Sex With Train Friend

Hello All,

This is a really strange experience for me, to write my first sex experience. However, trust me you will enjoy it. The whole story is purely fictional(for the records) but some part of the below story happened for real. I have a train friend with whom I talk daily. Her hubby is in Dubai and one day she invited me to her house. I knew what her intentions were.

It was a bungalow in one of the posh areas of Bangalore. I entered the house whose door was wide open. I felt someone hugging me from behind and it was her. She wasnt the best of figures you could get in Bangalore but she was decent enough for a good fuck. I felt her boobs which was too good. The feel of boobs on my back was like heaven. I turned back and hugged her tight and wanted to give her a big kiss.

She quickly moved away from me and sat on the steps which was inside her house. Now, I was giving her a good look. She was wearing a green color saree and a matching inner. The saree was partially covering her boobs or her tummy and her legs were wide open with naughty looks. I was so hot to stare anything but her boobs. With her naughty looks she called me closer to her and I went near to her like a stray dog.

Though I wasnt too experienced in sex it was my inborn talent to excite a woman. I know they dont like it when you do everything at the first minute. So I went pass by her and sat one step above where she was sitting. Then I licked her back neck, this was the starter and lot more was yet to come. Then I kept my hand on her back just below her blouse to make her more horny. I kept on doing this for a while which made her stand in shyness and she hold the iron bar of the steps with her back facing me. Now I kneel down and licked the hip and her back while gently pressing her ass.

This much of a starter was enough for her to really turn her on. She turned towards me and made me stand and planted a deep kiss on my lips. While I was kissing her, she lifted my hand with hers and kept it on her boobs. Perhaps it was time for me to play with her boobs. But being a man, I wanted to be the master. So I ignored her boobs and kneel down and started licking her navel. I was kissing/licking all around the navel and she got so much excited that she laid down the saree which was partially covering her boobs, and it fell right over my face while i was kneeling down and licking her navel. Just when I looked up, I could see huge mountains of pleasure and I stood up tall to watch her cleavage.

For the first time in my life, I was seeing a woman with only blouse and it was an unbelievable hot scene. She again took my hand and kept it on her boobs. I went close to her and kissed her with lust and love. While doing that I let my hand inside her blouse to feel her boobs. She was more aggressive than I was and she quickly unhooked her blouse to make me see things which I cant resist. She then started pressing my hands hard against her boobs and using her other hand she made me lie on boobs. It was such a nice feeling but I know I had to calm her down for me to enjoy the sex. So I stood tall again and kissed her on her lips while I unhooked my shirt.

Just imagine a scene where in I was topless and she was only in a bra and we were standing on the steps with the door wide open. So I went near the door and locked and she ran behind me. She kissed my hairy chest and licked the nipple. She started pressing my dick hard but I was not done with her boobs yet. Men are so selfish when it comes to sex and hence she sadly had to wait for me. I lifted her hand which was pressing my dick and sucked with my lips to make her more restless. Then i signed her to unhook her bra and like a good servant she did what I said. She was hot and horny and I knew she would do anything for me now. This is when men enjoy sex to the core. Coming back to her boobs, it was 36 with red markings all around. Her hubby should have been a violent animal I thought. Then I started to gently suck her boobs while my hand started to rub her other nipple. This movement started to make me irresistible to her and she started getting really wet. I could see her fingering her pussy realising I was busy with her boobs.

I knew what exactly she wanted and it was time to make her completely nude. I quickly undressed her saree and she was standing only with a petticoat. I lifted her petticoat and brushed her legs to reach undies and let my finger inside it,it was really wet. I quickly made her nude and myself too. My dick was really erect and she could not resist not to give a blow job. Like a thirsty person on a desert, she was treating my dick. She went all over it and I was enjoying every bit of it. After she had enough of my dick, I took her to the bed and she widened her legs.

My dick went inside her completely and there was a big uh and ahh for next 10 minutes. Finally I cummed all over her and It was great experience with her.

The story is not over yet..Please wait for the next part..

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