Best Buddy Is Now Sex Goddess

By: Kksheen

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Im K.Khan, from Kashmir now at Mumbai 28 years old 5.10 inches and athletic build. I am good fan of I.S.S and usually read the different sex encounters from last few years submitted by the readers. It gives immense pleasure and also motivates in submitting my sex encounter. Nelofar and I were best buddies almost from birth. Her parents and mine were all old friends and apparently the two of us often shared a crib when we were infants.

As we grew up we did everything together. The fact that I was boy and she was a girl didnt even enter our minds. We were about the same size, slightly tall and fairly thin. When we reached about nine or ten we used to get on our bikes and ride out into the country and explore all over the hills and woods together, carrying lunches our mothers made for us. We found this pond or little lake way back in the hills and went skinny dipping in it.

We went there a lot and never saw another person, ever. To us, it was our own secret pond and we didnt tell anyone else about it or about our swimming. Sometimes we would take sleeping bags and camp out together overnight. Nelofar was the more adventurous; I was the practical one that figured out how to do things. She came up with the idea of swimming naked and keeping it secret;

I rigged up the rope that let us swing out over the pond and I built the fire ring we used when we camped out. There just couldnt have been two kids that got along any better. Then, when I was thirteen, my father got transferred and we moved. I didnt like it but there isnt anything a kid can do but adapt. So, over time, I made new friends and learned to live in a fairly large city. Five years later, I was eighteen and had only four months or so left in high school and my Dad got transferred back to our home town.

I definitely didnt like it. But there was Nelofar, happy to see me. Through her and some other old friends, adjusting wasnt really all that difficult. After Id been back for about two weeks, the weather was really nice and Nelofar suggests we take a hike to our old secret pond. So, I tell my Mom that Nelofar and I are going off hiking for the day, a Saturday, and she makes us a lunch and seems happy that I was happy.

This time Nelofar and I go the first part of the way in my small, old truck instead of on bikes and then hike to the pond. Its beautiful, just like old times. Nelofar suggests we go swimming and starts taking off her clothes. I dont give it a second thought and start taking off mine. I look up at Nelofar. She has her blouse off and is leaning over untying her shoes. She has tits! These are the first real, bare tits Ive ever seen but they look as good as anything Ive seen on the internet while looking up porn pictures.

I know shes leaning and that lets them fall loose and look even bigger but theyre really great. More than I could hold in my hand. I dont know why I had never thought of it before but Nelofar isnt just my old buddy, Nelofar a sexy girl now! She straightens up and is unfastening the top of her jeans. Her nipples are staring at me like another set of eyes. I cant help it, Im horny. Shes sexy.

Then the jeans come down and off and she turns some to lay them down and then grabs the tops of her panties and pulls them down. As she steps up to get out of them I see some dark pubic hair hanging down enough to show from the rear, between her legs. All that does is remind me that theres a pussy in there between those legs. I can feel my hard-on getting even stiffer. Cripes shes sexy. Im 61″ and shes a little shorter so must be about 5″10″ or so with long, long legs.

Really pretty legs with shape to them at the top of those legs shes got hips and lovely round butt cheeks, firm and solid looking. This is the best female body Ive ever seen anywhere. She walks towards the pond a couple steps and then turns and looks back at me. Come on Dear whats the matter? Im standing there in just my briefs with a huge boner. I cant take off my briefs and let her see a hard-on. I mean even though shes awfully sexy, this is Nelofar, my buddy. Shes looking at me.

Ive got to answer. Uh, Nelofar,” I hesitate and then try to go on, “Im embarrassed. Youre the sexiest girl Ive ever seen and I didnt mean to but Ive sort of, uh, developed a hard-on and Im afraid to take off my briefs sort of. I know I was stammering and felt dumb. Nelofar got a big smile. Im sexy, huh? Well, uh, yeah. I mean, Nelofar you have a terrific body. You could be in magazines or movies or something.

She grins some more and starts walking towards me a hard-on? Ive never actually seen a real one. Cmon Tommy, off with your underwear.” Cripes I felt so dumb. But I pulled my shorts down, stepped out of them and stood there, the biggest boner of my life sort of vibrating up and down, sticking out in front of me. Oh, wow,” Nelofar says. She comes up almost against me and reaches out with one hand and wraps it around my cock.

She slides her hand back and forth a little as she holds it. Im looking at her face as she grins; looking down at the cock shes holding. Shes beautiful with dark curly hair little wavy and with green eyes. Maybe green, there are flecks of some other color in there. Shes almost against me. One of those really great tits is actually touching my arm. I dont know what to do so I put my hands on her waist and she actually steps closer.

Were at a slight angle and her tit is really against me now. I look at her lips. Shes talking and the shape of her lips as her mouth is open looks just like lips Ive seen around a guys cock. What am I thinking, this is Nelofar? Then what shes saying finally gets through to me. “The skin moves she says. Its big and solid and stiff, isnt it she asks. Then she looks at me. Have you ever, uh, you know, uh fucked anyone?

Having this beautiful, sexy girl standing against me holding my cock and stroking it back and forth is almost more than my mind can handle and all I can do is give an honest, simple answer. No, I say. Me neither,” she says, looking up at me again after grinning at my cock that shes pumping. “Do you ever want to or think about it? Yeah, almost all the time I say. “I go on the internet and look at people having sex and read stuff a lot.

Yeah, me too, she says, grinning at me. “Sometimes I want to do something so bad that I hurt. Do you ever masturbate? Uh, yeah,” is all I can manage to say. Me too,” she says. I have to do something or I think Ill burst. How do you masturbate? Well, uh, a lot like what youve been doing to me. I hold it and move back and forth on it. Maybe hold it a little tighter than you are and move a little faster but what youre doing will work. Sooner or later Ill cum.

Her eyes seemed to get brighter and her grin bigger. Her grip on my cock tightened. “How about you, I asked, “how do you masturbate? I get a finger or a couple fingers down inside me and move them around and rub,” she says. Can I see you do that? I ask. Yeah, sure,” she says, grinning. Ive never done it standing up. Well lay down I say she gives a look at my cock, then let’s go and sits down in the grass and leans back.

She bends both legs at the knee and lets them fall off to each side and then gets her one hand down into the hairy area where her legs come together and starts moving her hand. I want to see this; Ive never seen a real cunt before. I kneel down at her feet and try and look and see what shes doing but dont get a good view. I lie out almost flat and get my head way up onto her thigh. I never realized that a cunt was so far down between the legs.

My cock is sort of up front but her cunt is way down in there, I cant get a good look. I move my head lower, onto the ground until I can see where her fingers are going inside her. Shes got a lot of dark hair but its mostly up above her actual cunt. Theres some hair coming down on each side of where her fingers are but not nearly as much as up above, where its pretty thick. Her fingers are in an area thats sort of wrinkly and brownish although

I can see some pink from inside where her fingers go in. I also smell her. I realize I smell what Ive read about, the odor of an aroused cunt. I sniff some. Its interesting; not exactly like anything Ive smelled before but good. Sexy, I guess. I also realize that my mouth is probably two inches from where her fingers are going into her. Ive seen guys eating pussy on the ‘net often. I want to taste her. I want to do something sexy to this beautiful, sexy girl.

I take her hand and pull on it a little can I? I ask. She pulls her hand away a little. I take both my hands and put one on each side and push her hair back a little, to give me better access. When I do that, it pulls her open a little and I see more pink. I sniff again, lean forward just a little and stick my tongue out as I sort of kiss her cunt, get my lips to it. I stick my tongue out as far as I can and move it around, licking. Its really interesting.

Theres a shape. The sides are sort of firm but the opening is softer, lets me push in as much as I can with my tongue. Ive never tasted anything just like this before, either. It doesnt taste bad at all but I dont know anything else that tastes just like it. She moves her legs, her knees going up towards her shoulders and her cunt actually moving up some, easier for me to get at. I lick up and down move my head to move my tongue around.

Then I pull back a little and look up towards her. Im surprised to see she has her fingers on her nipples, is playing with her tits. I dont know what Im doing so feel free to tell me if I do anything wrong I say. One hand leaves a tit and comes down onto my head youre doing great, Tommy she says in an odd sort of husky voice, dont stop. I lean back into her and get my tongue in there and start hunting around with it.

Shes getting juicier, softer maybe. I lick up and down trying to see how far I can move around in her. Back up, she says, No she says as I start to move out, “I mean up higher inside me. Feel a little bump or shape? I do, theres a definite shape. Ah she says yeah, right there, work on that, she says, her voice even huskier, almost breaking. I flick my tongue back and forth and the shape seems to change some, actually get a little bigger. I get my lips on it.

I can hear sort of loud breathing or something from her, sort of aaaahahh and her hand is still on the back of my head. She keeps getting juicier and juicier. I move my hands from the sides of her cunt to under her butt to try and lift her to me so I can get even further into her. I lick down some and move my head back slightly and peripherally see that her cunt must be swelling or something, its much pinker, almost red, and its like its turning inside out or something.

Her hand pushes on my head and I lick my way back up to that shape and get my lips on it and suck. Her sounds get almost like hiccups; taking a breath and then giving a low moan or aah over and over and over, pretty rapidly. Her hips are jumping a little, just like her breath is. Then shes saying, ooooh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck over and over and all of a sudden theres a gush of fluid. I think real quickly that maybe shes peeing.

But it doesnt taste like pee probably would, its milder and her hands are both on my head pressing me into her so that I can hardly breathe. Theres a lot of fluid. Its a taste I dont know but its ok and Ill always remember this as the taste of sex. I swallow some but I know some is running onto her legs or ass and onto the ground theres so much. So I keep my tongue and lips going on that shape and then another gush of fluid come out.

And her voice goes into a long “aargh” kind of sound, more like shes hurting than liking anything but her hands push even harder on me. Her hips jump up a lot. Now her hands grab my hair and pull me away, her whole body seems to slump or relax. I pull back get my knees up under me and sort of squat there, between her legs, looking up at her. Shes got a huge smile on her face. Ive got her juice dripping off my chin come mere, Tommy she says, reaching her arms our to me.

I lean forward and would be lying on top of her except I use my arms on either side to hold me up, and she kisses me. Her tongue is in my mouth licking around so I do the same to her. “Youve got me all over you; I can taste it she says. Ive never had an orgasm like that, you were great, Tommy. Ive never had an orgasm before because of someone else. Its unbelievable I liked it, I say I want to do that some more.

You liked it she says I loved it. You can do that twenty times a day, every day, for the rest of my life. She kisses me again. I get a little to the side to take my weight off her and she leans a little to me. Were still sort of on one another but our weight is resting on the ground. She gets her one arm around me and we kiss again. She moves her arm while were kissing, almost pushing it in between us to get her hand around my cock again. She grins at me.

Now I get to do what Ive been thinking of ever since I saw this lovely cock of yours, Tommy.” She licks her lips then pushes me on over onto my back, sits up and scoots to the side some and leans down so that her face is right next to my cock, that shes holding. She puts her head down and kisses my abdomen, pressing my cock against her cheek. She looks up at me and grins then turns her head a little and puts her tongue on the head of my cock and licks around it.

One hand is still holding my cock and she gets the other hand down around my balls and sort of rolls them and fondles them as she licks me. Ive seen this in porn films but there is nothing like having it done to you. Her mouth is warm and soft, her lips really holding my cock tight, her tongue moving all the time and her mouth sucking. She lowers her mouth, moving her hand down lower to make room and lets more of my cock into her mouth.

She glances up at me. If her lips werent wrapped around my cock I think shed be smiling, she looks as if she likes what shes doing. I sure know that I do. I cant even describe everything that she does. She has more of me in her mouth then moves back up, her hand moving behind her lips, both grasping my cock tight. She almost stops and just holds me in her, sucking then she starts moving fast and hard, bobbing her head up and down.

It seems to last forever and it seems to end right away. I can feel my balls getting ready and I say, “Im going to cum. She looks up at me, her lips still around me and suck even more, if thats possible, and then Im shooting everything into her mouth, down her throat. I can see her throat moving, shes swallowing. Shes also still pumping my cock with her hand and I come again and again. I can see a drop or two come out the corner of her mouth.

She finally sits back, one hand still holding on to my cock. She sort of stares at my cock for a moment, using her other forearm to wipe her mouth. Then she looks at me and grins and licks her lips. You swallowed it I said and felt dumb as soon as I said it. Yeah she says, grinning even more, I think thats the whole idea. You swallowed my stuff. Its all very sexy, isnt it? Then she almost jumps on me, laying atop me and I get my arms up around her and we kiss.

I can taste the difference between this kiss and the last one. It must be my sperm I taste we lick around inside each others mouths like mad. I move my hands so theyre on her butt. Cripes she has a great ass, all smooth and soft. Soft as a babys butt is the old saying and thats what, she is like but firm or solid beneath a soft outside. You seemed to really want to do that I said when our mouths finally come apart a little.

I sure loved it. Ive never felt anything like that before. You said I could lick you twenty times a day well you can suck me twenty times, too. Forever she kisses me again. Shes sort of squirming on me. One of her legs is between mine, the other to the side and I can feel her bushy cunt hair rubbing on my thigh or hip and I can feel her tits against my chest. I slide one hand down to see if I can get my fingers to her cunt from the back.

I can. Shes still juicy, I can feel it and my fingers slide into her a little. “But Im not sure I could handle twenty times a day,” I say as our lips come apart again from what I read, I dont think men can manage to get it up that often well, well just have to try it and see, wont we? She says very quietly as she kisses me again. I move my fingers around in her, hunting for that same shape as we kiss.

Ive read that the third or fourth time it takes longer and longer for a guy to cum I say a lips part again. Maybe the fifth or sixth time it lasts even longer. She gives me a big grin and rolls off some and reaches down to get a hand around my cock. My fingers came out as she moved so I move that hand down between us and get two fingers back into her. Maybe she says, and then her eyes light up like she had an idea we could fuck forever and just keep going at it for hours.”

Her hand is moving all around on my cock, then down around my balls, then back onto my cock. Youve gone all soft, will this come up again? She asks, looking down at my cock and not at me. Nelofar, I dont have any experience with this but my mind tells me it will. It cant stay soft very long around a sexy body like yours and someone whos so anxious to get at it again. Ive got my other hand on one of her lovely tits, playing with the nipple a little.

Its awkward but I get bent around enough to get my mouth to that breast and my lips to her nipple. I hold the breast as I lick the nipple, then get my lips around it and suck. My fingers keep moving inside her down lower. Her hand is still working on my cock and I can feel it getting bigger and bigger. I think youre getting ready,” she says do you have any condoms? No is all I can say as I move my mouth off her breast and straighten up slightly.

Shes sort of pulling on my cock and its up and erect and ready. I really want to feel this in me, she says. Ive thought about that hundreds of times and really want to fuck, But I sure cant get pregnant. Maybe I could pull out before I cum I say. “Can you tell when youre about to? She asks. Shes leaned down until her face is abut an inch from my cock and shes got her hand really working on it while Ive long since found her little bump and have my fingers rubbing on it.

Sure I say. “But maybe you should be in charge. You get on top of me and we do it that way and then when I can feel Im about ready, I tell you and you pull off. She actually licks my cock, has her tongue sort of around it. Then she looks up at me, grins, and sort of shoves me onto my back as she climbs on top of me, getting a leg on each side. She still has hold of my cock and shes sitting up, her bottom almost at my cock.

Cripes, shes beautiful those great breasts. Shes looking down as she lifts her bottom up some and moves her hips. I can feel her cunt lips on the head of my cock. Then I can feel as she lowers herself and this tight warmth starts covering the head of my cock. I can feel it moving down, Im getting deeper and deeper into her. My cock is shoving its way into something tight and my foreskin is sure shoved back but its all felt great and then I can feel the head actually up against something that feels solid.

I look up and see a sort of questioning look on her face whats wrong? I ask. She grins at me and then looks up into the air. She lifts herself back up a little, I can feel my cock slipping back up inside her, and then she sort of moves her arms and drops her body. Its really, really tight in there. It hurts me a little but I can feel my cock go all the way up into her. She sort of gasps and then looks at me again and grins. Waiting for your valuable comments.