She Really Wanted It

Hey everyone I have been reading stories at ISS now from the past 6 yrs or so…maximum of these are just meant to increase the urge for having sex for guys who are deprived in one way or the other. There are instances where in figure stats are given like 36-26-36 just to increase the anxiety of the user. Today I am not going to write a story but i am going to tell you an incidence where in I met a girl at the gym. Though we were school mates but never had a word with each other, was it the attitude or our ego neither of us knew.

Just to introduce myself i am Tarun 22 yrs from Delhi with an athletic body but cute as girls n ladies say… I am going to the gym from the past 3 yrs but began to feel a change in my looks from the past year or so…Last year Aparna joined our gym as she was beginning to get a little heavy…for me though she was the cutest girl i had ever seen and this is which was not told to her till the day this incident happened.

I was the discipline minister of the school as well as the house captain and performed my duties with complete interest. Aparna was in my house but not in my section. She was in commerce section and had lot many friends who were boys. I had feelings for her but i never showed her but dont know why whenever she came near me even though she was talking or was not behaving properly, I could not utter a single word in front of her.

Now coming back to the incidence, it was last year may and we were going to the gym to decrease our size. I used to do abs as well as weights where as she just used to do the abs exercise. Whenever she used to do the skipping exercise my eyes could not control looking at her bouncing breasts which really gave me a lot of energy to do more workout. Days were passing along my urge to have her was increasing day by day…i began to masturbate for around twice a day thinking of her with me on bed…

I used to wait all day when that hand of clock turns to 5 pm and I reach towards my gym. After around 25 days of going to gym she suddenly stopped coming. I was like shattered into pieces. But destiny had something else in store for me. She returned back after a gap of around 13-14 days. i don’t know vat happened to me i suddenly screamed at her saying ” where the hell were you from so many days” she suddenly looked at me in shock and replied that she went to her aunts place….Even she was in a disarray that why was i even trying to talk to her after a gap of around 3 yrs from school life.

It was from that day onwards that she used to pass me a smile everyday when she came to the gym and i was thinking that my life is coming to the correct path. She used to come on her scooty to the gym and i did not feel good when she went back sweating and guys looking at her in a notorious way….we had just began to be in talking terms and the first thing i said was to apologize to her for what i said to her that day to which she responded she did not mind it at all…was this a positive sign??? was she feeling the same way as i was for her….It was june mid now and rainy season had just begun.

The climate was so electrifying those days that anybody would fall in love….one of those days when we were coming out of the gym suddenly she shouted “oh shit!!”…I did not know what had happened at that time and she suddenly burst into tears….i asked her what had happened dear to which she replied her scooty had been punctured. I calmed her down and took her scooty to the cycle wala who corrected the fault and there she was my angel again happy….she thanked me and said she owes me a treat for this….At that point of time i did not know what kind of a treat was she talking about.

Through our talking sessions that we used to have during our exercise breaks i learned that her parents had gone to England to meet her elder sister and she was virtually all alone at her home with her old grand mom who could not even get up from bed properly… she use to tell me that she cooks Italian food all by herself. One day she called me up and said she had made pasta that day and she wants e to come to come to her house in the evening for a treat which she owes me….without any hesitation I answered in the affirmative and went there. as soon as she opened the door

I was in a shock to see my angel in a tight pink color transparent top and blue jeans…she was looking really sexy, for once i could not take my eyes from her breasts…..she noticed that and gave a winky smile and welcomed me in…i gave her the bouquet which i had brought for her and also acknowledged her beauty….We were talking casually and soon rain began to pour…this being my favorite season and hers too she asked me whether i would like to go to the terrace and enjoy rain…who would have not said yes to this…

And so we went upstairs….she was dancing enjoying the season and called me also…i was a bit hesitant but could not refuse to her…she was completely wet from top to bottom and wow…what a site was that…i could not control myself and suddenly planted a kiss on her lips…..she immediately removed herself and said..”what was that…” to which i replied “ohh aparna, you are the most beautiful girl i have ever met and i love you from the past many years…never had the courage to say you this but today i thought if its not now then it’s never….”

She was really flattered with what i said and herself came to me and said now its fine…”dumb ass!! waited for you the whole school life so that you could propose me but you did not… now lets not waste a single moment further”….and there we were in a never ending kiss of around 20 minutes during which our tongues clashed with each other, I even fondled with her boobs from over her top…she was all charged by then for the real show to begin… We came down after half an hour all wet and straight away went inside her room….

She gave me a towel and ordered me to change or else i would get ill….i did not have any other cloth with me so hence removed all my clothes and was sitting bare in front of her…she wanted to go to the toilet and change but i ordered her when you love me too then why do you want to go to go to the toilet you can change here in front of me too…to which she readily agreed…now i did not want to let this opportunity slip out of my hands…as son as she took her top off…i went near her stood behind her back and kissed her on her neck…she gave a moan…

I precede to her ear lobes…she moaned again…aahhhhh i began playing with her breasts and suddenly opened her hooks of the bra….wow….what a look was that she was standing bare from top in front of me…i really could not believe my eyes the site that i was seeing…i gave her a long kiss….played with her boobs kissed then bit her nipples…she was on cloud nine by now…i took her in my arms and put her over the bed…we were still in a long kiss when soon I began opening her jeans…she refused for this as she said shes a virgin and doesnt think it’s the right time to do such a thing…..

I somehow convinced her slowly and slowly opened up her jeans….she had the best pair of thighs one can ever have and they were like milky white in color. i could not stop myself from kissing them…i started above the knees went near her panty and intentionally moved to the other side….she was getting mad at this…I repeated the same thing but still did not reach towards her pussy…she stood up threw me over the bed and came and sat over me…she began rubbing her pussy over my penis…well even I then thought that now is the correct time to enter into her…

I again came over her, put her legs on my shoulders and gave her a thrust…she began crying in pain…just to calm her I locked our lips and began to kiss her…while kissing her I again gave her a thrust and by that time my manhood was approx 4 inches inside…I began slowly but somehow increased my speed after a few moments by that time my lambu(6 inches) had entered her completely…this continued for around 20 minutes…I was about to cum to which she said she wants me to cum inside her…

I had bewared her of being pregnant but she said she would rather have an I pill than letting me cum over her body….that very moment I knew she had become my slave and she was all mine…In 2 hours we had almost sex thrice and then I had to leave…we both kissed each other I bid her a goodbye….This continued for around 3 months till the day I got the news she had to shift from the apartments…we still are in contact with each other but now that feeling is virtually gone between us…Any ladies, girls who want themselves to be satisfied may contact me at [email protected]