Fucked ISS Reader In Aligarh

By : Farazkhan

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She gave me her contact no. and asked me to call in night. That night I call her and we chatted for a long time. Then next day again I called her then she ask me to come to her home. Next day in the morning I left for her home on the given address.

I reached there and I called her to she came to the balcony and said to come in. I opened the main gate and went inside she opened the door and invited me to come in and closed the door. She was looking very sexy in sari and beautiful also she took me to the drawing room and asked me to sit there and she went perhaps to the kitchen.

She was a sex bomb her age would be 31 i can only see her round ass when she walked to the kitchen She was well dressed and milkish complexion. She came with coffee she gave me that and sat beside me. I was feeling very aroused by the scent.

Then she inquired about myself and she then told me about herself she has husband working in Dubai and they have only son who is in Delhi. I live here alone sometimes my sisters comes to visits me. My husband visits home after every six months. She came closer to me and said that she needs sex very badly during these days and used to finger herself.

I said ya I know you are so beautiful and young to enjoy sex but her are other options also as I am here. She said yes I know. Then we came closer and our lips made a contact we were very passionately kissing each other I hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips and put my tongue inside her mouth and played for a while.

Suddenly her body became very hot and she response very well by playing her tongue with mine. Then I kissed her neck , forehead slowly I ran my tongue on her boobs, nipples. I could hear her sexy voices and telling me that you are an excellent boy.

By this time I ran my fingers on her belly, then slowly I moved my hand to her Shoulder and dropped her sari. She had a good pair of round big boobs. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her very tightly licking her tongue sometimes.

Then we broke our kiss and went to her bedroom. There I made her lie on the bed and I was in the to of her kissing her lips again then I moved to neck kissed there and then kissed her boob over the blouse and then went directly to the belly. Her belly was big and round I kissed there for a long time and licked her belly. She was moaning holding my head and pressing it.

Then I again kissed her lips and put my hand on her pussey over the sari. Then I removed her blouse she was in black bra. I really like to presence of black bra on white boobs. I kissed several times on her boobs and bite her nipple over her bra. Then I removed her sari and made her in only panty which was also black. Then she undress me. And I was in my underwear only I again started kissing her and pressing her boobs.

I started to role my tongue from her forehead to the fingers in her legs. She started to shiver and saying sexy words. Then I asked her to lay on the bed and I removed her panty and she spread her legs for me. We have started to do 69 and I looked the mirrors when we do the 69. She sucked my cock and I licked her clit and pussy hole and shared our hot cums in our mouth.

Then I asked her to remove the bra and I wanted to fuck her in between her big boobs. She kept her boobs more closer and I put my cock in between her boobs and fucked her and I sprayed my cum straight to her mouth when I fucked her in between boobs.

Again she gave me a good foreplay and my cock ready to go deep inside her pussy and asshole. I sat between her legs and she kept her legs on shoulder and started to pump. I fucked her slowly in the beginning even if she asked me to do it fast, I wanted her to enjoy very well and I put her in a condition to have a real thirst for a good cock like mine always.

Then I started to pump hard and she moaned and could realize that she sprayed another round of her cum between my hard cock. I did not stop pumping and I let her cum 2 times more and I told her I am going to shoot my cum. She told me to shoot inside her and I shooted my hot cum deep inside her pussy hole. She enjoyed it a lot and thanked me for showing the real sexual pleasure in her life and requested me to give her this real happiness whenever we get a chance.

I told her I am at her service when ever she needs it. We again slept together after 2 hours we woke up again and had another wonderful session this time I fucked her in her virgin asshole , in the beginning it was really painful for her, but after few pumping she got excited and she enjoyed it shotted my hot cum insider her asshole. So I filled my cum insider her mouth, pussy hole, and asshole in that night which we accepted with great joy and pleasure. Still we continue this relation.

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