My Vacation Days

Hi everybody, I am Rajesh. I’m new for this site, but I have read a lot of story from this site and decided to submit my real story for you which I want to share with you. It is not an imaginative story, just my real incident happened in my life. First of all let me introduce myself. I am Rajesh from Kerala. I am 35 years old and employed in a private company. I am married and have a child.

This is my first attempt and I request you to send your comments on this so that it will be an encouragement for me. All names changed for privacy as you know, one cannot forget his first sexual intercourse. So I here narrate my first sexual experience. It happened when I was only 18 at that time I was waiting for my exam result there was a vacant house near our home, which was owned by my father.

One day my Uncle and aunty came our house and asked my father to give this house for rent. They were my distant relatives. They were from Kozhikode District and uncle was an employee. He was transferred to this District and that is why they were searching for a home. My father agreed to give the house for rent. Susan Aunty was a fascinating figure. She was 35 at that time. She had large boobs, big round ass and a fair complexion.

Her big boobs always reminded me coconuts. The swaying motion of her butts was a feast to the watching eyes. She was tall and a little bit fatty but it had not affected her body shape. Her body shape was like that of the famous South Indian actress Namitha though their marriage was 10 years ago they had no child. I went to their house at the first day itself and helped them to arrange the household things when I was about to leave.

Uncle called me and said Raju I have to go to office on 8 am every day then Susan Aunty is alone in this house. She is not familiar with this place. So, can you help her to buy things from the market and grocer’s shop every day? I readily agreed and I felt very much happy because I was looking for a chance to make company with the gorgeous Susan Aunty. She had already become my dream lady and her heavy front and back nagged me often.

I was a regular viewer of porn video cassettes which I got from my friend’s video shop. Thus I know every part of female body, its voluptuousness it’s mystery and it’s beauty in those days my hobby was dreaming ladies and masturbates every female, from my schoolmates to the neighboring ladies, from my cousins to my teachers became the heroines in my day dreams but I could not get any chance to experience real sex with a lady but now I’ve got a chance to make company with a lady, oh!

Not a mere lady, but a sex goddess, I decided to try my luck from next day onwards I would reach her house at 9 am and she would give me the list and money and about 10 o’clock I would come back with the vegetables and grocery then I would spent the rest of the day time there because aunty wanted me to do so for she was alone in that house. My parents would go to work and my brother for his study at 9 o’clock.

Then I was alone in my home and so there is no problem for me to spend the day time in her house within one week we became close friends. Susan Aunty is opening minded and talkative. She would always talk with me while doing her household jobs. It was very interesting to listens her and I became like a member in that house. One afternoon, I was reading the newspaper Susan Aunty came to me and said that

She was going to take a bath after a while she called me and wanted me to bring her the soap which was on the table. I took the soap and stepped towards the bathroom. My mind said that it was the beginning of something. My body was shivering. I knocked at the door of the bathroom. Susan Aunty opened the door half and I gave her the soap then she closed the door. My disappointment was great. I began to retreat but suddenly.

She called me again and when I turned I saw that the door was fully opened. She called me to come in and wanted me to rub soap on her back with trembling feet I entered the bathroom and found that Susan Aunty was standing facing the wall. I could see her back side. She was wearing an inner skirt which was wet completely. The outline of her round ass was visible to me. I, with my shivering hand rubbed the soap on her back, just down the neck.

She loosened the knot of the inner skirt so that I could see her bare back fully. I placed the soap on the tray and massaged her with the soap bubbles. I felt a hard on under my inner ware. This is the chance I thought. I rubbed towards her sideways and I could feel the fleshy side of her big tits with my hand. I could not control myself. My hands went forward and they cupped her boobs and squeezed them.

What are you doing, scoundrel? Get out from here roared Susan Aunty and she turned towards me and beat me on my cheeks heavily. I came to the real world at once and I felt ashamed and guilty without speaking a word I went to my home. I feared that she will tell the incident to her husband and my parents but nothing happened like what I feared at that night my parents behaved me as usual.

So I was sure that she had not told the matter to them but the next day I did not go to her house because it was Sunday and I know that Uncle was there. In the evening he came to my house and talked with my parents. I was listening their conversation from my room. Nothing was extra ordinary. I felt a relief and I knew that the incident was not known to him as usual, the next day I went to Susan Aunt’s home.

She gave me the list and money and asked why did not you come yesterday? I was not well. I said you are lying sorry I can’t face you I stammered. She hold my hand and kissed on my forehead and said ok don’t worry and don’t repeat it. You are too young to do that. I won’t tell it anybody. I felt relief and happy then I went to the market. I continued my company with her as usual but after the bathroom incident there was an evident change in her attitude and approaches.

She mingled with me more closely than before. I noticed that when she was wearing night gown she would not use bra and underskirt. Sometimes she wore only lungi and blouse of course without bra and underskirt and even without a panty. Sometimes when she was sweeping the floor I could see the marvelous round globes and their brown nipples when she was scrubbing the utensils or cutting the fish.

She would raise her clothes up to her thighs and her beautiful white calves and half thighs would visible to me. I enjoyed these shows very much these shows lasted for one week. Now I could realize that something is in Aunt’s mind after that she preceded one step further when I was reading the news paper, she would sit beside me on the sofa to read the news paper and then she would place her hand on my thighs, very close to my dick as if she was unaware of it.

She would unload her mounds of flesh on the side of my shoulder or back and thrust me with them. I was able to feel her body heat and would feel little horny and my cock would start to get up and there would be a bulge in my underwear. One day she said there was an itch on her head and she wanted me to look whether there was any louse on her head. She asked me to sit on the side of the bed and she sat on the floor between.

My legs in that position her head was in between my thighs and when she moved her head a little backward it made contact with my cock there was a sudden erection on my lap. I ran my hands through her hair and after a while she wanted me to search the louse on the back of her head and she turned and sat facing me then she buried her face on my lap. I was sure that she could feel the pulsations of my cock on her face. Oh! My dream lady is burying her beautiful face on my lap.

I was in heaven for almost one hour I searched louse on her head, but I got nothing but my little master got enough massage with her beautiful face. Next day we continued the louse hunting, but it was on my head. This time she sat on the bed and I on the floor between her legs. My head was on her thighs when she ran her hands through my hair I was in excitement after an hour she wanted me to turn around so that she could search on the back of my head with great excitement.

I obeyed her and buried my face on between her bulky thighs. My hands were also rested on her thighs then she adjusted her lap a little and spread as a result my face was placed exactly on her crotch. Oh! What a fantastic situation was that! My face was nestling with her hot pussy only a thin fabric was there to separate them. I gently put my face between her thighs and took in a deep breath, inhaling the aroma of her love box.

I felt that the smell was heavenly at that part of the nighty there appeared pretty wet spots because of the honey from her ‘waist box. I could feel the pubic hair of her crotch on my face. I enjoyed the situation very much, but I did not make any move from my part because now I was sure that there is only a thin barrier between us and definitely Susan Aunty will break the barrier I decided to wait and see. The boxing with the heavy breasts and the hunting for louse lasted for about one week.

One day in the afternoon, Susan Aunty said that she was going to bath. I felt a little disappointment because normally she would bath before lunch and we would join together for the fun after a few minutes she appeared before me in her bath dress, wearing only an under skirt which was covering her middle portion, from just above the boobs to her knees. Her half naked body was a fascinating sight. There is one more thing to do before bathing Raju, can you help me?

She asked I am ready. What’s the matter? I have to clean the dusty utensils which were placed on the slab in the kitchen. You should hold the ladder when I was climbing. I agreed when she was climbing the ladder I caught the ladder. She was standing on the ladder exactly over my head. Then she placed her right leg on the next step of the ladder. It gave me the chance to view the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

The complete geography’ under her skirts the fleshy mountains on her back, the bushy triangle on her front and the fatty white thighs- was visible to me. It was the first time that I viewed a real pussy and it effected a strong hard on me. I stared at her naked body without taking my eyes and Aunty continued cleaning the dusty utensils as if she was unaware of my looks. The show continued for an hour. That night I masturbated three or four times.

The next day I went to her house but this time my uncle’s son Ramesh accompanied me. He was a boy of 5 years. I tried to avoid him but could not. However, it was a blessing in disguise when we reached her house it was about 11 o’clock when we three were chatting Ramesh wanted to play something. We decided to play hide and seek game. It was Ramesh’s turn to find out us and I went to hide behind an old shelf which was in a dusty room.

The room was used for keeping unused and broken furniture and utensils when I hid behind the shelf Susan Aunty also came there and she closed the door and stood in front of me. Her bulky ass was touching with my waist. Suddenly I felt a hard on. My dick was yearning to penetrate between her ass creaks. It is very dark I’m afraid of darkness, she said in a low voice and don’t worry I’m here. I hugged her from behind. My hands were around her belly.

My cock was pressing against her buttocks and don’t put your hands on my belly. It’s tickling me, she said and she took my hands and placed them on her boobs. There was no limit to my happiness. I gently cupped and squeezed her breasts after a little while she said it was very hot and she unbuttoned her night gown. Now I could feel her marvellous globes without the interference of her nighty. I was in the seventh heaven of joy.

I cupped and squeezed her breasts and squeezed the nipples between my thumb and finger, her nipple seemed to triple in size almost immediately, damn! I wanted to taste that gentle buds in my tongue, to roll it between my lips and suck until my tongue would permanently bear its shape and taste. My dick was pushing and leaking against her ass. Now gathering courage, I moved one hand slowly downwards.

She started to breathe harder, and my hand inched, bit by bit, up to her awaiting pussy. I caressed at the junction of her thighs and felt the neatly trimmed pubic hair through the thin fabric then I slowly lifted her gown up to her waist and she helped me in this effort. Now she was naked up to her waist. I removed my lungi hurriedly and lowered my innerwear to my thighs. My freed manhood nestled with her fleshy ass and enjoyed its warmth and softness.

My left hand was playing with her boobs and the other was exploring between the soft petals of her sweet hole. She tried to put down her moans but often she failed to do it. She grind my cock with her ass and I could feel the cum beginning to boil in my balls and I knew I couldnt hold out much longer. My cock twitched and pulsed and it seemed to go on forever and stream after stream of thick creamy cum raced from my cock leaving deposits on her ass cheeks and creak.

I felt ashamed of what I have done and I could not face Aunty. So I left the room immediately and went to my home. That night I determined one thing. I will fuck her tomorrow. Yes, I will as usual, the next day I went to Susan Aunt’s home though I was a little bit embarrassed, there was no sign of yesterday’s happenings on her face. This made me relax when it was 1.30.

I was watching TV Susan Aunty came to me and said that she was going to take a bath after half an hour she came with a transparent under skirt it was fully wet and was sticking to her skin and water was dripping on the floor from it. It was not covering her body. Her big round sweet boobs are half visible her pussy outline is visible half and her cleavage was fully visible through the ‘V’ shaped opening of the skirt.

She is looking like sex goddess with her hair till her tight soft ass. What a sight! I was in another world. Raju, I can’t untie this skirt. The knot is very difficult can you help me? She asked I knew that at last my opportunity has come. I approached with shivering legs. I examined the knot with shivering hands. Yes, the knot is very difficult to untie. Perhaps, this may be a trick of her to make a chance. I thought in my effort to loosen the knot.

I deliberately changed the position of her skirt to her left side so that now her left boob was visible through the ‘V’ shaped opening of the skirt in my effort to loosen the knot my hands caressed it as if it was unknowingly then I said it can’t do with the hands and weather I could use my teeth. She permitted me to do that. I lowered my face and bit the knot.

My chin nestled with her nipple and areola then I lowered a little more and now my lips were on her nipple. I put my face to her breast and put my mouth over the nipple and sucked. My tongue made circles around the hard little nub before sucking it harder. I heard her moan as I did this and my cock jumped to full attention after 10 minutes I changed the position of her skirt to her right side so that now her right milk tank was jutting forth through the ‘V’ shaped opening of the skirt.

I greeted it with my mouth like the left boob then I pulled her skirt downwards. Though it was difficult to come down due to the humps on her breasts I could manage to move it towards her belly. She stood like a sex goddess before me. Her bosoms were glistening with my saliva and water. Now I could see her beautiful deep round navel. We can insert a finger in her navel.

There I played with my tongue for about five minutes while my hands examined the firmness and smoothness of her milk tanks then again I pulled her skirt downwards. Now was the moment I had been waiting for. I was able to see her vagina through the opening. I fell to my knees in honor of the act I was about to perform at last her womanhood was just inches from my face.

I gazed intently on her pubic triangle covered with soft neatly trimmed hair. Although I could see nothing more of her pussy, there was a certain smell that I found terribly arousing. I can’t explain it other than to say it was a musky type of fragrance. I placed my hands on her ass which was like two white milky balloons and kissed upon her pussy. My tongue explored there for a while and she produced big moans.

Then I took a blade and cut the string of her skirt. That wet cloth fell down creating a circle around her legs. Shall we go to the bed? She asked and we went to the bedroom and she laid on her back spreading her wonder and thunder thighs as wide as possible. Her vagina and pubic hairs were most memorable and mesmerizing scene I had ever seen. I looked down at the moist, pink-folds of her pussy it looked so inviting.

Her labia were fat and large. Oh! What a sexy pussy she had. I could smell her sweet aroma and it drew me almost instinctively to between her legs. I started to kiss up her inner thighs inching my way closer and closer to my destination. Finally, I let the tip of my tongue run along her wet slit tasting her wet pussy for the first time. God, she tasted so sweet! Small pubic hairs, probably after one week of the shaving and raised walls of vagina mixture of pink, black and white skin was irresistible.

The scent of her genitals was mesmerizing for me this time and this day. I simply did not find anything dirty or revolting about the wetness that was oozing from her pussy. I gently put my face between her thighs and took in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her freshly cleaned genitals. I felt that the smell was heavenly then I opened my mouth and pressed my face on her genitals. It was juicy like a fully ripe mango. I started drinking the fluid, this fluid made me thirstier the more I drank.

She locked my head with her thighs and pushing my head into her pussy. I inserted my finger into her vagina. This action of mine made her shiver and she gasped for a moment, tightening her grip with her thighs on my face. I began to chew her love box with my lips and my teeth and sucked her wet pussy tasting the love juice. Her hips began to rock back and forth as I continued to lick her sweet pussy.

I alternated between sucking gently on her swollen clit and letting my tongue dart in and out of her wet opening. She moaned softly and I could tell she really enjoyed the attention I was giving her and before long, she surprised me by moving around into a 69 position. She slid my underwear down and my hard cock sprang free, hitting her right in the cheek. She grabbed my cock with her soft hands and began to suck greedily on it.

She had my entire length in her mouth and was playing gently with my balls as I continued to lick her wet slit. My cock began to throb as I felt her lips wrapped around it and I knew that I wouldnt last much longer. I continued my assault on her pussy and even began to tease her puckered little asshole with my fingers. I wanted so badly to make her cum. She stopped sucking my cock long enough to let out a loud moan and she was reaching her first orgasm.

Her hips bucked again and she started to grind her pussy against my mouth, covering my face with her juices. My aunty kept her hand over my head, and was murmuring excitedly then she moved up and within a few seconds was sitting on top of my face lightly. I still remember her beautiful cunt spread right over my mouth. The heavenly smell emanating from her love-box was making me go bloody crazy. She forced her leaky cunt on my mouth and I started licking it again.

I enjoyed the taste of her juice now. Oh, what a feeling it was and the way she moved on my face, my whole face was covered by her love juice and my own saliva like a face cream with time, she began to move faster and faster. She gave out a soft cry, her thighs tightened over my face and then just like the last time she burst out releasing a stream of fluid from her cunt, making me choke in it.

Oh! God! Fuck me, Raju please fuck me now! She cried out and lay on the bed. She laid on her back spreading her legs as wide as possible and her pussy was beautiful like a lotus. I touched her love hole with the tip of my swollen cock and pressed. My member slipped into her honey pot without guidance, as though they had made love many times. I heard her groaning, felt the vibration.

I guided my hard cock into her and I slid deep up into her and it felt so good. I began to fuck her slowly and it was lovely and then she said to increase my pace. She started thrusting against me faster and faster and I immediately knew she was going to have another orgasm and she began pushing up hard trying to get more of my young cock. My thrusts weren’t gentle any more.

I gave her the most intense orgasm and was still pounding her hard. Then I thrust it in her as deeply as I could possibly go and my cock twitched and pulsed and it seemed to go on forever. I had filled her with my sperm. She pulled away and my cock came out of her she jumped up and a large glob of white sticky semen flooded out of her pussy.

I was panting I Iay for a while resting my head on her breasts. That was the first one. Then for the next two months we continued this and but unfortunately Uncle transferred from this place and I lost her and once again I request you to send your comments on this. I will be available at [email protected] All kind of comments are mostly welcome, bye!