Hello readers this is dipak , I live in Bangalore this is a true story that I am going to tell you. I was doing my MBA in 2003 those days when this happened. A new family came in our neighboring house. The girl called Kiran was 19 and was studying in a computer college.

She was very beautiful with a sexy figure and when she walked her ass used to move up and down. I often used to watch her from my roof when she was sitting in her grassy lawn. One day Kiran came home crying for the insult she had to bear in front of the people in the street as one boy called Naveed teased her.

In the evening when the other two brothers and their father came back home they were very much enjoyed and suggested kiran not to go to the college for a few days. When her family went she came out in the lawn and started reading her book and she was also walking in the lawn, when I heard a voice of her reading I immediately went to the roof and started watching her, she was wearing a cotton shalwar kamez that day one could see her black bra through that kameez.

As she was walking in the lawn I saw naveed and his friend jumped the wall and grabbed her, they were there to take their revenge. They took her in and I could not see any thing because they were in then I heard noise of breaking something.

I was so much disturbed that I did not know what to do all of a sudden an idea came into mind and I ran out in the street and rung the bell of kiran’s house Naveed and his friend thought that someone from the family has come so they jumped out from the back wall. After a while I jumped in from the gate and went in, when I got in I saw the most terrible and most exciting scene of my life, terrible in a sense that they almost tore her cloths off and there were scratches on her arms and her lips were bitten.

And exciting in a sense that I could see her half naked. When I got near her she started crying. I said that she should call her family and tell them she begged me not to tell this to anybody because she knew that once her brothers would know this they will kill naveed.

And she did not want any killings and her brothers arrested. She begged me not to tell any body, I said ok but you should change your clothes before your family comes and then she said that they will come at 7:00 PM and she sat down on a sofa in front of me and thanked me once again.

Then she asked me that how did you know that naveed was in my house, I was not really prepared for the question so I could not say any thing she again asked the question and with my eyes down on the floor I told her that I was looking at you when you were reading the book. At that time she closed her eyes and took a deep breath I added up courage in my self and got near her and touched her thigh she put her head on my shoulder and I was in heavens, with a half naked girl in my arms I could not believe this.

Then I slowly turned her face up and kissed her, but she was shivering and dint give any response in kissing, but I dint give up, I started kissing more wildly and parted her lips and inserted my tong in her mouth, she started enjoying and gave some response. I put her on the bed and tore the rest of her cloths, now she was in her bra and panty, then I started rubbing her boobs she had nice round sexy boobs, then I sucked the nipples, and she give a sound like ssssssssssss!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

I unhooked the bra and removed the panty and there she was lying fully naked in front of me, then I removed my cloths and my rod came out of prison it was erect and hard, I kissed her belly and boobs once again and then I came on top of her, I slowly guided my cock to her pussy, as I tried to put it in she cried of pain and said Noooo!!!!!! Pleaaaaaase no !!!! Don’t do this it hurts, I said its going to be all alright, and pushed further, was feeling it difficult too because the tight pussy was hurting me, then I applied more force and entered my half cock in her and she screamed ssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!11 ohhhhhohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

And with that she bleed when she saw blood she started crying and I told her that it happens for the first time only and I continued stroking her in and out and after some time she was relax and she put her arms around my back and pressed them, then I loaded her with my juice and stood there for quite some time after that I helped her in changing clothes and during that I again fucked her.

After that day I never told any body what happened that day and didnt miss any time we got to have sex with each other, now she is getting married and I am very sad to loose a partner, so if any girl or aunt in Bangalore wants to have friendship with me contact me at [email protected]