My Experience With Priti

By: Pabby_ra

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Hello all, my name is Pabby and I’m from Chandigarh. I’m a good looking guy with a nice personality but I was never a stud with girls but with time I became one. It happened when I was working in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a nice place. I initially stayed in a guest house and after few weeks I managed to get a room in a nice place near Masab Tank. The building was of you shape and it was 12 story building and there were more than 250 flats

And apartments in that building, mine was in 11th floor in a west corner next to the lift, it’s a 3 room flat but segmented to 2 apartments. My portion is of single room the other segment was of 2 rooms both had separate entrance. Ever since I left college I started missing my wonderful days with the female I been with. The experience of fucking them made me crazy for sex the quest for sex was increasing day by day and a new desire was born inside me

I had a wild fantasy of being fucked by two gals a wild 3-some imagination. I often day dreamed about it but it was hard to find 1 gal how come 2, I can get; it was just an imagination in the corner of my mind. Now it was not possible to reach any of them, as days passed by I started looking for a girlfriend sex partner as bold as them. One day I was having my refreshment at Subway all the tables were occupied mine table was of 3 seat but

I was alone there nice music was going on and I was having a double Decker. And a large cappuccino all of a sudden a gal’s sweet voice took my attention may I share the table I looked up and stood up and I said oh sure in her hand she had some sandwich, French fries n a cup of coffee. She sat in front of me. She was damn cute , sexy, tall and attractive, she’s a fair girl of 5 feet 6 inches in height(I guess) slim, having dimensions probably of 34 26 36.

We were having our food and occasionally looking at each other, every time I tried to see whether she is looking at me our eyes meet, we were silent after a while she broke the silence. Hi I am Priti and there was a question mark in her eyes I acknowledged I am Pabby, so you work in this building? She asked ooooh yes I am with Acs wow that’s nice” she uttered I am with Shreya InfoTech but haven’t seen you earlier!

I told I have joined recently few weeks back oooh I see we both finished our refreshment and before going to our own destination she shakes hand and greeted Nice to meet you I said “we may meet again” she gave a small smile and walked her way. Days were passing by lazily weeks followed Month turned on, in between I meet Priti few times mostly during lunch hours or in the evening breaks had hi and hello’s and some general chit chats it was one lazy Friday night time would be around 12:45 am

I was on my way for home from a bar, had few shots of tequilas, I took an Auto, roads were empty the Auto was rushing in full speed. But it halted in the crossing at Hyderabad Central and I heard some call my name “Pabby to my surprise it was Priti. She was also on her way back to her home but she not getting any auto. I asked the auto driver to park by the side and walked towards her. She was alone having to 2-3 bags in her hand seemed bit heavy after movie and some shopping she was looking for an auto.

She asked you? Alone? At this time? Coming from where? Which way are you going? I said yes Me, I am alone in Hyd so Alone, I was just wandering by Hussein Sagar to kill time had few shots n now going back to my room going to Masab Tank Area. Listening to Masab tank her eyes were wide opened you live in that area? She asked me too well if you want I can give you a lift. I said we both got in the auto and headed towards our destination and when we were near the place of my building she said

I ll get down here I was shocked n asked you live in this building n she winked “yes. The big surprise was yet to uncover after paying the Auto we entered the gate of our building and as I was walking towards the western corner she was also following the same. I helped her with the bags she was carrying and we reached the lift we both went inside and as I was about to press 11th floor building she pressed it we were in 11th floor and the big surprise was she was in my next door of the same flat we looked at each other and our eyes were wide open.

We both laughed she expressed holy cow we both live in same flat and we don’t even know nor even seen each other by mistake also here in months. Her bags was in my hand and she opened the lock of her door and asked if I like to have a cup of coffee it was 1:45 am, I said before anything I need to fresh up. I gave the bags to her and went inside my room I took a long warm shower and I was still in shower, I heard the knock on my door I wrapped the towel around and answered the door.

It was Priti standing with two cups of coffees. I was speechless what to do what not to (on the back of my mind the old Vietnamese saying, That we have met means fate binds us as I was not prepared for it because there were things strewn all over my place. The most embarrassing thing was my inner garments were lying on the chair and my bed. Any how I welcomed her in, hurriedly I arranged things there was some naughty smile on Priti’s face and in hurry

My towel almost slipped off me there was laughter and she spoke out calm down no need to hurry “somehow I managed the situation but my face was red out of embarrassment asked her to sit on the couch. I went inside the toilet and changed to a long shorts n black vest. I came n sat in front of her, she was still having some smile in her face, she handed over the mug of coffee, I conveyed thankz. We were talking of some common things, talking about her place me about my place

She share her apartment with Anushka. Who was from Vijayawada she left for home being it a week end. Anushka was neither fair nor dark complexioned, 2 years older than Priti. Anushka was quite taller, maybe 5 feet 10 inches she had a pale, feverish look on her face-it looked like she was always lost in her own thoughts which she never shared with anyone.

Priti was 23; she’s a fun-loving and open-minded person. She enjoys Bacardi with right company. (Bacardi is my Fav. too). Our chatting was going on and she said she is not getting sleep as next day was Saturday there was no tension of waking up late. Priti asked if I am sleepy, I said no no, not at all, (how can I feel sleepy when such a hot sexy gal is in front of me I uttered to myself) she stood up and looked around my room,

She looked at my music collection, my music system, and was looking at my bookshelf my heart was pounding fast as there were few porno books also. And in a while she said if I mind if she goes and locked the room and come back I told No problem. After 5-10 min she was back omg! She changed in to a real sexy dress a silk shorts and a sleeveless vest (I was able to make out her nipples because there was no bra underneath I bet) she walked in bolted the door behind in her hand there a black poly carry bag.

Sat on the couch pulled the centre table near to her and asked me to get 2 glasses I was whimsical and watched she took out a bottle of Bacardi, few olives, a lemon and 2 half liter bottles of chilled dew n some almonds n cashew nuts. I frantically looked at her eyes she churned out “cum-on on get the glasses we both are not sleepy so let’s enjoy some Bacardi with some of your music. I hurriedly rushed towards the kitchen alcove got two large glasses and placed on the center table and asked if she likes some ice.

I took out one tray of ice and sat in front of her, she prepared the drink and walked toward my Kitchen and got a knife and a plate poured ice, some olives n lemon juice in the drinks and served with almonds n cashew on the plate and handed over one glass and raised it for toast. I was speechless so long and uttered out with cheers and broke the silence. She asked me to play some music. I turned on some R and B and we were talking chatting we were having our 3rd round of Bacardi though I was bit booty due to my earlier tequila shots.

The Bacardi but I was very steady and I noticed that Priti was going tipsy I was enjoying watching her sexy body she raised her both legs and put on the centre table up her legs was so smooth milky white n well shaped and long leg, finger nails were neatly trimmed with pink nail polish. I was unable move my eyes from watching her inner thighs warm bloods was rushing on every vessels of my body, I was feeling rush and grab her in my arms remove her shorts.

I patted myself and said to myself control its not good. And then she asked if I have any girflriend? I said no there was a smile with surprise then I told her in short about my past bit about Neha my college mate now she wanted to know the details about me and Neha I felt bit shy but I was not shaky due to the influence of alcohol in my stomach. I sat relaxed on the single couch and started telling things from very beginning and she said you must not hesitate to tell me every details as I started telling her the action part of me and Neha in broad details

Priti rose up and sat straight crossing and folding her legs on the Double couch n I could see blushing, her chicks and earlobes was getting reddish a naughty idea played in my mind while telling the whole thing I started showing the action with my body language how I pressed Neha’s boobs, how I was moving my fingers on her body how I played my finger in Neha’s pussy and all things that drove her crazy she was boiling with temptation inside

She was silently playing her fingers on her crotch and she was touching her boobs sometimes cross folded her arms, she was trying to hide from me but my eyes was like a falcon observing every moment of her’s, I rose from the single couch and sat beside her on the same couch purposely little bit leaning towards her and I was telling her how I was caressing Neha’s inner thighs putting my finger on her lower thighs touching her thighs gave her a 1000 volt shock n she shivered,

I could see her arousal she was biting her lips she was rubbing her own fingers her fist was tight. My body was telling to make an advancement but my mind was telling let her make the move.. my story continued I was on the part telling her how I undressed Neha and how I started licking her pussy that was the moment she couldn’t tolerate, Before I could sense anything, she grasped me from behind and started kissing my mouth, almost eating it out.

I was so perplexed but not surprised I was expecting that something would happen but didn’t imagine this way. There was a question mark in my eyes n she didn’t stop, she kept saying “I want you; I want you so much I was speechless and enjoying her kisses n smooches, I was trying to control as much as I can but I knew that I couldn’t resist anymore and she knew it too. She gave me a wicked smile and grabbed my cock inserting her hand inside my long shorts,

Smiled and uttered “you naughty as I was not wearing any inner brief. This was too much for me to resist. I started grabbing her boobs and kissed her deeply, madly, wildly and fiercely. She responded with such excitement, passion and strength that I felt like she was having an orgasm then and there. She grabbed my shorts and undid the buttons and started groping and took it off. Oh the pleasure of it! Undepict able it felt so good!

She grabbed the shaft and played with both the balls and I loved each and every moment of it. All in a while, I became bolder and made my move I started removing her sleeveless black vest and got to live her naked boobs in front of my eyes, for which my eyes was eager of seeing those heavenly boobs bare since she entered my room in that dress. It bounced out as I took the vest off, oh my it was so lovely in shape round, firm, tight, smooth and big, her nipples was deep pink with medium areola my eyes was having the great pleasure of seeing such a dreamy boobs.

I couldn’t waste a single moment and could not stop myself and I started licking and sucking and biting every part of her boobs that I could, she started moaning with pleasure, n started jerking my dick hard. I took her in my lap and I slide in my hands into her hot pants (Silk Short) from behind and I squeezed her hot buns and I couldn’t help moaning with divine pleasure. I was licking and sucking her boobs and my both hands busy in pressing her hot ass buns.

She suddenly stopped and pushed me, off my lap toed me to my bed. I was burning like hell from inside I took a chewing gum to subdue my rising libido, I was ready to do anything just anything at that moment for her. I removed her last clothe the silk shorts, to my extreme surprise there was no panty and now she was standing naked in front of me, she had a clean shaved pussy with a small spot of trimmed hairs on the top, it was like a tilak on the forehead, looking drop dead hot.

This was getting too much for me I was starving for sex for more than 2 years and I started masturbating in front of her, she quickly grabbed my 8” steel hard cock and started sucking n licking it, and let me tell you, this wild cat sucked me dry. As she was sucking my dick I was slapping her buns hard and her butt was red. She was squeezing my balls and my hands moved behind her head, my fingers began playing with her hairs. Cupping her breasts I pulled her up and leaned down n continued to kissing her.

She was on her knees on the floor she stood up and got a bottle of hot dabur honey from the kitchen rack and poured it over her boobs and asked me to lick her clean. I didn’t need another invitation! I licked her clean, chewed her nipples with my lips, fondled and squeezed hard, and started goingdown towards her clean shaven cunt. I made her lay down on the bed legs hanging down now as she got on the bed I made her knees bent, feet on the edge, spreading her legs.

I kneeled on the floor and parted her labia with my thumbs and smelled her exquisite musky aroma for a full minute, It smelt so sweet, I parted the lips of her vagina, Omg, it was so damn wet, love juice was dripping out her labia, Then I began to lick her clean, using my tongue to probe into her vaginal orifice and anus licking the full length of her inner sex until I began worrying her clit side to side with my tongue as Priti turned on in a big way.

I licked repeatedly from her anus to her clit. When I sensed she was ready and when I put my tongue in her love hole she squirmed with pleasure and held my head hard between thighs and tried to stuff her mad triangle into my mouth. I concentrated on her clit until she held my head, stiffened and cried out; pushing me away as she furiously rubbed her clit through her labia. A classic response to an intense clitoral orgasm when she became quiet she momentarily sobbed then laughed.

I could not resist to taste her pussy juice, I licked her dry I was getting so hard by doing all these pussy licking I felt unusual pain in my groin. I continued licking and I kept sucking her pussy I made her legs wide open so then my tongue reaches more depth, I played my tongue on the vagina walls, sucked the lips and poke her clit, I put my fingers in and started fingering and at the same time I was licking and probing her clit with my tongue

She was shivering like a wounded limb, shouting loud out of ecstasy n pleasure crying out all nasty words, she was crying out so loud I had to put my one hand on her mouth, my two fingers pushing in and out, her finger nails clawing into my back, scratching but I didn’t mind. We were engaged in a wild primal love ritual, we were in our own world where we belonged to each other. Not thinking about the consequences nor circumstances

And there was some jerk like spasm attack and I could feel she had an orgy, I didn’t stop I kept on fingering her pussy and sucking n licking and play my tongue on the clitty she had the second orgy, some fluid ran out from between her labia and now she was begging for my dick, I got up, and she opened her legs wide, inviting me into her, and I obliged, pushing my pulsating cock deep into her tight fuck hole,

I placed my cock head on her pussy with a small pelvic jerk wanted to get in but it slipped aside, now Priti took my rod in her hand and guided in to the hole with the first push my cock head was in then a pause yet another small push only few mm went in, her pussy was so damn tight thought very wet n slippery but it was tight, her pussy walls was fumbling inside so I took a high thrust and she cried out loud I put my mouth on her to stop her loudness.

My cock was half in and yet another high push and it was some more in and I was in heaven. I saw the pain in her eyes, the pain of pleasure; I asked her are you ok? She nodded her head and whispered now better, I couldn’t stop asking her are you virgin? She winked and said yes I haven’t had a real cock before but I hv used a dildo. We lay like that for a while holding her tight in my arms, my dick nearly full (60-65%) inside her a different feeling all together

I could smell her breath and her skin as I held her. You know, every person has a distinctive body order. It’s like a fingerprint, and somewhere in our primitive animal memory we recognize it and remember it because it’s important. When someone sleeps with you, skin to skin, breath to breath, something instinctively clicks. As I held her tight in my arms and she said, “Thank you so much”, as she buried her face into my chest. Wow, that’s powerful stuff.

Slowly I started to give some motion with my pelvic initially slow pace, up n down motion; she closed her eyes and started moaning, slowly I moved my hips, spreading her legs and tight pussy further, and causing easiness to bury myself deeper within Priti. With each thrust it seemed to be going deeper and deeper inside of her, filling her pussy completely. Then, my dick was all the way inside her pussy. It felt so good. Priti’s pussy was stretched further than it ever had been before but it felt so very good.

We were locked into a single unit of carnal lust and ecstasy as my feelings became more aroused and heightened. Every nerve was being stimulated, my whole body was tingling, I raised her legs into the air, spreading her wider, accommodating my size. We settled into a rhythm, long slow strokes, her hips was rising upward to meet my thrusts, allowing the deepest access we could, I could hear Priti moaning, her orgasm was building quickly.

I continued to move my hips slowly as I grabbed her legs and lifted them over my hips and around my ass. Now I began to pump harder, Omg Priti began to squeal as much as she could, My hard throbbing cock pushed against Priti’s most sensitive spots deep within her sopping wet pussy. Yet another time she had orgasm, relaxing her grip, I began to pump into Her again and another orgasm followed and another, it got stronger and stronger, her fingernails dug into my back.

My tempo increased, my dick moving faster and even deeper and she had another orgasm. Harder and faster I continued to stroked after some more strokes seemed like an eternity, my tool gave up the last of its precious gift. I pumped and pumped till we both came together into her warm and tight pussy and that feeling was the greatest of all. We both convulsed and dropped down on the bed, tired, but incredibly satisfied. I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and collapsed on the bed next to Priti.

We slept on my bed and don know when we fall asleep, we booth were naked, it was 8 am when I woke with the pressure for pee, I went to toilet did the morning things, wrapped a towel around my waist, made some breakfast brown bread toast, some peanut butter, cheese spread mayonnaise, onions tomato some Bacon roast, and two cup of lemon tea and took all in a large tray to my bed and wake her up. She was hysterically surprised seeing herself nude in my room

I gave her a kiss on her cheek and took her in my arms after some time she became normal. As she slowly remembered the last night happening, She wanted to go to her room to get fresh up and do the morning things I resisted and took her to my toilet gave her a towel after few min she came out wrapping the towel around her and we had breakfast together, we were silent we finished all and we were on bed, I moved the tray aside and planted a kiss on her lips the second

Round of love session began all day she was in my room and we fuck for four times in the afternoon we slept for 3 hours and in the evening we walked by the joggers park had some refreshment and came back by 9 pm and that night we fucked in her room followed by Sunday thereafter on Monday morning I wanted to share my happiness with the whole world and Priti has agreed to let me write this thank you Hilms for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences.