First Experience After Divorce

Hi, i have been quite an avid reader of stories published in db for last 2-3 years. Hence i decided to tell my own experience, but after changing the names for obvious reasons.

I am Sweta, 42 years old divorced lady staying with my parents now in Mumbai. I have been divorced since 2008 at the age of 36 because of husband’s attitude and brutal nature. I had married him on the words of my parents. He was a douche bag from the start. He always used to enjoy himself and never bother about my satisfaction.

Even me working in a reputed organisation and getting almost as him was a cause of his anger. I suffered him for 10 long years and had been fully loyal to him always. We had a son who is now 12 years old. He is currently studying in a boarding school as I wanted him to stay away from his father. The dam of my patience broke when i came to know that my husband was having an affair with one of his married colleagues. I could not stand him any more and hence decided to take a divorce. I also changed my city and came to Mumbai to stay away from him who was staying in delhi.

So I started living with my parents in Mumbai and was doing well in my job too. For the first time in my life I was free and happy. If anyone is wondering how i look, I am little bit on plumpy side. Before marriage I was slim, very fair and good looking. Moreover i don’t have any hair on my hands, legs and body. Only pubic hair is present as i usually keep it clean as i like the sensation of cleanness. Now I am little fat, not much but not slim either. My sizes are 34c-32-36. In fact after coming to Mumbai I started looking after myself more. Enough about me…I know everyone wants the story….so here it is.

It was the winter of 2009, the month being November end. We used to stay in a good society where there was somewhat posh families stay. There was one family who used to stay one floor above us. They had 1 daughter and 1 son. The girl was a software engineer and the guy was doing 1st year in mechanical Engineering in Thakur college. His name is Raj(name changed).

He was quite a stud looking guy. He was about 5’11, good muscular not the hrithik or salman type but atheletic and was very good while he smiles. His mother was a good neighbour of mine and we used to spend time together sometimes. I had always noticed Raj seeing me in hiding. I mean he steals a stare at me when nobody is looking. I actually liked that. Then came the day of his sister’s marriage. We hindus have a very lengthy marriage ceremony which lasts for 7-10 days. About 8 days from the marriage, Raj’s mother called me on intercom and asked if her family can use my bathroom as there were so many relatives. I said ok and left a spare key with them while going to office. At 12 noon, I was not feeling well with my migraine and decided to come home. I used my key to open my door and came inside.

Thats when i saw the best picture of my life. Raj was standing facing side to me in my bedroom with my black bra wrapped on his cock and jerkin off. For a moment I was stunned and could not move and suddenly decided to take full advantage of this. I coughed and Raj saw me as if i am a ghost. He wrapped himself immediately in his towel and was looking very scared. I went inside and enquired, “kya kar rahe the”. He just hung his head and kept looking to the floor. I said, “chalo tumhare ghar chalet hain.”

He started to beg that his sister’s life would be ruined and he is very sorry. He said it was a spontaneous wrong decision and he is very sorry and would never happen again. I said i know he keeps looking at me whenever I am at his home. He looked even more scared and was looking at the floor only. Then i made him sit on the bed and asked, “ tumhe main pasand hun”. He was completely taken back and looking into my eyes, nodded. I said I wont say anything to his mother and this will be our little secret. I asked him, “tumhe mujh me kya pasand hai” hesitantly he said chest. I said chest? Then he said boobs. I sat near him and kept one hand on his shapely back. I said and what u want? He just looked into my eyes with a lust i have never seen in any man’s eyes. I knowing let my pallu slide off slowly. His tent in the towel was getting bigger. I looked at it and then into his eyes.

Without a word he held my face and began smooching me. His tongue was in my mouth and i was biting his lips. He began to slide his hand in to my blouse. My blouse and bra was very tight and hence he was unable to put it in fully. But still his touch on my nipples made a shiver run through me. We broke the kiss and he began opening my blouse.

I helped him to take off my blouse and bra. My nipples were erect from excitement. For about a min or so he just stared at my boobs. Then he attacked them. He sucked my right boob and fondled the left one. He was twisting my nipples with his fingers and biting them with his teeth. I was like……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. then he began sucking my left boob and fondled my right one. I removed the towel and held him. Wow…… he was good. About 7-8 inches long and thick. I began to pump him with my hand.

He began to lick my body. My ear lobes. My neck. My navel. Then i him on bed and saw his sexy cock. It was so hard and erect. I began to stroke him and played with his balls. He was like shivering…as if in a fit. I then took him in my mouth. He was absolutely out of control. I sucked his head slowly and slowly. But he was trying to put the entire cock in my mouth. I sucked hi quite vigorously. And he screamed, “ i m cumming…i m cumming.” I took it out and he cummed at that moment. Spurts and spurts of young cum. The cum was sprayed everywhere. On my face, on my boobs, his thighs, his chest. Both of us went to the bathroom and cleaned with water. I removed my saree and petticoat.

Seeing me in in my pink panty, he was quite excited. We went back to the bedroom and he removed my panty. He began rubbing my pussy while smooching me. He put one finger in me and i completely shuddered. Then he began to finger fuck me. Sometimes slow and sometimes fast. He was smooching me, fondling my boobs, twisting my nipples and sucking them. It was just so heavenly for me. Then he want and began to lick me. He separated my pussy lips and put his tongue inside.

I completely went to the maximum height of ecstasy. I cummed and he licked it. Now i wanted him to be inside me. I began to suck his semi erect cock and in no time he was hard as rock. I made him lie down on bed and began to sit on him. Although i had a son, i felt as if i am a virgin. His cock was going into me slowly and slowly and was giving me ultimate pleasure. We both were moaning like anything. After about 2-3 mins i began to go up and down his rod. It was tiring but felt so good.

Then we got into missionary position. I wrapped my legs around his muscular body and he began to pump me. Sometimes slow and sometimes fast. All the while we were smooching, he was fondling my boobs, twisting my nipples and biting and sucking them. I was completely out of control. As i began to build tension in my body, i held him tighter and kissed him harder. I felt like a dam exploded in me. But he was not finished.

Sensing my orgasm, he increased his speed and all of a sudden with a grunt pumped all his sperm into me. He felt on my body and we slept for 10-15 mins. Then we got up and cleaned ourself in the bathroom. That was the starting of 3 year old sexual relationship which ended when Raj had to go to US for MBA. I also bought my flat and had to shift to another building.

This was my 1st experience with a guy whom I hadnot married.