The First Encounter

Hello readers. This is Aryan Malhotra. I am a 23 years old regular guy from Mumbai with some extra ordinary experiences from life. The story is about my ex-girlfriend named Priya. I am a total novice to the site, so please bear if the story seems uninteresting. Please post your comments to [email protected]

Coming to the story, this happened 2 years ago. Priya and me was studying in the same college. i had proposed her at the beautiful Marine drive and she had accepted the proposal the very next day. She was rather cute than sexy and still had the perfect proportion. She had a 38-28-36 figure and her cleavage used to pop out of every dress she wore making her a on site fantasy for everyone who lays eye on her.

This incident happened when her parents had gone to attend a wedding and she decided to stay back as our college exams were fast approaching. Once her parents were gone, we decided to meet at her place for playing caroms. as decided, I reached her place in the morning itself. As hers was a single flat on the floor, no one was there to notice. I was wearing a track pant and a T-shirt. I went up to her flat on the third floor and rang the bell.

She answered the door with the second bell, and from what i saw, my eyes nearly came out. she was wearing a white extra tight top with just a white bra inside which was clearly visible and a extra small black fluffy shorts which barely covered her ass. And i could see her sexy and juicy plum thighs which gave me an instant hard on. She welcomed me inside with a slight shy smile on her face, and the whole scene was turning me on.

I moved inside her house, and gave her a small hug and her melons touched my chest giving me a 220 watts current shock all over my body. As i came closer to hug her, i could smell her hair perfume which was driving me crazy and her ever visible tempting cleavage which was just impossible to resist. We parted and she went inside to get the carom.

She came back with the carom and started adjusting it on the table, but by that time i was in no mood for playing carom. While she was adjusting the carom , turning away from me, i slowly went up to her and put both my hands on her waist and slowly encircled it. She seemed to be prepared for this because, she just stood up straight and kept her head on my shoulders with my manhood poking her ass.

I started kissing her neck and surrounded her legs with one of my leg. she slowly turned towards me rubbing her gorgeous melons on me turned to face me. We both looked into each others eyes for a moment and then got lost. No one remember who made the first move for my lifes best kiss ever, but whoever did, we kissed for nearly half an hour in that standing position. As we explored each others mouth reaching our tongues to each others every possible area inside the mouth, our hug got tighter and tighter till she was not able to breath anymore.

We loosened each other and again looked into each others eyes as if giving silent approval to go ahead and not to stop. she loosened herself from my grip and moved towards the bedroom. Just before entering the bedroom, she looked at me and gave a slight smile and I understood her indication. I was trying to calm my mind as my feet was automatically moving towards the bedroom. The thought of loosing my virginity was driving me crazy. I slowly entered the bedroom and she was already sitting on one side of the bed like a newly wedded shy bride.

I went to her placed my hand on her shoulder and asked her “Are you sure?”. She just gave a slight nod and I had got my answer. I sat beside her and slowly turned her head towards me and we again joined our lips into a passionate smooch. With our mouth fighting with each other, to win over other, she bend backwards and i was on top of her making her lye on the bed. I slowly put my hands on her belly and started moving her top upwards.

She caught my hand and i stopped for a second. I applied a little bit force again and she let go my hand. So my hand started traveling towards her melon. With each upward moment, my body started shivering as i was going to touch the most beautiful part of a girls body for the first time in my life. My hands reached the lower lining of her bra and started following the line horizontally.

All these while, she was quiet and to my surprise, she suddenly spoke, “Should I remove it?”. as soon as i heard the words, my mind stared thinking for an appropriate answer, but i couldnt say anything. She understood my dilemma and got up and removed her top in a flash and hugged me again with her white bra on her body. It was the most wonderful moment of my life as i was watching those most beautiful breast struggling to come out of their cage. I tried looking at her face, but she had closed her eyes.

Now we were lying on the bed, kissing each other and she was practically nude. We were hugging each other as if trying to strangle each other. In the meantime, She put her hand inside my T-shirt and tried to lift it. To help her out, i lifted my T-shirt and now i was topless. I started kissing her all over. starting with her head, i kissed her ear, earlobes, neck and then shoulders.

While kissing her shoulders, I moved my hands down to her shorts and put my 2 fingers inside her shorts. She didnt resist this time and I started pulling her shorts downwards. As it reached halfway, i used my legs and completely pulled down her shorts. Now she was lying in her white bra and panty. She was looking like an angle who came out heaven and landed on my bed to be loved by me. Guys sorry to leave it half way, but based on your valuable comments, I will complete this story. Please post your comments to [email protected]