Odia School Girl Crazy For Sex

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When my friend Rabi asked me to accompany him to his in laws village, I was a bit hesitant to go there, but then as a good friend of his I followed him and we reached the small village in Cuttack district some 100 kms form Bhubaneswar by my bike. It was noon when we reached his in laws house. They were rich people and we were taken good care of by their people. Immediately after reaching the village we were offered sweet drinks and then lunch and then we took some rest.

It was about 4 in the afternoon that we got up after we were called by my friends wife, while Rabi left the room I preferred sleeping a bit more and I was sleeping in the room when someone jumped on my back and said jeejaajee when I rolled over it was a girl may be in her early teens with a cute yet astonished face. I was definitely not her brother in law. She stood up quickly and said sorry and left in a hurry.

When in the evening we got down from the first floor room I met her again. She was perhaps studying in some school and well her body was in sync with her age too. She was just a bud you can say but with a pretty face and sweet smile. I was flattered. Although I knew she is quite small for me but her smile made me crazy while we’re having tea she came to me and apologized for her behaviour in the early evening and I smiled after the tea their family united in the veranda to make some decisions.

I left for the rooftop room when I reached there I met her again. This time I have a chit chat with her and I saw her in her real look. I pulled her towards me and said come on, I am your jeezas friend, like you’re jeez only. She smiled and did not say anything. I said what is your name and she said, my name is Reena then I said I will call you lemony. She asked why and I said you have lemons on your chest.

She felt shy and said you are naughty and then I said, ho so you do not like the name? She smiled and said you are a filthy person. I smiled and said, but I do good things, will you try? She naughtily asked like? What good things? I smiled and said I can change your name to something like orange or even better what does that mean she asked me and I said let me show you and I will make your lemons grow for you. She felt shy and looked away from me.

I thought it is a golden moment and I pulled her hand and they placed my palm on her breast. She started breathing deeper and I squeezed her boobs from above her dress. She was enjoying it thoroughly. I kissed her on her lips and started biting it and she also reciprocated my sucking her tongue by allowing me enter into her mouth. She was very tasty. I loved her aroma and I was kissing her and my hands were squeezing her boobs and then I pulled her dress up and looked at her breasts.

They were just as big as lemons and were looking at me and I put my mouth on one of her breasts and she moaned loudly and I started sucking it and she was enjoying it much. Then she asked me to bite it and I did that and her nipple I held between teeth and started checking it and she said aahh and it made my manhood grow in my trousers. Her nipples have become red and swollen and I was enjoying her breasts very much.

I tried to enter into her forbidden area of vagina and she did not resist to it, instead she opened her thighs wider for my hands to reach her vagina area. She did not have hair and it was clean and her vagina was together closed with her labial folds. I pulled her on the bed and pulled her skirts up and her vagina was before me hidden below her panty. I pulled her panty down to see a raw and unripe vagina before me, it made me mad and I pulled her panty completely down and pushing her thighs a wider pushed my tongue into it and started licking it and sucking it.

She was now moaning louder and louder, while my tongue tried to explore most of her insider. I sucked her labial folds and then with help of hands separated the labial folds and tried to explore her clitoris which was very small and hidden and when I pushed my tongue on it she held my head tightly over the vagina and pushed her thigh forward as if to push it into my mouth, I enjoyed sucking her vagina. She was moaning and beating her head while she held my head with both her hands and pushed it into the vagina.

After about ten minutes I noticed her vagina get real wet and I knew she had had an orgasm and I tried to push my tongue in and out to make her mad more and now I could taste her vaginal nectar and she was holding my head tightly over her vagina. I loosened her grip and opened my lungi (wrapped up dress) and putting some oil on it I tried to push it into her vagina. It made the condition worse as she could not take it in and I could not push in either.

I widened her thighs and pushed my dick which entered into her vagina and she cried out louder and I had to close her mouth with my palm which she bit with her teeth but I was inside her and she was trying to push me. I kept silent for some time and watcher her try and try to push me out while she was trying I concentrated on her nipples and started biting then and she started moaning and with that I felt her vagina become relaxed more and more.

I pushed my dick in and out with slow motion and then it went on although it was tight, but still she and I both enjoyed it to the maximum and I fucked her. She was still in pain and then after sometime she said she is really feeling pain and requested me to remove it and I agrees but with condition that I will release my cum and then she will leave me and she agreed. I fucked her faster and she was crying and still I did not bother and then I felt like I will cum and I pulled my dick out and poured my semen on her vagina, belly and thighs. She was relaxed and so was I and with my lungi.

I cleaned all her marks of semen from her body and then we kissed again. She told me that her vagina is hurting much and then I said, you only asked for it. She smiled and said ok and then she left. It was evening and we were having dinner and she was there smiling at me while most family members were asking her if she did any mischief with me (as she is considered as a mischievous girl) she kept smiling and I was hoping that I can do the same mischief with her again at night. I hope this story might have made you go crazy so please mail me with your comments and complements at [email protected]