Party Se Hotel Ke Bed Tak

Dear Friends, I am Ravi Pratap, 40, 5’8” well built body working in a company as Executive in Patna. I free time I used to chat on Yahoo Messenger and also very much like the sex stories. I read so many stories on HILMS as well as ISS site and also contributed three stories so far. I used to have role plays with my net girl friends. This is a story based on one of the role-play which I played few days back. It is just a fictitious story, but includes real type incidence which we both expressed during our chat.

Due to my job, I have to travel a lot throughout the country. Once I was in Mumbai on my official tour. After official job during the day time, I attended a party in a hotel given by my one of the friend – cum – colleague (based in Mumbai). It was his wedding anniversary. I was also staying in the same hotel. There were about 10-12 couples were attending the party with some bachelors.

I was standing in the hall with my 4-5 friends and having beer and jokes. Suddenly, one woman collide with me on back, and due to this my beer got fall on floor. With surprise I looked back as see a very beautiful woman (about 33-34 yr) in black sari was standing and feeling sorry as she could not control as she was walking fact to search her daughter. I smile and said “ carry on”.

With this I again turned and took another glass of beer and continued our jokes. After sometime, I was to go to toilet, and on the way I seen her again with her daughter. When she looked at me, she smiled. I said hello to her and come near.

I said “me Ravi hu, aur yaha official tour par aaya hu.”

She: “oh.(smile)..aap kaha rahte he”

Me: “Me Patna me rahta hu..aur isi company me kam karta hu”

She: “ bhi yahi kam karti hu..aur mera nam Priya he. Priya saxean”.

Me: Appse milkar bahut khushi huwe.

She: Mujhe bhi.

Me: Aap yaha akeli he. Mera matlab aapke husband..nahi he yaha

She: (smile) apni daughter ke sath aaye hu..mere husband Puna ke kam karte he.

Me: oh..thik he..Achha me thoda… Saying this, I moved away and went to toilet.

I was thinking about her. She is just a sex bomb. She was in black chiffon sari almost transparent blouse through which her black net bra was visible. She wore sari in such a way almost all of her stomach and upper cleavage was visible. Thinking about her, I felt a instant erection in my pant. But, I do not that, it will not be easy to get her as I know her very little and do not know about her nature. Then I again went to friend circle and started chatting with them. In this, I almost forgot about her. I again saw her while dinner.

She was sitting on chair in a corner and feeding her daughter with spoon and also eating her own. I took my food in plate and went near her. She again smiled looking at me. I sit near her.

I asked: aap kis department me kam karti he..

She: me manager sahib ki PA hu.

Me: tum Manoj ki PA ho..(Manoj is manager and also my junior).

She: ha..(it appears that she knows me).

Me: vaise ek bat kahu..bura to nahi manogi..

She: aap kaho na..

Me: aap bahut beautiful ho…aur es dress me to bahut he sundar lag rahi ho..

She smiled and looked at me: oh..thanks..

Me: aap nahi lagti ki..ek ladki ki maa ho..

She: phir me kya lagti hu..(I think she wanted to tease me a bit).

Me: sach batau…bilkul ek pari jaise lagti ho. Mujhe Manoj se jealousyho rahi tum uske sath pure din rahti ho..

She smiled, but by that time one lady came to her and they started to chat. I left her and came to my friends and had dinner with them. It was around 10.00 pm, and after dinner they had program for some enjoyment including dance and songs. So we sat on chairs in groups. After some time, couples were going on floor to dance. But I was alone and therefore has to sit. After about 10 min of starting of the couple dance, I seen Priya also sitting there, but her daughter was not with her. She was also alone there. I got one idea that why not to try her for dance. I got up from my chair and came near her and sit on a chair near her.

Me: aap ki ladki kaha he..

She: vo khel rahi he..

Me: aap dance nahi karti kya…

She: karti hu..par abhi vo nahi he…kiske sath kar sakti hu..

Me: agar aap chahe to mere bhi akela hu aur dance karne ki ichha ho rahi he..

She smiled and nodded in yes. I was very happy to get this response. I caught her hand and pulled to dance floor. Just like elastic she came with me..I put my right hand on her waist and another on her shoulder and she also did the same and we started dancing. While dancing also, we started some chat.

Me: dekho..aaj me bhi kitna bhagywan hu ki..aapke sath dance karne ka mauka mila..nahi to me eise hi ye night nikla jati..

She: aap eisa kyo kahte ho..mujhe bhi to mauka mila he na…nahi to me eise hi baithi rahti..

Me: oh, Priyaji, aap bhi bahut achhi bate kar leti ho..dil ko bahut achha lagta he..

She: aapne nahi bataya kuchh apne bare me…

Me: kya janna chahti ho..puchho..

She: yahi..aapki family..aur jo bhi …

Me: me married hu..aur ek beautiful wife bhi he. we have one son and will expect another in few months..she is a good housewife..Me Patna ka hi rahne vala hu..aur mother father bhi vahi rahte he..par ham log official quarter me rahte he aur mere parents parental house me rahte he..

Me: achha ye batao..tumhare husband Puna ke daily updown karte he..ya vahi rahte he..mene suna he..puna se bahut se log roj aate he..

She: Nahi..vo vahi office ke quarter me rahte he.. aur week me ek bar ya kabhi kabhi to 10-15 din me aate he..bahut bussy rahte he.

Me: phir aap to akeli hi rahti ho yaha..

She: ha..aur kya..meri beti ke sath..vo ek primary school me padhti he…ha ek aaya rakhi uska kam kar deti he.

While dancing, her pallu of sari gets displaced, and I have full view of her cleavage and her blouse cladden bra, pointed towards if inviting me to have it in my hand…but I cannot dare to do that. She looked me staring to her blouse, but did not adjust her pallu and tried to look other side. I was confused about her intension. Slowly and slowly, I pulled her near me and caught her hips firmly and gave a bit squeeze. He looked at me and smiled, but did not resist.

I got hint about her intention, and pulled her further such that..her nipples were touching my chest. She was cooperating with me and moving along such position on dance music. I am getting excited by rubbing her pointed bra on my chest. My tool got tent in pant. I looked at her and pulled further that she was almost in my embrace. Since lights were very dim at that time, no one must have noticed. She felt my hard on and smiled at me. I thought I should go further to explore her.

While dancing, I moved my left hand on her blouse under pallu and caught her right boob and gave a squeeze. She just removed my hand and looked at me with some anger. That anger was with her approval, but asking me not to do in that place. I understood and smile. At one moment I kissed on her cheek and quickly removed my mouth. He just got a bit nervous. After that we continue to dance for 10 min or so when the dance was ended and some songs were started with music.

There were few artists called who were presenting program. When we separated, she moved to other side where other colleagues from Mumbai office were sitting. I was continuously looking at her and when no one was looking, I winker her twice which she accepted with smile. Then I got mixed with other friends and enjoying the program. At around 11:00 or so, I looked at her, and observed that she was little uneasy and was talking with her daughter. As I was looking for more time, she noticed and turned to me, but she was looked somewhat puzzled.

I see one lady was sitting near her, so it would not be good to go near her that time. When I see that lady got up and went other side. I reached near her and asked: Kya bat he?

She: dekho na..meri beti ko nind aa rahi he…aur vo sone ki jidd kar rahi he..par mujhe ye log jane nahi de rahe he..

Me: oh…to kya problem he..use sula do kahi bhi..chhoti ladki hi to he…

She: kaha sulau, etne shor me vo soyegi bhi to nahi..aur tang karegi..

Me: ek kam ho sakta he..

She: kya…

Me: ese mere kamre me le jakar sula do..vaha koi problem nahi hogi..

She: ha ye thik he..aapka karma kaun sa he..

Me: room number 203, first floor par he…ye chabi rakh lo..(I gave her key). Agar koi aur jarurat ho to bata dena.

She: thanks.. and take key from me..and moved for my room. I again returned to my friends.

After 10-15 min, I observed she did not returned, I got up and gone to my room. There I see, she was also laying on my bed with her daughter who was almost fast sleep. I closed door and lit tube light. She got up and seen me.

She: aap..

Me: ha mene 15 min tak dekha, par tum nahi aaye to me yaha aa koi problem to nahi he.. (I see her pallu was almost in her hand and full blouse was visible).

She: nahi koi problem nahi he..bas esko sulane me thodi aankh lag gaye abhi vahi aa rahi thi..

Me: vaha to sirf gana bajana chal raha bhi bore ho raha tha..aur socha..chalo thoda tumhare sath he baitha jaye…(I smiled and looked in her eyes). She got ashamed with my such look and lowered her eyes.

Me: ek request kar sakta hu..agar tumm.. She express in yes.

Me: me tumhe ek kiss karna chahta hu…

She again got ashamed and tell: aap bahut naughty he..vaha dance me kya kar rahe the…koi eisa karta he kya..

Me: mene kya kiya…dance ke liye to tum taiyar thi..phir kya ho gaya..

She: achha..kuchh nahi kiya..jagah jagah par hath phira rahe the..aur mujhe daba bhi rahe the..aur aur…

Me: aur..kya…(I just came near her and asked)…

She: aur kya..kuchh nahi..Her face become red with shy.

I took her face in my hand and told: ab priya..ek bat batao..agar etni khubsurat aur namkeen ladki sath ho..phir to ye sab jayaj he na…nahi to kaise chalega.

She removed my hand and told: aap bhi na bahut badmash he..

I again took her face in hands and brought near my face..she started to resist a bit, but it was very weak. Then I put my lips on hers and kissed her very hard. She also cooperated and put her hand on my neck and pulled. Slowly, I removed her pallu and moved my hand on her blouse and caught her nipples pointing through the thin cloth of blouse and smooth net bra. I twisted her nipple and it made he to moan. “thoda dhire karo na..dukhta he..” she whispered. With other hand, I started caressing her foot. Kiss was continued..

And my both hand were engaged in caressing her. Slowly I moved my hand from ankle to her knee under sari, which she stopped, and said..”nahi ye nahi…mujhe jana he.. mujhe ve log dhundh rahe honge”. But I did not stopped and kept hand there only and told. “kyo priya, karne do na…bahut achha lagega…”. And I moved my hand on knee again and started to caress there.Please ruk jao achha nahi he…” She again asked.

Priya dekho, me bahut dino se pyasa hu… last 2 mahine se meri wife pregnant he..aur me alone hi hu..aur sath me etna tour..sab jagah me akela he rahta hu..tum aaj mujhe mili hu…aaj to thoda karne do na…jyada time nahi lagega..” I pleaded and pressed her boobs and kneeded, while inserted my other hand on her thighs and moving further.

“oh sir, aap…me kya karu…” she first time called me sir.

Sir nahi..mujhe ravi kaho…” I reached my hand under her sari upto her panty and moved finger on her pussy. I pushed her on bed and made her to lay flat. I got down from the bed. Removed my shirt, undershirt and pant. And came near her and started kissing her again. She garland my neck with her hands and hugged me. “Ravi ji, me bhi bahut pyasi hu…”..

“kyo Rani…tumhara pati..” I asked her while opening her blouse buttons.

“vo to achhe he..but bahut busy rahte he…aur bahut kam hi aate he yaha”..

“oh…to meri chudai nahi ho pati..puri tarah se…”

I remove her blouse and move bra up and catch one boob and squeez.

“are kaise bate karte ho…mujhe to sharm aati he..” and she hide her face..I remove her hand..

“kya huwa..kyo sharma rahi ho..abhi to tujhe mere se chudna hi he na…phir sharm kaise..” I take one nipples in mouth and suck hard..ohhhhh…(she remove her nipple) aap bhi na..kaise gandi bate bolte ho..aur thoda dhire karo na”.

With other hand..i lift her sari and petticoat and move hand on her panty and caress her pussy over panty.“ohfffffffff…kya karte ho…” she put her hand on my hand on panty.

“kya huwa…jan…kya chut me khujli ho rahi he…mere sahlane se..” with this I try to insert one finger with fabric of her panty.“aap..sir..bahut achha karte ho…panty nikal do na..” she

“kyo jan…mujhe to teri panty achhi lagti he…dekh kaise smooth he…”

I move hand on it with a pressure from front to back on the slit. And kiss on her neck.

“aap to mujhe mar hi daloge..aaaaaajjjjjjjjjjssssss” she started moaning.

“are abhi se tumhara ye hal he..phir jab me ese (trickle on her pussy) kholunga aur chusunga tab kya hoga…” but she become uneasy..and inserted her hand in my underwear (I was only in underwear) and caught my lund.

Are are…rani..kya kar rahi ho..bahut utawali ho kya..lund khane ke liye”..i teased her..

“ha…ab mujhe ye de mera he…” and she pushed me on bed and came on me and removed my underwear. She started kissing my lund which has been fully erect. My lund is not much longer around (6.5 or 7” long, but thicker). By then I removed her sari by pulling over her head. She was only in petticoat. She started sucking it wildly. I loved her action and moved fingers in her hair. I also started pumping in her mouth..

Which is very enjoyable. She was very perfect in sucking my cock. After 10-15 min of sucking, I reached to the point of ejaculation, I asked her to remove but she forcefully kept in, and I spready my cum in her mouth. ek bat puchhu tumse…thodi personal he”…I enquired..kya..ab kya raha gaya ki personal ho…sab kuch to tumne..” vo thoda naraj hote huwe boli.. “nahi phir bhi…” are aap puchho na…” she get up and sit on bed..I come near her and kiss her on lips and then on her neck…

Manoj se kabhi chudwaya he..” I asked.

“oh..kya kah rahe ho…sharm aati he…” but she expressed yes by eyes rotation.

“accha..kaisa he..vo aur kitni bar..” I enquired..

“bas 2-3 bar hi…jab ham log tour par delhi gaye the..vaha…” she told..

“bas, are tum to sath me rahte ho..phir yaha nahi kiya kabhi..”

”nahi..nahi..vo apni wife se bahut darte he…yaha to vo es bare me bat bhi nahi karte” she

“ ye bat he…achha koi aur..”

I raised her petticoat and removed panty in one pull. nahi nahi..koi nahi…”she lays on I push her and I started sucking on her clit. “vaise…” she did not complete it and started moaning..’issheee”.kya huwa…”aap bahut achha kar rahe ho…….bahut maza aa raha he…” she told and continued..”aap bahut acche ho..”kyo…” asked her while sucking her pussy…aap bahut handsome aur smart he…mujhe shuru se hi pasand ho..aur me aap se milna chahti thi..”.

aur ab dekh me teri chudai kaise karta hu..teri es chut ko chatni banata hu…”

Ha ha..banao na…par jaldi karo…aaaahhhhaaaa…ab bas bhi karo..aur chhodo muhe”

are tu bhi bolne lagi eise ab sharm nahi aa rahi”Me..nahi..ab jaldi karo na”ha le me dekh..” and I got up..pulled her petticoat to her waist…pulled her legs on shoulder and inserted my lund in her chut. In one shot it gone in fully. In start she just cried with the attack..but then she adjusted. I started fucking her slowly with my hands on boobs and squeezing mercilessly and fucking her.

Slowly I increased the speed. ohhhhaaaaaaa….aur jor se karo na…”ha rani..le..” and I increased speed of fucking… After 10- min of fucking she got orgasm and started moving her hips and moaning loudly. I have to keep hand on her lips so that the moan do not be heard outside in corridor.

After 10 min of more fucking..i also ejaculated in her pussy…and lay beside her. I hugged her tight and lay like this for some time. After about half an hour, we again fucked twice that night. And then slept for 2-3 hour. In the morning at around 5.0 am, she told that she wanted to go. I told her to go alone first, then I will bring sleeping daughter so that on body can suspect on us.

She did like this. I see off her in an auto to her home. Next day, she invited me to her home for dinner. I reached her home at 9:00 pm, had a very delicious dinner along with beer (she arranged for me only). I am not telling about details as story become too long. Then I stayed there till 12:30 and fucked her twice, and also watched BF.

How you find this story. Please send comments. Although this is based on role play, but I made it in the form of a story so that you can enjoy it. Anybody want to contact me, please mail me to [email protected]