Exploring My Friends Hot Wife

Dear friends, I am the regular reader of ISS & since long I was thinking to submit this real life achievement of mine in this story I will not write the real name & place of the lady due to her secrecy, please don’t mind. I am Lovy 32 years, 5ft 7 inch tall guy. Friend’s r saying that I am good looking. Being a marketing person I am so much talkative but with known persons only. I have a friend whose wife is almost 5ft2 inch tall with nice shaped body & with fair complexion. I met my friend during my stay at his city & soon we become so close friend.

When I was leaving his city after the stay of 8 months he also came with me to visit my house along with his wife & one son his wife is so sweet natured & I also like her & initially I never have wrong thought for her. We reached to my house & they met with my parents & they stayed almost 1 week in my house with full comfort. They enjoyed the trip & his wife becomes so open wit after 2 years of their visit to my place we again met on the occasion of my marriage that time his wife tease me & always makes me laugh as my real bhabhi.

Even on first night when they pushed me inside she told ” dewar ji, aaj sey cow milk nahin apni biwi ka milk peena” (brother in law from today onwards don’t drink cow milk always drink your wife’s milk). I was firstly shocked by hearing this but enjoyed it later my first night was so good that I will tell u in other story writing. me & my wife went to honeymoon there also she called & asked me ” kya dewar ji , maza aaya ya main aaoon help karney key liye” 2-3 times when she asked I told her that” bhabhi when I was with u that time u dint even see me & dint allowed to

Touch you & now u r asking me to come here & help me” she laughed & said “dewar ji first I want to know that u also likes me or not? I said bhabhi ” I likes u from the day I saw u & I want to come close to u but because of friendship with your hubby I just controlled myself” she laughed & said ” itni der abhi bhi nahin huee hai , jab milogey tab dekhongi ki tum mujhko kitna pasand kartey ho” I replied & said “bhabhi that time u should not stop me”she said “dekhengey dewar ji pehley aao to sahi hamarey pass”.

After almost 1 year of my marriage I went to her city for meeting them & stayed in their house. I don’t have any intention to have sex with her & I was taking her double meaning talks very lightly. The day I reached my friend came to station to receive me & we reached to her house. after reaching to his house I found a glow on her face after seeing me. Her eyes r so inviting & she was seeing me from the core of her eyes in front of my friend. Half day past & then me & my friend went to market for just hanging out. She feels so sad that I noticed. Next day when my friend went for work she sat with me & then

I asked her about her marriage life & after listening her problem I was shocked that my friend have an affair with a lady who is relative of his wife. In the night when I & my friends were taking drinks I asked my friend that whether he have any gf & because of overdose of alcohol he told me that he is having affair with her wife’s cousin sis. I was feeling so mad on my friend & told him to stop this nonsense as he has 2 sons & his wife is so beautiful. But he simply said to me that Rohit u should not come between my lover & my wife. Then next day I was just talking with his wife & told her that my friend is not going to leave that girl until she will not ready to step-down.

Then she said that “she already tried that & spoke to that girl but that girl denied to step down”. Then she become so close to me & said “Rohit since last 1 year I am in so much tension because of your friend & start crying”. I sat near to her & consoled her & said “then u also does the same what your hubby is doing because u r also a human being & u also have physical needs & u have right to enjoy your life firstly she feels so bad & shouted on me but I never gave up& try to convince her it took 2 days to make her ready & at last 4th day in the afternoon after lunch I was taking rest she came to me & sat with me.

She put her hand on my chest & said” Rohit I thought a lot what u said & I decide if u r ready then u can be my 2nd hubby”. i hold her hand & kissed on her hand softly. she puts her head on my chest & start crying & said “Rohit I know that we r going to do wrong thing but I love u from the day I saw u first & I wants u from that day. But I don’t know whether u likes me or not”. I said bhabhi “u can’t imagine that how much I like u & need u but now I also get married. so whatever we will do it’s wrong we both know & I can’t come & meet u regularly even if we both desire to meet”

She said that” if u can talk to me on phone also that’s enough for me”. by listening that I hugged her & kissed on her forehead softly & she also responded positively & hugged me tightly. then I slowly holds her round face in my hands & saw in her eyes & said bhabhi please be mine & make me yours she smiled & again hugged me so tightly her boobs were crushing on my chest & she was enjoying that. Her boob’s size is almost 36b & the r round, nipples r pink color & after seeing her boobs no one can say that she is the mother of 2 sons. Then I move my lips on her cheeks & she shivered & closed her eyes & then my lips first time touched her lips so softly.

She was holding me so tightly & my hands r holding her face. Our breath meets & I feel her hot & heavy breath. Then I put my lips slowly on her lips & kissed her, just a small kiss on her lips & she enjoyed a lot even me too. Then she opened her eyes & said “Rohit u r so lovable please make me yours”. I hugged her & pulled her on my body & then with one hand I pulled her face on my face & said “bhabhi now don’t stop me please let me go till last station. My training is ready to start now”. She laughed naughtily & said “today don’t stop your train at any station just pass your training from all station & reach the last station but don’t drive your train so fast”.

Then she hugged me & I put my lips on her lips & almost 5-6 minutes we kissed each other’s lips. After this long kiss she become so hot & her boob’s r moving with the rhythm of her breath. i was holding her with my one hand & with other hand I was caressing her hairs & cheeks. again our lips were locked & we rolled on bed & this time I was on top of her & kissing her passionately. Her one hand is pressing my back & other is pressing my face on her face. I start sucking her lower lips & she start moaning”mm, sssss, shshshssshhs” & then I inserted my tongue in her mouth & start playing with her tongue.

She is getting more hot & become little uncontrollable she starts sucking my tongue & almost 10 minutes we kissed each other like that & when our kiss broke she said “please love me so much & I am missing all this in my whole life my hubby never kissed me like this.” then she asked me that my wife love to kiss or not? I said yes bhabhi my wife loves my kissing” she said “now u have to kiss your 2 wife’s me & your first wife”then I again start kissing her face & licking her earlobes she gasped loudly & said “aaahhhhh, it’s so heavily” “please do this more

I love it”. while kissing her this time my one hand is pressing her boobs softly over her blouse & that makes her shiver with pleasure & she gripped her one leg around my legs & trying to pull me between her legs’ licked her both ears & again reached to her lips & now my both hands r holding her lovely boobs& pressing them when again I start kissing & sucking her lips my hands r start opening her blouse & she don’t know what I was doing. slowly I opened her all hooks & then she feels my hand on her cleavage& then she opened her eyes & saw her blouse & when she found it open she gave naughty smile & said that “u r making me melt Rohit”

Please don’t stop loving me jaanu eat me fully” then I removed her blouse & then unhooked her bra & holds her boobs in my hand & start pressing them little harder & my tongue was buried in her cleavage licking it. She was moaning loudly “ssssss, aaahhh uff, press them hard, squeeze them hard” that makes me more wild & I start sucking her nipples one by one harder. I was her nipples, pinching them & sucking them harder. She was moaning loudly pressing my face on her boobs. then almost 30 min of boob sucking she pushed me back & then

I saw her boobs become red but she become so horny at that point of time. she told me in hissing voice ” Rohit mujhey nanga kar rahey ho aur khud key kapdey nahin utarey abhi tak” by saying that she start removing my shirt & after removing my shirt she start kissing on my chest & suddenly she start sucking my nipples & really I swear I never felt such a electrifying sensation in my body. I hugged her so tightly & start holds her boobs. my hands r pressing her boobs so harder & she was saying ” today I will not leave u till u make me fully satisfy my jaan, please do something

I am burning “she pulled down my pant & start kissing my thighs & my cock become so hard & then she start rubbing my cock over the underwear. My wife always hesitate to hold my cock but my friend’s wife is so eager to see my cock & love to have it in her pussy she ordered me to lie-down on bed & let her do what she is doing & she again start kissing my thighs & while doing this she removed my underwear & when she saw my almost 7 inch long & quit thick cock she screamed with pleasure & said ” Rohit u r marvelous but I am worried that your cock will tear my pussy”

I laughed & said “bhabhi u gave birth to 2 sons & I am sure your pussy will take it so smoothly” she said” no, I know my pussy cant take this much thick cock, because our friend have thinner then u” & then she took my cock in her hand & start rubbing & pressing it & with her warm touch my cock is become so hot & hard, I was unable to control my feelings then I pulled her beside me & start kissing her whole body she was enjoying it a lot, she was moaning, arching her body, pulling my hairs & saying “please do something otherwise I will die.

I made her fully nude while kissing her & then spread her legs & start kissing her trimmed pussy. her pussy was pink in color with light purple color inner lips & as I love to lick & suck pussy so much so I opened her pussy lips & touches her clit with tip of tongue. that touch made her so mad & she screamed loudly & trying to push my head away from her pussy & saying ” please don’t do this I will die, your friend never touch it with her tongue , he always says that my pussy is only for fucking” but

I dint listened her & continue my licking & sucking of her clit soon she was pulling my face on her pussy & saying ” please meri jaan eat my pussy, bite it, suck it hard, drink every drop” u r too good ” I love u so much, please don’t stop fuck me with your tongue, put your cock in my pussy” I was continued sucking & tongue fucking, suddenly she pushed my face with full force on her pussy & I felt a heavy stream of her pussy juice is touching my tongue & I start sucking it faster, it was really yummy. I love it so much & I drink every drop of it & continued the sucking.

I sucked her pussy almost20-25 min & she filled my mouth 3 times. After 3rd release I get up & she hugged me so tightly & we start kissing each other she was so happy & kissing me so wildly, biting me & saying “u gave me real pleasure which I never had earlier. u becomes my master & I am your slave. I love u so much Rohit” I said” bhabhi u become my jann & I love u too so much”. we hugged each other & then I sat between her legs & while sucking her boobs I adjusted my cock on her pussy & trusted it in with force but her pussy was really so tight beyond my imagination,

I applied more force but she start screaming with pain & saying “please don’t do it I will die, u r so big please don’t fuck me please stop”. I stopped & start sucking her lips & pressing her boobs & said” bhabhi u r really so tight like a virgin girl, I am so lucky to have u as my love partner” she also get relaxed & said” please Rohit don’t go further” but I said ” bathe abhi to sirf tip gaya hai under kam sey kam adha to dalney do” she was trying to push me away from me but cant succeeded as I was holding her shoulders & during this struggle I pushed again my cock she tried to shout oooiiiiiii mmaaaaaa maaaaaarrrrrrrr ddaaallaaaaa but because my lips on her lips her voice was chocked in my mouth.

My half cock is in & start moving my cock in to & fro motion very slowly & sucking her lips & pressing her boobs. she was slapping my back & trying to push me away but soon her arms were wrapped around my neck & she start responding as her pussy become so wet with the pussy juice & then I start pushing my cock slowly deep in her pussy & within few strokes my cock is fully in & I start fucking her with normal speed. she was moaning & saying” jaanu, u r my jaan, please love me always like this, don’t leave me alone, please fuck me full day till u r here.

I will not allow u to go out.” by listening that I increased my speed & start fucking her faster & my stroke become so hard & her legs wrapped around my waist & fucking her so deeply .after almost 10-15 min suddenly her body start shivering & she was shouting ” please fuck me fast I am coming” & I increased my speed & she hugged me so hard & tight & suddenly I felt a warm stream of juice is coming out her pussy making my cock so slippery & that helped to fuck her so harder & faster & within 10-12 stroke I shouted “bhabhi,

I am also coming, let me fill u please” she tighten her legs around my waist & holds my butts with her hands & I also thrust my cock deep in her pussy suddenly my cock start shooting heavy load of cream in her pussy & she start enjoying it. She said “oh Rohit I am in heaven, in my 8 years of marriage I enjoyed sex in real first time. I don’t know that sex gives such pleasure. u r my hero, I love u so much.”

Then we collapsed in each other hug & when my cock comes out of her pussy it makes a sound of plop & it was really so sexy we kissed each other & then I lie-down beside her. She turned towards me & with tears in her eyes she thanked me for such a wonderful experience & then she kissed on my cock. I hugged her & kissed on her lips your feedback make me encourage to write all my life here so do mail me at [email protected]