Sex With Bank Representative

Hi people, this is almost a live experience. Today, because of the verdict, one day holiday was declared in my office. So as everyone, I about some eatables, cool drinks and opened my system and was browsing for latest news and was enjoying the food. Around 11 am, The door bell rang. I thought it must be neighbor and went opened the door. A tall lady, dressed in white shirt and black pant, hairs loosened, fair in color was standing there with a some papers in her hand and a bag around her shoulder.

When I enquired, I came to know that she is from one of the bank to which I had applied for some scheme and she is here for address verification. I welcomed her. She opened some papers for filling up. I took a pen and sat on sofa and there was a table in front of me onto which she placed the papers. She started guiding me what to fill, where to fill etc. She was standing in front of me, on the other side of the table. So she had to bend to point her finger on paper u see. She was in hurry. She asked me to fill up quickly as she has to go home before 1 pm for obvious reasons. Seems her office was opened for half day today.

Our heads were almost touching each other. Her hairs were fallen on one side which was again and again falling on my hair as the fan was running because of extreme sun outside. Aahhh…what a fragrance, she was smelling awesome…like a perfect lady…I intentionally started breathing a bit more as I wanted to enjoy the smell. For some reason, my eyes wanted to see her face. Her head still looking down at paper, I lifted my face to see her face…wow, godly creature, a ring on the nose added more beauty to it. Oh my god, her top two shirt buttons are open! I was seeing a lovely valley between two white hills surrounded by white holed bra…..

And the bra is no so tight as it should be…those melons are hanging down as much as i can see some light on the other side through that valley…her breasts were round in shape, now looking in mango shape since they were hanging down. There was a dollar making its way in between her boobs. Without my knowledge, my dick started standing up…added to that; I was in banian and lungi…! ofcourse underwear was there..but was out powered by her busty boobs provocation. Her words were like some background music for me…I was enjoying the show and they were playing in the background.

I think she told something and i dint answer for a long time, she lifted her face and asked..”what?”….

me:”what perfume u use, u smell well?”

she:”ahh…it is &^%$ sir, pls make it soon i am getting late…”


I continued but nevertheless it took more than 2 hours for me to fill up everything and put so many signatures having in between such show. She had worn tight pant n fact it was women formals the curves her panty very clearly visible. And i cud as well peek thru her shirt buttons gap to see that deep holed fleshy white naval…

around 1.30 pm the whole thing was over. I offered her the cool drinks and snacks I was having beside me both for formality and to spend some more time with her. She accepted. Meanwhile I went to my system and told her that the verdict is out and it is one sided and that there are riots everywhere( u know i lied!)

She started feeling worried. I said “u can stay here until the thighs get control we started chatting. She was stealing a glance of my bare shoulders and biceps now and then. A small tent on my lungi too.

She:”where is rest room”

me:”this way”

I was wondering how can she pee or shit with such tight pant…so i asked

“u need extra cloth”

she:”that will be very helpful” I gave my another lungi to her. I stayed in hall. She went to bed room and pushed the door but dint lock…might be intentionally. I was seeing the reflection on the TV sitting on sofa about what’s happening inside.

She opened her pant button..she was facing the door. And then she opened zip tried to pull down the pant.. seems it was so tight she couldn’t. Then she sat on bed made her legs up and pulled her pant from bottom. Now it started coming down. Fleshy, white, thighs with thigh muscles dinging like spring. The thin lined white panty was almost invisible between her ass and thighs except it covered her pussy…for threads of hairs have come out her panty…must be very bushy kind of inside there..

Then she tied lungi around her waist and went inside attached bath room. Meanwhile i entered the bed room and laid on the bed. After sometime, she came out without lungi and just having aunty and shirt..thinking that i am still in hall…oh my god….what a scene…it was like dhoom part 1 first song scene…beautiful, tall white lady in white shirt and aunty exposing her voluptuous thighs and legs…i turned to her and she suddenly covered tried to cover herself with her trying to pull her shirt down..and moving her hands to her panty…all in vain…as i was laying there cock was looking sky…


she:”so…so..sorry…the…the …lungi got I …just came like that..”

me:”u …u… u look beautiful and sexy..”

she shyly bent her head down trying to hide her smile with her sexy lips..her hands once again trying to pull her shirt down…her hairs were wet…she had put water on them to cool herself from the heat..

Then with low voice she said..” i can see that…”

now it was my turn to press my dick down with both my hands which was making a huge tent..I shyly tried to get up by pressing it down..I sat facing on onside and she sat on bed facing the other side..



few seconds gap..

she:”u look handsome too”


she:”ya ur shoulders and biceps makes me crazy and ur that thing too…whenver it sees me, it springs up and stands…” she giggled..


Few seconds gap..

me:”how much crazy u get?”

she suddenly turned this side and hugged me from behind…aahhhh……sexy pairs oh hands were moving all over my chest from backside…some soft thighs pressing my back too…

she whispered in my ears..”this much..”we both were breathing like anything…our bodies were getting heated up.

I slowly turned to her…and touched my nose with hers, our eyes looking down, my lips pressing biting her lips one by one…my hands making their way around her neck.. I moved to her cheeks…I bite them one by one and then ears and then again lips and then I starts licking her from face then the neck and then going down kissed the gap between her boob she started moaning…then I unbuttoned her shirt moved my hands all over her back…found the boobs knot and then releases them…two huge boobs sprung up further more..brown nipples looking my chest…I bite them.

Then chewed them….them presses them with my hands…them I moved to her navel…made her to lay on bed took out my banian and lungi opened her panty slowly…I see there, freshly cut pubic hairs around her pussy, making it visible now, she had cut her hairs in bathroom, i guess her pussy was hidden in that bush before that time..i moved my tongue to her clitoris..licked it and made my tongue this way and that way inside her pussy…she was moaning heavily all this time…her legs were on my shoulder my head immersed in exploring her pussy…after sometime i inserted my dick inside her pussy and moved my head to her face..

I looked into her eyes..she looked into mine…there was that “need” in both of our eyes..both were agreeing to something..i we fixed our eyes like that, looking at each other and i started pumping my dick into her pussy was heaven feeling…i guess she was as much matured in sex as i was the speed increased, yet eyes were fixed…my fingers pinching her nipples now and then..and we reached climax…we rested for sometime..then we got up. She put on her shirt and pant, this time i full filled my curiosity by myself pulling her pant up to her waist she was laughing..

After dressing up, i hugged her and gave a deep kiss and then whispered in her ears, “the verdict is not out yet”

she:”I came to know after sometime, otherwise I would have got a call from my home”we thanked each other for the wonderful sex and then she left one request guys, I am also male so pls don’t ask stupid questions. off late i get many requests and they say I must be female. thats not true. and dear female friends, thanks for your kind support, I thought youll blame me for misusing women you have been so nice to me.

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