Sex Encounter In A Crowded Train

Hello to all my sex loving friends I am Akash living in Cochin, 26 years old working with a reputed MNC in Kerala. I am regular reader of ISS. I almost read all the stories which led me to post this incident here.This is my first story in this forum and if there is any faults, then please excuse and kindly send me mails with your views regarding this incident that happened with me a few days ago in a crowded train while going to the nearby town to meet one of my aunts.

It was a cold december morning and it was raining outside too as I did not get the reservation I somehow managed to get a seat in the general compartment and within a few minutes the whole of the place was crowded with too much of people. I had a 7 hrs journey to complete and i thanked god for getting the seat somehow.I was too tired and after reading some magazines for a few minutes I went to sleep after some time I woke up.

I saw the compartment was totally filled with the crowd and I somehow got up to go to the toilet. It was hard to move around answered I got stuck in the middle an elderly man told me to wait til the train reaches the next station so that I can reach the toilet one some ofthe people get down there. I was feeling bored standing among the people and it was jam packed too.The next station arrived but no one got out and few of them boarded the train from there too.

It was then I noticed a good loking woman age 28 35 wearing a red salwar pushing herself to get into the middle of the compartment.The first look of her made me horny and by luck she came near me and was standing in the front my cock was already ready to burst but I tried to control somehow. She was just leaning over me and I could feel the aroma of her hair and my lips were too close to her ears.The jerking of the train was making things worse and my lips were constantly touching her ears.

I decided to make a bold move and kissed her left ear once and there was no response from her side as it was raining outside all the windows were closed and there was no much light inside. I slowly started rubbing my cock on her ass and I realized that she was also pushing herself towards me. I slowly kept my hands on her waist and that’s when she turned her face towards me and gave a seductive smile. I did not waste any time and I started rubbing her stomach and with the other hand I was playing with her left boobs.

I heard her moaning and I was worried if someone will listen to this and will catch us by that time the train reached the next station and few of the people were getting down. I caught her hand and started moving towards the toilet as it was too crowded people were not bothered about what’s happening around and within no time we both got into the toilet. I just closed the door within no time we were kissing each other and eating our tongues.

She unzipped my jeans and started stroking my penis it was already as its best size and she sat down and started sucking it like a professional. I was in the seventh heaven. She suddenly got up and removed her top and was looking like a bombshell in her red bra. I removed it and started sucking her boobs and nipples. She was pressing my head towards her big boobs and I sucked them so hard and it was soaked in my saliva.

I put my hand inside her pants and I could feel the shaved pussy I started rubbing them and she was moaning louder now but the trains sound made it much safer for us. I could feel her wet pussy and kept my wet fingers inside her mouth and she licked them.We again kissed for some time while I kept on fingering her and she was all wet. She then went down and started sucking my guy and I told her that I’m going to cum in any minute.

She was not in a mood to listen to my words and kept on sucking my penis and I could feel the tip hitting her throat. I cummed hard and she drank everything without wasting a single drop after that she got up and cleaned her face and mouth and we started wearing our dresses after wearing the dress we again kissed each other for almost 15 minutes and the best thing is no one knocked on the toilet door till now.

We carefully got out from the toilet and by the time there was no much crowd and we walked towards my seat. We both sat in our seats like nothing happened and she was smiling at me in a naughty way. It’s then we started talking to each other .She told me that shes married and her hubby is working in the middle east and he comes home only once in a year.I was happy to hear this and we exchanged our numbers.

I did meet her once after this encounter and we had a detailed session at her house. She still calls me and we do phone sex most of the time. I will write about that in the next story. Do give your suggestions and views about this real incident that happened with me.Hope you all liked it. Any aunties and girls want to have friendship with me. Please mail me on my id: [email protected]