Mummy And Me In Bus

Hey all…Its shiva again writing ma experience in my new story in this site. Not wasting much time m writing my story. As u know about me in my last story my sexy mom falling for a tailor manohar in my presence.(my moms tailor) and in the process turning on her young son. after that we didnt find much time alone at home. and finally we got a chance to go to our native towards the end of my vacations Its my cool cool journey to my native. .and dad has booked tickets for three of us in a sleeper coach bus our bus was at 11pm. . and i already i requested mom to wear the new blouse which she got stitched from manohar. for which mom gave a seductive naughty smile.we left our house at 9pm with all our baggages mom was n one corner and am sitting next to her with dad was in other corner and baggages all around us. mom was wearing a same red saree which she started wearing below navel nowadays and the same red blouse.

Once the auto started i started feeling my moms soft boobs on my side. i moved by hands all over her hips and slowly started massaging her boobs and mom was enjoying my touches her breathing got heavy and her nipples started to grow mom as if trying to sleep kept her face on the bag on her lap. trying to avoid dad looking at her expressions. dad was busy talking in his cellphone. i got hold of her nipple and pulled it hard once. mom let out a soft moan uffff.. dad noticed it and enquired what?? which mom replied nothing just got hurt with these auto jerks. finally our auto journey came to an end and we reached the bus-stop.

We had our dinner in a restuarant wait for bus. We have taken sleeper coach with upper birth.. our bus came and my self and mom climbed on a birth leaving dad to a single birth. we al got up and got settled in our birth pulled the screen and it is completely private inside. ijust cuddled my mom in my hands and whispered in her ears. am waiting for this moment so long mom. saying this i gave her a soft bite in her ears.and we were hugging each other she started feeling cold ,so she held my hand tightly , kept her head on my shoulder. i pulled a blanker over us covering both bus reached the outer and the lights were off. mom come near me and told shiva m feeling so cold

can u give me more heat? am all yours mom. I was very happy as it was my first journey with her and its after a long gap. i started kissing mom on her palms.Then on her forehead, i hugged her and came more near.i then started to kiss her on her lips and she was not expecting me to be so fast, i then smooch like wild ,and she gave good responses. I kissed her so passionately and saying i love u mom your mine .We kissed so romantically and for long time like 20 min.I loved mom sweet mom in saree and tight blouse with her mangalsutra around her neck was looking like a sex godessi dropeed her saree pallu

Then i removed the hooks of her blouse she was just wearing that thin bra presented by our tailor. i removed her blouse mom was trying to resist somebody will wake up we will be in trouble i convinced her saying don;t worry mom i wont get my sexy mom in trouble saying this i gave her a warn hug i kept my hand in her and pulled her close to me. she was just a hot slut in only bra on her top, and i kissed her lips and all around her neck wildly and i moved my hands started to press her boobs from her bra .Aahhh she was excited too much. as i violently pressed her boobs..Aahhhhh so nice feeling she moaned loudly, i kissed on her lips so that shell not moan . By chance any one can hear, so kept kissing her in her lips and pressing boobs simultaneously. After some time i tried to push her bra cups up and caught hold of her nipple.

Her nipple are already erected much , i started to pinch it. her mangalsutra falling in between her cleavage turned me on and i removed the two hooks of her bra letting her boobs loose. i loved the sight of seeing naked boobs of 34 size , i could not control himself and started eating and sucking my boobs like a mad kid Aaahhhhhhh she moaned heavily, i looked at mom and said mom please control your moanings otherwise we may lose this wonderful chance. mom looked at me and said anything for u shiva i love you i want you. hearing this made me go crazy i hugged her and started sucking her boobs . After drinking her boobs i kept sucking her nipples to keep my interest growing. coz she like any other lady too sensitive there and i searched for her naval and pressed it with my hand. i then moved from boobs kissed on naval, tongue fucked the belly button. she was pressing my head heavily.

Gradually i put my hand in her crotch area and started massaging. she was really excited she then removed my shirt and trouser and touched mine over my underwear. she felt a bulge, started hold it lightly,and play with it she is a expert cock teaser she slowly put her hand inside and hold that hard cock. Wow great feeling, she held it for sometime and started stroking it. and whispered in my ears yours is ready beta. i reached to her saree falls and lifted it to her was the sex goddess was lying there topless with saree lifted around her hips.i bend down and kissed her thighs and started licking it. she was biting her lips to avoid moaning she was getting extreme pleasure. i started eating my pussy slowly by seeing each part.

I opened the both lip of her pussy and started licking. Aaahhhhhh she let out a moan and started biting her own hands to avoid moaning.i found her clitoris and started licking risht there. she started to push my head with great vigor i understood she is going to climax and continue licking her clitoris Then her body shivers and juice from my pussy started flowing. she was really satisfied After this i come into first position hugged her and started to kiss each other. We are sweated much hence opened the window. we were Holding and hugging each was playing with my hard cock,said its my turn to give you same pleasure honey. she held me tight and kissed my lips. i got excited, she split her thighs allowing me to enter from behind i carefully paced my moves and started fucking her rhythmically and this went on for three minutes the excitement of fucking my mom in a moving bus with dad a;so in the same bus was getting in to my head and i was about to reach my climax i held my mom tightly and started giving wild jerks out embrace became tight. I moaned aaahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh uffff uuffffffff she smooched me on my lips. and my hot semen entered her pussy we were satisfied and hugging each other

After some time i slept on her hugging her After some 1 hour i she wake up me asking me to dress up but i just hugged her and smooching her mom responding to me said shiva dress up we dont want to get caught right i want u always be good boy saying this mom split from me and started to wear her bra i helped her to hook up and she carefully hid all her treasure inside her dress, i hugged her again she kissed me heavily and i said mom one quickie now for which she said a strict no. i started playing some mischief finally she agreed for a blowjob and took my cock around her warm lips. i started massaging her hair and i took her mangalsutra out of her blouse she noticed that and ask me why i do that.

I said mom i dunno it turns me on. i love married women ur one hot women mom. hearing this remark she gave a light byte on my cock and started sucking it like a lollipop i closed my eyes and and enjoyed it she is sucking my cock and and i was about to cum mom tried to remove my dick of her mouth but i held her face tight and i cummed in her mouth leaving her struggling for breath we later cleaned up our self we have never had so much pleasure and happiness. We r not wanting to be depart but we have to morning bus reached the town dad came down from his birth with sleepy eyes. i enquired dad how was his sleep he said he had a nice sleep while i was fucking his lovely wife nicely. that early incidents made me love married women they are simply the best in the world. any married women loking for a nice friendship can always contact me [email protected] or [email protected]