Honey Moon With My Cousins Wife

Hi friends I’m Sateesh from Bangalore I wish to share my lovely experience with you all.

Let me introduce myself I am now 40 years old 5’9’’ tall with a athletic body tanks to my Gym. I work in a M&C as GM marketing, People say that I’m good looking. I was working in Chennai some 5 years back I was alone as my wife could not join me as she was also working in a good post.

I use to come to Bangalore on Sat and Sundays this went on for 2 years.

Now coming to the real part my distant cousin’s wife a Doctor by profession had a training in Chennai as the hospital she was working in Bangalore was a part of a big hospital in Chennai it was 15 days training program my cousin called me up and said that his wife Padmani will be staying in Chennai for 15 days and she has never been to Chennai before,

I was delighted as I was lining her from past so many years but never got a real chance just to describe her Padmani 35 at that time is 5’4’’ tall with fair complexion has rounded figure with good shape of boobs and lovely rounded ass, and when she use to walk her ass use to rotate I always use to stare at and thinking when I can have my hand on it also my cousin was short dark fellow and he was no math to Padmani they had 5 years old by at that time, Padmani.

On that day both my cousin and Padmani came by early morning train to Chennai I picked them up from the station and dropped them where Padmani was to stay it was a good service apartment and was well furnished with 2 bed rooms a kitchen lovely bath rooms etc. I was very happy to see them after they got fresh up we went out to have brake fast and then Padmani was to got to her hospital and I went to my work place,

My cousin told me that she will be back by 2.30 pm itself and he was to leave to Bangalore by Lalbag Express by 3.15 PM I offer them to come back at 2pm and drop them to station as well. Padmani also accompanied as to the station as her training was over soon as it was her first day but she said it is only from 9am to 5pm job as Sr Doctors will come only during that time. In the station my cousin told me to take care of

Padmani as she know no one in this city I assured him and said don’t worry I will take care of her and leave it to me, He was happy and he left till that time I had not observed Padmani she was dressed in a blue crape sari with a matching blouse the material was sticking to her body she was looking great !! I thought I’m really lucky to be with her. As I took out my car from the parking lot she told me can we go to

Ponugal Park as she knew it is famous for jewelry I said no problem as I stay not far from that place and your apartment is also not very far she was happy, We went to very big show room in those days Bangalore never had such a big Jewelry show rooms. We went around in one of the show room and Padmani wanted one to select one ear ring and a matching pendent she wanted to try out one but she had problems in removing the one she already had she was trying to remove

Her ear ring but she could not the sales men thought I’m her husband and said to help her I look at Padmani asking in my eyes itself can I help her she also indicated in her eyes that she needs help. I felt I was in heaven as I will be touching her for the first time. I went her and touched her ear lobe and slowly started removing her ear ring at one point she said Ouch…

I said sorry and continued after removing I gave a small massage to her ear and went to the next one I did the same to other now she has to try a new one she took it in her hand but the sales men said sir please help her this time I took and started trying it out on her went very close to her and smelled her neck ear and other parts it was very nice, Then I told her to try others models also finally she and me selected one

I told her to wear the pendent also for that she said yes. I took the chain and hooked it from behind her neck in the processes I took her hair and put it on the front, I saw her lovely back it was milk white and not a single scar it was quit low too. I hooked the chain behind her neck as though I was tying a mangala suthra. After that she found that the jewelry was far above her budget she felt sorry and said we shall go but I asked her did u like it she said yes, Immediately I said to pack the jewelry she was telling me no no

I don’t have that much money I said please come with me and don’t worry she could not say anything as there ware lot of people around I took out my card and paid for It and kept it with me when we came out she asked me why did you pay for it I said for guest like you this few thousand rupees is nothing she was not very happy but she wanted that jewelry. I said do you want to see Chennai she said ‘’ I want to go to a beach ‘’

We went to Besent Nagar Beach it was already little dark and it was the time to go to a beach she went near the water and only her legs were in water holding her sari up in hands I was behind her she was enjoying the water passing through her legs and on sand I was enjoying looking from behind her legs , back and her rounded butte, One wave scared her and she came back and said ‘’Sateesh came hear’’ I stood behind her she said hay I will fall hold me please, I took advantage of that and caught hold of her shoulder she did not say anything after some

I just move around her holding hands in the water, Once I was close behind her and she came back suddenly due to a wave she came and bumped on me my dick was already up and she should have felt it. We sat in the dark side by side eating peanuts and like lovers all the time I was so close to her and enjoying the situation. Later we went to a good hotel and had our dinner we even shared the items.

We reached her apartment by around 9 pm Padmani wanted to take bath due to the sultriness of Chennai I said I will make a move , she said why are you in a hurry who is waiting for you, I said no one and I sat and started watching TV mean while Padmani was taking bath later I remember that her Jewelry was with me only I waited for her to come and she came out wearing a night gown it was really good silk smooth one. Then I said even I need to take bath for that she said

Ok and gave me a towel I quickly had my bath and came out with a towel wrapped around, carefully keeping my erect dick hiding. She was in front of the mirror combing her hair it was dark black and had very good and long, I just started telling her about the ear ring and chain she purchased she said yes I want to try it out now. I took out the jewel box and stood behind her as I have paid for it I took some courage and said can I put it for you Padmani she said OK I was delighted.

I slowly moved her hair around her ears and took out the ring and before putting on to her ear lobe I just leaned forward and just kissed it and bit it she said ‘’Haa what are you doing’’ I did not say anything and simply put on the ear rings and came to the other ear I did the same now little more of biting and kissing she said nothing just trying to move away I was enjoying she was looking me in the mirror, I took the chain and tied it like mangala sutram putting all her dark lovely hair to front and then I planted a kiss on her lovely back she did not move

I was now in full swing and said Padmani you are the most beautiful women I have ever touched looking in the mirror in deed she was beautiful. She was just smiling and co-operated with my movements, now I moved my hands from behind on to her breasts and started squeezing it mean while my lips were locked onto her ear lobes and I was sucking it she was enjoying my movements without saying a word.

I moved to front and planted a deep kiss exploring her mouth with my tongue she did the same to me after about 5 minutes I started un dressing her and by that time my towel was on the floor, now her hand moved down and she caught hold of my big fat dick on the inner ware and started squeezing, by that time I had pulled out her night dress she was in bra and panty she was looking more beautiful I was enjoying her milky white body and her smooth skin with no hair on it.

She pulled my undergarment down my hungry dick was standing in front of her in full length she took it in her hand and started stroking gently I liked the way she did it, mean while I bent down moved her bra a little and started sucking her nipples one by one it was light pink in color and was erect I sucked and played with it while she was playing with my dick. I hugged her and said we shall go bed room she obeyed like my own lady.

Now I pulled her bra our exposing her lovely boobs now went down and pulled her panty down I was happy to see her shaven pussy I gave a deep kiss on her pussy kips she brought both of her legs closer and locked my head as I started sucking her pussy my tongue was deep inside while her hands were pushing my head and I was chocked, her juices were flowing every ware she was un able to control she came with a loud scream.

My face was full of her juices my face was burning because of her rough 2 days old public hair but this was my best movement. Now I came above her and kissed her every part of the body, told her take my dick in her mouth which she did it more willingly I was enjoying her movements and I was about to come and I decided to fuck her pussy. Now she took my dick placed it right on her pussy lips

I started entering it was a delight and started moving to and fro like a machine Padmani was making all sorts of noise this made me more happy and I finally came deep inside her pussy by that time she had come again. We relaxed a bit I told her that I wanted fuck you from the day on I saw you but I was lucky to have you today in turn she told me that her hubby is very good person but never satisfies her sexually.

I promised her as long she is in Chennai I will be with you and it will be our second Honey Moon. Padmini was very happy. After exchanging few words I told her I’m attracted by your rounded buttes and wanted to in doggie style she said Ok and turned around by seeing this my dick raised again. I linked her ass hole and pussy from behind while folding boobs finally I entered her pussy from behind I stocked for a long time before I came, this time I pulled it out and wanted to come in her mouth for that she said no,

It was Ok for me I pumped all over her body she was also holding my dick in her hand. We both fell on the bed before we took bath together. We continued to fuck every moment we met and in the week end we planned for a resort near Pondichery I fucked her all over including her virgin ass hole. After her training in Chennai it as a painful part off. We continued our affair even in Bangalore but our Honey moon in Chennai was the best. Please send your comments to my email [email protected] Ladies please contact me by mail I will be more than happy to help you.