Went To Meet Rizwana In Hometown

Hello everyone,
Thanks for your support and positive feedback regarding my previous post “Classmate Fucked After 3 Years”. I am continuing the things happened after a month. It seems to be little lengthy so please be patient. After Riz left me she didnt call me back. I tried her number and it is switched off. I contacted my friends and they also said that no information about her. Then I asked my friend to inquire about her. He told me that she wasnt accepting any marriage proposals and she is taking some home projects and working for it. I asked for her number but he said that she doesnt have a one (idiotic lies). He also told about me to her but she refused to speak with me. She came to me as her boyfriend cheated her. I also did the same to her and it hurts a lot in me. I planned of meeting her and I would like to change her mind. I booked a ticket to my home town and I reached the very next morning. I informed my parents that it was a casual visit and nothing more. By evening I started my bike to her home which was 40 km from my home. I reached her home and greeted uncle and aunty. I asked them where she was. They told me that she is not as before and she is not speaking to any one gladly. They told me that she went to the park nearby. I bid bye to them and said that Ill meet her there. I went to the park and searched for her there. The place has changed a lot because in college days we used to come to this park for chit chat and studying. After 10-15 mins of searching I found my angel sitting in a cement bench watching some children playing. I just went and sat behind her and tapped her from behind. She was in shock and got up instantly. I pulled her hand and asked her to sit. She didnt know how to react and she was smiling at me. I asked for a coffee and we both went to the coffee shop and sipped our drinks. Then I asked her why she didnt called me and refused to speak with me. She cried and said that, “I dont want that things happening again.” I consoled her and asked, Do u like me? She told me that I like you but I cant love you.

I just pulled her hands close to me and said, but I love you dear. She pulled her hands back, got up and walked towards the exit. I followed her and said I cant forget that night and I cant imagine another girl in my life. She told to forget everything and she was still walking. I went behind her and hugged her from behind and gave a kiss in her neck. I wasnt aware that we were in a public place. Since it is sunset time, it was little dark and many of the people didnt notice us. She forced to relieve and cried. I asked her for a little talk and it is final so that I wont disturb her again. She accepted and sat behind my bike. We both of them were speechless throughout the drive. I stopped at a theater and asked her to come in. She refused and I forced (actually I begged). She told me that its already late and well meet tomorrow. I booked two tickets for tomorrow and handed the tickets to her and asked her to come by time. I dropped her at home and came home. By 10.00 pm she called me from a number and said that it was her number. I dont want to spoil the next days plan. So I said Im tired and will meet tomorrow. I took my bike and went to the theater. I called her and she told me that she is on the way and will come in 10 mins. After 10 mins my angel got off from the auto. I just cant believe it, she is amazing in a t-shirt and jean and a scarf around her face. I can see her structure clearly over her dress. But the smile is not in her face. I welcomed her and we went into the movie hall. It was more than 15 minutes, none of us spoke. Then I said sorry to her and she asked why. I said that Im sorry for kissing you yesterday. She is silent and I asked her what is in your mind? Why dont you marry someone? She said that she cant forget that moment with me. Even her boyfriend hadnt did anything with her.

I just asked will you marry me. She said it wont be good for both of us if we get married. You will think about my ex and I cant live with that feeling in you. I looked into her eyes for some minutes. Everyone is watching the movie and we both were staring each other. I came close to her face, she didnt move and I kept my lips over her eyes. She closed her eyes and I was kissing on both the eyes and her hand tried to push me. Then I came a little down and kissed her lips. She tried to close them not allowing me to enter but she failed. I sucked her lower lip and upper lip constantly. Her hands relaxed and she hugged by back and kept a hand over my shoulder and playing with my hair. I kissed her continuously and gave a break for breathing. She felt shy and turned opposite to me. I hugged her from behind and kissed her earlobes and neck. I was sucking her neck like anything. She left out soft moans and I kept my hand over her shoulders and marched towards her cleavage. She stopped my hand and pulled it away. But again I forced her to press her boobs in the same way. Man it was as soft as it is. Since I was drunk last time I couldnt remember that feelings. But today my manhood started to pain as it was caged in its jockey. I can feel that I was having two balloons in my hand. I played with her both boobs simultaneously and she couldnt stop me this time as she is enjoying a lot. Now I saw her hands pressing her pussy over jean. I kept my hand over her hand and pressed it hardly. Tears rolled out of her eyes. I sucked the tears and gave kissed to her. I opened the jean button and slide my hand beyond her panties. There was little hair and it was already wet. I removed my hand and sucked her juices. She asked me to stop and we left the theater. I can see some smile in her face. Throughout the drive I was teasing her and she is beating my back to stop talking. Then I rode my bike towards….

Ill continue the other things in my next post.

Thanks you for being patient friends. Once again thanks for your support.