Broken Curfew

Hi, I am Ashu,18,m,from Mumbai back with my latest story..This is again a fiction for u all to enjoy and not a true many of you all know, I have posted one of my own experiences and three of my creations..please mail your comments on [email protected]

Another dead soldier. David Hollis dropped his long neck bottle into the pile in the garbage can. He looked at the clock. It was 2:00 a.m. Laurie’s curfew was midnight, and here it was two hours later. Senior prom or not, seventeen years old or not, when he gave his daughter a curfew, he damn well expected her to hold to it. He was providing the house, her bed, her car, her food. Ungrateful little brat.

But she had looked good on her way out the door. Hell, she’d looked great in that strapless blue dress, with those open toed sandals. Laurie and her mom had gone shopping for it two weeks earlier, as a 17th birthday present for her. He did have a good-looking daughter, and she always had guys calling. Most of them seemed like good guys. Who could blame a guy for wanting to spend as much time as he could with her? But she was supposed to let him know when she was supposed to be home. He hadn’t wanted to see a hard ass and tell her when she had to be home.

Hell’s bells, she could have at least called to say where they were. She’d looked so good. Too bad her mother couldn’t have been there. Nadine had planned on it, but at the last minute she’d been called out of town to deal with a problem with a major client. If she didn’t go, the company could lose the client, and they had asked for her specifically. Laurie had inherited his Italian olive skin and dark curly hair. Angie their other daughter had gotten his wife’s Germanic blonde hair and fair skin.

David had taken the expected pictures of Laurie both for memory, and for Nadine. Twelve-year-old Angie was staying the night with a favorite cousin, so he was all alone in the house. What the hell’s a guy supposed to, Frank?” he asked the black lab sitting at his feet. The dog just thumped his tail against the floor upon hearing his name. Laurie thrust her hips up and forward to meet Cody as he shoved his prick into her. He had hold of her ass, pulling her into him, and her hands over his.

Her prom dress was draped over the chair in the corner of his brother’s bedroom. (His older brother had let him use his apartment.) Her black pantyhose were over the dress. Her nipples poked high off her tight 34b boobs. Come on give it to me,” she urged. “Stuff me with that cock. Fuck me!” Her dark bush was mingling with his. Cody was so far gone in the moment that he only grunted as he thrust into her. He let go of one hip and reached over to grab her tit. It threw him off balance. They’d been drinking a lot of the evening as well.

Laurie bit her lip to not laugh. But she made it look like it was orgasmic bliss that was washing over her. She didn’t see herself as a slut. It wasn’t like she slept with every guy she dated–it was more like every other guy. But she did make the guys wait. She was also smart enough to know that if she didn’t reward the guys for their patience, they’d disappear quickly, so she would allow little liberties–hands up the blouse, under the bra, hands in her pants, skirts and panties, blow jobs, hand jobs and even fingering.

But when she really liked a guy she slowly brought him along teaching him how to please her, how to lick her pussy, how to finger her till she was screaming from the pending orgasm. She made him die, almost beg for her to fuck him. She’d spent months preparing Cody for this. Cody was a good guy, and hot. She’d slowly taught him and developed him. And prom night was the culmination of it all. Cody pushed into her again. They’d finally gotten their rhythm going and he was proving a good fuck.

Fuck me babe! Give me that cock and cum in me.” She’d been on the pill for quite a while now, so she didn’t worry about getting pregnant. And, truth be told, she loved corrupting guys. There was something wicked and fun about introducing a boy to the world of sex. It was fun showing a guy what would make her scream, and then giving him a blow job that made him beg to cum, but holding him on the edge of coming for a long time, sometimes hours on end.

Yeah, that’s it. You’re making me cum. Shoot that cum in me!” Laurie pushed toward him again, and again. She felt him stiffen and knew he was about to cum. She loved the feel of a cock jerking and squirting inside her pussy.Cody’s prick spasm and sprayed her insides with his sperm.“Aawwww!” she yelled as she let her own orgasm go. She’d felt it building for a while, but wanted to hold off, to make Cody feel better as they came together.

“Unhhhh.” Was all Cody could say as he filled her.

He pushed into her twice more as he came. Finally he was spent. Laurie had made it a night to remember. She’d blown him, made him eat her to two orgasms. And she’d spent the whole evening teasing him at the dance. He had nothing left in him after their first full session together.

Cody fell to Laurie’s side. “That was amazing,” he said, almost whispering. “You were amazing.” Laurie ran her fingers through his hair. She glanced around the room. Obviously a bachelor’s apartment, she wondered where the porn stash was. That was all it needed to complete the image.

Her eyes fell on the clock–1: 30.

“Oh shit!” She jerked her hand out of his hair like she’d been bit.

“What?” Cody asked lazily.

“My curfew was at midnight. Daddy’s going to kill me!”

David went back into the front room, with his eighth beer in hand. He was bored, drunk and getting madder by the minute. And lonely. His wife was gone, and he’d had major plans for the evening with her after their daughter had left. He’d planned on fucking Nadine right here in the front room, in the kitchen, and hell, maybe on the front porch. She’d always been one for living dangerously.

He picked up the remote and scanned the stations, finally settling on one of the porn stations. For some reason the girl on the screen struck him as amazingly sexy. She had medium sized tits was on her back sucking a cock while she played with her pussy. His own cock stiffened watching it. She seemed to be new. She didn’t have that harsh look so many porn stars get so quickly. And

She had normal sized tits. No huge fake tits. She was taking it doggy style and sucking another guy. Another girl was laying under her, licking her clit as she took the dick up her pussy. The annoyance of Laurie being late, the beer, the hour were taking their toll on him and he nodded off.

Laurie rolled of the bed quickly, leaving poor Cody wondering what the hell was going on. He looked at her blankly.

“He won’t get that mad will he?”Yes, he will. He was nervous as hell already. And being late, oh fuck! I’m dead.” She was fighting to get her pantyhose on, and not put a run in them.

That would really tip off her dad. Fortunately there was no bra because it was a strapless dress. She pulled the pantyhose up her legs and smoothed them down, then slid the strappy sandals on her feet. Cody was still staring at her.“Come on!” she said with exasperation. “This really can’t wait. You’ll be lucky if you live the night. Move it!”

He was a bit hurt. She moved to him and cradled his head in her hands.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be with you, but you have to understand, if my daddy figures out we’re fucking that’s the end of it. He’ll lock me in a room, a cave, a castle–who knows what?–and then no more me. Get dressed and get me home.”

While she waited for Cody to dress, she worked on her make-up, doing her best to get it as it had been when she’d left home that night. The hard liquor they’d been drinking didn’t help matters. Finally Cody came back, but he was in jeans and t shirt. Ready,” he said. He nuzzled her neck and cupped her tits through her dress. Laurie couldn’t help herself and giggled. Then came back to reality.

Put the tux back on. Jeans will really give it away.” Cody shuffled off and obediently redressed himself. Finally they were on their way back to Laurie’s place. She had one more shot of whiskey in the car to steady herself. She lowered the visor and did her lipstick one last time before they got home. She glanced over at Cody sitting there beside her in his pickup. He looked lost and lonely, a little hurt because he couldn’t play with her. He also had a lump the size of a potato in his pants.

Laurie reached over and squeezed him gently and teasingly. Cody glanced down at her hand, the red nails on her fingers and his cock jumped of its own accord. They were a block away from her place when she unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff prick. She teased him by running her finger up the underside of it, along the bulging vein. Pull over.”

Cody obeyed. She leaned down and sucked him once more. She worked him for everything she was worth, using her hands, tongue, teeth and lips to make him arch his back as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Soon he was fucking her face again, and she was smearing her fresh lipstick all over his shaft. Her hand was also playing with his balls, coaxing him to give her what was left in of his cum.

I’m coming,” he moaned. And she felt the sperm rush up the length of his cock and felt the head expand as it expelled its load into her mouth. It jerked three times and she was certain that was it. She pulled her mouth off his prick, but kept her hand tight around the stiff shaft. He surprised her with one last squirt. The shot landed on the skirt of her dress.

Fuck,” she muttered. She looked herself over once more and decide it had landed in one of the folds of the dress and probably her dad wouldn’t see it. “Let’s get home now.” She took another sip of booze–breath smelling of cum would seriously give it away, booze could be explained more easily. She reapplied the lipstick.

Frank’s barking roused David from his half-sleep. What?” he asked himself, then he heard the loud muscle car out front–the one that Laurie’s date had driven up in earlier in the night. He looked up at the clock. “About fucking’ time.” He had time to push himself out of the chair and rub some of the sleep from his eyes. He glanced at the TV. and saw the skin fest on cable was still going on. He quickly grabbed the remote and turned it off.

He could hear Laurie’s heels clicking on the side walk up to the house, and her and Cody talking and laughing as they walked. Frank was now planted firmly in front of the door, barking. But he could hear Laurie’s voice with an unfamiliar one and that made his barks less intense. David walked into the kitchen and grabbed a handful of nuts, waiting for them.

Laurie’s key turned in the lock, and they came in. “Oh hush, Frank,” she said. The lab fell silent almost immediately, his tail wagging his butt as well when she knelt down to scratch his head.

Where the hell have you been? It’s almost 3:00. You were supposed to be home at midnight.”

“Sorry, Daddy.”

“Shit girl, you could have at least called.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Hollis,” Cody stammered. “I should have asked if she had a curfew.”

“She should have told you, but you’ll live boy.”

Laurie was standing now. “Daddy,” she said pouting the way a little girl does when she’s working her father.

David could feel himself starting to weaken. Frank was doing his usual sniffing, trying to figure out where all Laurie had been. He started licking at her dress. Laurie tried pushing him away, but he was interested in the new stuff there.

David noticed Frank’s attention. “What have you found?” He walked over and knelt down and looked.

He knew what it was as soon as he laid eyes on it.

He looked up at Cody, who was really oblivious to what was happening. “I think you’d better leave, boy, if you want to live. Get out.”Cody heard the cold anger in Mr. Hollis’ voice and was in his car, starting up before he realized what all had happened.

David turned to his daughter. She tried to pout still.

“I’m not that dumb.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know what’s on your dress. And I know what guys like. How long have you been fucking him?”

We didn’t fuck.” She was lying, trying to save some kind of dignity.

“Then how the hell did that cum get on your dress?”

It was the late hour, the booze, and the raging hormones in her that made her say it.

“I sucked him.”

David rocked back. He was surprised to her that from his daughter. That she’d admit to giving the guy head.

“Did you fuck him?”

“No,” she lied.

“You gave him a blow job?” He was having a hard time getting his head around that thought.

“Yeah, dad, I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, except for what landed on my damn dress!” Now she was mad, and booze and late hour was making her waver on her stiletto heels.

She pushed past her dad into the living room and plopped down on the couch. She absent-mindedly picked up the remote and began to play with it. The TV. clicked on and a blonde with fake tits was getting her pussy plowed and eating a redhead’s cunt.

“A hell of a lot of room you’ve got to talk, watching this shit.”

“It’s my house and I’ll do what the hell I want. Besides, I’m an adult.”

David walked over to her and stood in front of her to block her view of the action on the screen. But he was responding to all of it–the porn, the thought of her sucking Cody’s cock. It had to be the booze bringing down his inhibitions. He tried getting it out of his head, but now that she’d said it, it was there. He was thinking of those long fingernails around his prick.

“So am I,” Laurie countered.

“No, you’re not.”

“I can do all kinds of shit. Next election I’ll be able to vote. Hell maybe I’ll join the damn army. I’m a good cock-sucker. All those count as adult.”

“You’re too damn young to know how to suck a cock.”

“That’s what you think.”

Before she knew what she was doing, Laurie reached out and grabbed hold of the lump in her dad’s jeans and squeezed. She squeezed a second time, and watched the expression on her dad’s face. He was loving it, in spite of himself.

Wanna know a secret? I lied–he fucked me too.” Laurie squeezed his cock again. Then with her free hand, she flipped up her skirt to show him her cum matted pussy against the sheer nylons. David was dumbstruck. So was she, but neither one was going to back down now. With her other hand, she undid the zipper of his jeans, and reached in to pull his cock out.

It was fully hard. The pink-purple tip was leaking pre-cum. Laurie extended her tongue and licked the pre-cum and then ran her tongue around his cock-head. He gasped from the touch of her wet tongue. Laurie opened her mouth and sucked his cock head in. Both of them were equally surprised when David tangled his fingers in her curly hair and forced his cock deeper in her mouth. But they both enjoyed it.

David needed the sex, and Laurie’s hormones were raging from all the sex earlier in the night.

David was amazed at just how good her cock sucking was. She’d obviously been giving head for a long time. She used her tongue, running it up and down the length of his hard shaft, running it around the rim of his cockhead, she sucked at him hard and deep burying her nose in his pubic hair. Then she used her tongue on his piss hole.

Her hand was wrapped around the base of his shaft, holding him tight. She teased by using her teeth, lightly, dragging them just barely along the length of his hard cock. She kept bringing him close to coming and then slowing down and taking him away from that edge. A spark flared momentarily in his sex engulfed brain. She was going to use this to control him. Have him eating out of the palm of her hand. He couldn’t let that happen. He was the father after all. As it were.

He fought the desire to have his cock buried to the balls in her mouth, to feel those balls resting on her chin. David pulled out of her mouth, but tangled his fingers deeper in her hair. He pulled her to her feet using her hair. If you want to act like a slut, you’re going to be treated like a slut,” he growled out. With his fingers still tangled in that curly dark hair, he forced her around to the back of the sofa, and bent her over it. He kept his hand in her hand and flipped up the back of her skirt, showing her tight ass.

Daddy, what are you doing? I’m your daughter. Don’t.”

“Don’t ‘daddy’ me, slut. You’re the one who started all this, sucking my cock. This is how sluts are treated–they’re used for my pleasure, whenever, wherever I want. If you’re going to act like a slut, this is how you’re going to get treated.” Pantyhose completely sheer to the waist are for their looks, not practicality, and David easily ripped out the crotch of Laurie’s pantyhose.

Cody’s cum was still dripping from her twat. Sloppy seconds, but who cared? She wanted to be a slut, and he needed a fuck. He took his hard prick and stuffed it up her used cunt. He loved fucking her mother, but it had been a long time since he’d been buried in a pussy as tight as this. She gasped as he plunged into her used twat. Daddy . . . ,” Laurie began. David slapped her ass. “Shut up slut. You’re getting what you want, be fucking’ happy.”

He reached up and grabbed hold of her young tits, pushing down the top of her dance gown. David’s need was intense, and so he squeezed hard. Laurie gasped, initially in shock and some pain, but it quickly shifted to a moan of pleasure. He pumped her, mixing it with a varied pace–fast, slow, slow, fast, twisting a bit as he was deep in her. He was doing something of the same things she’d done to him, pushing her to the edge of cumming and then pulling her back.

She was enjoying it.

She was too far gone from the booze, the tiredness, all the sex that had gone before, to fight it anymore. She let herself float on the intensity of it all. David, pulled his dick from her and replaced it with his thumb and index finger, and used them to finger fuck her. He got them nice and coated. Then he ripped the pantyhose further, higher up her ass.

He grabbed and spread her ass cheeks.

What are you doing, Daddy?” Laurie had dreamed of having her ass fucked, but she’d never found a guy willing to do it for her. First she felt her dad’s thumb slide in her ass. “OW!” She’d never realized how tight she could be there. Then his finger went, replacing the thumb. It was still tight, but it didn’t feel as bad. But she shrieked loudly as he stuffed her virgin asshole with his cock. Daddy!” she shrieked.

He was better than the boys, and the taboo of it made her hornier. Her dad began an even slow rhythm as he fucked her, and soon she was matching, shoving her hips back to meet him as he thrust forward. Her unfucked asshole was incredibly tight. Like it slut? Like being treated like the slut and tramp you are?” He slapped her ass hard again.

Laurie moaned. David reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed again. She slipped a hand between her leg and began rubbing her clit as he fucked. He had a firm hold on her boobs, squeezing hard, rubbing his calloused palms against her erect nipples, squeezing her to the point of digging his fingers into her young tits.

“It feels good,” she murmured.

Sluts like being fucked up the ass, so get used to it.” As he plowed her asshole, her finger speed on her clit increased. Her moans of protest slowly shifted to moans and groans of pleasure. He let go of her boobs and slapped her ass hard three times.He could feel her moving closer to her orgasm, and her blow job and his own horniness already had him close to the edge.

She yelled, “Fuck me daddy!!!” as her orgasm overtook her.

He felt the spasms in her pussy transmitted to her ass, and those sent him over the edge. He began to shoot his own cum into her ass as she came. He felt his cock swell and jerk inside. He felt it spray inside her ass with his hot cum. David reached up and grabbed a handful of that curly hair and pulled her head back and hissed in her ear, “This is how sluts and tramps get used. Love it.”

With his other hand, he slapped her tight teen ass again. Daddy . . . ” she moaned, with pleasure now. Slowly, he felt his dick shrink as it finished spraying its load. It popped out of her asshole. Now she had cum running from two of her three holes. If someone else had been there to stuff her mouth with a cock, she would have had her face covered in cum as well.


The ringing phone woke him. After everything the night before, David had stumbled into his bedroom, exhausted by the intense sex, the late hour and the beer. He rolled over in his bed, naked, desperately needing a shower.

“ ‘Lo?” he said.

“David? Are you awake?” His wife, Nadine, was on the other end. “It’s almost ten a.m.”

“Is it?” He was still groggy.

He squinted at the clock on the night stand next to the bed. Sure enough the clock read 10:05. “Sorry. Laurie came in late, and I got to bed late.”

“Well,” Nadine began, “I’ve got to stay till later tonight. This whole thing is a mess–a complete fubar. It’ll be late tonight or tomorrow before I get home. You’ll have to take care of everything there.”

Right.” His mind still wasn’t working well.

“Okay, I’ve got to run back into meetings.”

“See you later.”

David fumbled with putting the phone back and rolled back over to sleep.

Next time he rolled over, it was 11:30. This time he couldn’t get himself back to sleep. He slowly pulled himself out of the bed and stumbled out into the hallway.

Laurie’s room was down the hall. The door was slightly ajar. He pushed it open a little wider to check on her, still thinking about everything the night before: catching her having blown her boyfriend, her sucking his cock, him fucking her. All of it was shrouded in a mist of unreality. He almost thought it was a dream, but the condition of his body told him otherwise. Looking in her room, he saw Laurie on sprawled on her bed, on her stomach, still wearing the sheer to the waist pantyhose he’d torn. Her breasts spilled out on the side of her body.

Part of him was ready to let go of everything from the night before, but he knew things wouldn’t be the same. They’d both enjoyed it too much. Part of David wanted to go in and be the tender lover, and really show her how a man could take a woman to the top and keep her there for hours. But there was the other part of him that was mad as hell at her having tried to play him for the fool.

Shaking his head, he made his way back to the master bedroom, and turned on the shower. He let the hot water–and he liked it extremely hot–wash over his body, cleaning away the body fluids from him. Every time the images of Laurie almost naked flashed into his mind, his cock responded, semi-stiffening. The images of her pussy lips around his dick, then her asshole puckered around him, the feel of her hard nipples trying to poke holes through the palms of his hands as he’d squeezed them.

The memories kept coming back and he enjoyed them despite himself. A guy shouldn’t enjoy dominating his daughter in the way he had, but he did. Maybe part of it was the teen attitude she’d been giving over the last few months, and now he found a way to silence and control that. After almost 15 minutes standing under the water, he turned off the shower, and stepped out, and toweled himself dry.

Laurie’s ass was sore when she woke up. She was still in her torn pantyhose, and her dress was a pool of blue fabric beside her bed. She could still feel it all–her dad stuffing her cunt with his cock and then ass-fucking her. She shook her head at the foggy memory of trying to give her dad a blow job–but her head hurt too much from hangover. Her ass also hurt from her dad slapping it and fucking it so much as he’d had his way with her.

She turned over slowly, trying to think what to do next? Act like it never happened? Acknowledge it and then let it go? What the fuck do you do when your dad has just fucked you and broken your anal cherry? To her surprise, Laurie found her nipples hardening of their own accord as she remembered the events of the night–all of them. Cody, her dad, all of it was an erotic mix in her head. For the first time in her life, she actually felt like she’d been fully sated sexually, but that had only come after her dad had taken her.

She slowly rolled over and peeled the torn pantyhose from her body. Her pussy and legs were covered with dried sperm. She rummaged in her drawers for some clean panties and grabbed her robe. Her dad may have fucked her, but she still felt the need to cover when running around the house. Her bathroom was just across the hall from her bedroom. Laurie turned on the water and didn’t have to wait long to let it get hot. She stepped in and cleaned herself from top to bottom.

As she rubbed her cum crusted pussy hair, she began thinking about how her dad had done her. He’d only been in her pussy a minute or two before burying his bone in her ass, but that was enough to tell her that he was much better at fucking than most of the boys she’d done. She wondered if he was equally skilled at eating pussy.

She felt her nipples hardening again at the thoughts, and she shook her head. She shouldn’t be thinking about her dad in that way. Incest was wrong. But there was no denying that he’d given her an orgasm like she’d never had. Her nipples were hard, and as she slipped a finger between her nether lips, she found her pussy was wet at the memory. She slipped her finger in tentatively, but then pulled it out. The thought of incest was still too much for her to digest, especially this early in the morning.

She hurried and finished showering. As she dressed, she realized she’d pulled out one of her sexiest pairs of panties. Completely sheer, her young bush was spread lewdly across the front of her panties. A Freudian slip, perhaps? She ignored the thought, and then broke out the blow dryer, and began getting ready. Once again, she found herself, without thinking about it, putting on her make up as if she was going out for a date, wanting to make a good impression. A hot impression.

David was on the phone talking with his brother. Reese, how’s it going with everyone there? Can I ask a favor? Nadine had to go out of town at the last minute for some shit with work. Is it okay if Angie stays today with you as well? If it doesn’t mess up too many plans. You can? Great, thanks. Let me talk with her. Angie, sweetie, would you like to stay with Sadie for the rest of the day? Mommy’s out of town. You’ll have fun with Uncle Reese, Auntie Staci and Sadie. Okay, honey, I’ll see you later tonight. Have fun.”

He hung up the phone. He knew what he was going to do the rest of the day.

Laurie had enjoyed her ass-fucking the night before, and he planned to give her more slut lessons.  He was enjoying breakfast when Laurie walked in. She was wearing jeans and a t shirt, trying to be casual, but the was braless, and her make-up was done to catch attention. How you feeling this morning?” he asked. Her eyes flashed. He wasn’t quite sure what to read there.

“How the hell should I feel?”

“Just asking.”

I tell you later. If I’m still talking to you. I shouldn’t even be talking to you know, you fucking’ perv.”

“Like father, like daughter.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I never said I wasn’t a perv. You were sure enjoying it at the end there, little miss cock sucker.”

“How dare you call me that!”

“You’re the one who said you’re a fantastic cock sucker. Later today you’re going to show me just how good at it you are.”“Like hell I will.”“You’re not fooling anyone. Dressed the way you are, you’re sending all the time.” This time Laurie, didn’t say anything. What could she say? She had enjoyed it at the end, and she was made up to highlight herself as best as she could.

And,” David added, “we’ll be doing some shopping. If you’re going to act like a slut, fucking all the boys, you might as well dress like one.” With that he got up and started out of the room. He turned and added one more thing, “Your mom and sister are both going to be gone for the rest of the day. You’re mine.” Laurie felt an unexpected thrill. It wasn’t just the dominance her father was asserting. There was something else. Could she really be excited by the thought of her dad as a lover?

She glanced down and noticed her nipples had tented her t shirt.

David knew Laurie would finish her breakfast, so he walked right to her bedroom, and rummaged through her underwear drawer. He was going to outfit her all under, and he didn’t want to argue with her on the way there. It would just be best to take her. He found out her bra size and her panty size. His cock had been hard ever since he got out of the shower, and seeing her in braless in her t-shirt had only made it harder.

The way she had pushed back at him as he fucked her told him that she would be amazing, and with the right training, who knows where it could lead. She had potential to be an all-star slut.  They’d had the radio on in the car, and that had covered the silence. David hadn’t told her where they were going. They had stopped quickly for David to drop off the roll of film he’d shot the night before of Laurie and Cody at a one hour film developing place.

Laurie’s face went red, then paled when she saw it. She couldn’t believe her dad was actually taking her here. She’d heard of it, of course, but had never gone there. She felt her nipples tighten even more. A dampness in her crotch. She couldn’t believe the way she was responding to this. He’d been buying her mom slutty lingerie there for years.

Let’s go,” he said, actually opening her door for her, like they were on a date. But then none of her dates had ever opened a door for her. It caught her off guard, and she stepped out of the car, and followed him into the store–Lace Dreams. Her heart beat faster. Everything in this store dripped sex. Bustiers and corsets, crotchless panties and cut out bras, stockings, and every other thing she could imagine in the sex world. And a few things she couldn’t.

Miss, I need to see your I.D., please,” said a friendly looking lady who was hovering near the door. She looked like a soccer mom, not someone in a store like this. Laurie wondered briefly if the lady was wearing some kinky lingerie at that moment.“She’s with me, Paula,” Dave said.“Oh, I didn’t see you there, Dave. Well enjoy your shopping.”

Her dad didn’t say much. He quickly moved through the store, gathering things as he went. After the first arm load they headed toward the dressing rooms. These were big. When Laurie looked inside, she saw they had two chairs in there.

David walked in the dressing room with her.

“Try them on.”



“I’ll scream.”

No you won’t. You don’t want a public scene, and I know you’re wanting to try these out. Now strip and try them on.”

There wasn’t much fight in her. She stripped. When her jeans hit the floor, David grinned in triumph. Her pussy hair was splayed against the front of her red, sheer panties.“You want it, little one. See how sheer those panties are. You were dressing to get it, when you got dressed this morning.”

Laurie blushed, but didn’t say much. She just began trying on what her father handed her.

After a while she realized she liked it. He did have good taste. She’d never thought to try a corset or a bustier before, but she like them. The crotchless panties and cut out bra were a new experience as well. She loved the garter belts and stockings. Laurie had to try the panties on over her own for sanitation reasons, but she was enjoying the experience.

The wetness in her panties was growing with each new item, and her dad noticed it, and grinned. Sometimes between try ons, he’d reach out and rub her pussy. She flinched the first time, but after that, she got used to it. When they finished with one set of pieces, David would return the unselected pieces and choose more. By the time they had finished, there were more than forty selections.

Besides the lingerie there were platform stiletto heels, micro-mini skirts, mini skirts, mini dresses, tight tops, everything a slut would wear. At the cash register her dad peeled the money off a large roll of cash. He’d been serious about making her into a slut. After they had paid, he picked a pink lace cut out bra and matching crotchless panties and took her back to the dressing rooms. Put these on. This is what you’ll be wearing the rest of the day.”

But people will see my nipples.”

“Yeah. And that’s what sluts are about. They like being noticed. And you dressed to be noticed today.” She stripped again, and her dad held his hand out for the dripping wet panties she peeled off her legs. He smiled as he felt them in his hand, and her wetness.

As they left, her nipples were making large tents through the openings in her bra. She was surprised at how hard and large they had become.

As they drove home, her father’s hand rested on her thigh the whole way. Laurie was still stunned with everything. But dressing and undressing in front of her father had left her realizing she had so few secrets anymore.

As they came into the house, she just followed him. As they went into her room, he pointed to a corner of her closet that had a cubby hole. “That’s where you’ll keep your slut clothes. Now off with the jeans and t shirt, after you’ve put everything away.

You don’t want to get busted do you?”“Why shouldn’t I tell Mom?”

“And what will you tell her?” That silenced her. She had enjoyed the day and there was no denying what she was feeling at the moment. Quickly she put her new clothes away. Then without another word, she stripped to her new bra and panties. David looked her over with an appreciative eye.

Her nipples were hard and long by now. Between the edges of the fabric of her panties, he could see her protruding pussy lips.“Now sit on the edge of your bed.”Once again, she obeyed, and he stripped, right there in front of her. His cock sprang from his shorts, and nearly poked her in the eye. Once he was naked he got to his knees.

David had realized that he had to give her something back. This was still a delicate balance and dance. He leaned into her and spread her legs and began to lick her pussy. He knew there was no way any smart-assed high school kid could lick pussy the way he could. Some of his buddies hated the thought, but David have learned early that if he gave a woman a screaming orgasm, she would be much more inclined to go with him longer and treat him better.

David altered his pace, one moment, his tongue rolled tightly, was darting in and out of her wet pussy. A minute or two later, he was sucking at her clit, with two of his fingers buried in her cunt. Then he was lapping at her open lips and hard little clit. With one hand, he would sometimes reach up and grab hold of her young boobs and squeezed them.

“Oh Daddy!” she moaned and arched her back.

Her hand went down to his head and pushed him tighter against her twat. He did what she liked doing to guys when she blew them, he used his tongue to take her to the edge of orgasm, and then brought her back again, away from the brink. For almost twenty minutes he pushed her closer and closer to cumming. His tongue and jaw ached from the effort expended, but he figured it was worth it.

Daddy, let me cum! I want to cum!” Laurie said. That’s all he wanted to hear and he took her to a furious pace, tongue-fucking her until she screamed in an orgasm like she’d never had before. No high school boy could do what he had just done to her. She flooded his face and mouth with her pussy juices.

David stood up, over his panting daughter. His rigid cock jutting out. Laurie’s eyes were closed as she recovered from her orgasm. Her chest was flushed and her nipples were long and hard. Her tight, flat stomach rippled with the spasms of her orgasm. Her tits moved up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Slowly, she came out of the reverie of the orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked up at her father, standing above her, his hard prick ready to penetrate her.

“I’ve never had something so amazing. No one has ever made me cum so hard just from eating my pussy.”

That’s because you’ve been playing with boys, who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

Laurie’s hand dropped to her dripping wet labia and absent-mindedly stroked just above her clit. She was still too tender there from the cum to touch it directly.That dick looks so delicious,” she murmured. “I have to have it in me. Fuck me, daddy. Please?”


“I don’t want to.”

David reached down and pinched then rolled a nipple. Laurie moaned in both pain and pleasure.

“You’ll get it when I want you to.” David squeezed her breast, and her breath, which had been slowing, began to quicken again.

“Are you ready for it?”


“I don’t believe it.”

I am. I want it, please fuck me.”

“Still don’t believe.”

“Fuck me, please.”

“Tell me what you are.”

“I’m horny.”


Don’t make me say it. I want you so bad. Please.”

“Tell me.”

“I . . . am . . . a . . slut.”


“Yours. There I said it.”

David smiled and squeezed her other tit.

Yes you did, you are a good little slut. You’re learning your lessons well.”

Without warning, David moved between Laurie’s open legs and threw them over his shoulder, pulling her up to his level, and stuffed his cock into her. Laurie yelped with the pleasure of feeling her cunt full of her dad’s rock, hard prick. She’d never been in this position before, or thought of it, but she reacted naturally and locked her legs around his neck as his pumped in and out of her tight snatch.

With one of her hands, Laurie alternated between playing with her tits and rubbing her clit.

“Oh yes, give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck your little slut.” David responded by pumping her harder and faster. “Play with my tits daddy! Make me cum. Do me, daddy! Do it to me,” she grunted.

“You’re a tight little one. I’m going to love fucking you.”

Even though Laurie’s urgings were making him insane with desire, David wanted to show her what he could do with his prick as well. He began to alter his pace as he slid in and out. He’d go fast and then slow to a snail’s pace. At times he’d pull his cock out till only the head was still in her. And she would beg, “Daddy, don’t tease me like that” and he’d hold it just a little longer, and then plunge back into her tight wetness. Alternating the pace also let him go longer without cum.

David would sometimes reach down with one hand and grab her tits as they fucked. Laurie would purr like a kitten when he did that. Laurie looked up at him and thrilled at the lust she saw for her in her dad’s eyes.

“Daddy, would you do something for me?”


“I like it doggy-style. Will you fuck me doggy style?”

David’s face broke into a lascivious smile.


Yes, I love it that way. Sluts like doggy style.”

He pulled his prick from her cunt, and said, “On your hands and knees slut.”

Laurie was happy to comply, quickly scrambling to her hands and knees, presenting her dad with her luscious ass. David stepped up behind and her teased her by rubbing his cockhead up and down her wet pussy lips, till she begged, “Don’t tease me. Fuck your slut.”

And he plunged into her again.

He’d been holding back, but he was quickly reaching the point of no return. He could feel the cum building in his balls and then gathering at the base of his cock. Her pushed into Laurie three more times and then went deep and stiffened as his cock swelled and shot its load deep in her cunt. David held tightly to her as his prick spas deep in her twat.

Feeling her father cum finally sent Laurie over the edge as well. She slid one hand between her legs to hurry herself and came right after he did. Exhausted, they fell together in a tangle on her bed. They were both in a twilight state for about twenty minutes. Finally David managed to roll over and glance at the clock.

He nudged Laurie with his toe, “Come on, sweet cheeks. We’ve got to get cleaned up before your mother gets home.”This time they showered together. As they stepped out, Laurie reached down and grabbed her dad’s prick. Now let me show you what I can do,” she cooed. Laurie went to her knees and began sucking. David closed his eyes and tangled his fingers in her wet hair as she sucked at him, like child sucking a nipple. She was good. She teased him, pulled him along and made him pant to cum.

She knew how to play with his balls, and drag her fingers along his shaft to drive him to madness with wanting both wanting to cum and to have it go on forever. She used her fingers to stroke his shaft as she sucked. She was all she had bragged about being. Finally he thrust his cock deep in her mouth and shot again. Laurie swallowed the first spurt, and then pulled it from her lips and aimed it at her young tits.

I like having hot cum on my tits.” She let the last couple of shots of cum splash against her tits. “Yummy,” she purred. She scooped up the cum on her chest and licked her fingers clean of it.

“Told you I was good.” She got to her feet and swung her hips at her father as she headed out of the room.  They headed to pick up Angie at his brother’s place, and picked up the prom night pictures along the way. Angie was happy to have been allowed to stay with her cousin most of the day.

When Nadine walked in the three of them were just sitting down to a spaghetti dinner. “I got it done quicker and hopped a flight home. I’m starving.” Laurie and Angie jumped up to hug their mom. After dinner, David broke out the pictures he’d taken of Laurie and Cody the night before.  please do mail your comments on [email protected]