Sex With Hotel Owner

Hi. My name is Mickey nick name) an engineer, and working in a government firm. I am from Jhapa, Nepal and live in the boarder side of Nepal and India (Siliguri, West Bengal). I have been reading ISS for 6 years. I am 25 years, 611” with well built physic since childhood I was supposed to be a very gentle and shy boy but I had been attracted to sex and sexy figures since I was in class 3.

I was very much fond of our senior girls and fantasized about them and even read sex articles from very early period. Because of my studious nature, reputation and image, I could never cross my limits. This is my story of affair with a hotel owner lady during my two day stay in a stranger city. I had been newly appointed as an engineer in a government job in the city.

Since I had to manage my accommodation on my own, I had to stay in the hotel for few days. Luckily, I entered in the hotel whose owner was a lady. Her name was Manisa name changed. She was in her mid thirties, not that fair but with a figure 36 28 34 and assets that can turn any man on. So was the case with me. I was highly attracted by her boobs which seemed round and firm in her tight T-shirt.

After having my room booked, I got freshened and came down to have some snacks it was around 4 pm in the evening. There were not many people at the dining room. I got chance to have a short conversation with her and after some enquiry. I came to know that her husband had been living in another town for years and only has occasional visit to her place her daughter used to study with her aunt in another city.

She used to run the hotel with the help of her old uncle. I could feel she was keen in answering my questions and was little attracted towards me as I was an engineer, still a bachelor though not that handsome and I have an athletic muscular body and quite friendly with people after the chat, I went to have some tour of the city. Since it was a summer day, I was already sweating after 2 hours of travelling around the city.

I returned to the hotel at around 7 and went for the bath. I came down to have my dinner at around 9. Since most people had already had their dinner there was only me and a couple left for the dinner. Manisas Uncle had already gone to sleep after taking his dose of whisky. The couple had their dinner quite fast and left for their room. Manisa came with bowls of serving and sat in front of the table to serve me.

My eyes started their feast on her cleavage. I enquired about her uncle and asked if I was quite late. She told her uncle and usually all people here have their dinner around 8 pm. She said it was ok for me as I was new there and I complimented her for delicious dinner. She was flattered and wanted to listen more. I took the chance and said she was really beautiful and she asked why did I stop I said she might not like my words.

She said Why not just say. I said she was also quite hot and sexy, especially in the red tight T-shirt that she was wearing in the evening. She laughed at my remarks. She said how could a young man like me could think like that for such a mature woman again I became bold and said I am more attracted towards mature woman like you and like to spend quality time with them on hearing this.

She became silent and left. I thought I crossed my limit and felt bad about it. I had my dinner and left to my room after an hour. I heard a knock on my door at that time I was watching some porn movies on my laptop. I immediately turned it off dressed up well, though my 6 cock was still hard on. I opened the door.

To my surprise, Manisa was there on the door, smiling. She was in her same red T-shirt and black soft lady trousers with red lipsticks. Her bra strips could clearly be marked. She was looking damn hot and sexy. She gave a wicked smile and asked if I wanted to spend nice time with her. I understood her intentions. I caught her hand and pulled her to my room and closed the room. I smiled and hugged her tightly her large, firm breasts crushed on my broad chest it was a great feeling. I was slowly getting hard on. I removed her hair and kissed on her neck.

She moaned slowly and I was rubbing my hand on all her back, from neck to her ass. She was rubbing her whole front body on mine. We smooched for 10 mins and then I pushed her on the bed. Her lipstick marks were on my lips now. I came closer and removed her T-shirt. Wow, her boobs were much bigger and still firm than they seemed from outside.

She had worn black lacy bra and the white boobs in black bra. It was awesome sight and the perfect one that turns me on. I kissed on her cleavage and bite on her areola region from above the bra. I started licking her boobs from bra and she was starting to moan louder. I opened the strips of her bra and threw it aside. I cupped her both breasts and started to play with them. She was trying to catch my cock.

I was still wearing my trouser. I quickly undressed myself and let her do what she wanted with my cock. I lay her on bed and was slowly licking her from cleavage to ribs to naval and then her pussy region. She was wearing a white panty and black trouser. I removed both of them. She had a little hairy pussy but I really liked it the way it was even throughout. I licked on top of her pussy and she nearly screamed in excitement.

She got hold of pillow and closed her mouth with it. I licked her pussy hard and her inner thigh and she was getting out of control. She asked me to put my cock in her pussy but first I told her to take it in her mouth. She agreed and gave me an awesome blowjob. It was a heavenly feeling. I released my cum in her mouth and she swallowed it whole.

It was another surprise for me and she licked it more and I was tuning hard again. I then removed my cock from her mouth and pushed it in her pussy. She sighed loud with pleasure. I stared pumping it slower then faster with each stroke and she matched my rhythm and produced erotic sounds. The bed was also moving according to our pace. Finally after 15 minutes of fucking and I released my load in her pussy. She was quite happy and her face was glowing.

All her lipstick mark was on the pillow. I came to her and gave her a deep kiss. We both slept together in the midnight, I felt her legs rubbing my cock and it was turning me hard on. She requested for a next session. I asked her to sit in doggy style. I caught hold of her boobs from behind and inserted my cock from back and started pumping her hard. This time it continued for 20 minutes at the same time I was also kissing her ass from back. She then came up to ride me.

She was on the top and in an energetic mood to fuck me. I caught hold of her boobs and started rubbing. She started jumping up and down. This time I started moaning hard and so was she. We continued this session for 2 more hours and then slept in each others arms. She woke up early at 5 am in the morning and went to her room. I spent another erotic night with her and that story in next part. For gals and woman near silliguri can email me at [email protected]