Love To Lust With Neelam Bhabhi

Hi all ISS readers, this is your very own Rahul from Bangalore. I have been a regular reader of ISS from my college times and today I am here to narrate one story of mine which happened when I was studying in my college and let me first describe about myself and I am Rahul, age 23, 5’10’’, unmarried, good looking slim guy having a dick of length 6’ and thickness 2’.

I don’t believe in boosting my dick’s length like most of the writers do here. I believe that length doesn’t matter at all. The thing that matters is the thrust and the stamina you have to take the adventures of love making far more beyond the expectations of your partner’s. This story of mine happened when I was studying in Dehradun doing my B. Tech 3rd year from a reputed college there and I shifted from the hostel of my college and start living in a locality near my college.

It was quite a big double storey house and my room was at first floor and there was one apartment and one double room also on first floor. The double room was occupied was guys from my college itself and in the apartment a family was living. Now without wasting much of your time let me take you to main incident which happened between me and Neelam bhabhi about Neelam bhabhi, she was married to a contractor Mr. Shivam for 7 years and was having 2 kids.

She was a mind blowing lady aged 29 years and assets 35 28 36 and she was damn sexy lady with a charm no one can resist when I shifted to this new place, I was invited for dinner by Neelam bhabhi and her husband and this was the first time when I saw her wearing blue chiffon sari with matching blouse and she must have taken a bath because her hairs were wet and thereby enhancing her beauty.

I just fell for her at that moment itself and yes, it was not about sex. I really was in love with her and the dinner was quite enjoyable for me as I was continuously admiring her beauty. I also complimented her for her sari and also that she is looking a real beauty in that sari when her husband had gone to attend a phone call. The dinner was over after some healthy talks and I bid them thanks for inviting me and complimented bhabhi that the food was really delicious indeed.

It was delicious because it was made by those two beautiful hands and next day the daily routine started like going to college and coming late after partying at friend’s place that’s why I was not able to see or meet her for a number of days. Now comes Saturday, I took off from the college as there were not much of studies going in college. I woke up late that day and was feeling a lot hungry so I went to nearby dhabas for having my lunch when I was returning after having lunch.

I saw Neelam bhabhi in a departmental store nearby. I thought that it’s been so many days. I have not met or greeted her and she must be thinking that I was only concerned with the dinner I had that day and I went there and start pretending as if I was there to buy some goods. She was wearing a black sari and was looking like an angel and I took some biscuit packets and came to counter to get them billed. She was standing just in front of me in the line.

She didn’t even notice me at all as if she was busy in her own thoughts. She got her things billed and went outside the departmental store. I also paid for the things I bought and immediately followed her. She was a carrying a lot of stuff and that’s why she was walking very slowly. I reached near her and greeted her as if I had found her by accident. I took the poll bags from her hands as it was quite heavy for her to carry.

She felt a bit relaxed when I took her bags and we started chatting on our way back to home. We reached home and she unlocked her apartment and gave me way to walk in. I enquired about her children. She said her daughter has not yet returned from the school and her mother in law took her son to their place when they came last week. I was not aware that her mother in law visited there place as I was hardly at my room last week.

She directed me to their kitchen where I placed the bags on the shelf and while doing so one polybag slipped from my hand to the ground. She immediately bend down to pick the things up and in a hurry her pallu slipped from her shoulder and revealed the most beautiful pair of boobs hanging inside her blouse. She did not notice that her pallu had fallen down but my eyes were fixed on those pair of boobs which were trying hard to burst out of the blouse.

I got an instantaneous hard on causing a tent in my shorts which I did not notice. Neelam bhabhi took the stuff which have fallen down and lifted them towards me so that and I can put them on shelf and I did not saw that she was giving any stuff to me because my eyes were fixed at her beautiful melons. She looked up towards me and saw the tent growing in my shorts. She at once looked down towards her pallu and shouted shit and immediately lifted her pallu to cover herself after covering her pallu.

She literally shouted at me to leave her apartment just now in a hurry I moved out and directly went to my room. I was damn scared that she might tell everything to her husband and he will report this to the owner of the house and in that case I will have to leave the room also but it was a mixed feeling inside my heart and I was scared for losing the room and at the same time I could not forget the sight of her beautiful melons.

I masturbated thrice that night just thinking about her and my love for her was changed to lust for her and I want to have her at any cost now. I could not sleep the whole night and was continuously thinking of any idea which could save me from vacating the place and yes before going to sleep I got an idea which I thought would not only save me from leaving the place but also can fulfil my lust of having her.

Next day it was Sunday and I got up late since I slept late last night and was just rethinking my plan for the day when I saw Neelam bhabhi from my window. She was wearing a yellow color nighty and was looking damn stunning; even she did not have taken bath till now. I don’t know how come her husband doesnt look at her beauty. If I would have been in his place then I would have hardly left her for a second. She came to dry up some clothes and also to pick up those which were dried by now.

A clothe fall from the rope very near to my window and she came near my window to pick that cloth up again she bends down to pick that clothe up, and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any bra inside her nighty and I could clearly see her big round boobs and her small pink aloe. Trust me friends, none of you had ever seen such sexy pair of boobs in your life. My eyes were wide open and my dick was scratching inside my undies to get out.

She picked that clothe up and accidently looked at my window and she again saw me peeping at her melons. I hurriedly closed my window and sat on my bed it was twice in two days and now I believed that she was not going to spare me. This time I could think of any other plans except the one last night. But the situations had gone worse since yesterday without thinking anything I took my bike and reached a wine shop and bought one bottle of black dog.

I knew her husband Mr. Shivam is very fond of royal drinks, so I bought that bottle and eagerly waited for the night at around 8 pm. I rang the bell of their apartment. I wrapped the bottle of Black Dog in a very nice gift wrap so that it should appear as a gift for Shivam. She opened the gate and my god she was looking damn beautiful and sexy in her jeans and white top. I had seen her in jeans and top for the very first time. She in a harsh tone asked me what’s the matter?

Why are you here at this time? I asked for her husband and she did not even invite me inside and called her husband that somebody is there at the door for him. Shivam came at the door and I greeted him and gave him the wrapped bottle as a gift. He asked me Rahul why did you bring us a gift? I said Shivam, you invited me for that dinner and I didn’t get any chance for thanking you for that dinner so I brought this as a gift for thanks giving.

He laughed and said “Dude its ok we are neighbours and you need not to do any formalities with us” and he invited me inside. That was the first success of my plan. We went inside and sat in their drawing room. He opened the gift wrap and on seeing the bottle smiled and laughed and said you seriously know my taste dude. He then went inside the kitchen and brought two glasses along with a packet of Namkeen and sat beside me on the sofa.

Now the series of drinks had started and we continued till 4 pegs and then Shivam called Neelam and asked her to bring some ice. She brought some ice and literally thrown those on sofa table. I knew she was still mad at me but today I was not in mood to leave her untouched. I noticed that she was having some redness in her eyes as if she was weeping in her room. The session for drinks continued till Shivam was completely out and he started puking near the sofa itself.

I called Neelam to help me take him to the bathroom. She came and helped me lifting up when I was lifting Shivam up my hand accidently brushed the breast corner of Neelam and a wave of current went through my body. My dick started rising up and saluted the beauty of Neelam. We both took Shivam to bathroom and after that took him to the bedroom where he did not took a minute to sleep. I returned back to drawing room to finish up my drink and Neelam followed me.

There I can see straight in her eyes and I can see that she was definitely crying as I was sipping my drink, she came near me and slapped me tight on my face. I lost hold of glass and it broke on falling on ground. I looked at Neelam and she was still having tears in her eyes. She shouted why are you here? To ruin my life? I said no Neelam, I was here just to thank you both for that welcome dinner.

She said like this you want to thank me by making my husband drink like hell, this is your way to thank me by making things worse for me. I am very much sick of my husband’s drinking habit and you didn’t found any gift other than this poison which is ruining my life” and she started crying. Tears were falling down her cheeks making them red. She was looking more beautiful than any time back.

I said “sorry Neelam bhabhi, I didn’t wanted this all to happen please don’t cry, I can’t see you crying. She again shouted “who the hell are you to take care of me; my husband is there to take care of me. I said Bhabhi I and you very well can see this thing that how much your husband loves you. She was continuously crying. I took the name of God and after holding her hands I said Neelam bhabhi, I love you like anything.

The very first moment I saw you I fell for you. She shouted again at me this is the way you love someone by peeping into her blouse. This time I didn’t have anything to say I just gained some courage and kissed her on her lips. She slapped me again and asked me to leave the place immediately but I did not go, I hold her in my arms tightly and said this is the thing I am doing because I love you and I kissed her gain.

This time I was madly sucking her lips and my tongue went inside her mouth and I licked every part of the saliva we exchanged. She was trying very hard to get out of my grip but my hold was stronger than her resistance. I continued sucking her lips like a mad dog and finally her resistance decreased and I could feel her tongue exploring my mouth now.

We kissed like that for 10 min and my hand started exploring her beautiful assets. I pressed her boob with my right hand and she moaned during the kiss itself. She held my head from behind and was passionately sucking my lips. We parted from the kiss and moved to the bottom of her earlobe. I sucked her earlobe and kissed the back of her neck. Her moaning was increasing.

She was continuously making sound like mm ahaaaahahhhh. I moved a little bit lower and started pressing her boobs from over her top itself her moaning was getting louder and I feared that his husband might wake up. I removed her top and now she was in her black bra. Her bra was lacy type from which her pink nipples were clearly visible. I madly started sucking her nipples from over her bra.

She was continuously moaning and said please bite them and don’t leave them untouched crush them harder and her moans were making me hornier and instead of unhooking her bra, I tore it and took her nipple in my mouth and kept on biting and licking it. I was licking both of her nipples one by one and now my hands went further down and started caressing her pussy from over the jeans.

She removed my shirt and started licking my chest. We both were on fire by this time and there was no turning back. I was biting her nipples and was trying to force the milk out of them and I do succeed in it when I get some traces of milk. Milk was salty a bit but I was really enjoying nailing the girl of my dream and her moans mmm aahhahhhhahh.

Were completely filling the whole room and now I started licking her pussy from over her jeans and this was definitely driving her mad. I removed her jeans and now my love was in her laced black panty. I touched her pussy it was completely drenched with her own juices. I licked it from over her panty and her pussy was releasing such amount of juices as if it was silent from a long time.

I removed her panty and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, which made Neelam bhabhi moan like hell. She held my head and pushed it towards her pussy. I was licking every drop of juice released by her pussy. She moaned lick it Rahul, lick it that bastard Shivam never go down and lick it. I am all yours from now and go deeper and deeper and her moans were making me more excited and I started to lick and finger her pussy at the same time.

This drove her crazy and her body started giving thumps. She cum and a load of juice was flowing out of her pussy. I never had tasted any girl’s juices but I was so damn good in taste that I drank it till the last drop. Neelam was lying naked on sofa and breathing heavily. I got up and released my monster from my undies and she closed her eyes the moment she said it. I started to rub my dick on her forehead, cheeks and then it touched her lips.

She turned her face to the other side. I sat beside her and asked her what happened darling? Why are you behaving like this? She said I know you’ll now ask me to suck your dick now but I cannot because I feel like puking on seeing it and I said No worries darling, you need not to take it in your mouth if you don’t like it. Now turn this side and she turned towards me and hugged me tightly.

I said darling the fun is not over yet and I started licking her pussy again but this time I asked her to lay over me in 69th position. I was licking and eating her pussy but somehow I don’t know what happened she took my cook in her mouth and started sucking it. I was seriously in seventh heaven. She took my complete dick in her mouth and now she was sucking it vigorously.

This continued for another 15 min and then she got up and held my dick in her hand and slowly inserted it in her pussy. Her pussy was a lot slippery but also tight at the same time as if her husband had only fucked her only 10 times in 7 years. She started riding on me by going up and down and thus increasing her pace. She was moaning a lot and making different sounds like aaahhhhhhh fuck me harder.

I started pumping her from my side also and the sound of thumps made by the touching of our body was all over the room. She was too tired by now. I took her in my arms and made her to lie on the bed and I inserted my cock and started pumping her again. I was driving her mad by my pace and at the same time she cum and released her juices over my dick.

Now I was also on the verge of coming and she asked me not to cum inside instead she asked me to cum all over her body and I gave 2-3 strokes more and took my dick out of her pussy and ejaculated on her body. My cum was dripping from her body and the sign of satisfaction made me feel good. We continued our fucking session till 5:00 am in the morning and after that I went to my room and till I was in Dehradun. We regularly have our joyful sessions with each other and now I am here in Bangalore to satisfy any married aunties here. For feedback mail met at [email protected]