The Seduction

Hello everyone!!!!! …..I m reading stories on ISS since last two months and these stories are no less than a boom for boys like me who fantasize to have sex with an aunty or a bhabi. First of all i will tell you about myself, I am 24 year old boy, 170 cm in height, fair and average looking. I always yearn for sex with ladies who are in their 30s and 40s. Now i would come to a real life incident happened to me 3 years ago. It was My first time sex.

After spending the whole day in front of TV on Sunday i thought of going to the market to buy some news magazines. I washed my face and changed my clothes as if all the ladies in the market were waiting there for me …jokes apart…i then went to the market and as i passing through a very narrow street which was bypassing the crowded market area and thus was the backyard of the market showrooms and also the residential area of the traders. There i just took a glimpse of lady in her forties wearing a yellow suit with good figure and then went further.

Suddenly i heard some voice shouting at me. I looked back and saw that same lady calling me. I was confused whether she is really calling me or not. I confirmed this thing by doing an action with my hand asking, ‘ me?? She said yes. Then i went back to her and asked why was she calling me. She said that she need some help of mine in displacing a heavy iron box because she wanted to use her washing machine and the plug is hiding behind the box and there was no one at home to help her.

I said okey and the followed her to the verandah. Now i would mention that she was very chhuby and her ass and boobs were bulky and she was fair in color and face is very raw kind of which u can just eat with your lips…We then started moving the iron box which was very heavy and i was struggling to displace it even a inch…but i didnt show any sign of my inability. Somehow we both managed to move that box but a corner of it hit my waist bone and a few drops of blood came out and the rest of the things happened just because of this blood.

She worried as if i got some major injury and asked me to come inside and she told me to show the injured area to her. For that i had to lower my pyjama and because the wound was on the waist bone. She then opened the drawer of the almirah and took out a first aid box and started applying dettol with cotton. my pyjama was somewhat lowered and she could easily see the top portions of my pubic hairs. while she was applying dettol i was looking at her boobs and the stories of ISS were coming in my mind and subsequently the idea of fucking that aunty was arising in my mind. She saw me looking at her boobs.

She then asked me for a cup of tea and i said yes. She then started talking to me about my family and all that stuff. I asked her about her family members. She said that her husband died 5 years ago in an accident and She has a Son who is 20 years old and he looks at their cloth shop. I could easily see in her eyes that she is a lovelorn lady.I thought of taking a chance with her.

I started seducing her. I said that the tea was very good and you are very nice and humble. As i said that she saw me staring at her boobs, she started talking about girls that she want a good housewife for her son. But then she said that girls today are like this and that and then she came to the question that whether i have a girlfriend or not. I denied and she said that u r young and dont you feel that u need anyone. I understood that it is the right time to strike.

I said aunty actually i like ladies elder than me so i dont find girls interesting. She was now feeling much comfortable and she came to sit beside me. As she sat near me my penis started showing some deflection. She asked me whether i like her or not. I said aunty you are very beautiful and your assets are very good. She then asked me whether i have touched any lady or not, the answer of which is no.

She then offered me to touch her. My dick was getting very hard. She saw my the small tent formed by my dick in the pant. She then suddenly touched my dick from above the pant and started rubbing it. She put her lips on my lips and i also started enjoying her lips. now i was in heaven. I started pressing her boobs which were so big that i was using both my hands to hold a single one.She then asked me to remove my pants because she was hungry for cock since 5 years as she said. i removed my pants and my penis was like an iron rod.

She took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. But i insisted her to remove her salwar so that i touch her pussy. She said ok because she knew that if she suck for a longer time i would cum in her mouth because i am a rookie. So now we both were naked and kissing each others body and finally i reached her pussy and started licking it. She was moaning ah hahaaaaahaaaah. She was getting very horny.

She suddenly stopped me and asked me to insert my penis in her pussy. i just jumped on her and inserted my penis and started jumping. it was my first time so i was doin it very fast and after some jerks i cummed inside her pussy and then we washed everything and then i dressed up again and then we sit for few minutes and i was feeling very shy after that session but she said that there is nothing to b felt ashamed of and then she took my mobile no. from that day we have talked a few times but i m not getting time to meet her….will meet soon and enjoy….

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