End of the World, 21 Dec 2012

Hi All, This is Akshay Ganna 36 years old with muscular standing body of 6 feet tall. I hope you have read my previous life incidents and my real life experiences. The incident I am narrating now happened on 20th Dec 2012 with Sudha (39 years). She is 5 feet tall, dark brown skinned, 3 years elder to me and married to man almost 16 years elder to her. Her marriage had been an early marriage when she was just 17 years. Her husband was be a good lover when they got married and had sex with her every day. She had a baby boy when she was 25 year old and after that her life took a U-turn and her husband hardly had sex with her after the child was born. She has a 14 year old boy doing his graduation. She had been starving for sexual pleasure for many years now.

Sudha had dark brown skin and stood 5 feet tall. She had a lean body, but her skin still was shiny and tight. She had a nice hour glass structure of 32-28-36. Though she had a 14 year old son, she looked like a young girl just turned 18 now. A perfect firm body and young face. She always had tight blouse uplifting her breast and Sari. Her pallu used to be carelessly tagged to show the firm cleavage and flat stomach from side. Her sari knot was always low waist, sometime revealing her pubic hairs line running to the belly button.

It was the month of November when there was a huge hype of World coming to end on 21st Dec 2012. She had been having lot of fear in her, thinking that the world will end soon. She had many sleepless nights thinking about it. She had been asking everyone she was in contact and wanted to know if the world will really come to end. It was on 15th Dec she enquired me and wanted to know my opinion on the same. Even I had also done some research on Internet and there were some 3 different analogies of how the World will come to end on 21 Dec 2012. I explained her all the 3 analogies and all of them were convincing that the world will come to end soon. I could see worry and tension in her face. Then on 16th Dec, the Sunday I showed her the videos from the internet and she was completely convinced and believed that the Word will come to an end on 21st Dec. She cried and her emotions were uncontrollable.

She sat on the bed and her pallu fell down and I could see the firm breast well lifted under her blouse. Though she had dark brown skin, her skin glittered. I kept staring her breast and admired them even though she was elder to me, she was still a women. She cried saying “I have still not lived my life to the full, oh god”. I gathered my courage and said then why dont you live it now to the full. She kept on crying. I got close to her and held her head to my stomach. She hugged my back and sobbed. I had my heart strong and slid my hand down to cup her breast and squeeze them. She looked up at me in shock. I just wanted to have her at any cost. I just pushed her shoulder and she fell on the bed, I just jumped on her and gripped her both the hands to avoid resistance. She was still in a shock and was not sure how to react. I bent a little and bit her nipples over the blouse and then she started resisting by twisting her body. My penis got hard under my short and they pressed on her as she resisted. It was so many years she never had a man touching her. She had mixed reactions of want me but was afraid of the world.

Sudha: Crying under my grip “Leave me, leave me, I am married and have a son, I cannot be doing this… I wont be able to live in this world if people know”

Me: “Ssshhhhh, The World will any way come to end. Why should you make noise and let the world know this… stay quiet and enjoy”

Sudha: “Nooooo, I cannot be doing this… I have a husband and son, please leave me, please”

Me: “A husband who never touched you for years now, think about yourself and your desires” I bent and bit her breast behind the blouse
Sudha: her resistance reduced and my biting and folding made her twist under me in excitement “Uffff, I cannot even think of doing it after so many years, Aaahhh”

Me: “Body desire is Body desire, give me all you have in you and then the world can come to end”

Sudha: shivering under my touch “aaaahhh, Oh god, oh god” and she relaxed with acceptance

I unhooked her blouse and fondled her breasts over her white bra. I squeezed them and kissed her neck and then her lips. Her body got hot and she shivered. I kissed on her lips again and pushed my tongue in and she responded back with passionate deep kiss. I rolled to the side and lifted her above me. pushed my hands behind her to unhook the bra strap. I pushed my hands under the bra and with my thumb and finger pinched her nipples. She jumped and sat on my lower tummy. I had pressed the buttons of desire inside her. She lifted her hands and pulled her blouse and bra and tossed it to the corner of the bed. She looked at the wall clock and said “Another 30 minutes my son will be back”. She smiled at me and leaned on my pushing my t-shirt up. I was knowing that I have only 30 minutes to seduce her. I rolled her down and stood up, quickly pulled my t-shirt out and dropped my shorts with the underwear exposing my thick 7 inch long hard penis. I was excited that I am going to be drilling inside a married women and elder to me.

I jumped on her naked and cupped her bare breast and pressed them hard. I bent a bit and sucked the tip of her nipple and in few hard squeezes her breast was stiff and pointing upwards. Her breath got heavier and she was excited. I lowered my hands and loosened her sari knots, pulled her sari up exposing her naked legs and thighs. The sari was heaped under her ass lifting them up and my hands found her panty. I rubbed her vaginal lips over the panty and it got wet with her juices. The married lady is on a real heat now. I slid my hands under her panty to touch those vaginal lips, they were already wet with her juices. I slid her panty down and she lifted her hips making it easy to slide down and pulled them down to her ankles and she kicked it out and it fell on the floor. I inserted my one finger inside her and they just slipped inside without effort. She was already wet. I slide 2 fingers inside and felt the tightness of her vaginal canal. She had not had a man doing this to her for years now. Her body shivered in ecstasy of new love. Though her skin was dark brown, her vaginal inner skin were shiny pink, her pubic hairs were quite long as if not shaved for months. I bent down and kissed her pubic area and dug my tongue to taste the married womens old wine juices flowing out of her. It in fact tasted as an old wine.

I gave few strokes on my penis with my hands and prepared it for the plunge. I pulled Sudha to the corner of the bed with her sari below her hips in a heap. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and placed my penis at the entrance of her vaginal canal. I pushed a little and my penis head slipped inside her vaginal folds and gripped them. Sudha moved her head sideways keeping her eyes shut and raised her chest in joy. I stood still looking at her. She looked to be like a 18 year old girl waiting for her virginity to be taken. She behaved as if it is her first sex. Sudha soon realized that my penis head is inside her vaginal entrance and I am not really moving. She opened her eyes to see me staring her naked breast and admiring her body beauty. She covered her face in shame and said “I feel like I am 18 now and this is my first time”, I smiled and said “Are you ready?, Sudha stayed silent and then said in a firm voice “Yes, Do it, make me your women”.

I gyrated my hips to have small and slow to fro motion of my penis at the entrance of her vaginal lips gulping my penis head. I pulled my penis out and sank them again inside her vaginal entrance. I kept teasing her repeatedly. She was very wet. She gripped my ass and lifted her hips to make my penis slide inside her bit more. I leaned and pressed my hips making my penis slide inside her and it just slipped easily feeling every milli-centimeter of her vaginal canal. I pulled it out and sank again my full length. Playfully I enjoyed my whole penis getting gulped inside her vaginal muscles. Then holding her ass cheeks I gave long hard thrust inside her, hitting my balls hard on her ass cheeks. Her Vaginal muscles gulped my penis easily and gripped them to enjoy every thrust I give. I increased my speed fast and fast and fast as I could. The bed shook making crackling sound on every deep push. I moved in and out, in and out making both of us sweat in the winder of December. Our public hairs crushed against each other.

Sudha let a loud moan “AAAAAAhhhhh” and had her orgasm after years. Her eyes opened wide and eye balls went up. She stopped breathing and held her chest high. Held the bed sheet tight in her first and gripped hard on my hips with her legs pulling me inside her. Her stomach vibrated and vaginal muscles contracted and expanded. Her whole body shivered with joy of orgasm. I continued my work on her and kept jabbing her vaginal canal with the full length of my 7 inch penis. After about another 10 minutes, she got her 2nd orgasm and I spurted my semen load deep inside her and fell on her saying “I love you Sudha, I love you”, she gasped few deep breath and responded “I love you Akshay, You changed my life, I love you”.

The wall clock struck 3PM and she said hurriedly pushing me to side making my penis pop out “My son will be here soon, you need get ready soon”. With her trembling words and avoiding eye contact, she quickly wore her bra, blouse and adjusted her sari. I wore my underwear, shorts and t-shirts. She adjusted the bed sheet and I sat on the sofa. She ensured everything is fine and opened the door. The cool wind came inside as our bodies relaxed. She went in to make coffee and brought it in a tray. We sat relaxed and were having coffee when her husband and son came. We greeted each other and had casual chat. After this incidence I had sex with her almost every day for a week and on 21st December I had sex with her 6 times and drilled her all 3 holes. On 22nd Dec the World still stayed the way it should have been. She had been feeling guilty of cheating her husband. She pleaded me after that and said our relation should end here. I was also had her many times and was bored now humping her and mutually agreed to keep silence and live our life as it was. But still sometimes I feel happy and satisfied having sex with someone 3 years elder to me and married to someone else. I hope you like my story and do send me your valuable opinion.