Kind Of Relationship

Hi friends I am Babu from south Tamil nadu and working in Chennai my age is 25 bac choler staying alone in a room. I use to go by bus to my office from Saligramam to central for last 2 years there are lot of bus friends to me. We use to share sweets for festival in the bus and celebrate women day and national festival in the bus in my stop one lady use to come and catch the same bus in the morning and evening we return in the same time.
So daily we use to smile each other because we are closer than other friends. She looks so good but looks like elder than me. I am from very good family so I don’t have any bad idea on girls recently I bought an old car first day I took that car to my office in the bus stop I saw her standing for bus. I reach her and smiled at her she asked this is your car. I told yes I bought last week 11 November 2011 and just like that asked her come and I will drop you in the central on the way to my office she also join me.
We had a nice time just talked general topic. Weekly twice I use to go office in car mostly I used to pick her and after a month we shared our mobile number and her name is Anu. We do not chat each other in phone only if I go office in car I will call her and December 31 Saturday evening night at 10 pm and I had full drinks and went to bed. I got a call from Anu and I just ignore that call, second time she called me. I attended the call she told that.
She was in central and no bus is there and so many guys are enjoying New Year part and situation is bad can you please pick me. I am in dilemma and later I said ok and I have reached central and picked her, she was in full white dress looks like angle. She asked me that you will drink ha? I told yes I am a social drinker. That New Year is full of rain she is drenched fully and because of that she avoid travelling in bus and call me she told.
That time only I noticed her, she looks so sexy in white dress. That is the first time I got bad idea on her. She asked you had dinner, I told no, she told lot of thank to me and that is the day we really came to know each other. She is a widow and her age is 31, within 3 months after marriage her husband meet with an accident and she was lived with her mother for 3 years after her husband now she is alone for past two years. We reached her house and she asked me come in and she told it’s too late.
I will prepare dinner have it and go actually I was in full mode of sex there is another three reasons, one is and I am in full boost second is she is alone, this is the fine chance and third main reason is her white dress is so transparent and made me to tell ok and it became 11.45 PM and after dinner we shared New Year wishes each other. It became almost 12.45 AM. Now I started telling reason that now police will catch me for drink and drive.
It’s 1 am now and so I will sleep here and go in the morning. She was totally shocked and without interest said ok. Told me to sleep in bed room and she will sleep in the couch because it’s a single bed room house. That night I come out in half an hour and she is in deep sleep and her nighty goes up I took her sexy photos in my mobile. My cock became erected this is the first time I am seeing a nice figure sleep with improper dress even though we are alone.
I don’t have guts to touch her and slowly I took my cock out she turned I was shocked my erected 7” cock became 3” in a second. I went in to the room and saw her from the key hole. She was still in deep sleep only my body became shivering after 10 mints I came out with my huge erected cock and still she is in deep sleep. I had a thought of touch her boobs but I don’t have guts. I have brought all my guts and touch the blood. She was disturbed she gave some movement again.
I ran in to the room she changed her position. This position is nice one where I can see her cleavage. My first view of a girl’s skin what a white bulge cleavage made me horror and slowly I kept my lips that movement is like a heaven how to explain it’s a fear and sex mood joint together and made me to feel like anything in front of her and I had a blow job with my cock ejaculated the little sperm in her hand and went in to the room.
I have take some snap of here cleavage and sexy photos of her and after some time she changed the position by lifting one leg half bend and another flat, this gave me another idea of inserting my hand in to her nighty slowly I inserted it to some extend but accidentally I touch her tights she gave a movement again. I went in to the room and came back after some time she was showing her dike and slept. I touched dike over the dress only with my erected cock and slowly rubbed on it this time.
I have some guts because she is turned opposite side again I ejaculated now I put little on her lips and ran in to the room she woke up. I just looked form the key hole she stand form the couch. I was shocked I thought that she is going to come here to scold me. Its full of shivering and I am drenched in sweat but she went somewhere came with water bottle and drank some and keep near and slept again.
Now I felt that I am a very bad guy felt so badly on me. My entire sex mood is gone off in fear and once ejaculation is also completed now it’s time 5 am and I started sleeping in the morning 7 am heard the sound of opening wardrobe. I opened one eyes and saw its Anu in bathing towel with wet hair and body turned toward wardrobe my cock was erected and I can’t control in the morning all of a sudden.
I got guts and second thought is removing bath towel is easy to rape her and catch her from my back she was shocked and tried to escape but my cock touch her dike and her towel also went down and her face change she felt down. Babu leaves me what are you doing, I am planning to go temple for New Year and this is not your character right. I told Anu I don’t know how I got this guts but in a moment it happened.
I don’t have second ideas to leave you because now you came to know about me, so sorry. I have inserted bed sheet in her mouth and using my shirt tied her hand in the backside, slowly I came front of her by turning her to floor and removed my pant and her towel and sit on her hip now my cock is rubbing in her pussy it’s a very good feeling this tempt me more and I moved my hip to get that pleasure that is like without using my hand I’m trying to insert my cock into her pussy.
Now is sitting in her hip and bend to suck her boobs similarly trying to insert my cock into her pussy actually this is my first sex experience so I don’t know where to inset using one hand to hold her and in other I have moved my cock to search the hole her face turned so beautiful like a drunken girl, I came to understand her that she is also interested slowly I licked her boobs.
Later I go idea to insert my cock into her mouth so I removed bed sheet from her mouth. She told babu u don’t know about sex right she told. I was shocked because my first experience shows that and she had sex experience right. She told I will teach you, long time I don’t had sex in this middle age u have tempted me a lot and she told me where to start, how to foreplay, how to seduce a girl and we had nice sex that day around 4 times.
Now also she uses to call me if she needs sex and I use to call her if I need it. I have shaved her pubic hairs and licked her pussy she uses to suck my cock. We have not hidden anything between us, she is the first one in the world I have not hide anything. I don’t know what the relationship between us is but we are true friends still now I have not had anything to her and she also even people use to hide something to all the relationship in the world but we don’t.
This ISS uploading also I told her. She uses to tell me that your wife is very lucky because I thought all about sex and how to maximum satisfy a girl in sex. In India most of the girls are not satisfied by her husband in their life time they don’t have good sex experience but your wife will have it and she told me that till your marriage you have sex with me after that, be true in your family life make it fulfill to her (my wife) alone and actually she will tell she is lucky to have a good friend like me and I have fulfilled her husband job like that she told me. This is a really story if you have any comment about our relationship please reach me in [email protected] Thanks.