The Best Sex of My Life

Hello readers, well this is the first time Ive come to write a personal experience of mine. If you do copy the story, you can at least show some respect by crediting the original writer: [email protected] ignore the grammar, coz Im writing this on a cell..The draft of this text has been read and edited by the one person I shared this experience with…..Rita (name changed), this is for U. I miss you, please come back soon. Any comments or contact can be made on my id: [email protected] Im a regular reader of stories on this site and I can easily tell which ones are original and which ones are fake.

Mines a true story by the way. Let me tell you more about myself, Im 21 years old, from Pune, studying engineering, all the chicks love me in college coz they think Im cute, good fair face, athletic body…. ;)…well thats enough about me…This incident took place about 3 months ago in one of the best areas of Pune, Camp as we call it, I was waiting with one of my guy friends and we were waiting for another guy to show up so that we could have an eve snacked catch up with our lives. Suddenly I had a pat on my back, and a woman, in her late thirties I guessed…Rita (name changed of course) held a note in her hand which had a scribbled down address. She was asking me the directions of how to get to this address.

Now i knew the landmark to this address, so I gave her a brief idea of how to reach the place, but she wasnt getting anything I was telling her. My friend suggested I go to this place with her as it is close by, she said she was totally OK with it and told me to wait whilst she got her car to pick me up and that shed drop me back as soon as she found the right place. I hopped in. Let me tell you about Rita when I met her, she was 41, too hot for her age. She had brown hair, a perfectly toned face, amazing lips, enormous melon like breasts. 52″ in height, so was short for me. She was a little bombshell aunty as you all would have looked at her. She was wearing a tight red top and a light blue jeans.

When she turned around, all I ever noticed was how amazingly shaped her ass was and how thin her legs were. She must definitely be working out to have such a hot body, i thought to myself….so back to when i was in the car…Half an hour later we were still searching for that damned address of hers, i got a little pissed and started complaining. She suddenly broke down into tears telling me that she wanted to go to this address to see a man who she had met online and whod promised to give her a good time as her husband was always travelling abroad for work and she never had the sexual satisfaction she deserved in her sexual prime. First of all, I was embarrassed, a college going dude like me doesnt encounter this everyday, if you know what I mean. I pat her back a little bit.

She said she needed a hug. I opened my seat belt and hugged her. While hugging her my lips kind of graced the side of her cheek and she took it as a positive sign and kissed me on the lips. First two seconds, I was shocked, then I decided to reply back and our first kiss lasted for about 30 seconds. She was an amazing kisser. She said she was horny, so we exchanged a few quick pecks and she decided to take me to her home. I entered the house and she entered behind me. The moment she closed the door, she pushed me gently towards the wall opposite to the door and started wildly kissing me. She took both my hands and placed it on her firm ass while hers were already undoing my belt buckle. As she was pretty light weight, I picked her up in my arms while passionately kissing her.

She told me ‘lets take this in the bedroom, I said yes sweety, and carried her to her bedroom where I dropped her on the bed and jumped right on top of her. We made out for another 20 minutes during which we ensured to help each other take of their clothes one by one…. I fondled, sucked and played with those magnificent boobs of hers. They were two perfect orbs, huge, juicy and bouncy. And her nipples, large and light brown. The way they stared back at me when I ogled them for a full minute after taking her bra off got my dick pulsating right between her legs. This made her say, ‘Oh, I think somebodys waiting for me to get them out… and she removed my underwear. ‘O My God, I wish my husband was as well endowed, come here let me have a closer look at it….

I got my 7 inch dick near her breasts, she held it in her hand and admired it just like I did to her breasts. She started jerking me with her hand which made me get a full sized hard on. I suddenly realized my urge to put my dick into her eagerly waiting wet pussy, I knew she wanted it too, so I asked her, ‘Do you have condoms? She was like, ‘What??? Ur such a handsome young guy and you dont keep condoms in your wallet? I said, ‘Hey, its not like everyday I get into bed with such a mature hot woman like you, besides I used to carry them around when I had a girlfriend and at those times, we used to fuck around like rabbits. Now that Im single, I simply stopped carrying them around. ‘Wait, ill get them from my husbands drawer, she said. It was then that I realized, I was in bed with a married lady, on the same bed she and her husband slept.

How hot is that!! She came with the condom and put it on me. “R u ready baby? she said. Absolutely, i mouthed to her. She came on top of me, held my dick in her hand and guided it slowly into her wet horny pussy….Aah, the tightness, i cant tell you how wonderful it was. She was as tight as my ex girlfriend who was just 19 when I last fucked her. ‘Rita! I moaned as she started her slow rhythmic motion over my cock that was rubbing tightly against her pussy walls. After 3-4 minutes of slow sex she had her first orgasm.

It was like she hadnt had an orgasm since ages, she was sweating and continuously chanting ‘Oh god please dont stop, yes oh fuck, I love ur cock in me, oh babyyyyyyyyyy ah ah ohhhh, fuck me harderrrr baby, please dont stop, ahhhhhhhhhhhh ….after her first orgasm, she whispered in my ears, ‘enough of doing it my way, that was one of the best orgasms Ive had in my entire life, come over me and I want you to fuck me the way you want to….I at once agreed and got into missionary position with her and put my cock deep into her vagina, after i was completely inside her, i pushed myself deeper by picking her thighs up a bit.

She screamed with pleasure, ‘Oh my god, Ive never had something as big as this inside me, i swear il kill you if you remove yourself from me. ‘So I held on for a minute or so, by this time my energy was back and I was not even close to Cumming, so I started fucking her slowly increasing my speed until I was literally banging her. She was half hanging from the edge of the bed, which made her hold my neck for support. This position was new and made the sex even hotter and Rita couldnt stop screaming ‘ohhhh baby baby baby, fuck me my young stud, oh honey, u just rock my world. ‘Well that lasted only for about 2 more minutes, before I could not hold on any longer and started Cumming.

The added pressure inside the condom in her drove her to another orgasm…when I removed my dick, I could clearly see that she would want more of this very soon. ‘Rita, that was the best sex Ive had yet, I told her. ‘Youre telling me, Im 41 years old and my husbands not even come close to pleasure me like you did just now she said. ‘Dont you feel guilty your married? I asked. ‘No, my husband is an asshole, I have had a feeling that hes been going abroad to hook up with foreign chicks lately, plus after the amazing sex we just had, Im glad I did it. It shows me exactly what I have been missing out on all these years in my sex life with that asshole. Thanks for making me feel so hot and alive again she said. ‘The pleasure was mine…My ex was nothing compared to you in Bed I replied.

Well then its my job to make you completely forget her, isnt it, she smiled naughtily……We had sex another time after 15 minutes of talking and kissing each other and playing with each other all the while. She dropped me back from where she had picked me up. I checked my cell, 32 missed calls…my friends thought I had been kidnapped, so they were going to the police to report. I stopped them just in time but I didnt tell them what I had just experienced.

Rita and I continued our sexual adventures for the coming 2 months with and without her husband being in town. Last month her husband confessed to her that he was having an affair with a woman abroad and to make up to her, he would do anything. She didnt tell him about her own cheating and got her husband to take a year long break from business and travel the world with her.

That lucky bitch! I miss her! Thus ended the best sexual adventure of my life. But hey, Im just 21, lets see what life holds for me ahead, maybe more of stuff like this. Suddenly Im a lot more attracted to girls and ladies over 25 after Rita. I really do miss her. I know the story has been long, but I wanted to get it out to the world without disclosing our identities. I welcome constructive criticism and reviews here and on my mail id: [email protected] Im encouraged, I will certainly write more about me and my wonderful time with Rita and all the lovely and crazy things we did together.