First Sex Experience With My Girlfriend

Hi iss readers I have been studying the stories in iss for more than 10 years but during this ten years I have not experienced any real incident and also I waited for my first experience and now only I have got the opportunity to write my real story which was happened six months ago. Let me introduce me first. My name is sreedhar and at that time I was living in Chennai and working in an MNC company in Chennai. One day after my work while driving to my home in my bike I saw the girl in mg road in chennai and her name is payal (name changed) she was looking very beautiful and damn hot and wearing a round neck t shirt and a blue jean.

I went near her and stopped my bike and stared at her for 15 min suddenly she also looked at me and came near me I got afraid and tried to start my bike but she came near me and asked me to drop her near her place and I readily agreed and asked her to sit on my bike she came and sat my bike and while riding her boobs touched my back and I got hard on in my pant. when we reached her place she asked me to come in for a cup of coffee and I readily accepted. after finishing the coffee I tried to leave but she insisted me to stay for another one hour I enquired about her family she told that she is living alone here and not yet married and her parents are staying in Bangalore.

Afterwards we chit chatting for some time and suddenly she switch on the tv in that a hot scene as going on she suddenly stopped chaning the channels and also become hot and suddenly she came near me and give me a French kiss and I last for 15 mins and I touched her boobs and pressed her boobs from the tops It made my cock to reach its full size and suddenly she removed my pant zip and take my 7 inch cock and suddenly she started to give me a blow job and I was in heaven. I told her I am going to cum she said dont cum in the mouth suddenly she took my cock from her mouth

I removed her tops and jean and she also removed my shirt and pant and both are now only in our under garments and suddenly I removed her bra and given the relief to her boobs and I started to suck her right boobs fondling the left one and I removed her panty and saw that her pussy was wet with her juice suddenly I fingered her pussy and she was moaning like “aah aah” this made me even hot and suddenly she reached her 1st orgasm and in the mean tike she removed my undies also and my cock was throbbing near her mouth and suddenly she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck my cock and afterwards she asked me to insert my cock in her wet pussy so I came near her pussy and aiming to insert my cock in her pussy but her pussy was very tight she was virgin when I entered my cock in her pussy she was screaming

I suddenly lip locked her and my half of the cock went inside and tears coming from her eyes and I pushed hard and it went fully inside her pussy and blood was oozing from her pussy and my full length cock went in her pussy and I started to move to and fro and now she was enjoying the every stork and in that process she came thrice after 20 min of hard fucking I came in her pussy and lied on her and after 10 min she again sucked my limb cock and suddenly my cock get harder this time we tried the doggy style I asked her to lie in a doggy style and from back I inserted my cock in her pussy and started to stroke this time my cock went easily in her pussy and I started to move in and out of her pussy and this also she enjoyed a lot and while this act she again came twice and her pussy was dripping her juices and I also nearing she asked me to cum in her and suddenly my cock busted loads and loads of cum in her pussy.

Once again my cock became smaller but she was not satisfied and again she sucked my limb cock and again it became harder and this time she asked me to fuck in her ass and I first inserted one finger in her ass hole and after wards I inserted 2,3, and at last I inserted all the finger in her ass and made her ass lips widen and started to insert my 7 inch cock in her ass at first only 1 inch went inside her ass and I gave one hard push and my full length cock went inside her ass and I started to make to and from motions at first I slowly fucked her ass and increased my speed and she was moaning and talking some bad words like fuck me faster, this made me even hotter so I started to fuck her very hard and I was about to cum she told me that she want to taste my cum so I released all my cum in her mouth.we got up and had a shower in shower I licked her 1 inch hard nipples and fingered her pussy once again she got another orgasm.

After finishing the shower I got dressed up and came from her. After that I came to Coimbatore and we have not met after that incident and I am missing her lo. If any girls or aunties near Coimbatore can contact me in my mail id and my mail id is [email protected] This is the real incident happened to me. Anybody liked my story also contact me in my mail id