Great Sex Experienced

Hi there and I am a regular reader of ISS site and this is my first time posting a story. I am not a professional story writer so please jus read it and enjoy and if you guys want to leave any comments please do so, happy to receive comments and suggestions and thanks for reading this story.

Im from Hyderabad born and bought up in Hyderabad but now well settled in Australia the story I am writing here is the true story I did not make it up are not even its my fantasy. I am writing the way it happened no mixing anything everyone know there are lot of women who are not satisfied and

I want to try something out there are lot of boys who want to have some fun and try hard to find someone with whom they can have fun I was the one of those guys when I was in Hyderabad and I used to stand in bus stop and look at the aunties and girls making some moves like tapping my foot, licking the lower lip, holding hand and make sure that

My thumb is up to indicate like need friendship trust me guys there are women who do the same if you put an effort and make sure that they see you doing that so here it all started I used to go to a bus stop in Narayanguda every evening and trying my luck doing those tricks.

May be after few days may I call it my lucky day I was looking at this lady she is so good with salwar suit, fair and nice shapes not sure and I not going to tell her sizes etc as I do not know, she was doing the same thing. I was doing and being in India I did not even have courage to go straight to her and talk.

I know guys most of us do not have that courage to approach the lady even she is sending signals we are scared I was the same, but I was going day after day every day and we both look at each other and send signals. I knew she was married as I saw the rings on her finger of her legs then one day I decided to try my luck.

I was holding few books and we started looking and doing things, she was getting in to the bus from the women side you all know ladies from front door and men from the back door I got in to the bus too moved to almost where she was sitting off course with lot of effort as its crowded.

I was looking at her and she was looking at me, then you it was my lucky day she was sitting on the last women seat and behind her starts the men seating, the guy in men seat just got up as he was approaching his destination stop.

I sat in that seat but was cursing as I cannot see her face and she cannot see me, but that day all the luck was with me I hope, I never expected this to happen , the stop she has t o get down was approaching and unexpected thing she did she just turn around and dropped a piece of paper on my lap and just got down.

I was shocked at that and was looking at the people around me and the guy sitting next to me oh my god my heart was beating hard, i have to get down at the next stop and look at the paper , it was her name and the office phone number and the extension number,

I could not wait for the next morning was thinking of her the whole night and I shagged thinking of her may be 2 times, next day I called the number and press the extension number some lady answered I asked her can and I talk to Lakshmi name changed she said its her guys my lost words

I was sweating like pig do not know what to talk but gathered some courage and told that it me the guy from the bus she said hello and asked my name I am sorry but I do not why I told her a different name and we talk for a while and then we decided to meet in the evening.

I was just waiting for the evening and I felt like why the clock moving so slow and finally it was about the time we decided to meet and was waiting for her at that particular place on my bike she came god she is beautiful and just quickly jumped on to the bike and I start but not sure where to go at last went to tankbund park the bike.

Walk a bit and sat behind one of those statues thanks to NTR and we both do not know what to do and how to start talking, but you all know someone as t o start and I stared telling how beautiful she is and she smiled for that, to make some moves. I told her that you hands are so skinny do you eat at all and took her hands in my hands started to feel her hands.

We both know what we want but cannot do anything more over there and she said she has to go as she getting late, I dropped her 2 stops before her house. I came home lay on my bed and just thinking of her but disappointed as I cannot have more fun,

The next day I called again in the morning she said we can meet for more time as its Saturday she only work for half day, I met her but his time we decided to go to a movie where have a bit more fun once the movie starts and light go off, we choose a old movie which was showing in venkateshwara theater in naryanguda.

We bought the balcony tickets went in and as its was empty few people here and there, we choose a corner two seats in a row where there is no one, we not at all interested in the movie, just waiting for the lights to go off, as soon as the lights go off we started , holding hands then feeling her hands slowly.

I put on of my hand on her right boob and started feeling it omg it was hard as she was aroused and when i touched the nipple of erect, I had a wonderful feeling and she started breathing heavily , she could not hold any more she turned and placed her lips on mine and sucking my lips.

I got erected and hard on and I started feeling her boobs while we kissing and licking our lips wow cannot forget those feelings till now, I can feel that her hands were on my thighs close to feel my hard cock, I could not bear I left her lips and stared sucking her boobs over her dress and licking her nipples over the dress

She started feeling my cock over my jeans, slowly I figured out that she her dress got the buttons in the front slowly opened the buttons and insert my hand in her dress and started feeling her boobs over the bra and she took her hand back from my cock and just undid her bra hook which was at the back to give me a better access to her boobs as soon as.

I put my hand on her bare boobs I got shock of my life as it was my first time feeling a women and naked boobs it went on for and I do not remember how long we feeling each other and I slowly put my hands on her things and stated going up slowly and reached her pussy her dress was wet.

I was feeling her pussy over her cloths mean while she unzipped my pants and put her hands on my already wet underwear with my pre cum. I was busy feeling her pussy and sucking her boobs once in a while smooching and sucking lips and we both are horny and hot , breathing heavy.

I want her to suck my dick but unfortunately the movie was about to reach the interval, so we stop everything and then sit down as normal people who came to watch the movie got some drinks for both of us we thirsty had it and soon the lights gone and the movie started as we know what we both up to there are no talks and we started again kissing.

I was in the heaving when bent down and I was ready for what she and I want next, she just unzipped my pants and I just lifted my bum so to help her to get my undies a bit down started with light kiss on my hard cock which was up to its full length I am not telling that I have 8 inches cock are so.

I never measured my cock before that trust me and I was in heaven as you all know that was my first time. I am getting my cock sucked by a women that to in a cinema hall, she know more than me as she got experience and she was going on her speed and giving me good time, mean while I got in to action too started kissing her neck, back

And licking her ear lobes, that was making her crazy and she was sucking my cock hard it was hard for me to hold any more and guys . I am not telling that I lasted like 30 minutes are even more and we all know we no one going to last that long for the first time so I told her the same that I am going to cum she stopped and started giving me a blow job soon.

I ejaculated on her hands she took her hand kerchief and wiped my cock and her hands it was my turn now I started kissing her lips and sucking while my hand were busy pressing her boobs and feeling her hard nipples, she took my one hand and placed it on her pussy and she lowered her kameej if i am not wrong.

I started feeling her pussy over her panty god it was wet and hot like furnace she was moaning a bit when I touched her pussy lips and sucking my lips and kissing me wildly, I inserted my finger in her pussy and was finger fucking her ,she was hot and became more horny and was running her hands all over my body.

I enjoying it while I was fingering and sucking her boobs, she was about to reach her climax too and ready to ejaculate as she hold me hard and stiffened her body . I speed up my finger fucking in few minutes he cum and she relaxed her body and we started kissing and sucking lips,

We dressed up back to normal and keep sucking and licking lips till the movie ends, we never know when was the movie was near to ending, we were busy doing our own things and we know we both want more but unfortunate we cannot do anything more than that and we left 10 minutes before the ending

And came out I want more so I stopped and took her arm pulled her to me and hugged so tight feeling her boobs on my chest, and kissed her on her lips and sucked for quick few seconds and left from there and I drop her a bit far from her home forgot to tell you she was a bit cheeky as this day she took off her

Mangalsutram and the mettalu rings women wear on one of the fingers on legs and we had fun few more times after that one day she gave me a twist she asked me if I can marry her and I could not understand whats going in her mind.

I have to stop calling her and ignore her, it was sad for me it ended like this but nothing much I can do but it was good fun for few days guys nothing more exciting doing all this stuff in cinema hall.

I tried my luck after that but not lucky enough and in few months time I got visa to Australia and came here and settled here, I visit once in a year to Hyderabad. To all the guys trust me do this kind of movement as I told in the start of my story.

You will find a few girls and women doing just the way you doing, but make sure you gather your courage and talk to them are come up with some ideas so that you both can talk , thats courage pays off, I am visiting Hyderabad again in mid august any girls and aunties want to meet , just leave your comments and can email me on [email protected]