My Friend Mommy Sumathi Fucked

Hi to all and I am Raj with age 20 from Chennai and Im a regular reader of ISS and now Im going to share a real life incident that how I fuck my friend mom Sumathi.

She is beautiful lady of age 40 with round big lemon and ass and every man who see her want to fuck her widely and she used to care about her body by wearing costly bar to keep her boobs and well good and I came to by seeing her bar and his stiffness even at the age of 40.

But friend to my suggestion if you want have a good fucking session fuck the aunties because they are damming sexier and hotter than the young girls with big boobs and ass and starving for sex. Her husband was around 60 who cant raise his cock to fuck his wife.

She has a big belly and navel where we can see clearly while she is walking. Me and my friend are very close we used to discus lot of things especially sex with aunty we two see many aunties nude by hiding and we always have gay sex.

One day see invited me to his house for a lunch reached at 11 am his mom opened the door and welcomed me with smile. She was wearing a blue saree where I can see her cleavage and I was like white butter I got temper in my cock and my friend can and I asked for bathroom.

He asked me anything wrong I told him and I want to piss and he keep on asking me question finally and I told him that I seen how mom white butter pallu so I want to masturbate. He was smiling and told me he had done just 5 minute before seeing his mom.

I was shocked by his answer and he told me that I can fuck my mom and he will help me but I want to do him a favour that he want to fuck my sister of age 18 initially and I started thinking later on seeing her mom lemon once again and I accepted his deal and asked him how can I fuck your mom.

He told me that his mom havent had any fucking session for past 15 year so and we make her horny we can fuck her and so we planned executed our plan so we had our lunch

And start watching boyfriend for a movie in hall her mom was shocked to see our act and question us about this we answer that and I was not wrong since we are at age of 20s so we need to know about sex in boyfriend 40 year lady .

I was fucked by 6 men widely through his natural hole and the lady is shouting fuck me hard idiot come on hearing such a dialogue and she become embarrassed and biting his lip and we made her sit in sofa made her to watch.

Later my friend signalled me something and asked his mom that whether she had such a wild sex with anyone and she was shocked but she controlled herself and told us and it all wrong asking such a question to your mom but requested her finally.

She told no immediately I told cant your mom try now with us and she got angry and slapped me and I asked sorry and my friend told me that k we can have swimming in pole so we remove all our dress in hall.

She was able to see two young boys cock of 6.5 inches we can lust in her eye so we jumped in pool and started enjoying suddenly my friend removed his underwear and told me to remove it so now both are nude.

He called her mom his mom was shocked as well as embarrassed to us nude we made her to jump in swimming pool and I can see her boobs clearly in water and we started our play we both started to hug her from front me back him.

I was caring her boobs in my hand and squeezing it harder and my friend was rubbing the ass and vagina first she resisted it but quickly started to enjoy it and we removed all his dress.

She was nude in front of his own son and his son friend we taken her out of water placed her in center of hall and I started to lick his pussy and pressed his boobs hard and harder and she was moaning heavily like haa come on young motherfucker tear my pussy.

Your bitch today and have drink of my juice this sexy word made me too horny and I began to lick her like anything and my friend told that I can enjoy as much I can he will not disturb me and his mom was enjoying my act his pussy was very big and sweet.

I loved it very much after having 30 minutes of licking and she begged me break her pussy by fucking so immediately without teasing her and Ive got into doggy style and fucked her like horse fucking a lady after 10 minutes

I cum in her pussy and she too cum within a second and I again started lick his juice till evening we had 3 fucking session finally his mom was satisfied and told us that we can fuck her anytime and gave us lip kiss and told me that I am good motherfucker daily.

I used to go his house and fuck her and in next part will be about how we fucked my sister and dont forget to leave a feedback at [email protected]