Bhabhi And Devar

By : Neeruluvu

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Hi Friends, This is Neeru here. This is my first post on ISS but my friend Bob had posted many of our episodes in the past. I am 36 years old female with nice body structure. I have a wheatish complexion with a seductive face. I have many things to share about my life, which happened in past and keeps on happening till date. Everyday is a new day with lots of adventure and excitement for my loved ones and me.

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Today I am sharing with you an experience which happened at my in laws house after 1 year of my marriage. I got married at age of 19. My hubby is very cool guy. We had a great sex life after marriage and he had completely understood my physical needs and I equally respond to his needs. We were enjoying our life at the fullest. My hubby has a younger brother. He was 18 at the time my marriage.

He used to be very close to me. We used to have lot of fun when my hubby goes for a work. (Excuse me, Fun means healthy jokes, nothing dirty from both our sides). My hubby always wants me to be naked in our bedroom and in a span of one year that became my habit too. I too enjoy roaming without clothes in the bedroom. Due to our sex life my body took a different shape and my boobs and butts size grow remarkably.

I too liked the same.  After one year of marriage my hubby got quite busy in our family business due to which he could not spent more time at home. Due to which our sex life was deteriorating and I was feeling desperate. My most of the time was spent with my hubby’s brother Sonu. He was into his teens and his body was showing changes. We use to share lot of jokes and I realized slowly that he started staring my body as when he gets an opportunity.

I generally wear sarees at home and my blouses are quite erotic with deep cuts from front and back showing my ample cleavage. All my blouses are sleeveless which shows my armpits as and when I move my arms.  It was now 2 weeks that I could not have sex since my hubby was outstation and he was not expected to come for next one more week. I was unable to sleep at nights properly also.

I thought of seducing sonu. One morning sonu and me were alone at home. I planned to do something naughty that day. I went for a bath and after bathing. I came to my bedroom and wore my pink colored transparent panty. I took my bra and clung over my shoulders and called sonu. As he came in he was surprised to see me in undergarments. I requested him hook my bra clips from back since I was unable to do so.

He was in real shocked state since he was not expecting this in his senses. He came forward and I said, “Sonu, Pls don’t take me wrong, since you are only at home otherwise I would have told mummy (My mother in law) to do the same. I hope you won’t mind and will not share the same with any body.”  He took my bra straps with his shivering hands and hooked my bra. I turned around and took hold of his hand and said, my darling Sonu, why are you shivering. Pls I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.

But my problem is that my size has grown and I am not able to wear the same without any body help. I have to buy new one but your brother is not there so I could not go and do the same. Since you are the closest friend in the house that’s why I called you.”

He didn’t spoke anything and left the room. I wore a very sexy blouse and petticoat and went out of room. He was in his room. I knocked his room but it was locked from inside. I pretended as I am feeling guilty of what I had done and started pleading sorry for the same. After some time he came out of the room and said, “Sorry bhabhi, I was in toilet.”

I said, “Ok you come over dining table and let me arrange for the breakfast and then we will discuss the same.” I went to the kitchen and starting making breakfast and he also followed me after 5 minutes and stood there. I noticed that he was watching my breast over the blouse. I was smiling internally since I knew that now it will be easier to play with sonu. I finished the cooking and we both moved to dining table.

While eating I noticed that his eyes were glued over my cleavage. I spoke,” Sonu, Why are you not eating? Are you annoyed with me for hooking my bra? I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. But I only did since I felt you are a friend and in friends this very common.” He interrupted, “No Bhabhi, This is not the case. I am not having any problem. Please don’t feel sorry for anything. Rather I am sorry if you felt bad about anything.

Actually the thing was it was the first time I was seeing all that. I had not seen any such thing before. I was totally dumb.” I said, “Sonu, What have you seen for the first time? I could see that you are still shivering while speaking. Have you not seen any lady in bra and panty?”

He replied, “No Bhabhi. This is the first time.”

I replied in a joking way, “You should be thankful to me that I am teaching you what you have to do with your wife.” He was quite and was feeling embarrassed. I said, “Sonu I am feeling very bore today. Won’t you take your bhabhi for some recreation?” By that time our food was over and we moved to our bedroom. He proposed to for a movie and we immediately agreed for the same.

We planned for a show for 3-6 PM and we had approx 3 hours with us. I was lying on the bed in such a way that maximum of my boobs were popping out from my blouse and it was a feast for his eyes. I caught him number of time staring on my boobs.

Finally I said, “Sonu, Will you answer me one thing?”

He said, “Yes, Sure Bhabhi.”

I said,” When you saw me in my undergarments you were shivering and now your eyes are stucked over my boobs. Pls tell me truthfully what the matter is. I promise you that I will not share this with anybody. I hope you trust me.” I put my hand on his hand and started pulling him near to me.

He said murmuring and I asked him to relax. Finally he said, “No bhabhi I just want to say that you are very sweat and beautiful.” I smiled and took his hand brought it near my lips and kissed them.

I said, “ Do you like your Bhabhi?”

He said, “Yes Bhabhi. Very Much.”

I said, “ Do you love your bhabhi?

He said, “Yes Bhabhi.”

Then I brought him near to me and I hugged him. My boobs were crushing against his chest. I kissed his face all over and said, “Sonu even bhabhi loves you very much and can do anything for you.” I was kissing his lips and sucking them finally I could explore his tongue and our saliva started flowing in each other mouth.

I continued this for some time and could see his face was buried in my cleavage and was kissing me there. I loved his kisses. After 15 minutes he came into senses and moved away and said, “I am sorry bhabhi.” I replied, “Sorry for what? There is no need to say sorry. We love each other and it is just the way to express love. So don’t feel bad about it.”

I asked, “Do you have any girlfriend in school?” He replied in negative.  I said, “Don’t worry, when we are alone you can always treat me as your girl friend and I will treat you as my boy friend. Is it Ok. He replied with a broad smile and hugged me again. We both looked at each other. I slowly lifted my blouse up and showed him my berries. He put his hands over it and immediately started sucking them like mad.

He switched between the right and the left one not knowing which one to concentrate more on. Then he held both my boobs together so close and suck both my tits together.  After that he moved down toward my naval. He was licking it. He took his hands further below my waist, down to my pussy removing my petticoat. I have never been so wet down there my entire life.

He slowly rubbed his finger over my mound, he made me all the more wet. When it was so slippery and wet him finally slid his finger in and I was lying there with my legs apart and my blouse lifted up showing my naked boobs. His face buried in my boobs and finger in my pussy. He finger fucked me for some time.

By now I was so ready to take his tool and ram it inside my cunt. I took off all my clothes and his clothes and we were totally naked now. He sat on the corner with my legs spread wide apart. He came and kneeled down in front of me. He parted my pussy lips using his hands and flicked my clit with his tongue almost jumped out!

It felt heavenly. He sucked me like he was licking ice-cream off the cone .I held his head close to my cunt and he continued to make slurping sounds with his face buried deep inside me. His hands were still fondling my boobs and playing with my tits. I could make out that he must me watching lot of blue films

He rammed his dick right into my pussy. He took his whole dick out and continues to slide in again and again. I would ask him to stop every time he was about to explode. Finally when he could control no more he took his hardness out and shot his load all over me. My face, my neck, my boobs, my navel, my thighs. Then he spread the cum all over me rubbing it with his fingers. We got up and went to bathroom

He was staring at my boobs & suddenly I asked him to come closer so that I can make him bath. He didn’t stopped staring at the while I was washing him from the top to the bottom with the soap. Then he asked ” Can I also do the same with you “I replied ” Alright “. Then he started washing me from top, as he puts his hand with the soap suddenly a wave passes through my body.

But he was really keen to spend as much time as he can wash my boobs. As I was also enjoying it I let him do that. Then it was the time to get dry, so I asked him to dry fast & leave. But he wanted me to dry him & then he would dry me up. I said ok. Now he got the chance to grab the boobs properly. So he started squeezing them with the towel. Oh what a feeling was that. Then I quickly dry him up

His penis was right in front of my face. I immediately took it into my mouth and started sucking it. He started moaning. I gave him a blowjob in the bathroom itself and finally he cummed in my mouth. Since I had a habit of drinking from along time so I didn’t mind it. I was rather enjoying it. Finally we cleaned ourselves and came out. He proposed me to wear some nice dress and finally he agreed upon a skirt and very hot top for me.

Top was really tight and I know my boobs just try to come out of the deep cut. He forced me wear the same for the movie and I agreed. He also went to his room and wore his clothes. When he came back he was surprised to see me in that sexy dress. He hugged me again and stared pressing my breasts with one hand and my butts with other hand. I was really enjoying his touches all over my body.

I started playing with his penis, he puts his hand on one of my boobs above the clothes & squeezing them. We started kissing each other mouth-to-mouth, playing with the tongue. Then he said, “Bhabhi, Do you really want to go for a movie or we stay here only,” I agreed to what he said. Now we were free till 7 PM since my MIL and FIL were expected to come after that. I asked him about food and he was feeling hungry since he had given all his energy to me.

So I arrange for the food and he too was playing with my body simultaneously. I was making Chapatis and he was sitting on the floor and under my skirt and was fingering my pussy. I was getting mad. Quickly I finished up with all the work and we went to table for lunch. He requested me that he wanted to eat food sitting in my lap. I agreed and he came over me and we both started having food.

His hands were inside my top playing with my boobs.  I said, “Sonu, Pls keep this as top secret and never share with anybody. Whenever we will get opportunity we will play with each other. “He agreed and hugged me. We finished our food and again went o bedroom. He said, “ Bhabhi I want to watch blue film with you.” I agreed and he took a cassette and put it in VCR. We were watching and our own process also started. We had a massive sex during that movie and sonu tried all that which he had seen in the movie.

We tried everything licking, sucking, fingering. Penetrating my both holes, tit fuck, doggy style and everything that was possible. Time ran and we came to senses at 7 PM. We immediately arrange house and our clothes too. There are many more things, which I would like to share with you. Would be eager to receive your comments on [email protected]. I will be replying to all of you. But don’t think me as a call girl or prostitute. I know how to enjoy my life without disturbing anyone.