Incident Happens With Me In Series

Hi this is my first story on ISS and like many others get inspired from ISS and post their story and I am also sharing one of my experience as I am not a writer by profession so please excuse me for any mistakes but I try my best to make you feel same which I felt on that night.

I am going to narrate my one of the first and full fledged sexual experience which happens with me when I was in class XIth and How I say Good Bye to my Virginity.

First of all I want to describe myself and I am Sunny Choudhary and software engineer working in Mumbai basically from Delhi. I am 5′ 8″ quite fair in colour but with some extra paddings. Over all hand some personality and a good company as many of mine Female friends compliment me and story begins like that.

I was in class XI th at that time and my summer vacation was going on. One day my mother told me that tomorrow we are leaving for my uncles village for His marriage celebration by listening that I got very excited because of all fun coming to me in next 4-5 days.

It was a typical Indian wedding which concludes 4-5 days of celebration and back to back ceremony but apart from that and my real point of excitement was the girls who are coming for that marriage, some of them in a distant relation and some of them even are not in relation on next day.

Finally we reach to that Village and immediately a warm welcome was given to our family from other Guests and my uncles family and we are pleased with a welcome drink. A girl with whitish complexion wearing salwar suit bowed in front of me to hand over the glass of welcome drink. She was not wearing any duppata and when she bowed her cleavage attracts my attention.

The two round melons hanging freely inside her suit with black nipples are in front of me. A very sweet smell was coming from her and I guess she just came from bath because of partially wet cloths and few water droplets on her firm boobs after handing over the welcome drink she walked towards a room.

My eyes was following her till the entrance because of sunlight her legs are visible from her salwar this small and quick incident was enough to wake up my little animal and it covers all the remaining space in my pants. Now I got my target my sex goddess for rest of the days and my mind was full of excitement and confusion.

I start working on my next move and enquiring about her. I get to know that her name is Neelam and she is in some kind of relation with my Mausi my Moms younger sister. Now its late evening and dinner had been started and my eyes was searching for her and on my excitement.

I found her sitting next to the Chullah Gas and was preparing chappatis for Guest immediately I got an idea and start serving food to the elders as in a village it is the responsibilities of children to help in serving foods. I took an empty dish and go to her for hot chappti for serving it to random guest but my eyes are much more focused on his boobs

And searching for the entrance and after serving several chappatis Roti and I got my chance, she re-adjust her position of sitting this time folded her left leg which is crushing her left boob and while using Belan rolling pin used for preparing chappatis whenever she press forward her left boob partially comes out from his neck its really exciting me.

I stand in front of her and start enjoying the view with every forward motion left Boob comes out from her dress but because of bra nipple was not visible which makes me more and more crazy now I started some formal conversation with her and I appreciate his hard work as she was preparing Rotis from last 2 hrs along with that admiring her beauty too.

I was talking to get familiar with her, also it make easy to stand in front of her without any problem. I can enjoy her cleavage and left boob which was peeping out from her dress very soon I get quite familiar with her and start cracking jokes.

Now let me introduce my Sex Godess Neelam properly and she stays in village and was 23 yrs old at that time. She has nice assets with her and round firm boobs and attractive ass with no extra fat on any body part. I am not sure about exact measurement but she was like 32-28-32.

Now as our conversation is going on. She felt itching on her back and no one else is free there so she asked me to help her and rub her back its not less than a dream come true. She herself inviting me to caress her back with no time waste I am on it and start rubbing her back, intentionally.

I am not rubbing where exactly she wants because I want to make this session little long and she was guiding me to exact position and I am following it up, down and sideways while rubbing her back I feel her bra strip on back and run my nail next to it a shivering wave run into her body.

She asked me to repeat once more and I followed but with little low speed and now she ask me to stop as other peoples are also there after finishing dinner of elders its time for children and ladies to have dinner and unwillingly I have to go for it.

I was chewing slowly and all the thing which happened passing slowly from my mind after dinner with all children I started playing on roof and doing some time pass activities after dinner now its time for ladies Sangeet, all ladies sits in the open area in centre of house and start singing folk songs on the beat of dholak slowly all free ladies from neighbourhood also join the Sangeet program some of the Girls start dancing.

Neelam also comes for dance and again I am getting excited her boobs are bouncing up and down in her suit and I realise she changed her dress after cooking and also removes her Bra and let her Boobs free to swing with her movements. Now children also start joining the dance section but I am not in mood to waste any second.

I straight away go and sit behind the Neelam and spoke in her ear you dance well with a surprise she looks back and says ooohh tum ho mein to dar hi gayi thi and asked me to dance but I refused and started some conversation with her and she was talking to me while looking forward and leaning on her back and I bent slightly forward to reach her ear.

Now again I get a good view of her cleavage after some time I shifted my body towards him and my toes start touching her ass over the clothes. I wait a bit but she did not say anything which increases my confidence and I shifted more towards her and now my both toes totally digs into her both ass cheeks and to my surprise there was no reaction.

I was amazed and start thinking whether she also enjoying it or she did not realise what is happening and now after waiting for some time I put my hand on her just above the right thigh initially one finger at a time and later whole palm is residing on her thigh. My hand was very near to her pussy and I was on seventh sky feeling so good.

My ear were not working I am not able to listen the beat of Dholak in front of me nor any song. I totally lost in the moment feeling of her tight softness was so good and her body warmth drives me crazy and my junior come in action it stretch to its fullest and start rubbing to her back.

I started rubbing on her thigh with little more portion with my toes were fully digs in her ass cheeks. A very good sensation was going in my body but still I want to know what she is feeling and I speaks in her ear Didi aapko bhi majja aa raha hai kya and she said Kya keh rahe ho mujhe samjha nahi.

I said Kuch nahi I think she did not want to talk may be she was feeling shy but I am sure now that she was also enjoying because her nipples start showing their presence under her dress. One can easily notice the point of them but there was not enough light for that.

Now I get very confident and decide to directly press her boobs and start moving my left hand towards the breast. My right hand is already residing on her Thigh and left hand was moving slowly towards her left boob with my left hand first I feel his stomach and now moving above but suddenly a loud voice comes into my ear from old lady grand Mother of each of us ordering us to go for sleep

Its quite late in the night and I got so frightened that I immediately remove my both hand but my toes are still digger into her ass and now dancing and singing were stop and everyone rushing for something someone to their bed some for water and Moms are looking for children and making arrangement to sleep but in this rush.

I made my chance when I stand up I offered my hand to Neelam for support. She holds my hand for first time her Palm was very rough and it make me feel different because palm of my school female friend was very soft which we observe during hand shake when Neelam stands up.

She pulled my hand and I let my hand loose which directly hits on her right boob and a wow feeling ran into me. I am so busy with my feelings that I cannot read her reaction and just feel like let it be. Now another voice comes into my mind that was my mom calling me from the roof of house and I ran for the roof and then my mother guided me to my bed.

Its a double bed covered with Machar dani net use to cover bed for protection against mosquitoes. I asked my mom for single bed as I use to sleep alone on my bed at Home but she refused and asked me to sleep on that and with half mood I lay down on it.

Now I am facing the stars which is very calming sight and again Neelam comes into my mind whole act which just happened is coming in front of my eyes and I start caressing my junior. It was hard like a rod and I start pumping it up and down. I was feeling awesome at that movement and now someone else making its way inside the net from other side of bed.

Now I have to stop my pumping session but in this short time my junior cannot get in usual size and a tent over my pajama was visible clearly in the moon light. I turn towards my left and start seeing who is the other person with whom I have to share my bed what I saw two hands of a lady helping a 6 months old baby on the other bed and after laying baby on bed she left.

I think oohh I have to take care or share my bed with a baby and I start counting how many hours left in the night and when I can again see my Neelam with all these thoughts I was start sleeping but again some activity happens on other side and I immediately go up to see baby whether he is ok or not?

But it was his mom now a fair lady who is even looking fairer in the moonlight. She has big boobs bigger then Neelam as she is the mother of small baby by seeing her I remain astonished she is beautiful women with big milky boobs at that time.

I get back to my side and start admiring the beautiful lady under the moon light. I started fantasizing about coming night for all the hours I counted. Now this lady lay down on bed with breast facing the stars they are big enough to cut my vision to other side and now I start pretending to asleep and start notifying her movements.

She adjusted her baby properly in centre of bed and come quite close to me to check whether I am sleeping or not and I close my eyes quickly after few sec. I opened my eyes and I saw and she was opening her bra by putting his hand inside her suit some part of her bare back was visible and its turn on my junior to wake up.

I am feeling very uneasy after in-complete session of masturbation and now a Beautiful lady opening her bra and showing her smooth silky back. I do not know what to do. Now its my turn to wait for her to sleep after waiting for a hour. Now there was no activity from her side. I guess she was slept at that time but first I want to check it.

I lean a bit towards her and placed my index finger on her belly and make a soft movement towards her navel and quickly came to my side of bed. Now I was examining if there is any reaction or movement from her and after waiting for 2-3 minutes and I did not saw any movement.

Now again I place my index finger on her belly after waiting for some time I place my rest of the fingers one by one. Now my whole palm was resting on her belly. I was bit frightened because of fact that she can wake up at any time by feeling the sensation of my fingers on her belly and navel area.

I was taking precautions and not rubbing her body very hard just I was feeling her warmth and soft body from over of her top and making circular movements on her belly and navel area till now I did not go for the Milky boobs.

Now about 15 min pass while I was feeling her soft belly and me getting arouse because of that and decided to go for next step. Yes I was thinking about boobs. I am so close to her boobs that I can place a kiss on them but this was not the correct time for that and so I make some distance shift a bit towards my side of bed and stretch my hand towards her boobs and stops on a inch from it.

Now I touch her right boob with my index finger and quickly remove it and I look towards her face there was no reaction and no sign of awaking. I again place my index finger on her boob but this time luckily I got the nipple ooohh I cannot describe what I feel and her nipple was quite thick, thicker then others which I personally feel previously may be because.

She was the Mother of 3 month old kid and now I started to press her nipples with my index finger and thumb ooh what a feeling that was due to my press her top becomes wet and a spot comes on it. I guess it was the milk coming from her milky breast and I get so excited and replace my fingers with my palm all 4 fingers and thumb.

I start pressing her right boob very gently ooohh ya it was great and I increased the pressure slowly and squeeze her boob her bra was open which increase my joy but her boob was too big for my one hand and now I decide to use my other hand too.

I literally sit on the bed and start pressing her right boob with my both hands, sometime gently and sometime quite rough and hard. It drives me crazy and my junior start paining now I place my one hand on my junior and start pumping it.

I was in very uncomfortable position so I decide to change it, so that I can enjoy her boob with much more comfort and can pump my junior too which get very hard at that time and start paining to get relaxed and I decide to move the kid little down in the middle of bed so that I can easily reach to the right boob.

Now after making proper adjustment I lay down on the bed with my head in place of baby which was very near to her boob. My right hand was inside my pants and my left hand was free to make moves, to press and squeeze her boobs and now I can easily reach to both of her boobs after that.

I start pressing her both boob one by one and also pumping my cock with other hand. I was lost in the moment it was fucking awesome. My bed was under the stars fresh air was blowing on roof and there was only moon light. She was sparkling because of that light and I was squeezing her boobs circling around the nipples and pressing them simultaneously.

I was in the other world and I was not frightened any more and totally forgot the fact that she may get awake because of me and I was just enjoying it because I do not know after how much night I can masturbate like this and soon I was near to my climax. I left her boobs alone and pick up a bed sheet and bust on it.

I clean my dick with that and placed it in the corner of my bed. Now I was just laying on my side and thanks to god for this awesome experience. I was feeling so relaxed and happy after this session with a big smile of satisfaction on my face but till now I did not enter inside her cloths and did not touch her smooth skin. Please send your response on [email protected]