Enjoy In Patna

It is the year 2012, when I was working in Patna. I had taken a room on rent because I was new in Patna. I was in a multinational company. I had a room on the second floor so I could not disturb. I used to work out everyday in the morning and late in the evening comes.

MakanMaliks wife was 40 years of my house and there was a girl who was nearly twenty years, was named anjali.

Both mother and daughter were awesome in appearance. Landlady about the figure would be 38-30-40. See his full body seemed like my eyes were on fire. That woman was perfectly smooth! Landlord comes from a government job and was late in the evening. He seemed to look like middle-aged have all shed.

Because alcohol and non vegetarian food in the house and was not allowed.

Sometimes the landlady would gradually be met. Because her daughter was studying in college so at home in the evening she was alone.

One evening I came home a little early and down the landlady invited me to tea. I then asked her to say no, but then I said yes to tea. I came to my room and changed my clothes. I have a T shirt and was wearing Bermuda. Soon proud owners of the house opened the door to play my alarm so I was shocked to see him. She was wearing a very skinny little gown which was his trunks clearly visible.

I said Bhabhi Its so hot today!
And the fan was running.
Landlady said yes, the heat is too much, so I took it wearing a gown!
I said its very nice gown!
She was happy to hear this and said now Ill make it for you!

And so saying he went into the kitchen. I saw her in the kitchen was so stunned. She wore no bra under gowns. I thought maybe the heat is very much a gown to be worn so thin.
Whats your wife? She was strict than iron. When I grew up at some point today.

Well Bhabhi came with the tea and we both started talking.

Bhabhi asked why did not you married yet?
I said law, become something in life go back I will marry again. For now Im concentrating on my career.
Bhabhi said its somewhere in the process of earning money, not your age should adapt! Then a girl will not.
I said it is my destiny, no matter if you do not have a girl!
She said no, just do not overdo your age and needs of the body, so you only have to take care of!

I was very happy to hear this and said the need for the body to complete, so Ill try it myself!

She said Look, its who youre talking about, it will weaken your body and be able to do anything after the wedding.
I thought that I was shocked to hear of the iron is hot, it will only be done today.
I said then you tell me what I should do? For now, Ill run my hand work.
She said Why do you have a girlfriend? Do something to him?
I said so that no time should be made a girlfriend and Im currently paying attention to his career.
She said Let No matter what, you have me to do so sometimes my heart. It will lighten your mood and your attention will be divided.

Then I asked Brother so much work! Day and night are just trying to make money, it takes care of your very own.

She heard this quote now tell you! Is the spirit, he can not do anything. Im just like you, despite everything, there is nothing to me, just incomplete C have been reduced.When I think of what will be for the money does not.

I spoke of the courage law, why do not we take care of each other, I mean, even if we could be friends, right?

She said Well, now youre telling a friend and Bhabhi say? Gauri saying call me first! There is no need to interfere in such a formality. I said well Gauri, let us be friends are now.Gauris hand grabbed it by saying I love him and suppressed. Gauri this act of mine was getting warmer Sea.

So long just to keep his mind was wandering heart. The very heart of the friendship that had come and talk to you, but would not dare. Gauri you are very beautiful and sexy woman in my eye and I understand I will be very lucky husband got a woman like you.

Gauri was very happy to hear this and said Well now is the time to come, you finish your tea and go up to your room. Ill talk to you tomorrow.

Around half past five oclock the next morning my door bell rang and I opened the door and saw that Gauri is parked outside. Ardhngn state to see me smiling saying good morning went on deck. I do not understand, and if he was going down in my room, I pulled it off.

That said I came in the morning on the roof shed water view, thought will talk to you, but you were asleep.
I said no matter Gauri, today Ill come in early in the day.
She hearing so much Ill call you at your office, then you have come.

मैं ऑफ़िस में एक ज़रूरी काम में व्यस्त था कि मेरे फोन की घण्टी बजी और उधर से आवाज़ आई- वो घर पर नहीं हैं, पास किसी शादी में जाएंगे तो तुम जल्दी से आ जाओ।मैंने जल्दी जल्दी अपना काम ख़त्म किया और घर पहुँच गया .

Gauri said before you go into the room, Ill lock down.
Gauri later my other came through the door and then we went into my bedroom.
I talked to a few minutes and said Gauri Can I take your puppy?

Hearing so much Gauri bid ask whats in it? If you do nothing, just as I have come to you?

Ive heard that Gauri took his arm and his lips were glued on his lips. Gauri was wearing a saree and blouse and she was very beautiful. I started sucking her lips and she started filling Siskia. Then I started to stroke her hair and her ears were back, I love your tongue. Gauri had now become quite hot. He gave a hand in my shirt and grabbed my body with his hands loudly. I slowly put her hand in blouse blouse hung above your face.

Gauri said just be patient it! Its all yours!

I removed her saree and blouse and removed his shirt. Gauri was put to bed and then I removed her bra and started sucking her Mmme. Gauri now was giving me all along and he suppressed my eyes and started moving out loud.

I said Hilaogi so loud so all the goods will pass just like that!

I began to suck the teat of Gauri and his hand on her Panti removed her hand and started to stroke. Gauri removed my underwear and started caressing my eyes lovingly. I removed my mouth from the teat of Gauri and began to lick her navel. Gauri had now become very hot. I then slowly put my mouth on her pussy and began to lick her. Gauri SOBs gone and she spread her legs so I could lick her pussy well. Gauri salty flavor coming from the vagina while she was holding my Andkosh of my head and she falls severely suppressed.

Gauri was getting louder and louder Siskiaँ she now it is yours, whatever it is and you can use as well. You can quench the fire of my years.

I now have my eyes on the side of the mouth of Gauri and he took it into his mouth and began to lick. I once again felt his tongue licking pussy of Gauri Gauri was driving fast in the pussy.

Siskia of Gauri was leaving, she pulled my dick out of the mouth and said “now is not me, now let me put it inside me and quench my thirst Calm my hero!

I kept my eyes on the body of another attack Supara Gouri Gouri my fat cock in pussys half gone. Her scream like little nickel and said just slowly my King! If it is to savor slowly pour it in. And then goes full out again vigorously inside me!

I put my cock in her pussy and then slowly push the loud rush and my fat cock in her pussy all gone.

Gauri said there Uui Uffff Hmmmmm lets put in. All of my King! It is your body, tearing it!Aahh Aahh Uuuuo louder and louder!

I increased my speed and was vigorously attacked her. Mmme her mouth and even increased his speed. Ah ten minutes after we left and we both were shed. Gauri gave me a loud puppy and we went to the bathroom to clean up. Gauri in a while and what I started again and this time my wife Gauri with her mouth began to suck. Five minutes later I was ready to fuck.Gauri reversed this time I laid him down and catch him from behind Mmme I put my dick in her pussy. Friends, in this position, erect penis goes into the vagina and the woman is very fun.

Gauri screaming of my action, she said lets OO huh Uhh Ahh Uufffff af Aahh is very painful, it looks like youve rammed his cock straight into my stomach. Just do not do it slowly! Ahhm having a lot of fun. Now you can increase your speed.

I hold her waist began her pen and began to vigorously Gsse but was not an account of my loss. I asked Gauri the loss will take time for me!

Gauri said no problem! You carry on, when the time comes caducity!

I put a pillow under Gand of Gauri and went up. Siskia of Gauri was getting faster, I tried my best but my wife was not ready to loss. Then I thought that if my cock in a tight little thing then maybe it will discharge. I had to slow down gradually she began to pat him on the ass of curry and Gauri. Gauri was probably my cue, she what do you say? Intend to kill my virgin ass what? Just as you love to use it but it is still quite a spinster.

I kept it clean and loud Supara her boobs turned pale. Only two inch thick cock in my ass went to Gauri trapped and Gore were screaming, quote Ufff Ahh! Remove it! Is very painful, dead … Aaaa Ayea huh!

I got scared and pulled out his cock and then slowly it began to pour in, as I was holding it with my hand warmly and Mmme Ghauri was growing. I drove nearly four inch dick and then struck a hard blow and the whole Ludha entered his Gand. Gauri now was giving me all along.I began to pen vigorously to Gauri and her tight ass fuck my wife was very fun. Then after a while the discharge was in his eyes.

Since that day, whenever we had the chance we would fuck.

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