My Daring Neighbor Aunty

This story is when I was an 18 year old boy growing up in a city in India. I guess I became a lifelong voyeur from then on. I used to lurk around lakes looking for something nice to watch, but was only partially successful. Though, I did enjoy swimming around in my underwear close to bunch of ladies who would never mind a boy in underwear though would keep their clothes on while bathing. No need to say that I mostly stayed under the water, whenever a lady got wet like I wanted her to.

But, I never had any woman interested in pursuing me further, and I cursed my luck just happy to show myself in underwear to those women. Then something happened which changed the whole perspective of voyeurism for me. I remember the day when this neighbor aunt of mine moved in next door. She was newly married, and came from a village nearby. Let me tell you that the lady really had a good body, a tall frame, but with flesh in the right places. Those were the summer days, and I slowly started noticing that the Aunty would change into a village dress when at home,

In which she just used a small cloth on top of her usual Indian style ‘Ghaghra (skirt) and ‘Blouse. The cloth would not hide much of her boobs, and shape of her nice round buttocks would be visible from it. I started watching her from behind whenever she was walking around the house. I would get to see the shape of her buttocks through the ‘Ghaghra, especially when she was kneeling down to pick something. Every morning she used to go around the house garden area doing the broom. I started timing myself to come out at the same time, to watch her move around.

She would be in half bent position most of the time while she was sweeping, and I enjoyed the huge cleavage when in front and a nice shape of her butt crack through the cloth while following behind her. The interesting thing is that she never had any hesitation walking around like that in front of me. I think she was very comfortable in front of people wearing that kind of dress. My dick would really grow big looking at the whole scenario, and I would often think about taking it close to her butt whenever I was following her. Though, I did not have the courage to actually do it.

But, this still added dun to my daily morning routine, and I would regularly watch her body in the morning, and would go and masturbate in the shower. My routine was going well till I found out that she was missing one morning. I found out that she had gone to her village for spending some time with her family. A couple of weeks later, I was alone at home on a Sunday since my folks were out of station. I decided to take bath. Since I was alone at home, I did not bother locking any doors and kept the bathroom door open while I got undressed.

Those days, I still used to take bath in my underwear. I pure water on myself and started putting soap on my body. Suddenly, I heard a noise of somebody opening our door to the gallery which directly was a way to get into the bathroom area. Since I was sure that my folks were out of station, I thought of checking out who it was. But, before I could do anything, I saw my lovely neighbor Aunty come inside the door towards the bathroom area. I was shocked to see her over there, and so did not even realize that I was in a wet underwear.

Aunty looked at me and said that she had just returned from her village, and found nobody at her place. She didnt bother about my appearance and said that she had to go for piss very urgently and thats why she let herself in the bathroom area. I just stood there in my wet underwear listening to what she was saying, and thinking that it was the first time she was seeing me in this way. I still kept my composure, and decided to behave that it was not a problem for me as well. I started asking her about travel and her village.

She mentioned that travel was hectic, and she felt good to be back in the city. While she was talking to me, she suddenly moved one of her hand to her pussy area over the cloth and kept pressing it with her hand. I think she was in real rush to go, and I was keeping her from it by chatting to her. This movement and sudden position of her hand sent shivers in my body. I started watching her hand rather than her face. She looked at me and realized that I was noticing her. She asked me if she could use the urinal. I pointed her to the urinal area which was right in front of my bathroom.

She rushed inside sliding the door back, but did not bother to fully close it or lock it. I then heard the sound of her pissing. Even though I was not able to see anything, the whole experience and noisy pissing sound coming just in front of me, made my dick move. I was enjoying the situation thinking about how my neighbor Aunty is sitting in that urinal pissing and not bothered about me standing in my underwear just outside the gate. I decided to be a bit bold. I kept my bathroom door open, and kept on putting soap on myself.

She came out and was turning to leave the place. But, I started chatting to her again and started asking about her village. I just wanted her to be there longer. Since she was done with her piss, she was a bit more relaxed as well. So, she started telling me about her visit. I kept on soaping myself, putting soap all over my body. I saw that she started noticing my body. I decided to have some fun, and moved my soap inside my underwear in my butt area. I started soaping my butt while still talking to her. She really started looking at my bottom area at this point, and probably noticed the slight bulge through my underwear.

I tried to control myself but could not stop my dick getting into some action. I noticed that she was alright to be around me even after my act, and kept chatting with me. I decided to test her boldness, and moved my underwear down from behind. Then, I dropped my soap, and turned around to pick it, and took a while to pick the soap. This gave her a good view of my naked butt. When I stood up again, I saw her looking at my butt. I kept talking to her about her village and travel, and she just stood there looking at my bottom while answering my queries.

At this point, I had a good bulge in my underwear. I put my hand through the underwear, and started soaping my dick from the inside. She was now fully focused on my bottom part, looking at my bulge and my hand movement inside the underwear. I was surprised to still see her around, as I had expected her to leave at this point. I started soaping my dick nicely, and fully covered it in soap froth. I then took off my underwear completely.

There I was fully nude in front of my neighbor Aunty, who had given me ample opportunities to see her cleavage and butt shape through her clothes every morning. Even though my dick was fully in soap froth, it was standing straight up, and she was trying to really look at it and possibly guess the hidden parts, like I did when looking at her boobs and butt through the clothes. At this point, we stopped speaking, and I started moving my hand around on my dick. She put her hand on her ‘Ghaghra on top of her pussy area and slowly started pressing it.

I was so excited, and decided to be free. I poured a bucket of water on me, which completely washed away soap on my body. There I was, complete nude, with my dick fully erect, straight up, standing only two feet away from my neighbor Aunty. She was just astonished to see me fully nude in front of her and looked aroused as well. I could not stop myself and started masturbating. She enjoyed my show standing there and rubbing her own pussy. Once I was done, I looked up and saw that she had just left. I cannot wait to tell you my morning routine from then on.