very much green in my mind and I will always cherish the thoughts of the happy times I had with her. I trust she is leading a very happy life with her husband and children and I wish her well.