Housewife Fucked By A Salesman

By : Rrahulraj10

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Dear All, This is my first story for this site. My name is Rahul. I am a software engineer working in a very reputed company. I am very fond of sex and sex stories. I really like this site and it’s my turn now to contribute to the site. This is a true incident happened to my wife. My wife is very loyal to me. She used to say me each and every small thing that she experiences. This was one of incidents encountered by her.

In fact it was her first sexual experience that she experienced other than me. I was in onsite (U.S) at that time and my wife was staying alone in our home. My wife s parents used to stay with her since she was alone in home with our child. On that particular week they have gone to their native to attend a marriage function, so my wife and my child was alone in our home.

Now let me narrate about my wife. She is a very conservative and humble girl.

She was 26 yrs old( You know how a normal women would look at this age). Although we are living in Chennai for the past 4 yrs, she has not got the metropolitan culture in her. She is very fair and taller than most of the Tamil girls (5”8’). Her native is Palaghat,( mallu girls have better complexion than the Tamil girls). Our neighbours in the nearby flats may be sometimes confused on seeing her speaking Tamil because she looks like a north Indian.

She normally used to wear Saree in home, since that was her village culture. The person who sees her cannot take their eyes off by seeing her assets. She can even turn on an old man. She has got perfects assets to fit her body. She wears well covered blouse trying to hide most of her body parts, but you people know that the Indian sarees and blouses cannot always hide the sexual parts of women, it only reveals them.

I have always seen my neigbours stare at her 36 size boobs when they come to our home without any shyness even if I am present with them. But my wife quickly understands the situation and gets away from their hungry eyes very cleverly. She has been very loyal to me always.

Let come to incident and how it took place. Since my wife is alone in home on that day, she has to take care of all the household activities by herself. She has prepared the morning breakfast and fed the child.

We have a maid in our home that comes early in the morning to do some house cleaning and she will be leaving at around 9. After that my wife closes every front door’s and goes for bath.

This is her normal routine. Then she starts cooking for the lunch after the vegetable vendor supplies her required vegetables. On that day, the vendor came at around 10 and rang the door bell. His name was Suresh and he was providing us vegetables for the last 2 yrs. He is a very kind and good person and he is very well known to all our family members.

My wife also used to get some household help from him by getting groceries from nearby shops but very rarely. I have seen her talk to this person very well than any other person. This guy is in his mid 30s. He has got a very good athletic body. I doubted this guy had an eye on my wife, but who will not with such a beautiful lady.

My wife looks sexier in the morning after completing her bath and she opened the door after hearing the door bell, and saw Suresh standing with vegetables holding in his head.

She invited him inside the hall and put on the fan as she saw sweat coming down from his body. He kept the vegetable basket on the floor, and sat besides that. My wife started to select the required vegetables for that day, as this person comes everyday.

While she was selecting the vegetables, she heard the baby cry in the bedroom. In a hurry she kept the vegetables down and asked Suresh to wait for some time and rushed inside her bedroom.

The bedroom was in such a way anything that happens inside the room is visible through the dressing table mirror. She took the baby from the cradle by bending down whereby her saree was free falling and Suresh was able to see the thoppul (navel) of my wife from the sides. She had a very deep navel. He could not take the eyes from her. He instantly had a hard on. He adjusted his pants and took his eyes off as he had no other bad intentions.

My wife gave some toys to the child to console the child. But the baby did not stop crying. She knew that the baby is hungry and has to feed her. She took the baby to the other side of the bedroom away from the view of Suresh and asked Suresh to leave if he wants, because she will take another 10 mins. Suresh told “No problem madam, I will wait as I have supplied vegetables to the nearby houses.”

My wife being unaware that Suresh was able to get a full view of her through the mirror in the dressing table, started pulling down her saree pallu. She knowingly kept the door of the room open so that she can have a watch of Suresh, as you cannot leave a vegetable vendor alone in such a big house because he may steal some things from the home even though how well know he was. Suresh could not control himself by seeing my sexy wife in her blouse.

She opened the hooks of her blouse and let both the balls of her to be visible to Suresh. What a sight for him, after selling vegetables all morning to see a sexy housewife sitting in only her bra, showing her big breast and folds in her stomach getting ready to feed her baby. He thought of taking his eyes away but he could not avoid a very rare sight like this. He has never seen a sight like this before in his life.

In the meantime my wife has pushed one side of her bra upwards to take one breast completely outside so that she can feed her baby without any trouble. The baby started sucking the milk and Suresh was watching all this and jerking his dick sitting in the hall. He could not get the full view of her breast as the baby was covering a part of it. After another 5 mins, the baby finished drinking the milk and started sleeping again. She slowing put the baby into the cradle again and stood up from the bed.

What a sight that was, a sexy housewife after feeding her baby, with her saree pallu down on the floor, the blouse completely open, showing two big melons and one side of the bra lifted up, showing her white pointed nipples. She was really in a hurry as she knew that Suresh was waiting outside, so she adjusted her bra quickly, put the blouse hooks back and tied the saree pallu to her hips and came towards the hall. Suresh adjusted his pants and sat in his position as he has seen nothing.

“Sorry very much, Suresh as my child was crying I had to control her” She said coming to the hall. (Suresh thought in his mind, he could have waited all day to witness the sight what he has just seen). Soon she selected the vegetables and gave him the change and the vegetable vendor left. He cannot believe his luck for the day. The next day Suresh came again for selling the vegetables, nothing really happened on this day and he left soon after selling.

But now bad intention started growing on Suresh’s mind, he really wants to see my wife nude once again. After two days, my wife after completing all her morning routine started going for bath. But today unknowingly she has left the front door open. The bathroom is common in the hall for both our bedrooms. To his luck, Suresh came early that day, as he saw the door was open he opened the door and sat in the hall as that was his normal way of selling vegetables.

Since Suresh did not ring the door bell, she was unaware that the he was inside our home. After finishing the bath, she came out of the bathroom with only a towel tied to her body. The towel was very small and transparent. He was unable to believe his eyes and was astounded. Since her body was all wet after the bath, the towel clung to her body very well showing all her voluptuous curves.

She hasn’t dried her hair also. It was all spread out falling back on her neck. She really looked like a sex goddess. She was stunned to see Suresh outside. She cried aloud “hey enna pannura inka ?” (what are you doing here?) . The towel was very small that it started just above her cleavage covering only her nipples and reaching only till the upper part of her leg, just below where her panty will be, but she was wearing neither a panty nor a bra. She does not know what to do next. She rushed inside the bathroom.

She has not taken any other dress other than her towel inside the bathroom. She asked Suresh to wait outside the home and she will call back after dressing. Suresh said ok and went outside the home. After 10 minutes she came out and asked Suresh to come inside. She could not meet his eyes directly. She was feeling very shy. She was also wearing unusually a very sexy transparent black saree. Her balls were visible through her blouse. Suresh was also able to see her deep round navel.

He could not control his emotions. She did not speak a single word to Suresh. She selected the vegetables and gave him the change. When Suresh was about to leave, he heard a very mild voice.“Suresh, Please don’t tell to anyone what you have seen here minutes before”. He took this as a golden opportunity to seduce my wife.

He turned around to see my wife standing before him pleading as a Sex Goddess who had lost Her virginity. Suresh said blushingly that he has to see her entire nude body once again, if he has to keep his mouth shut. My wife was surprised to hear these words from him.

Hey, what are you telling”, I treated you like my brother for all these 2 years. How dare you speak to me this directly? “ . Suresh said I don’t care about that, if you are not going to show me your naked body once again, I am going to speak bad about you to all the people around your apartment. My wife doesn’t know what to do. No one was there to help her. She really got worried. All her name that she has created among the people in the last 2 years seems to have faded within minutes.

She begged Suresh to let her go by falling on his feet. But nothing seems to change the mind of Suresh.  Suddenly the baby started to cry. She knew that it was the time to feed her baby, so she told Suresh to wait outside, but he was in no mood to obey to her words now. He told that he wants to see how she feeds her baby. She cursed all the bad words in the world, but she could not do anything else. The mother cares her baby more than anything in the world. She went inside the bedroom, so as Suresh.

Hesitantly she pulled her pallu down and then her blouse. She was wearing a very sexy transparent black bra on that day.  She opened one side of her bra and tried hiding the other side of her cleavage with her blouse. But she also has to hold her baby in her hand, which paved the way for the blouse to open wide, showing her pointed nipples through her transparent bra. Suresh could not control anymore on seeing the sight, he pulled his pants down and started stroking his jack.

She was horrified by the sight, she turned to the other side, but Suresh asked her to face towards him. She has to obey this guy. He started narrating the same thing which happened before 3 days and how he got excited by seeing her feed her baby. She felt very shy on hearing all these. But she has got no other go. She is just like a slave to him, obeying all the orders given by the master. Then he came near to my wife and started to feel the breasts of my wife. He first touched it through her bra.

My wife felt a shock running through her body. This is the first time a person is touching her private parts other than me. She closed her eyes feeling some sensation. Slowly Suresh started removing the blouse from her body. Half part of her body is completely open now, with only bra covering a part of her cleavage. He removed the clasps of her bra and let both her cleavage open for a free show. He started sucking the boobs of my wife. What a sight that would have been for me to see, to see my wife feeding both a 1 yr old baby and a 35 yr old person.

Her eyes were closed; tears were coming down from her eyes. The baby stopped sucking the milk and began to sleep again. She made the baby to sleep on the cradle and by hiding her breasts with her hands. Suresh took his camera mobile out and took a good snap of my wife hiding her melons with her hand. Her head has fallen down trying to hide herself. But she doesn’t know which part of her body to hide. She pleaded to Suresh again and again but in vain.

He asked my wife to lie on the bed. Suresh in the meantime has taken off both his shirt and pant. He laid on top of my wife. She shouted in pain not able to withstand the weight of him. He began to fondle the boobs of my wife and suck them. He also began to insert his fingers inside her deep navel. Suresh was feeling the perfect body of my wife. My wife also seems to be bit aroused now. She started pressing the dick of Suresh. Suresh was very happy to see this action of my wife and asked whether she wants to to taste it.

Without any reply, she pulled down his underwear, and inserted his dick into her mouth and stated sucking. By this time Suresh was relieving her from her saree and petticoat. She was now on bed only with her panties. He felt the bushy hairs of my wife in her genitals. He removed her panties and started inserting fingers into it. My wife was crying with both pain and excitement. She wants more. May be my absence from town for a long time has even aroused a conservative housewife for another person.

He made my wife to lie on her front, to have a view of her butt. Wow, what a sight it was for a vegetable vendor, to see a shy housewife waiting to be fucked. He did a gentle massage on her entire body for an hour with oil. Even I have not done that to my wife so far. Then he inserted his big cock into her ass crack and fucked hard for 10 minutes. What an excitement that was for both of them. After completing everything, they took a bath together and got dressed up.

Suresh gave a big bye to my wife promising that he will not tell this incident to anyone else, But additionally, he demanded that she be fucked by him at least for once in a month. What a great deal that was! Do let me know your comments on this story and how you liked it. My wife has really become a slut now and she wants more men to fuck her now. Please for feedback mail me at [email protected]