Dubai Man And My Wife

Hey guys I am back with the next chapter of the story Dubai men and my wife but only this time it will be Dubai man and my wife hope you enjoy it. I couldn’t submit this story as my old account got deleted but you all can still mail me on [email protected]

For those who haven’t read the first part here’s a brief. I got an interview in which Ali selected me to Dubai then I came to know that he is a womanizer. One evening when he was sleeping in my house we had drinks and then Ali and his brother slept in my bedroom while I and my wife slept in the guest room. With severe head-ache I went to the bathroom in Ali’s bedroom and slept there.

When I woke up again I found myself in Ali’s bedroom and I found them missing. I feared something and went to the guest room and found my wife trapped between the two Arabians. She was forced to kiss them, get them fondle her delicate breasts, lick their penises and mostly she was made to fuck them as I mentioned in the last part that Ali continued to come to my home for two months but I managed to restrict him by some reasons but not always.

This instance shows one of my failed attempts so here goes. It was Friday Ali had arranged a party in a hotel. Me, my wife her friend Anu went to the party and had lot of fun. My wife particularly enjoyed it. Ali didnt even look at her when he welcomed us but when it was time to eat and talk he kept stealing glances at her. It was afternoon and after a good meal I and my wife went home, later that night

She was on top of me having sex. Her body was all sweaty as there was no power and thereby no A.C. Her hair was sticking to her face and she had her lips tightly compressed. You all married men might understand the situation of how you feel when having sex with your wife. Hmmmm, we breathed together. Now her nipple was in my mouth and I was sucking it like a baby. My wife was smiling and I pulled her to me for a deep kiss.

Slowly the kiss or rather smooching started. The situation seemed to be continuing in slow motion. The moment her lips touched my mouth I made a loud smooching sound and as you all know how Indians kiss, they just go mad and change the shapes of their lips and take deep breaths? The same was happening here my mouth just played with her in almost a dirty way if you can call it. She finished the kiss as most Indian women do as the men can kiss for eternity if they like.

She bent down and in a loving was moved her whole tongue over my penis which didnt have any foreskin. She moved her hand over my penis like you do in penis enlargement exercise and touched it to her light brown nipples. She circled the tip over the nipple which was erect now and after a few playful laughs she moved on to fell, ate me first she circled her mouth around my penis and pulled hard.

She was enhanced at blowjob since I started showing her porn. She had learnt mostly how to make a man cum fast as a result my butt was moving up and down and it kept my tip kept hitting her mouth roof. Then after some nice foreplay and a breath-taking sexual intercourse in which we loved and fucked each other a lot, we stopped and resumed our daily work.

It was Saturday evening in my house and I was careful to keep my wife out of his sight. Last two weekends I had sent her to one of her friend’s home to stay overnight but couldnt do it this time so I made another reason to Ali that she was sick and sleeping in my bedroom. Ali made no more enquiries and we talked, how was the party? Ali asked fantastic I replied

Mrs. Shah wants me to keep parties regularly as she on the whole enjoyed it. She enjoyed every bit of it Ali said, talking mostly to himself but I understood very little. On the verge of dusk we started drinking again and I was careful to my limit. Ali drank a lot and was drowsy. He couldnt walk properly so I took him to our guest room and made him sleep there ignoring his protests against the non ac room but

I told him that my wife needs to sleep in that room. Soon he was out cold Jaan, I called knocking the door of my bedroom. There was ruffling of her new saari and the jangle of her bangles and the door opened. She was my wife simple sexy I daresay with hefty breasts and her favourite chocolate lipstick on her lips. So drinking party is over? She asked in an irritated sort of voice. She had it whenever Ali was around.

I didnt drink much I retorted we arranged the bed and watched TV for sometime then we slept. I slept at the corner of the bed where the window was established. My wife slept in the saree as she was dozy at night. There was some disturbance around me. Somebody was shaking me and I woke up. Somebody was knocking at the door. My wife was shaking me for some time.

I woke up but my wife didn’t notice and got up from the bed. I sat up and observed her. She opened it. It was that Bastard Ali and he wanted to use the bathroom. My wife was about to say something to him when she noticed that I was awake and watching. Ali said sorry for disturbing and he used the bathroom. It was only 11 o clock and after using the bathroom he kept coming in every half an hour.

Again Ali came at half past midnight and due to frustration my wife had kept the door open. He slowly came and sat next to my wife who was sleeping. He looked at me to check whether I was asleep or not and then started his work. I watched all this not thinking that these nights will haunt me forever. He gradually stroked my wife’s lips and gently kissed.

I thought she might be pretending to sleep as he was becoming rough now out of impatience. He bit her lip and she opened her eyes and Ali moved his tongue in and out of his mouth, she gasped and started pleading. Ali just shook his head and made her sit up, I just cooperate or your husband will be told about the last night plus he will lose his job.

My wife just nodded and they stood up, she gave me just one small glance but I kept my eyes shut. Overwhelmed, she strolled with Ali out of the room. Her bangles made a lot of noise and I got down the bed. I went to the other room and saw my attractive wife in his arms, her mouth being pulled with great force in the act of smooching. Ali pulled her saree and eradicated it such great force that I could swear that it tore a little.

He remarked something about the saree and snorted. Then my wife was made to sit on her knees. I knew flawlessly that he needed a blowjob. He pulled his underwear down and pulled out his semi erect dick out. I was getting ashamed of myself. I remembered my dad telling me that I was one of the biggest cowards he’s seen. No sooner his dick was exposed she pulled it to her mouth and started sucking it.

She was sucking it with immense force, without giving any special moves like she used to do for me and then Ali thrust her head deeper and did a long moan. I could see her gorgeous mouth shaped like an O moving up and down his cock mmmh were the only sounds she managed to make. Ali was increasing the speed and was now kind of, as ISS authors say fucking her mouth.

My wife might have been hoping to finish it off making him cum but she was wrong. As soon as he cummed he made my wife suck off all the liquid and then as my wife was about to leave he threw her to the bed and undressed her, wow! I really love your boobs he said looking at her nude body. After that he just groped her body and started kissing her.

His hands rubbed against her arm pits and side of he boobs. He moved his face to the arm pit and started licking it ahhh your arm pit is really good he said and he didnt wait for her reply and plunged his head into the pit. He licked it like a wild animal and later sucked it. My wife wasnt able to control and even she had started moaning. He was now even fingering her with his middle finger.

In ecstasy he increased his speed and my wife moaned louder yesss you like that dont you” Ali asked I know you like it as I feel my vagina getting warm enjoy with me baby” he said and grabbed her head and kissed her cheeks wildly and moved on to her mouth. He was pushing his face into hers in order to enjoy her lips more. He inserted his tongue inside her mouth and sucked with real loud noises.

This continued for almost 7 minutes untill Ali gave her 5 small kisses and made he lie on the bed. My dick was hard and I came to know that there was some part of me who enjoyed watching my wife but that part wasnt stronger than the other one. Meanwhile Ali was now on top of her sucking her breasts and her nippples were erect and she couldnt control her own gasps and moans.

He pressed her boobs and she screamed in a really little voice. Her breasts were looking large and round. Ali started biting her nipple and my wife started moaning louder. He bit her left nipple and pinched her right nipple and he was pressing so hard that surely her nipples would be red. He caught hold of both her boobs and moved his hands round and round over.

This was a really sexy sight and I myself couldn control myself mwaahzz” was the kind of sound he he sucked her nipple out. Then he moved on to her navel and inserted his tongue in it and licked it clean. After a moment or two he moved yet lower and kissed my wifes lovely pussy. I momentarily saw his tongue move in and out of my wifes pink fleshy pussy ummm” they moaned together.

Ahhhhhhh moaned my wife, what a pussy! I have tasted many pussies before but not like yours! Ummm mmmm” were the only sounds my wife was able to mutter. She had a great flow from her pussy and Ali was dringing it all. Ali licked like a dog. She was twitching on the bed bending her left leg. Ali simply wag his tongue and made slupr slurp sounds does your husband lick you my love? He asked her.

My wife was quite out of embarrassed does he? He asked maliciously biting my wifes clit aaahhhh yes, yes. He continued licking till my wife came second time. Then he went to her side and pulled her sideways. My wife simply looked exhausted due to non stop double orgasms. Ali hugged her sideways and rubbed his dick over her belly. Her face was buried in his hairy chest and he continued stimulating himself.

He sat up and took out a condom from his dress and came back to my wife now I am going to open up your ass” he said grinning. The lubricant was already there on the condom so there was no need of any other cream but Ali took one vaseline mens cream and applied it outside over the ring of my wifes ass and then he inserted his middle finger and applied it inside lets start then.

He applied a lot of cream on his three fingers and entered them in her ass and slowly he moved it in and out of her ass and she started moaning again. The effect was tremendous! Ali had at least made her ass frictonless and entered without warning as she was closing her ass frequently. First only 1/4th of his ass went in and deciding that it was the limit he started pumping her ass with only that much amount of flesh.

My wife was moaning really loudly out of pain and pleasure, he was really experienced in all this thats why he was not entering her at once. In the process of pumping he deliberately made hi dick go inside her ass which did work. After 10 minutes of pumping his dick was totally inside her vagina. Because of the condom no blood came out of her ass as it did the first time.

I had fucked her ass aahhhhhhh” cried out my wife hmmmm and he pumped in about 5 minutes he cam again and slowly and carefully took out his dick so that no injury occurs to her ass. Now his dick was limp so he said something to my wife. I couldnt hear it but my wife started shaking her head. Then after persuading her they got up and switched on the lights. I had to hide behind the curtain at the entrance so that I dont get spotted.

I wondered what he had planned then it became clear when he took out his digital camera. He wanted my wifes nude pictures! My wife was at first made to stand in various poses with a smile on her face to make it realistic and he took various pictures. One pose was in which she was made to lick her own nipples another one she had to stretch her labia and show her pussy entrance and another one in which she was sucking is cock.

After all this Ali kept the camera on the dressing table still switched on but my wife didnt realize it and proceeded with him to the bed. There she was made to lie flat on her back as Ali entered her vagina slowly enjoying the warmth. His speed was real high even at the start. He was fucking so hard that I was sure my wife enjoying that for a lifetime.

He didnt want to finish so fast so there were several starts and stops as he continued fucking. It must have been half an hour since he was fucking with the stop and start method and he watched my wife with a lustful gaze. He changed positions with my wifes leg over his shoulder and facing her back he rammed harder and my wife moaned again aaaahhhh

Yes! Moaned Ali say you like it, my wife didnt say a thing but after sometime when he rammed harder she said it. I li-li-ke it and he resumed fucking in hectic pace. He squeezed her boobs and closed his eyes. After few seconds he came inside her and left her exhausted. My wife even after her tiredness (as she came several time) quickly got up and dressed and she didnt even bother to go to bathroom as she knew

Ali too well now as a person who can fuck whenever he wanted. I went to my room and lay on the bed waiting for my wife. After sometime she was followed in by Ali who wanted to use the bathroom and she lay beside me. Ali washed himself and before going smoocked my wife good night and thanked her for one of the greatest fucks he had. My wife didnt reply and turned towards me and slept. Please mail me on [email protected] and send your comments and pls pls rate the story.