My Rashi

HI Readers…. This is Akki from Chattisgarh and Here I’m posting the real story happened between me and Rashi in Feb 2009 when we r in +2 while preparing for our public examinations . About me I’m athletic with muscular body and 62 height and Rashi is 1 year old matured body with new beauties developing day by day in her and during that time her stats might be 32 26 30 I guess. As we r neighbors since childhood our parents got confidence on us as good friends as every parents have in the society about their kids and we never had bad intensions in us also until

Unless the time came to react romantically during the night which made us to do intercourse every night when our parents are asleep since she shifted to other place. We might have crossed the count of intercourse for more than 80 times in 6 months ….. All the angles were used to satisfy our age thirst …. And never used condoms except safety pills to enjoy the full length sex . Let me narrate the story …. Those were the winter nights and my aunty has sent Rashi to study with me as

I can be helpful to her as we belongs to same stream . my parents asked me and her to study in varanda filled with garden and lights around the house and my house was at the east end of the road so we got more privacy there to study without noise or disturbance . one day during night 10 pm my parents were watching TV and volume was full , so I have locked the door from outside to get avoid of the noise and started reading at side of the house where nobody can find us .Rashi came in a skirt and shirt which is somewhat tight and small to her growing body and she started feeling sleepy and said me to intimate her

If anyone comes so she can start pretending reading the book and I agreed for that . she started sleeping on the mat next to me and after sometime while reading by mistake I saw her sleeping a side next to my lap where I found her boobs visible thru her shirt buttons space and initially I thought its ok but after sometime because of the tightness the button of the shirt opened in between and I started enjoying the view of the boob valleys where I found brown color areola aside with small nipple slip.

It made me crazy to have a peep at her fresh boobs and thought of catching them but felt hesitant as she may wake from her sleep and complain on me to all but as everyone but I dared to touch as she knows me very well and had faith enough on me that I don’t have bad intentions and thought of saying some false answer if she wakes up and asks what I’m doing. I slowly kept my hand on her shirt and pressed the boob on the shirt after that I started calling her to check out

Whether she is awake or not but she have not responded so I started pressing her boob slowly from shirt and unbuttoned top 2 buttons to have the full view of braless boobs of my angel . They were hanging aside like small melons with nipple poking out like a cherry on ice cream . I have started pressing the boobs and pinching the nipples . I got scared as people may watch me doing bad to Rashi so I have switched of the lights in my garden as nobody can find us and again started playing with the boobs and after 10 mins

I became more horny and started sucking her boobs sleeping next to her on the mat and kept my hand under her skirt into panties and started enjoying her pussy where it was not shaved ….it a nice time where I felt 105 degrees heat in my body in 22 degrees cold climate . I have slowly entered my finger in her pussy and started fingering and it raised heat and pain in her body and suddenly caught my hands and neck and started abusing badly stating i m a bad boy for taking friendship in a wrong manner and started shouting in return in order to stop her

I closed her mouth and with one hand and kissed on her boobs which sent some shivering in her body and then I said I like her and want to make love to her for lifetime for which she was shocked to hear on sudden about my proposal but I cleverly started pressing her boobs and kissing her mouth and fingering her pussy all at once which made her to agree my proposal with full desire. I asked to her to come to end of the garden in the darkness and took her near to the

Well and showed her my dick and asked her to sleep wide by keeping distance between her legs but she was hesitated to do and said only oral sex is best but I made her agree for sex by foreplay and inserted my cock in her but it was too tight for both of us to enter as we both r the starters in sex  with a heavy push my foreskin got cut and her hymen also broken and we both felt lot pain for 5 mins . I pour cool water on our both parts for 5 mins and slowly started entering her again and started moving up and down for 5 mins and immediately

I was in the verge of losing my sperm out and before I thought of taking out from her I ejaculated in her and I was very worried that she may get pregnancy but she said no need to worry as she was in her safe periods for 5 more days and she started stroking my small dick to become large and in the mean time I have finger fucked her and made her to orgasm for 2 times and the time is 3 AM in morning so I have started session with her for longtime and lasted in her for 30 mins nearby and we both climaxed nearly at same time .

She got dressed and me too but both were not able to walk because of the pain and I switched on the lights and knocked my door to open to sleep and asked Rashi to sleep next to my mom and I have slept in varanda… day morning Rashi and myself both r feeling big pain inside the thighs and not able to get up but we have pretended nothing happened . Her panty was in full red with both our blood spots which she lit into fair on the same day after noon.

From then our studies have continued and in each and every second we got the time we use to enjoy the oral or full length sex where sometimes she uses to attack me directly for sex without asking also, Sex is a nice pleasure which we have come to know and started mating during her periodic also, We both had romance 3 days fully without dress on the body as her parents been to outing and my parents been to grandpas home for some property dealings those 3 days we have mated for more than 28 times in all the angles and in all the rooms and the best angle

I liked with her is doggy and standing angle making her to catch me tightly and sitting on my waist while I stands and mate. On the first day she called me for breakfast and once I knocked her door she opened the door standing back as she is looking at a stranger and once she confirmed she opened the door fully and pulled me inside. I was shocked once I was in as she was in wet white saree without any blouse or petticoat inside where I found her like ellora statue coz the wet saree struck tightly to her structure exactly and showing all the curves and valleys of

There body in a see thru dress which made me become mad and she asked me to fuck her in ass as she wants to taste the angle and fun which I did immediately by losing my pants . once I started entering her ass hole it was too tight so I have applied honey at her hole and my penis and lubricated for long time and started entering slowly and the feeling was awesome..starting I got feeling that my dick is getting crushed in a narrow hole but once I entered in her and started moving then the pleasure was really awesome that made me too long for

20 minutes to make love for her and at last we both came and felt weak and slept on the floor their itself only and I have started sucking her boobs like a child sleeping on her tummy and she made me to suck her boobs like a kid for more than a hour after which she said that she had a urge to taste my chest and dick for which I have agreed and she started biting my nipples then I came to know why gals feel so ecstatic while boobs sucking….I was in cloud nine when she is sucking my nipples and biting them and after she started going down and licking my dick by sucking the red ball of my dick like lollipop friends

I say really that it’s not only making foreplay with gals , just give them a chance to make foreplay with guys so the feeling for the best sex opens and keeps both mating always for the lifetime which I had the same with my Rashi always . That day started the course with ass fuck and made us to go crazy about each other and mate for more than 28 times in 3 days. During the night I have asked her to come to my house as my toilet room got good toilet ware like bathtub and shower and once we are inside the bath room

She filled the tub with water and entered in and asked me sleep on her and fuck her in the water as we both felt the game as interesting we started feeling each other’s part and while I’m trying to enter her might be of water it seems it became somewhat hard to enter and move in her but mated in the bath tub only for some time and started sucking her boobs and belly with more and more force and she started making sounds out of joy and ecstasy which resounded my bathroom with aaahhh ummm and yeah….and she started shouting and calling me in brutal words and begging me tear her pussy with full force as she is not able to handle the ecstasy in the sex .

We were on full ride for all the 3 nights and felt happy for god for giving me such a strength to keep my friend so happy with long lasting sex and more number of mating in 3 days where she said my life will be so happy as she used to say while sex she used to feel my penis going near to her belly when moving in her vagina . my pretty gal never stopped me at all and given me all hers without keeping doubt on me .

She liked me a lot and lot that during her periods time even though she is uncomfortable she used to mate with me and after 1 yrs she left n shifted to other place now I’m at Chattisgarh and waiting for some good gal for knot for the lifetime and awaiting for gals who r interested for mating . Gals from Chattisgarh can contact me at [email protected] to have a nice session and make friendship for everlasting lifetime .