Outdoor Sex

Hi All, I really want to thank everyone for giving me feedbacks on my previous post Renus First Experience. With so many feedbacks I am here again sharing one more enjoyable event which I had about an year ago. I was having sex say after 7 months as i was depressed as my previous bf left me as he only used. Do send in your comments of this story at [email protected] and I hope I get few comments from females as well.

Okay won’t waste too much of time coming back to story. Living in her is Mumbai during monsoon is always awesome and visiting Lonavla has become a trend. I with my new BF KK planned to visit Lonavla as we completed few months of our relation. It was a Thursday and we had planned to go the next day leaving in the morning. However that night I was not able to sleep only thinking what if I have sex with this guy will he leaves me and go, for guys is it only sex.

Even I was desperate to have sex but was scared if I will get ditched this time again coz previously I had lost my virginity. The time arrived and KK picked me up from my area and we left for Lonavla. We enjoyed a lot on our way to Lonavla, as we reached around 1  we plan to go to Kumar Resort for some water rides. In the swimming pool KK started playing with my boobs, I was bit conscious if some1 could see us. However, most people in the swimming pool were couples. Within seconds my nipples got hard it was quiet visible. KK did not leave me he was continuing the same thing, he was trying to arouse me and wanted to take me to the room but

I ignored it as I didn’t want to have sex. After the pool we decided to have lunch and then decided to move up at Tiger point as the climate would be foggy and chilled. KK bought vodka along with him. As we reached the spot it was too foggy outside and the roads weren’t visible as well. We planned to have a walk, while walking it suddenly started raining and we both were wet and ran to his car. I was feeling cold and shivering. KK took out the vodka and said to have it neat, i knew the consequences of it but I din have any other option.

After having 2 large pegs a local person came near the car and advised to leave as it would be dark any moment and would be difficult to drive own. As it was already 6.30 Kk started the car and started back home, I was still shivering I had 2 more large pegs and went to sleep on his laps. After few minutes I could sense his thumb on my lips but when I opened my eyes it was his huge penis it was semi erect but I was in no condition to get up but Kk started rubbing his penis on my lips. Even I allowed it to enter and started sucking it, it was a huge one and my mouth was being choked.

After few more minutes he spouted out his sperms inside my mouth. I dint like the taste and wanted to spit and he stopped the car on the expressway. I almost vomited and was angry on him. We again started moving home and I bend my seat behind and went out to sleep. KK opened my shirts button again started playing with my boobs he was hard this time. He took the car to lonely place opened my bra and started sucking my boobs one by one. I was getting excited and wanted more and my pussy was already wet. He knew but still continued, he then called someone and took some permission, but I unaware what he spoken.

He pulled out my pants and panty and start driving. He kept his on hand on the pussy and started playing with it and started fingering, I was enjoying it. We reached new panvel he covered me with his jacket and went out to buy something and those were condoms. I got dressed in the mean time and we went to some building and he took me to the terrace. The locked the door and the terrace already had a small cot. He again made me naked and this time he started licking my pussy. I was feeling like heaven as it was raining and KK was making me mad. He bought some tissues and cleaned my pussy as had reached orgasm twice.

He made it fully dry from outside and even inserted some part and dried it as well, i was bit confused what he doing. I asked him he said youll lose your virginity again and i was confused. He made sure that everything is dried. He took out his penis and I was surprised seeing it cause it was long and too thick he took out the condoms and wore. Without waiting he directly entered my pussy and I screamed like hell as it was fully dry inside and no lubrication. It pained and hurt me the more than losing a virginity, I was almost crying he now slowly started to pump me it pained again but i got wet again.

This continued for 15 mins and then he asked pose like a dog I understood he wants doggy style but no he wanted to take my arse. I objected it but he convinced me. He applied some Vaseline on my arsehole on his penis as well. He now tried inserting it but the hole was small compared to his penis. He atlas managed to get few inches, it pained a lot to me, now with a strong jerk he inserted the full penis and started stroking me harder,

I was about to faint as I could bear it. Suddenly he removed it and shouted all his sperms on my butt. We dressed up as it was already 11 at night and I had to reach. I wasn’t able to walk properly. We both are happily engaged and planning to get married soon. I can’t even think to have sex with any other guy, so it’s a kind request do not send me such emails, all your comments are very much appreciated. Will be sharing some few experiences of my best friends just waiting her approval.