Me, My Male Boss And His Father

Dear friends,

I am Ranjana, aged 29, unmarried, wheatish skinned with 38-30-32 sizes. I am MBA and working as Senior Manager Finance in a reputed company in Bangalore. I am respected for my knowledge, sense of humor and helping nature. Sex, was something I never gave a thought to and I am very career oriented. In the month of June 2012, I was transferred to Chennai wherein I had to report to a new boss. He was around 40 but tall and dark and quite serious. He was very work-minded and so was I. Days were passing

After two months, I had to accompany him to Hyderabad by flight. On flight, I somehow felt that he was trying to touch me with his shoulder. I ignored given his image at office. We attended a meeting that day and in the evening, we were out of the meeting hall. He offered, “Ranjana! why dont you come to my house?” Hyderabad is my native and you can have a nice dinner with us”. I just could not say No and went home with him. He was very friendly at home and I was very comfortable. In his house, I saw his father and I learnt that his mother passed away 6 years back. Before dinner, my boss came to me and said that, I look very pretty and he is damn attracted to me.

I was surprised but just hid my feelings. He slowly took my hand into his and said, “ranjana, I am too lonely, I need love, why dont u love me? Hug me please”……. I was shocked this time and just did not know how to reply. Meanwhile, there was dinner call. We three had dinner and his father left upstairs. My boss offered to drop me and on the way he said, “I want to hug u and kiss u”………. I love your eyes, your smile, your boobs………. you are so sexy and I want to love you and feel you all over”. I got uncomfortable and got off once my hotel arrived. That night, I was in a dream state and I was feeling itchy in my cunt and my nipples were getting erect. I started thinking of him and his manly behavior everyday.

Next day, in the office at Hyderabad, he whispered in my ears, “Nice dress! But, I want to see you in a tight bra”. Blood gushed to my cheeks. At lunchtime, he came to me and hugged me from behind and I said, Sir! let us go to a private place. He was amused, he said, “are you ready………. I mean………do you also?………..I cant believe……….. I just nodded and we reached his house in a jiffy. We hugged so tight and he kissed my face like mad, he kept saying, “ranjana, my love i cant live with out you”……………….. I too said, “Sunil, I too love you”. He said, “I cant believe you………..this way” and I became emotional. I said, “I want to prove to you that I love you”.

I immediately, removed my white formal shirt and I was before him in a bra that is two units lesser than my size (34) and my boobs were jutting out and looked very fleshy. I hugged him with my bra and whispered, “Sunil, I am wearing a tight bra and now free them, and cup my melons. He unhooked my bra and my put his mouth on my nipples and started sucking them like a baby…..I started moaning, hey you……….ouch…………baby suck me……….. suck me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Sunil, you are awesome………………….make me a woman make me a woman plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

He undressed and I saw his manhood spring and I sucked it all and he was moaning………..ranjana,………………….eat it eat it you bitch! Then, I stood up and lay on the bed while he came over me and while we were kissing, i felt somethink tickling in my cunt and I was surprised to see his father between my thighs licking and sucking my cunt. Ouchhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooof! was all I could say. Finally, I came………. and then my boss and his father repeatedly fucked me that day.