Fun With Chat Friend

Hello this is Rakesh from Hyderabad, India, I am fan to ISS I would like share my first experience in ISS, which happened 10days back with one of internet my chat friend. This is my first story if any wrong in presentation please excuse me, let come story directly not wasting for time, First introduce about me I am RAKESH from Hyderabad, India, I am working reputed company, I am 5.10 inch height, good looking guy, about her She is my internet chat friend her name Sasi (name changed), from Hyderabad but working in Chennai her height 5.5, perfect shape body, let come to story

Once I am in yahoo chatting in Chennai room I just ping one female id and say that I would to have friendly chat, she to replied and yes and interested to friendly chat, then casually introduced our self about name, where we r from, what we doing, about, hobbies etc. after that daily we have casual chat every day night time, once I asked her share her photo, she too asked mine, we share out pics after that become close friends and chatting one I said I want to talk with u in phone if u don’t have any problem do u trust on me she said her no.

She said call me tomorrow at 1:00 Pm, I am so happy to call and that I am waiting for 1:00 Pm at 1:00PM I called with a sweet & romantic voice said hello, who is this , I said I am Rakesh from Hyderbad chat friend, she recognized and said hi, how r u, we had our casual talk for some time and later we started SMS chatting and calling, this continue for some days, one day she asked me if I have any girlfriend I said no, then I asked if she having any boy friend she said no, we continued our chatting in phone every time till mid night, and she said coming to Hyderabad to home,

I am very happy to hear that and I said shall we meet she also accepted for that and plan accordingly, that day come we meet at Coffee Day @ somajiguda evening we both are happy to meet we had small chit chat for time and left, after I SMS to her this is memorable day in life meeting such beautiful lady & then she replied thanks, same me too. Slowly on conversation changed I am praising her beauty and talking freely everything and discussing about personal issues very deep and slowly involved some hot & spicy sms and replying each other

And we started about sex topics in phone night time when we r alone doing some role play in phone she said her parents are going to attend marriage weekend will be back after 2 day, she said shall we meet at her home I agreed for that. Then main story starts hear then the day came, I neatly dressed up and went to her home and ring calling bell she opened the door invited me went inside and said hi, how r u with hug each other, then I sat in sofa and she went inside to get water and we had casually talk sitting beside me, that time she wear sari especially for me because I said I like to see her in sari,

I am unable move my eyes from her body watching her like that, then she went to kitchen to get juice for me and sat beside me after finishing my juice we sitting watching songs, I am waiting how to start then slowly I put my hand on her shoulder and pressing there is no reaction from her I think can processed and went closely to her touching our bodies I can find heavy breathing from her so I understand I can proceed further and then I hold her face in my hands and started kissing on her fore head and then came her lips place and kissing on lips then she also responding for my kiss we kissed for 20 min

And I am holding from back she said let go to bedroom then I took her in my hand we to her personal bed room it so nice I place her on bed started again kissing I am I slowly removed her sari on top I can see clearly her curves with huge breast forget to say her figure 34-32-36, started kissing her breast on jacket only after that holding her breast and pressing she starting moaning, later I came down to her belly and kissed and slowly removed remaining sari and through away now she is in her jacket & petticoat then she started removing my shirt & pant now I am in banian & boxer she can see blog in boxer and I finally

I removed her jacket & petticoat now she in her bra & panty looking so sexy I am unable to control and remove that too and she removed mine now we both become nude and hugging each other I started kissing her naked body she feeling hot and hold my cock I to hold her breast and sucking like a small baby alternatively let to right right to left then we had changed our position to 69 she is kissing my private parts and I am kissing her private part looks so nice & cleanly shaved I started kissing on her pussy she feeling much hot and say plz fuck fuck me plzz

Then we change to actual positing and I placed my cock in front of her pussy and pushed then went slight inside she say plz stop it hurting me lot then I kisses her lip to lip and I give a large push now fully went inside and wait for 2 min to forget her pain after then slowly started moving in & out, in & out that time she can feel some better and started moaning plz fuck hard fuck hard I am teasing her with slow motion did like that for some 10 and she had her 1 orgasm in her life I too feel some Cumming then

I started stroking fast and relies hug cum in to her pussy and slept for 5 min on her top wake up then I can find juice on bed with some blood and when had juice and had second round with different position we enjoy two days full and then she went again to Chennai and waiting for another chance. Pls excuse me if any mistakes this my first story and plz give feedback about this story and if any female or aunties interested to have with me can contact at: [email protected] and [email protected] secrecy will be kept 100% sure Thanks to those who read this story for spending valuable time, ply reply Comments.