The Sirsi Trip

Hi all, I want to narrate an incident which happenend last year. To reintroduce myself, Im Ravi from Bangalore. Im married, 57 inches and like going to Gym. I like listening to music and have a talent in painting. I can be contacted at [email protected]

Last year I got to know a married girl intimately. I spent a good romantic and sex filled day with her. She proved that marriage need not be end of adventures in life. One of my friends from South Karnataka got married last year. He was in my project since couple of years, and we were good friends. His marriage was arranged in November. Since the girl was from Sirsi, the marriage took place there for those who dont know Sirsi, it’s a wonderful hilly area in Karnataka.

It’s surrounded by lush green hills and is a good place to take a break from City life. Ours was a small project team, and only I decided to travel to Sirsi for the marriage. The others stayed back in Bangalore and attended a small reception which my friend arranged later. My friend had also invited his old college friends from Bangalore. While booking their travel tickets, they booked an extra ticket for me so we all could travel together. The day of travel, I packed and left early from office.

I reached Anand Rao Cirle, near Majestic Bus Station, where the private bus was suppossed to start from. The bus was already waiting when I reached there. I knew the bus and seat number, so I got in and sat down. My friends college mates were also there, but I didnt recognize them. I kept my luggage and started looking around in the bus. There were a bunch of young people at the back, joking loudly with each other. I thought these were the friends and went over to them.

I was right they were my friends collegemates. There were 2 couples and 2 other guys. I introduced myself and joined in their conversation. I also observed the girls (wives of 2 of the friends) carefully. They were young, newly married in last 1 year and without children. One of the girls was fat, but the other one looked good! The bus was a sleeper bus with bunks for sleeping on top. The 2 couples had booked these bunks. The second girl was sitting in her bunk. I looked her up carefully.

She wasnt a typical gorgeous or hot girl, but had good assets and her body and thighs were slightly plump and firm plus she had good boobs and whenever she laughed during the conversation, her boobs jumped up and down. She had dressed in jeans and tight short sleeved top. I did not want my staring to be too obvious, so I never looked at her for more than few seconds. I wanted to first make the rest of the group comfortable and trust me. We kept talking for half hour before the bus started then I said bye to the group and went to my seat. I made sure I looked at the hot girl and smiled when saying good night. Her name was Bhavika (name changed).

The bus journey was un-eventful. I just slept through the journey. It was a bit cold when we approched Sirsi. We reached the place every early in the morning. The bus dropped us at a circle in the middle of the city and our hotel was at a walkable distance from the bus stop. I don’t remember the hotel name, but I think we stayed at hotel Panchavati or Madhuvana. It doesnt matter anyway while walking towards the hotel, I observed the group. The un-married guys were photography freaks and were talking about going for trek and taking nature photos.

The two married couples were walking together. Bhavika (good looking girl) probably had slept well, as she was alert and her hair was all messed up and but her husband didnt seem to observe it. She was adjusting her hair and walking along. We went to the hotel and checked into our rooms. I was sharing a room with one of the bachelors of the group. I asked him what the plan was for the day. The marriage was still 2 days away. He said we were going to explore Sirsi and then go to Yana beach.

I had forgotten to get my shaving blade, and went downstairs to buy one from a grocery store next to the hotel when I reached there, I found Bhavika also there and by this time, I was getting ideas of humping that babe. How wonderful it would be to take her to my room, undress her and kiss everywhere on her firm body. I could lick her boobs, then her lips for a long time. Then I could have bath with her and have some more sex!

My dick became solid steel at this thought and started showing in my pant when I neared the store, she also saw me and smiled in the bus, from what I observed of her husband, he didnt seem very romantic. He was more interested in talking to his friends than Bhavika. She also seemed like a reserved girl, but reserved girls can have a big sex apetite. Maybe I had a chance to patofy her in this trip as she was alone, I started speaking to her. I asked her about her college and background.

She was a Bangalorean, and Engineering student. I asked how long she was married. She blushed and said 1 year. Hers was an arranged marriage. She was 26 years old and I wanted to turn the talk to something naughty so that she doesnt think Im a simpleton like the other 2 bachelors. I pointed to her shirt and asked how she could sleep with her short sleeved shirt in the bus when it was cold. She said she had a shawl with her. I said I could not see her carefully in the dim bus light, but now she looked very beautiful.

She smiled. I asked why she came down. She had come to buy Dove soap as it suited her and hotel did not keep it. I told her to wash herself well with the soap as it was dusty in the bus then we walked together to the hotel, we went to our rooms after bath, I came down and we all had breakfast at a nearby hotel. My friends college mates had booked a taxi cab to go around Sirsi and then Yana beach. People started getting in the taxi, and Bhavika and her husband got in the middle row.

Luckily Bhavikas husband got in first, and then she got it that left the window seat free next to Bhavika. I immediately got in and sat next to her. I looked at her, smiled and said well have an interesting day. She also smiled and said yes. To cut the story short, we went around town for some time and to some temples wherever I got chance I spoke to Bhavika. I also kept joking with her husband and rest of the group so that they remained comfortable with me.

Now I started looking more into Bhavikas eyes whenever I spoke to her. She also smiled and responded. Her husband was hopeless, spending more time with the other guys whenever Bhavika looked at an interesting building or object; I pitched in to explain it to her. I said she is more beautiful than any building in the city in the cab; I let my hand fall accidently on her lap sometimes. She did not seem to mind after some time I started to keep my hand on her thighs whenever an interesting landmark came along and show it to her.

She seemed interested after some time, we went to Yana beach. Its a very nice Virgin beach with hardly any crowd. I thought it was much better than any Goa beach. Here we played in the water for some time at one time I had the camera and was taking pictures. Her husband stayed for some time, and then went with the other guys to check out their professional camera. The other couple was playing some distance away. I took some pictures of Bhavika, and told she looked very nice when wet.

She asked whether I really though so. Then I said her husband was very lucky. I told her she should have got a bikini along; I would have loved to take her pictures in it. She gave a naughty smile and said I should also have got my swimming trunks. I said I have my underwear, I can strip down to it and she can also strip down to her bra and panty at this, she laughed, turned her head slightly and said well do it sometime.

Now I started getting the hint that she also liked me and whenever she quoted something that I said, she referred to me as Aavare to the rest of the group in Kannada Aavare is roughly equal to Aap in Hindi. It is used with respect. We spent rest of the day going around. I started touching her more frequently and she liked it. We came back to the hotel, had some snacks and went to our rooms at one point Bhavika asked the group about going for a walk after dinner.

It was a beautiful evening with breeze. The guys were all tired probably they sat too much at their deskjobs without exercise. The beach had tired them out. I said I wanted to see a temple just next to the hotel, and would come for a walk. I and Bhavika and her husband went for a walk. Then a wonderful thing happened, he said lets go back. He had forgotten his cell phone at the hotel and was expecting a call. I said the walk had just begun and temple was a little distance away.

Me and Bhavika could go to the temple and come back. I looked at Bhavika and couldnt stop smiling. We both started walking when her husband was away, I straight away asked her about the underwear thing she had said on Yana beach. Did she ever go to beach in bikini? Then she opened up and started telling me about her fantacies. She was from typical middle-class background but had adventerous dreams.

She has stayed in a Paying-Guest accomodation during her college days and had attended late-night parties sometimes. She liked Vodka! Hers was an arranged marriage, and life had become kind of dull after marriage. She liked her husband but missed the adventure. We had one more day before my friends marriage. I picked up courage and said that I can get Vodka for her the next day. Why doesnt she make an excuse and stay in the hotel.

I told her that I also had to meet a distant relative who had settled in Sirsi and wouldnt go out with rest of the group the next day. We could tell the group to carry on for their trek the next day, have Vodka in the morning and then she could rest and I would go to my relatives house actually, I don’t have any relative in Sirsi, I just wanted to be alone with her in the hotel room. Bhavika was hesitant, but I persisted, and she agreed early next day.

I told the group that I got a call from my distant relatives and I have to visit them. They were fine with that when they were leaving the hotel, I went to see them off. Bhavika wasnt there in the group. I innocently enquired where she was and her husband said that she had a backache and will not be going for the trek today. So she had stayed back! Awesome! I saw the group off in their cab, and rushed back to the hotel. My dick was already getting hard.

I rushed up to Bhavikas room and knocked on the door. She asked who it was, and I replied. She opened the door and stood there smiling. She was looking hot! She had put on a bathrobe, sort of like a night gown. Her hair was combed, and one hand was on her hip. I went in the room, and closed the door from behind. I smiled and said so youve agreed to have Vodka! She said yes, its been long time since she had drunk, and she didnt mind.

I told her that Ill get the drink from outside, and she should call her husband and ask hows the ride going, just to make sure the cab wasnt coming back to the hotel for any reason. I went down and outside the hotel. There was a bar there. I got a Smirnoff, Sprite cold drink and some juice. I went back to Bhavikas room. She was lying on her side on the bed and seeing TV. The A/C in the room was on and her gown was up till her knees, and it looked like she had got her legs waxed recently.

I sat next to her and put the drink on the table. I poured out two glasses, and gave one to her. She drank a sip and gave a big smile. I touched my glass to hers and said Cheers! She was holding the glass close to her boobs, and I moved my hand close to them while saying Cheers. We had switched on the TV and sat like that for some time. Bhavika finished her vodka really quickly. It must been long time since she drank alcohol and also the Sprite made the drink sweet and tasty.

I waited for some time for the alcohol to have effect on her and after some time she looked at me and said Ive told you about my life and background, tell me honestly what do you think about me. I said Im not sure about her background, but right now she was looking beautiful. I also said that she was putting on too many clothes and I couldnt tell how beautiful she was. Then I sat back and started looking at her thighs. I said we were alone in the room.

I really wanted to look at her beautiful body without the clothes. She was taken aback and did not say anything. I put my hand on her thighs and rubbed slightly. I asked if she liked that. She said yes, but was hesitating. She was rubbing her legs together and moved slightly away. I became more aggressive now. I quickly moved close to her and gave small kiss on her lips. She gave only light resistance, and kept shuffling her legs. I held her tightly in my arms.

She said shes married and not sure if she is doing the right thing. I said if it gave her pleasure then it’s the right thing to do. This time I slid my hand under her bathrobe and told her that I knew she was getting wet in the pussy, so why doesnt she stop struggling? She was embarrased. I repeated that I wanted to see her without clothes. She said Ok but needs one more drink. I quickly made a drink for her and when she was sipping I opened her bathrobe.

She looked beautiful. She did not struggle now and sat on the bed in bra, panty and with vodka drink. She had put on a white panty and pink heart symbols all over it. The bra was solid pink. I thought Wow! I could not control myself. I told her if she has her secrets, I also have mine. I said Im a very horny guy, and like complete sex. She laughed and opened her legs and said take me any way you want! First thing I did was put my lips to hers and give a good wet kiss.

She was a terrific kisser, giving me her tongue first then sucking mine. I bit her lips lightly to tease her and in between the kisses she kept drinking vodka. Then I straight away went to her pussy while kissing her I slid my hand into the wet pussy and massaged her cunt for a long time. She was moaning now. She had good muscles and was rolling on the bed with pleasure. I put my effort in holding her legs apart with my legs and pinned her to the bed by holding her hands above her head.

She was strong; I felt I was fucking hard with someone! She lifted her head slightly and said she was embarrased about her pussy being wet. I said don’t worry; Ill clean the wet pussy. I got down to business and took her ass to my mouth. I licked her shaved pubic hair, then her pussy. It was wet and smelled like the ocean. I put my tongue everywhere and she really loved it. I lay down under her, put my head between her legs and massaged her boobs with both hands.

She was also totally into the act now, and using my face like a dildo to rub her pussy. I loved it! We went like that for few minutes. Now she was under my control, and would do whatever I wanted. I got up, stood on the bed, and asked her to kneel down before me. She did that. I grabbed her hair and put her face to my dick. She did not have much experience in oral sex and was fumbling. I pressed her face to my dick and moved it everywhere so that my dick pressed her everywhere on her face.

She laughed. I told her to suck my balls then my dick and she did that. I was getting bit aggressive now and was ramming her mouth over my dick. She complained a little bit. I said that I wanted to have bath with her, and she got up. We went to the bathroom and let the hot water on while the bucket was filling; I grabbed her again and started lips to lips kissing. I started fingering her as we were kissing. I massaged her thighs again and then her butts when we started bathing.

I jokingly said that she must have lot of dust on her due to previous days travel. She smiled, and said maybe. I took the soap and rubbed it everywhere on her. I cleaned her neck, boobs, back then thighs and pussy. Later she also rubbed the soap on me. I said my dick needs cleaning. She got down to her knees and gave me a good bath. She asked how I want my dick cleaned, and I said I want it cleaned with her mouth. She smiled and opened her mouth wide.

Bhavika really swallowed and licked my dick clean and when it came out of her mouth, it was shiny and clean! We went back to the bed. Now it was time to release my sperms inside her. I asked her to get on the bed and sit doggy style with her beautiful pussy towards me. She did that, then asked me to enter her with a naughtly smile. I put on a condom, held her butt with my hands and started humping her. We continued for some time, and then the climax came.

I emptied my load inside her; continued humping for some more time, then took my dick out. We both sat on the bed. She took out the condom from my dick with her hands and disposed of it. We hugged each other and lay on the bed for some more time. Then we got dressed, and cleaned the room. Bhavika said she had a very good trip out of Bangalore! I said we can have more such meetings in Bangalore anytime! After some time, I left her room and went back to my room. I took rest for the afternoon, and met Bhavika for lunch at the restaurant down stairs. The trekking group came back early evening and everything was normal again.