The Beauty With Lust And A Lifelong Desire

Hi this is Rajat again, thanks for giving a positive feedback to my stories and now I come up with a new story. Hope you like it.

It was a Monday morning in Gurgaon, I was lying on my bed when my mother called me to close the door as they were going to attend a corporate function. I hate corporate parties so I decided to stay at home. As they left the place I was wondering what I will do for the next 2 days. When suddenly my mom called and told me that they have asked Neetu aunty to take care of me. She lived next to our apartment and was a widow with a daughter who stayed at a boarding school. I was a bit excited as she was my first sexual attraction since I attained puberty.

I went to take a shower and while wiping my body I was admiring my muscular figure. I loved gym more than anything, I am 5’10” with the stats of 42-30-34 awesome features with a huge penis 7” long and 3” wide and had millions of girlfriends in past. I had all the qualities to impress a girl but I still had a dilemma whether I will accomplish my dream of sleeping with Neetu aunty or not but I was excited and dressed myself well for going to her home for breakfast.

I rang the bell of her house and heard faint footsteps of someone approaching the door, with each approaching footstep my heartbeat increased and then the door opened. I saw my goddess dressed in a red top till knees and a black legging. As always she blew my mind, she was the sexiest and beautiful women I have ever met with a height of 5’6” & figure of 36-32-36. She had a cute petite tummy which she gained along the age but there was a sexual tension all around her which would make any man madly in lust with her.

She welcomed me inside and went in the balcony to pick her clothes as it just started raining as she passed by she accidentally dropped her panties, I told her that she left something down here. She had embarrassment on her face and bent to pick it up. I was aroused by the vision of the undergarment of my goddess but when she bent down to pick it up.. She blew my mind with her deep cleavage. My pupils widened and I couldn’t help staring away, she caught me peeping and adjusted her top and went inside while I had the most amazing view of my life.

She came back and asked me whether toast and omelet would be okay for the breakfast and I replied affirmatively. She asked when is your maid coming back from her hometown, I said I didn’t know. After having breakfast she asked me about my college and after a while she asked me if I had a girlfriend to which I replied no. She was shocked and told me that it isn’t possible for a guy like me. After the coffee she asked me to join for a movie and I was on the 7th cloud as I would spend more time with my beauty.

We dipped in the couch and she turned on the tv which was showing P.S. I Love you which we enjoyed watching but when the movie went depressing she started weeping. When I saw her tears were rolling down her face and I hated that. I turned off the tv and consoled her she told me her stories and the time she enjoyed with her hubby. I went near to her wiped her tears and consoled her. I was caressing her back with my hand, she said she had nobody near her to which she can share her sorrows and feelings.

To which I replied I am always there for you and I will give you whatever you want. She said with a wicked smile “whatever!! huh???” and we both had a laugh. She then again took the topic of my girlfriend and told me that I was hot and if she was with me in the college then she would definitely grab the opportunity with a wink. I was damn happy as my goddess wanted me too. I replied with a seductive smile that if I had the opportunity to have you in my class then I would have done anything to get you as you are the most beautiful women of my life. She blushed and told me that she is going for a shower and went in her room.

I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or she knew but the gate of her bathroom was completely visible from where I was sitting. She went inside but she didn’t close the door in fact she totally opened it and went behind the translucent curtain, I could see her striping. She then went into the shower and took her bath with moving her hands on her body very sensually and I was damn hard down there. It was getting unbearable for me and I masturbated there itself, after a while she came back in a towel and went inside her room and came back wearing a white t shirt and a blue capri and she took my breath away.

I was unable to think anything and that was maybe due to the erection because god gave man a penis and a mind but only enough blood to run one at a time. Suddenly something came in my mind and I told her why to take a shower when the god is raining. She asked me whether I liked going in the rain and I said I love it. We went in the balcony and admired the light water droplets touching our bodies with the cold breeze which blew the tensions and sorrows of our minds away. Soon we both were completely drenched in rain when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any bra and I couldn’t help myself staring at her almost visible boobs and navel. I got an instant hard on which she noticed and smiled at me.

I nearly went numb.. It was a moment full of erotic gravitation between us with the seasoning of rain and a beautiful breeze. Her nipples got erected and her areolas were big and I was lost in her beauty. She came near me and with every step I was going number in her beauty. She came very near and whispered in my ear “I am waiting for you inside with a deck of cards”. I was hell confused and aroused like hell but I was pulled alive when she said we are gonna play strip poker.

OMG when I still remember that time I get a strong hard on. I was unable to hide my happiness which she sensed and gave me a very seductive smile. We started playing and she won the first bet, I was asked to remove my t-shirt. As I did a chill ran down my spine and she gave a slight laugh she admired my body and was constantly ogling at my chest and abs. she again won the bet and asked me to remove my jeans, nearly half of my penis was visible to me and she was staring like she would eat my penis and me alive. I saw the intensity of lust in her eyes.

Fortunately I won the next round and I asked her to remove her capri. She had the most beautiful waxed legs I had seen in my entire life, I again won the bet and asked her to remove her panties and give them to me. She took her panty off and threw it on my face with a sexy smile.. I sniffed it and wow what an amazing fragrance it was, I started sniffing it like an animal and she was looking so lustfully towards me that I ejaculated at that moment. I wiped my cum off with her panty and threw it back to her and she licked it like a bitch and what a sight it was. She won the next bet and came near me took her both hands near my undies and pulled them down and now I was completely naked.

She said she was seeing a penis after 4 years which made me hard again as my beauty wasn’t touched by any man for 4 years.. It was like virginity part-2. She again won the next bet she said as you don’t have anything to strip I will give you a dare, I accepted her offer. She asked me to lick her ass crack for 5 minutes, I was shocked, confused and aroused at the same time as it was something I never did. I went near her and she sat in doggy style, as I approached she moved forward and was teasing me. I smelled her ass crack which was a bit nasty but I enjoyed it too and started playing with her ass with my lips and tongue while she was erotically moaning. I didn’t realize but when I withdrew my mouth I came to know that I licked her ass for 10 minutes and I wanted more but she started playing again. She again won the bet and I was excited as what would be my next dare, she asked me to follow her. She took me to the bathroom and asked me to lie down straight, she sat on my mouth and said “you’re a lucky bastard coz you will drink my piss and if even each drop gets wasted I will get a slap”. I was a bit afraid as I haven’t seen her like that before, she started pissing and I started drinking very fast but at one point I was unable to take any more and I closed my mouth, my nose and face was filled with her urine and I recoiled as I was unable to breath, I somehow caught my breath back. When I saw her face I was scared deep coz she was very angry and I was afraid. She slapped me hard on my penis and I cried loud to which she slapped me again on my face and asked me to keep quiet and I deserved it, I washed my face and went inside the room. I was excited and damn aroused coz the environment became so hot and wild but I was angry too. So I decided to take the revenge after wards.

Next time I won the bet and I removed her t-shirt and now my goddess was totally nude in front of me and what can I tell you about her boobs!!! Perfect shape, size and her nipples were dark pink with big areolas. She then took me to bed and apologized for her behavior as it was one of her fantasy but I was determined on my revenge so I lied and forgave her. We came close to each other and though we weren’t touching each other but I was able to sense her heat and the erotic smell of her sweat and piss. We started kissing and it was wild and passionate, at last my lifelong fantasy was coming true. We were exchanging saliva and hugging each other tight. It was cold outside but our bodies were sweating like hell. I then shifted to her neck and started licking her ears and neck.

She was going mad and was moaning sensually which helped me to gain pace, I licked her cleavage and below her boobs to which her body replied positively. Then I grabbed one boob with my hand and was sucking the other. I was biting her nipples and pressing them hard she was going restless and was rolling on the bed, she pushed my head down and I started sucking her navel and she moaned like a bitch. I was biting her tummy and sucking her navel hard and soon she came. I then moved to her wet pussy and started licking the vicinity of her pussy near her thighs and her pussy walls. She had very small hair on her temple which I started pulling with my teeth and she was moaning hard ummmhmmm,…. Ahhhahhahah… Rrrjjajaajjaat…. Suuuucckk meeee.. And I slowly started licking her clit. She went mad and pushed my face in her pussy so hard that I was unable to breathe. I then started biting her clit and she was crying, I loved that sound and so I started playing with her pussy with my tongue and teeth. She was moaning so hard, I started sucking her pussy hole so hard that her body instantly froze and she came like a cyclone in my mouth which I drank and licked every drop of it.

She was lying on the bed and I started kissing her again, she broke the kiss and grabbed my penis. We came in 69 and started the wild episode of sucking and licking, we both went so mad that we were behaving like animals. She took my dick in her mouth and slowly started encircling my dick head with her tongue, I was also playing her clit with my tongue and was sucking her clit. She then took half of my penis in her mouth and started jerking while I was sucking her pussy and fingering her asshole. She also put two fingers in my ass while sucking my penis hard and was squeezing my balls with her other hand. We both went wild and made our actions fast and we both came one after another… it was heaven I had never came like this before. We broke our position and I licked my finger which came out of her ass and she did the same.

After some time of hugging and fondling each other I started rubbing my penis on her pussy and she was shouting to put it inside, I slapped her hard she was shocked and suddenly I pushed whole of my penis in one stroke in her pussy to which her body repelled and she shouted… I again slapped and she started abusing me… you mother fucker how dare you to slap me and she dig her nails in my back and I cried coz the pain was unbearable. After a while I started stroking her and she also went along me and was moving her buttocks with the motion. She was abusing me harsh and so was I. soon I started thumping her hard and her moaning increased… ummmhhmhmh…. Make me your bitch Rajjat…. I wannna get naaaiiledd…. Oooh fuuckkk me haard mother fuckeeerr… I was also motivated and I started slapping her boobs and she moaned harder… I was also pinching her nipples and gave a love bite near her left boob.

The passion grew wild and when we were about to come. I stroked her fast and pinched her clit very hard, the strokes were soo hard and fast along with the pain she moaned so hard that I nearly went deaf but I didn’t stop and after a 35 minute wild session we both came along and I released all of my juices in her hot beautiful pussy… we came for 3-4 minutes and it was my best till now. After some time we both came in our senses, she smiled at me and I saw the happiness in her eyes. We both were satisfied, we kissed again but this time with love and delicately.

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