Nauker Ke Saath Suhagraat

By : Rakhiqewe

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Hi everybody. I am Rakhee Tiwari (changed name) from Lucknow. I am a newly married housewife. My husband is the owner of two five star hotels.I am 26 years old. My father owns a travel agency in Kanpur. I have a one year old son who still drinks my milk. I am still lactating. I had a happy life my husband has a beautiful younger sister Aarti who is 21 and is about to get married in my home there are also my husbands parents and two servants one is old driver Rajesh who used to live outside with his family his wife died two years ago.

I called him chachaji and the other one is Kalu Yadav he is a hard working fellow and lived with us. For the last few months my husband is so much busy with his work that we didnt have any physical relationship. And I didnt force him as we had to look after our son but internally a deep sexual frustration was growing.

I always used to compete with my sister in law to be more beautiful and attractive than her. I used to do exercise regularly and my body was in good shape. One day when I came home from shopping I found that there was nobody in home the door was open. I locked the door and searched then I heard some sound from Aartis room. I called my husband and he told me that he along with his parents is coming home in the evening after meeting a family where are looking for a groom for Aarti.

Rajesh was holding my bags and I was holding my boy. I kept my boy on a baby cot and left him with some toys he was not mischievous child then both of us went to Aartis room to see what was happening the room was locked from inside. Rajesh told me we can peep through the balcony window when we peeped inside we were shocked and thrilled.

Aarti was lying on her bed wearing a bra and skirt her panty and top was on the floor. Kalu was fucking her again and again we couldnt see it properly was it was covered by her skirt but it could be clearly understood. Aarti was so excited and shouting “ya fuck me hard. I want more. Harder.” Kalu pulled her bra down exposing her fair round boobs he immediately started to suck her nipples and press her breasts one by one.

Watching all this made us horny. Rajesh took a great courage and message my buttocks. He immediately controlled himself and whispered “sorry I couldnt control myself, I am leaving, I can’t watch this anymore”. I took him to my bedroom and said”you dont like watching sex” he said “actually I am jealous of Kalu, he can get Aarti but I can’t get what I want. I asked him “what do you want.

I can’t say, you will get angry and I dont want to hurt the feelings of my owners” I said “I promise I won’t tell anybody” he said “I like you very much you are so young and beautiful. I have seen you breastfeeding your baby on the backseat of my car through the mirror so many times you have adjusted your naked breasts without knowing that I was watching your white breasts with juicy nipples have made me crazy. I did not say anything because of my job.”

Even though i had a hidden desire but I controlled myself and said”i am not a prostitute like Aarti. I will not breastfeed in your car again. I think you can forget me”. I wanted him to force me so that he shouldnt think me as characterless woman. I told him to leave “go now I am going to change my dress” after went outside i closed the door but didnt lock it. I opened my salwar kameez then I was only in my white bra and panty.

i felt as if he was watching through keyhole. I turned towards the door and started to move my hands all over my body making sounds of sexual frustration.”kaas koi maid meri jawani ko kha jata aur mera doodh pi jata”. I made huge cleavage and started to remove my bra but did not do it completely then I turned my back towards him and let my hair fall over my shoulders. I took off my bra and made sure he was frustrated to see my boobs.

Then somebody entered the room it was sixty five year old driver Rajesh. Chachaji aap itne besharam hain, apki himmat kaisi hui” “bahurani aap mujhe naukri se nikal didjiye par ek baar mujhe apna lijiye sirf ek baar? haan bas ek baar, phir main kuch nahin kahoonga” “thik hai bas ek baar phir tu retire ho ja aur apne bete ko bhej de” saying this I removed my hands from my breasts he came on me and started to suck my nipples and hugged me tight he kissed heavily on my boobs.

My boobs became wet he is drinking my milk now from my right breast my right breast milk is over now I held his head and allowed him to suck the nipple of my left breast.when my milk was over he inserted his penis in my vagina and started to fuck forward and backward motion we were standing and fucking he held me tightly and went on fucking he kissed forcefully. I was not interested to take his mouth on mu mouth his erection was not tight.

He somehow failed to ejaculate and fell on the ground tired then he went home instead of satisfying my lust he even increased it then I went and knocked in Aartis door.

Aarti opened the door wearing a nighty kalu was definitely hiding somewhere. I was completely naked. Aarti was surprised and happy to see us like this are you doing bhabhi I want to do same what you are doing with kalu I went under the bed and pulled kalu out we closed the door and lied on the bed first kalu hugged me tightly and rolled over the bed then he immediately made me sit in dogie style and started sexual intercourse with me he held my hanging boobs and pulled my nipples. I was supporting his weight with all my strength he couldnt believe his luck of having all the beauties of his owner and thanked us.

i told him to ejaculate inside me and he deposited his juice in my vagina. Then we fell on the bed. Aarti became naked and both of us lay on his side like his wives. For feedback please mail at [email protected]